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Not poweful enough to avoid getting curbstomped by two astronauts with golf clubs

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i can beat them with my bare hands

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>Lunarians were BTFO'd by the Apollo missions
>planting a flag and running away after getting beat up is a "victory"

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Oh yeah forgot to point out, in light of my previous post what sort of Primarch does that make Armstrong? Lorgar? Lmao.

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>Lunarians BTFO the Apollo missions
>Two guys with a flag is a base
Moonie propaganda is next-level.

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I have a feeling that their existence is deeply rooted in fantasy as much as Gensokyo is and they realistically can't do shit against the Earth. No countries bother to fuck with them but I don't think it would be too difficult for the USA or some other superpower to erase them from existence if it came to it.

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Strong enough that silly earthlings should know their place and spread the good word of the Lunarians' sheer superiority. It won't do most of you any good, but perhaps the most loyal of you could bargain to be rid of impurity and become a pet, your caveman manners and knowledge ought to entertain Lady Toyohilme at least a little.

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Less pure than a ghost and some dog that picked up a rock on the ground.

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I'd be more than happy to entertain her quite a lot.

And by entertain, I mean help her establish a new imperial lineage of Japan that isn't suicidally reckless.

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All these posts sound the same. Who is behind this?!

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three dudes come to the moon, hop around, and collect rocks in front of a camera. They leave and lunarians declare a massive victory while silently ignoring them coming back like 11 times more.

Lunarian propaganda is amazing.

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They're equally magically and technology based and got their asses handed to them by the USA in the future

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Look at Atlantis, toughest kids on the block.

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They can bribe earth soldiers with free rabbit wives like in KKHTA

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who are you quoting, rabbit #973570?
also, are prepared to be owned again. you will be poo in the loonie'd pretty soon.