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Thread 6

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2 >>44290289
3 >>44383367
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what could have been

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Rumia blowjob is like russian roulette

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Link for the first thread too: >>/jp/thread/44121508

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Roomba did nothing wrong and deserves a second chance

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damn, how many dark horses are there?

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especially that now anon doesn't have to fear her

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Anon knows he wants more time with those warm, soft raven wings he was just starting to appreciate before Reimu cleared everyone out.

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I genuinely don't know how you could ever, in any way, justify marisa sending a regular fucking human villager off to meet rumia
I'm convinced she can never show up again because there would have to somehow be an explanation for what the hell she was thinking

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A true part of jaypee historee

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if it's for the lulz, anything is justifiable.

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Writefriend, I just want you to know that I personally believe that these threads are probably the best of /jp/ for a long time. I genuinely love this story you're writing here, and I can't wait to read the rest as it comes out.

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It's linked in the OP.
I wonder what was the exact trigger for Rumimi to try to eat Anon. IIRC all we know is that he tried to hug her from behind.
Sure, she's supposed to be one of the more dangerous youkai (due to her unpredictability, rather than sheer power), but humans from the village are technically off-limits for her, unless I'm misremembering my canon.

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they are, but she's retarded and probably got startled
to be fair, yamame was going to eat him too despite him being off-limits
that's probably why a lot of these writefag stories go for the 'you woke up in gensokyo' framing so the youkai are free to try and eat him

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Rumia is very cute, that makes it justified

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Eirin said that anon was the first one she attacked in years, or something like that

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anon's musk clearly made her instincts flare up.

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Imagine anon somehow gets trapped in a room with both Flandre and Rumia. Even his divine luck from the peach can't save him.

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whose retarded idea was to make this a general

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When has anyone said this a general? The recaps are just keeping it all stuck together for anyone that missed the start until the story finishes.

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Does it look like most generals to you?

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The story said it at some point. Rumia is normally pretty calm, but there's something about anon that makes youkai go crazy and act according to their primordial instincts. Marisa would have never expected her to lash out at him.

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It’s still a bit weird she'd set up anyone with Rumia, in general she doesn't seem to be very interested in romance.

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It could have gotten weirder and darker. What if it was Sakuya running a 'dating service' out of the mansion that is really just trying to find single men with no close friends or family for an ulterior purpose?

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>Reimu: It's so romantic out behind the shrine at night.
>Rumia: Isn't it, though? Monsters come out too; it's simply wonderful.
The roomba isn't as innocent as people make her out to be...

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I can't believe Anon's Ability is the power to increase arousal in non-humans. Eirin was doing everyone a favor by keeping him in Eientei, if he's ever given the chance to realize the full extent of his influence he could tear down all of Gensokyo!

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Imagine if it backfires and Anon subconsciously uses it on a male youki..

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Was Rinnosuke the dark horse all along?

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Looks like someone has to do something about that.

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>a male youki
this would not end well considering what youmu is like

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Give me a rundown of this thread. Is it a really long writefag self-insert Gensokyo story?

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Overwhelmed by all the mind games and physical abuse he's been through because of all of the girls anon ends up being conforted by his soon to be boyfriend.

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It started as joke one offs until someone took it on a more consistent route

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in the end, yamussy was no match for the rinnoCOCK.

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It started off as just shitpost responses to the advert from Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia about Marisa offering services for 'romantic fulfilment' and 'bloodline prosperity' with a couple of 'dates' and some 'bad ending' posts but one of them slowly turned into an actual half serious story since the first thread and since then it's just been everyone following the story as the main writefag that started one of the first ones has continued it on into an almost full fan work.

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Read the first couple posts from >>44550628 and you'll know if it's interesting enough for you.

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Oh nice, thanks for this.

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As anon returns home, he is relieved to find it absent of the odd woman who had started squatting in his home.
Searching for his missing personal effects he discoverd a red envelope with a bat as the seal.
Breaking it open he finds a letter thanking him for capturing their pesky pet and to contact the mansion if he ever needs help with tidying his home.

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So this is how anon ends up meeting Remi, LETS FUCKING GOOOOO

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Duality of man.

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I thought he already did, i guess if anything it would be nice to catch up with patchy

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He met Meiling, Sakuya, Koa(i think) and Patchy but not Remi nor Flan

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he's not exactly going to be pleased with remi, though

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How come?

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Chiya-chan, nooo! You were our emergency hook-up! Who's going to be Anon's final solution now?

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she directly caused the sequence of events that got his family killed

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I mean, it could have been Flan, i don't think we should just rule Flan out.

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Don't worry, Eirin will always be there to pick up the pieces of Anon's broken heart

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Patchouli is probably anon's best contact at the mansion, they seemed to get on fairly well the two times they've met before. Even if the first time it ended in him hauling a well charred Marisa back home when her 'date' ruse went south and Patche smelled the rat present in her library. Koa was friendly to him but he's never met the mistress before and thankfully for his sake hasn't ever met the other one in the basement.

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You know the rules. There will never.

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going to the bank would require a whole story by itself
or anon would have to uncover her exhibitionism kink

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Do not fret, Rinnosuke will only get HALF-horny thanks to his half-youki genes.

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He's a catcher anyway

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"You'd be surprised how easy it is to fall asleep after someone's been playing with your hair." Doremy Sweet said to me as she sat on a big fluffy cloud in the middle of the Dream World. I found myself whirling my arms around in a sudden case of vertigo, only to realise that I was in a chair. It was big and soft with armrests, and when I looked over the side, I could see that it had wheels. Not having any idea what it was for, I decided that I'd best just stay still. "Well, I think it's only been a few minutes for you in the real world. Fortunately, time passes strangely in dreams, so we've got all the time we need."
Managing to get myself under control, I looked around, finding that I couldn't see anything like I had the last time I'd been here. There were no forests, nor strange castles with no logical construction. No mysteriously twisting lines cut through the massive moon I had seen the last time I was here. Doremy had noticed my confusion. "Ah, you're wondering where you are. The Dream World is massive. It has to be, or it wouldn't be able to support the dreams of the inhabitants." She crossed her legs and looked down at me, resting her hand on her chin. "We’re in a different corner, here. While some areas have more specific looks, places like this form up to match the Dream World’s needs. Speaking of massive things, I hear that you've been to Hell, haven't you? Naughty, naughty." That was a case of poor communication more than anything else, I said. I wouldn't have been there if Lady Hecatia had explained what she was doing before she teleported me. "No, I imagine all of them say that they don't deserve to be there." Doremy looked very smug, but I wasn't sure what it was about. I hadn’t been sentenced to Hell. Well, not yet, anyway. Hopefully never.
Instead, I tried asking how I was suddenly here. "You fell asleep. You only just became lucid, though." Doremy's smug smile grew wider. "I've got the records of your dreams here, which is why I know what was happening just before you fell asleep." She patted that massive book she'd had tucked under her arm the last time I'd seen her. "I suppose Reimu's delicate fingers must work magic." I looked away, remembering just what else had been happening before I'd fallen asleep. "I've also got records of your...other dreams." That sounded ominous, and I swallowed heavily. "So, there's someone who needs to talk to you. Or rather, you need to talk to them." I asked her why she was doing this. "Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. True with dreams as well, or so I say. And being the Ruler of Dreams, there's not many who can contradict me on that." I blankly looked at her, then asked what that was supposed to mean. "Oh, er, you keep dreaming about the same thing. It's getting a little..." I hadn't really remembered most of my dreams, so I wasn't entirely sure what she was driving at. Doremy looked a little embarrassed. "Well, there's only so many fantasies a girl can take. I’ll be a big ball of a baku if I have to keep eating those. Now, I've got a friend - er, no, rather, an acquaintance...Hmm, that's not right either. Annoyance? Yes, we'll go with annoyance. I've got an annoyance who hangs around the moon, and being what she is, I want her to come and sort out your problems." I asked her why I needed to be in a dream for this to work. "Well, I can't exactly go and tell her to meet you in the Hakurei Shrine. Super Typhoon aside, I fear your lovely Miss Reimu might take some offense. Hush, now." Doremy cleared her throat. "Okay. You can come out now."

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"You'd be surprised how easy it is to fall asleep after someone's been playing with your hair." Doremy Sweet said to me as she sat on a big fluffy cloud in the middle of the Dream World. “It makes you very relaxed, it seems. Perhaps you’d get some better sleep if you let someone give you head massages more often.” I found myself whirling my arms around in a sudden case of vertigo, only to realise that I was in a chair. It was big and soft with armrests, and when I looked over the side, I could see that it had wheels. Not having any idea what it was for, I decided that I'd best just stay still. "Well, I think it's only been a few minutes for you in the real world. Fortunately, time passes strangely in dreams, so we've got all the time we need."
Managing to get myself under control, I looked around, finding that I couldn't see anything like I had the last time I'd been here. There were no forests, nor strange castles with no logical construction. No mysteriously twisting lines cut through the massive moon I had seen the last time I was here. Doremy had noticed my confusion. "Ah, you're wondering where you are. The Dream World is massive. It has to be, or it wouldn't be able to support the dreams of the inhabitants." She crossed her legs and looked down at me, resting her hand on her chin. "We’re in a different corner, here. While some areas have more specific looks, places like this form up to match the Dream World’s needs. Speaking of massive things, I hear that you've been to Hell, haven't you? Naughty, naughty." That was a case of poor communication more than anything else, I said. I wouldn't have been there if Lady Hecatia had explained what she was doing before she teleported me. "No, I imagine all of them say that they don't deserve to be there." Doremy looked very smug, but I wasn't sure what it was about. I hadn’t been sentenced to Hell. Well, not yet, anyway. Hopefully never.
Instead, I tried asking how I was suddenly here. "You fell asleep. You only just became lucid, though." Doremy's smug smile grew wider. "I've got the records of your dreams here, which is why I know what was happening just before you fell asleep." She patted that massive book she'd had tucked under her arm the last time I'd seen her. "I suppose Reimu's delicate fingers must work magic." I looked away, remembering just what else had been happening before I'd fallen asleep. "I've also got records of your...other dreams." That sounded ominous, and I swallowed heavily. "So, there's someone who needs to talk to you. Or rather, you need to talk to them." I asked her why she was doing this. "Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. True with dreams as well, or so I say. And being the Ruler of Dreams, there's not many who can contradict me on that." I blankly looked at her, then asked what that was supposed to mean. "Oh, er, you keep dreaming about the same thing. It's getting a little..." I hadn't really remembered most of my dreams, so I wasn't entirely sure what she was driving at. Doremy looked a little embarrassed. "Well, there's only so many fantasies a girl can take. I’ll be a big ball of a baku if I have to keep eating those. Now, I've got a friend - er, no, rather, an acquaintance...Hmm, that's not right either. Annoyance? Yes, we'll go with annoyance. I've got an annoyance who hangs around the moon, and being what she is, I want her to come and sort out your problems." I asked her why I needed to be in a dream for this to work. "Well, I can't exactly go and tell her to meet you in the Hakurei Shrine. Super Typhoon aside, I fear your lovely Miss Reimu might take some offense. Hush, now." Doremy cleared her throat. "Okay. You can come out now."

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And from behind me, a cascade of blonde hair hit my face. I shook my head, trying to dislodge some of it, then looked up into yellow eyes. "Hey, hey, hey!" Said Lady Hecatia Lapislazuli. She was leaning right over the top of the chair I was sat in, and I could see little else for all the hair in my eyes. After a moment where I mostly stared at her with my mouth agape, she stood up straight, then stepped around so I could see her from the front. "Wow, it's barely been long at all, but it feels like months, huh?" I think I said 'Uh-huh', but it might have been a cry for help. In my current state, I wasn't sure I was capable of talking to Hecatia Lapislazuli. "Right, so, this lovely baku here has asked me to come and..." She froze. "Doremy?"

Doremy cleared her throat again, and this time I think I detected a hint of annoyance. "Come and sort out his crossroads problem, Lady Hecatia." I wasn't aware I had a crossroads problem, and I wanted to wake up. "And please don't trap anyone else in the Dream World." She waved lazily, then hopped off the pink cloud she was sitting on and fell out of view.

"Aw, she's so mean to me." Lady Hecatia said. "Okay, okay, I think I remember the gist of this. But first - How are you!?" She looked very excited to see me, but I was starting to find her energy a little overwhelming. "Junko said she hadn’t seen you for a while, and there’s a weird youkai living in your house. I thought you might have died for a moment. How are those t-shirts I made for you? I started a brand, y'know! It's totally a major hit in Hell and Former Hell!" After telling her that I'd seen someone wearing one, I decided that I couldn't hide the truth from her, so I mumbled that two of them had disappeared after my house had been raided. "Huh? Aw, but that's so unfair! I made them to your size too!" She patted me on the shoulder. "But don't you worry, I'll make you more if you come visit me again. " I mumbled a thank you, but wondered when I would get the chance.

Lady Hecatia finally calmed down and looked at me closer. "So, I remembered. And I expect that you don't know much about me, do ya?" I only really knew what Miss Junko had told me, so I shook my head. "Nah, not many do. S'okay. But I'm more than just the goddess of Hell. One of my domains is crossroads, you see." I slowly asked if she meant forks in the road. "Well, sometimes. But more specifically, you might call me a liminal goddess. A transition of states might describe it best. From consciousness to unconsciousness, from new to old, or...from the familiar to the unfamiliar."

Several things slotted into place in my mind at once. Doremy's mentions of my dreams of a specific youkai. Just about everything Reimu had done to me lately. "Ooh, looks like something's coming together." She poked me in the forehead. "I'd invite you home, but your physical body is still in the Shrine and your dream self can't leave here. So let's talk, huh?" I wasn't all too sure what to say, but I found that I...did trust Lady Hecatia, at least slightly. She was very energetic and given that she had three bodies, it was a bit confusing to talk to her, but I did get the sense that she listened to what I was saying.

In the end, I did talk. I told her about the way my life had gone since I'd met her that day. She listened all the way through, and she never seemed bored, which did full me with a strange sort of pride. Finally, when she did speak, it was quietly. "You humans sure don't do things by half, huh?" I shrugged since I didn't really know how gods did things differently. "Still, that's certainly a crossroad, and therefore under my domain." I asked her what that meant. "In your case? Guidance. A prayer or two goes a long way for an old goddess like me." I still didn't really understand what this crossroad was about. "Familiar to unfamiliar was right. Well, don't worry too much. Kinda hard to understand when you're in the moment, y'see." Lady Hecatia raised her arms in a shrug and shook her head. "So, there's a choice in front of you and you need to make a decision. Not an easy decision, but the ones that matter rarely are." I asked her what she thought I should do. "Ah, well, that isn't up to me. Your decision, your choice. But, what I can tell you is that you haven't thought things out fully." I frowned. I hadn't expected this conversation. I hadn't expected to wind up in the Dream World either. Lady Hecatia took a seat on another small hill of fluffy, pink clouds and crossed her legs. She rested her chin on her hand with a thoughtful look on her face. "Here's some advice: You need to think about your mind. Which part of you wants what outcome? How different are they? Can you find a solution that pleases every part of you?" I opened my mouth, but Lady Hecatia shook her head. "Don't answer now. You'll need to think on it, but I'll say this. A decision like this goes both ways. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you're the only one who's life might change."

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I nodded glumly. I doubted Yamame's life would be the same if she managed to stop eating humans. That was a change I'd put into effect. Reimu might have to deal with a whole different set of circumstances than she was used to if she got any closer. I still didn't know what I was meant to do, though. "Let me ask you this - What is it that you feel for the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, hmm?" I thought about it for a few minutes. Admiration. Respect. Immense gratitude for the vow she'd made to protect me. Love? I didn't know. Not properly. There was something there, I could tell, but I couldn't tell if it was romantic. Was I confusing feelings? And what about Yamame? My panic attack had complicated things, but I felt plenty for her as well. The same gratitude for guiding me through the underground and to the Palace of the Earth Spirits. A similar level of admiration for how she cared for her sisters. I thought about how I had wanted to see her so badly just after I had come to Lady Kasen's dojo.

Suddenly, Lady Hecatia's eyes flashed and I could tell she'd just thought of something. "Hey, hey, hold on a moment. Your lovely spider guided you through Former Hell?" I nodded slowly, not sure what she was trying to say. "Well, I'll be. I gotta talk to her, like, soon. She's totally gonna be one of my worshippers. I told you, right? How I guided Persephone back from the underworld with my torches? Well, Hermes and I, but that's beside the point. She's doing the same thing as me. Ooh, do you think I could get her to model some t-shirts for me? I just got this great idea, right, and-" I didn't really know if Yamame would be happy to do that. I imagined that she would be happy to create some t-shirts of her own, though. I waited for Lady Hecatia to have a break in her speech and said that Yamame was a seamstress, so she might like to talk about design. "Oh, I get you. Totally."

I wondered if I had just complicated my life even more. Then, I decided that if it was already as complex as an extremely tangled ball of string, it couldn't exactly get worse, so I brought up something that I'd forgotten. I mentioned Komachi Onozuka's name. "That Shinigami? Ooh, she's the lazy one, right?" I...didn't know about that, but I did know that she was desperate for one of Lady Hecatia's t-shirts. Lady Hecatia put her hands on her hips and frowned. "Hmm..." I said that I would owe her any favour she wanted. "That's a dangerous deal to make with the goddess of Hell, y'know?" I shrugged, because again, it wasn't like my life could get that much more complicated. "Well, I'll tell you what. I like you, so I'll do it. One brand new t-shirt, for the lazy Shinigami. Does she want it signed? Well, maybe I'll give her two. You, on the other hand, aren't getting new t-shirts unless you come and visit me." That sounded fair enough, I supposed. I'd heard worse offers. "Ah-ah, don't think that's your favour to me. No, I'll bring that one to you when the time is right - I've got a subordinate in the Shrine, so I'll be able to find you easily enough. You'll be in for a hell of a time!" That didn't sound so good, and I'd definitely heard better offers.

I suddenly had a thought, and asked Lady Hecatia why she'd met me here in the dream world. "Don't you know? There's a corridor to the Moon through here. This place is a crossing, so it's perfect for me. I'm goddess of the Otherworlds, which means places like the Moon, the Earth, and the, well, Otherworlds. And the Dream World is certainly one of them." I'd thought she was just the goddess of one particular Hell, but that sounded a lot more impressive. "Well, another word of advice: Don't discount your emotions. I always see it with you men - you try and weigh up the logical benefits. I'm serious here, don't discount how you feel." I nodded slowly. I was starting to feel quite sluggish.

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"Ah." I heard Doremy Sweet say from somewhere behind me. "There you are. It's about time you head on home, though I'm happy to entertain you again some other time." I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or Lady Hecatia, so I opened my mouth to ask and-
-Jerked, completely confused about where I was, and then cursed loudly when I painfully slammed my shin into the table, which my legs had relaxed under. I could hear the storm raging outside, but luckily it seemed that nothing had managed to break through the roof. For a moment, all I could do was lay there, staring up at the ceiling and holding my left shin until it stopped aching. I rolled myself over and stumbled up to my feet, trying to keep myself from tipping over and sending myself right back to the Dream World with a sore head.

Now that I could remember what was happening, I decided to try the bathroom. As I got closer, I could hear the water being ran, no doubt filling up the tub with hot water. I had no way of gauging how long I'd been asleep, but I assumed it couldn't have been long, or the bath would have been done by now. There was a pleasant warmth radiating from the room, which was nice after the coldness of the rain outside. I was still a little cold, and I had no idea whether Reimu was in the bath or not. I wondered if I should just wait for her to come out, but I decided that if she was in the bath, it would be better if she knew I was waiting, so she didn’t spend too long in there.

I knocked on the door, and then it was pulled open abruptly. "I was wondering where you'd gotten to." Reimu told me. Her arms were crossed, and she looked a little annoyed. She still had the bloomers on, but nothing else, and I suddenly didn't feel very cold. "Would you mind washing my back?" She asked me, already turning from me and heading for the small stool in the room. "I'll do you, too." She told me, sitting on the stool. Once I was sat behind her, her hands went to her hips, and before I could say anything, she'd cast the bloomers to the floor by the wall. She sat there, naked aside from the ribbons in her hair, which I would have to pull out myself.

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you saw nothing
I forgot to copy the latest version over before posting, then forgot to separate the paragraphs on the second one, so I screwed up twice

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I see everything


Anon sure has lots of friends, doesn't he? Will they all come together Avengers-style to fight off Mecha-Eirin in the end?

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Starting to wonder if the way Writeanon depicts the different Hecatia bodies is at all a reference to the myth (girl, woman, and crone), especially considering Moon Heca seems vastly more energetic than the other two from what I remember.

>> No.44556506

Blondes have more fun

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Why mecha? Wouldn't that be a downgrade?

>> No.44556570

Of course not. Eirin may be the brain of the moon, but is she the mecha-brain of the moon? I don't think so.

>> No.44556633

Wouldn't that just make her mortal?

>> No.44556636

What are we going to have next? Space-Eirin?

>> No.44556708

Battle Rabbits! Space-Eirins! Today, the shrine maiden is at our door!

>> No.44557393

I feel like this a ultimatum, a line which if anon cross it will be a decisive 'Mu victory.

>> No.44557574

Could say anon is about to cross the Reimubicon, or probably more likely, enter it.

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We must stay strong, Yamamebros. We will weather this storm together, just as Anon will weather through his traumas and find inner peace together with Yamame. They promised each other to better themselves for sake of one another, it won't end like this.

He won't cross it. In the dream sequence he came across as more uncertain of romantic feelings towards Reimu than Yamame to me, and he specifically described Reimu giving him a hardon as a "physical reaction" whereas he didn't want to call it that with Yamame.

>> No.44558618
File: 125 KB, 1464x2048, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_tohoyuukarin__97de8129cb5fe6f811ffc28476196d10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon WILL persist from swimming in the river Reimu. His TRUE love Tenko is waiting for him, after all.

>> No.44558803
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Waiting warmly for anon to talk about all of this with Reimu, I'm very unclear on what has inspired her recent actions and I'm still holding out hope for them just becoming surrogate siblings.
Reimu being like this could just be her not knowing the proper boundaries for family members, since Yukari and Kasen are the closest things she has.
It seems clear to me anon has eyes only for Yamame, it's just difficult for him because his logical side is terrified beyond reason.

>> No.44558816
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Yamfags keep moving this is a TENKO neighborhood!

>> No.44559348

You left anon alone with a horny Reimu, Tenkofags are cucks.

>> No.44559750

>so she might like to talk about design. "Oh, I get you. Totally."
His relationship with Yams is over now that he's set Heca on her.

>> No.44560127

more like the entirety of gensokyo is over once heca cajoles yamame into making her t-shirts and spreading them to the human village
imagine going to the village for supplies and everywhere you look it's just 'welcome to hell' and 'hell's a great place to be, just you wait and see'
this is a major incident and it needs to be stopped

>> No.44560260
File: 229 KB, 1491x1675, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_soemy__f1ba3c36da0e24d081631c3b7d6b3556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tenko is merely playing the longcon, she knows that their love would be super short given their respective lifespans so she'll let anon have his pick then when it comes time for reincarnation she'll pluck his soul up and enjoy an actual eternity of romance.
Leave it to a yamfag to miss the obvious lmao

>> No.44560264
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Anon, they're basically already married at this point:
>She sat there, naked aside from the ribbons in her hair, which I would have to pull out myself.
Be it at danmaku or love, Reimu always wins, baby.

>> No.44560334

>"Ah-ah, don't think that's your favour to me. No, I'll bring that one to you when the time is right - I've got a subordinate in the Shrine, so I'll be able to find you easily enough. You'll be in for a hell of a time!" That didn't sound so good, and I'd definitely heard better offers.
sorry, tenkobros, but anon's destined to be heca's eternal slave after death

>> No.44563532

It shouldn't be hard for tenshi to sneak in and take anon away

>> No.44563608

Tenko-tan isn't a desperate tramp like Reimu. Just you wait, and all pieces will fall into place. Everything will go as planned by Tenshi's 50k+ celestial IQ.

>> No.44563979
File: 261 KB, 1331x2048, Tenshiandthefruitofknowledge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TENKO is the one who gave Anon the gift of life
TENKO is the one who is willing to put his interests first
TENKO is the only one who isn't a horny slut and unfit for marriage
TENKO is also the only one who isn't forcing herself upon him.
TENKO is anon's rightful wife!

>> No.44564014

Tenko is anon's little sister

>> No.44564038

Sorry anon, that's reimu you're thinking of.
Tenko is NOT a familial relation to Anon in the slightest!
How could you deny a clingy celestial wife who loves you as a person and not just as a piece of meat?
Anyone who doesnot board the TenkoTrain is doomed to disaster one way or another.

>> No.44564095

Reimu is anon's older sister, this isn't China, he's allowed to have multiple sisters.

>> No.44565972
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Oftentimes, things change around you so rapidly that you don't even realise until it could never go back to the way it once was. There I sat, behind the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, one of the most powerful people around. Someone who youkai were supposed to fear. Someone who had saved my life in the past. And she was naked. Completely unclothed. Her bloomers sat in a heap over in the corner of the room where she had thrown them. She sat stiffly, her shoulders back and tensed, and I could see that her jaw was clenched slightly. I imagined I was in much the same way, though. I felt like I was in a spider's web, only it was metaphorical instead of the literal spider's web I'd already been trapped in.

Lady Hecatia's last conversation was weighing heavily on my mind. Decisions. The crossroads that I stood at. Familiar and the unknown. Now, I could tell that I'd been making a mistake. Putting off the decision was a decision in itself, and all it had done was drag me further and further into the choice until each side seemed so monumentally huge that I didn't know how I could choose at all.

Reimu scooted the stool she was sat on backwards until she was nestled between my legs, which made my throat run dry again. I was sweating, and I wasn't all that sure it was entirely from the heat of the bathroom. "Hey, what are you waiting for?" She asked me. I stammered something about my clothes getting wet. "Take them off, then. I don't mind." This, I found, only made things worse. I didn't know if I could do that. I especially didn't know if I could do that around Reimu. "If you're worried about modesty, wrap a towel around yourself." Reimu said, leaning back and looking up at me. I could see down her chest from this angle, from the way the shadows traced the contours of her collarbone all the way down to her smooth legs, which I could now see in their entirety. I forced my eyes shut before I could see anything more, then blindly fumbled for Reimu's shoulders and turned her back to face ahead of me. I opened my eyes, now more than a little worried about certain...reactions.

I couldn't help it, but I could help the way I felt about it. Reimu was very attractive, after all. I slowly asked Reimu if she really wanted me in here to do this. "Why not?" Reimu asked, looking back at me. I swallowed heavily. "I still feel pretty weak when I try raising my arms too much." She poked me in the chest. "You're already sleeping with me barely clothed. How's this any different?" It felt very different. It felt like a line. One that I was stepping firmly onto the other side of even though I wasn't sure I was ready to. I felt a little nervous, but there was something deeper down. A feeling that I was struggling to identify. I shook my head, then gently placed my hand on Reimu's head and turned her view back to facing forward.

Regardless of my feelings, it was still sort of my fault that she had been injured in the first place, so I did feel a little obligated. I told Reimu that I was untying the ribbon, then pulled at one of the sections of ribbon that hung down. Reimu took in a sharp breath. "Gently." She said. "You'll pull at the hair." I tried to calm my breathing, then tried again. This time, I used my other hand to hold her ponytail still so none of the hair could be caught. Happily, it came loose this time, and after I had repeated it with the other side, the main bow sagged, beginning to collapse. Fearing it tangling with her hair, I accidentally pulled back on her ponytail just slightly too hard, and Reimu let out a strange sort of whine. "Ngh...Careful, I said..." She whispered, and I - gently, this time - unwound the ribbon from her ponytail. It came loose now, and I slid the ribbon out of her hair entirely. Her hair fell in a cascade out of the ponytail once I let go, and I had to strongly resist the urge to run my fingers through it.

I tossed the ribbon with a shaking hand to land on top of Reimu's discarded bloomers. The tubes came free easier. I reached my hand out, where it brushed against Reimu's ear just slightly before I grasped it, but the action sent a full-body shiver through Reimu. I pulled it free, though the length of her bangs meant that I had to slide my hand down her chest to get it free. I caught Reimu's second shiver, and asked her if she was okay. "...Fine." She croaked, sounding not very fine at all. I quickly repeated the action with the other tube, gently pulling Reimu to the side by her shoulder so I could get better access. She leaned into my chest again, and I finally got the final tube free. Now, she was entirely naked, and the enormity of what I was doing was fully hitting me.

>> No.44565988
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As was something else. That strange feeling, again. I couldn't tell what it was, but it felt like it was constricting my heart. It wasn't a panic attack, but it was certainly something.

I needed to wash Reimu's hair. Additionally, the rest of her. That, I decided, could be her job. I would handle the bits that she couldn't reach, or as she had claimed, she was too weak to reach. I asked her if she had any preferred methods for washing her hair. I knew that there were plenty of ways, and I imagined that the youkai population probably had even more. "I've got both." Reimu said, looking over to a corner where the toiletries sat. "Rice water is more traditional, but after enough of it fell into Gensokyo from the outside world, the kappa began to produce regular soaps. She pointed out a pot. "There's camellia oil in there." I'd heard of it, but never used it. "It's like anything else, really. You just rub it into the hair. Makes it shiny." Reimu's hair was very shiny, so I wasn't too surprised to hear that she was using it. I decided to stick with traditional, because it seemed like it just fit Reimu more. She shrugged. "Sure. You have to wait for the hair to dry before you use the camellia oil anyway."

This was a more specific task, and it made me feel a little more settled. I felt like that strange feeling was fading slightly as I retrieved a small bucket and filled it with water from the ofuro. I turned and sat back down behind Reimu, now wondering how I would go about keeping myself dry. Reimu looked back at me with an eyebrow raised. "I told you to take those off." She nodded down at my clothes. "They'll just get soaked." Now, I was starting to feel like I had no choice.

I told Reimu to stay facing forward, then I turned away from her and pulled the rest of my clothes off. I could feel that constricting feeling in my heart again, even harder this time. I almost stopped, but I knew that I would have an even harder time explaining that, so I grabbed the first towel I could find and wrapped it tightly around my waist. I took a deep breath, then turned back. Reimu had seemingly done what I said, because she asked me if I was ready as I took a seat behind her.

I dipped a finger in the water I had pulled from the ofuro to check if it was too hot, then told Reimu that I was starting. She nodded, then decided to make things easier for me by leaning backwards slightly, though this meant she pushed herself back slightly more on the stool. Slowly, I began to pour the water across Reimu's hair. She let out a slightly shuddering gasp as the water hit her, then relaxed against my chest. I found it slightly less pleasing, because the water cooled somewhat quickly and was slightly uncomfortable, so I took Reimu's shoulders and sat her back up straight. I began again, stopping to push Reimu's dark hair over her ears so that the water could run through it easily. I repeated this until Reimu's hair was soaked through, and when she turned back to look at me with her hair hanging in thick strands across her face, I found myself stifling a laugh. She looked almost like an evil spirit. I took a clean bowl and filled it with the rice water that had been fermenting in the bathroom for the last two days. Now, I gently laid my hand on Reimu's jaw and tilted her head back. I pulled as much of the hair as I could back, so it was all falling the same way. I told her to close her eyes, then began to pour the rice water across her scalp. This water was cooler, and I heard her take a hissed breath through gritted teeth. I tried to shift myself back slightly so it wasn't all hitting me, but it didn't work quite so well. After I'd poured enough water on to cover all of Reimu's hair, I began to massage the rice water into the roots with my fingers.

>> No.44566002
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This had an interesting effect on Reimu.

Within a minute of starting, Reimu all but melted, slumping against me with a happy sort of sigh. I tried to push her back up, but she fell back again as soon as I started massaging her scalp again. I hadn't really expected that Reimu Hakurei's greatest weakness would be head massages, but I was willing to accept it, so I continued, trying to ignore the little noises she kept making. Once I got to the shorter hair just above the nape of her neck, I felt her twitch, which made me wonder if I had hit a particularly sensitive spot. I ran my fingers lightly through that particular spot, and Reimu's back arched as she let out a long sigh. Curiously, she didn't say anything. I was soon finished with her head, so I sat her back up, only for her to rest her arms on her knees and lean forward. I found this to be an easier position to work with, so I began pulling her long hair - indeed, it came almost to her hips - straight along her back, and then I began the process of massaging the rice water into the hair there. This took a long while, and after a minute or two, I asked Reimu if she wanted to start washing her front. "Don't wanna..." She mumbled, sounding very relaxed. I stopped for a moment, feeling that feeling in my heart again. I shook my head, then told her that it was her job. After a moment, she grumbled a little and took the bucket of water along with a scrubbing sponge.

After roughly twenty minutes, I took the bucket and the sponge back - Reimu having finished washing herself - and refilled it with water. Then, I began to wash Reimu's back. I lifted her surprisingly heavy hair, then poured the water across her neck and shoulders so it ran down her back. I took the sponge, dipped it in the water, then began to scrub between her shoulder blades, her shoulders, her lower back and her armpits. It took several minutes, but Reimu seemed to enjoy the process. After, I decided that it was about time for the rice water to come out, so I tilted her head back again and began to pour the warm water across her hair. This elicited another happy noise out of Reimu, and I asked her if it felt good. "Feels nice to have someone else do it..." She told me, clearly impatient for me to continue. I did, then pulled as much tangled hair free as I could.

After a silent minute, Reimu shook her head as if to clear it, then began to turn around. I spun on the stool quickly, so I was facing the other way. "Alright. My turn." I heard her say, before I felt her fingers on my shoulders. Knowing that I'd need it later, I pulled the towel off and dropped it just far enough away to not get wet. I leaned forward, resting my arms on my knees. Deciding that I'd rather this be over with as quickly as possible, I changed my mind and grabbed the water and the sponge. I wasted no time in drenching myself, then scrubbing down my whole body apart from the bits I couldn't reach. "In a hurry?" Reimu asked me sarcastically, and I told her that I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel at least slightly uncomfortable. "Why?" She frowned. "It's just a bath. It's warmer if we both go in at once." She took the bucket back and refilled it. I started to wonder about something.
Reimu's slender fingers slid from my shoulders to my neck, and she repeated my action of gently tilting my head back using my jaw. She began pouring the water over my hair, and I almost broke into a coughing fit when she started just slightly too forward and ended up dumping a load of water over my face and up my nose. "Oh, er, oops. I don't normally get to do this for someone else." I spluttered that it was okay between coughs. Once I'd calmed down, she continued. the process didn't take anywhere near as long, since my hair was far shorter than Reimu's. Within minutes, she had finished soaking my hair, poured the rice water on, and began massaging my scalp. I found myself threatening to have a similar reaction to Reimu, and I suspected that my posture was the only thing keeping me upright. In a throaty voice, I tried to ask her a question.

I asked her why she had invited me into the bathroom. "Why? It's faster and the water's warmer." She said, blankly. I waited a moment, then asked her if that was the only reason. Reimu was silent, the only sound being the noise of her fingers against my head. Thoughts were beginning to push their way into my mind. Lady Hecatia's words. Miss Tenshi's words. Decisions. Hesitantly, I asked Reimu why she had started to...act the way she had towards me.

>> No.44566012
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"I don't-" She began, but I cut her off by saying that I needed to know the truth. "I..." She muttered, her fingers stopping to rest in my hair. "You're conflicted." She finally said. "I can see it in your eyes." I knew that much. I'd been stuck on this crossroad for a long while now. I finally asked Reimu the question I'd been dancing around this whole time. I asked her what she thought of me. I couldn't see her properly, but she was still. "...You're asking if I like you, er, romantically?" She finally said. I told her that I was. "I...Um, maybe? I don't know. I don't spend much time with men. It's all a bit...new to me." I hadn't spent all that much time with women before I'd gone to Marisa, so I understood that much. I asked her what she wanted from me. "I- Oh, it's Kasen's fault. She kept pulling me aside and telling me weird stuff, like how I should practice these weird stretches to 'make the movements easier'. I - I don't really deal with this sort of thing." Lady Kasen had gone to fairly similar lengths with me, which had been confusing at the time and doubly so in hindsight. She had been far, far too interested in how any exercise I did could relate to Reimu. I started to wonder about Reimu's behaviour even more. If she didn't know how she felt, then why...?

I looked over my shoulder at her, studying her face. She looked about as conflicted as I did. It was in the way she bit her lip. The way she frowned, and the way it made her eyes gain a certain intensity. But I felt like there was something else there. It was hidden deep down, somewhere behind her eyes. Before I could ask, she shook her head and took the warm water, tilting my head back to rinse my hair. "L-Let's just get in the bath, right?" I looked forward with a frown. I'd almost had it, I was certain. It had just slipped my fingers. I told Reimu to get in first, and I waited until I heard the rippling of the water to look around. She was almost fully submerged, up to her neck in the steaming water. I told her to close her eyes, and once she had, I clambered in.

The water was almost unbearably hot as I sank into the ofuro, and it took a few moments before I felt myself begin to acclimate. There was a small ledge that ran around the interior, so I sat, letting my feet rest at the bottom. With my height, I didn't come as deeply submerged as Reimu, though I did slouch down a little to try and compensate. After a moment, I felt something touch my leg, and I jumped slightly before I realised that it was Reimu's foot. She stood, sending water streaming down to her waist where she was still submerged, then came round to sit next to me. I shifted slightly so she had room, but she still shuffled up next to me and took my arm to serve as a pillow. I could feel her body pressing against my side. Suddenly, everything Lady Hecatia had told me clicked, and I knew that I'd arrived at the crossroads.

This was the moment.

I could turn my head right now. I could kiss Reimu and do all the things that would follow. I could forget about all my troubles with youkai and be the Shrine Maiden's husband. I wouldn't have to think about any of those problems again. I wouldn't have to think about panic attacks or darkness or Yamame or-

Yamame. I felt it again. My heart was being constricted, like there was something inside my chest squeezing it. And suddenly, it all slid into place. Lady Hecatia had told me to not discount my emotions. Well, here was me, listening to my emotions.

I stood at the crossroads. I looked to the left. I looked to the right. And then, I made my decision.

>> No.44566014
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I couldn't do it. Not to Yamame. That feeling, that constriction around my heart. It was guilt, longing, and pain, all wrapped up into one. It was my heart screaming out that I absolutely could not do that to Yamame.

I looked at Reimu, and she looked back, and my emotions must have been written on my face because she let out a giggle and pressed her forehead against my arm. "You've decided something, haven't you?" I nodded. "Good." I looked into her eyes again, trying to catch whatever it was that I'd been missing. I thought about everything I knew about Reimu Hakurei. Then, I asked her if she had a family. Reimu was silent, then turned, leaning back against my arm. "My mother died younger than I am now. Youkai attack. I never knew who my father was. I think he might have been an outsider, but old Genji - the turtle in the pond behind the Shrine - was the only one I could really talk to as a child. After that, it was just me and the Shrine."

My parents were dead. I had never had any siblings, or anyone to talk to at all while I was growing up. I likely still had holes in my memory, and I didn't know exactly when my mind had made me forget my family, but I knew that I must have wanted something, at some point. Someone to talk to. I quietly asked Reimu if she had ever wished for things to be different. "...Sometimes. The early winters were bad, when no one came to give donations and no came to visit at all. I used to imagine how things would be if I had...someone. Someone I could take care of. Maybe I just wanted to try my hand at what I never really got." Reimu was starting to look sad, and that was making me feel sad. We were inextricably linked. We'd both lost our family young and we both had wished we had something new. We had met on that horrible night. Reimu had promised to protect me, and I'd done my best to take care of her. We were even roughly the same age, though she might have had a few months on me.

I looked up at the ceiling, listening to the storm raging outside. Family doesn't mean blood. It doesn't have to mean the people you grew up with. All it really means is having someone who you can trust. Someone you care for.

I looked at Reimu again, and I thought that she had come to a similar conclusion. Things had changed, and it didn't need to be the way it was before.

Neither of us needed to be alone.

I pulled her into the tightest hug I'd ever given. I needed to communicate this to her as well as I possibly could, and words didn't seem like they would suffice. I screwed my eyes shut and buried my face in her wet hair. It took a while for me to find the strength to pull back, but when I did, I found that Reimu looked just as relieved as I felt, and now, I thought that we understood each other.

We had each other. Maybe that's all that family needed to mean.

>> No.44566138

>Family doesn't mean blood. It doesn't have to mean the people you grew up with. All it really means is having someone who you can trust. Someone you care for.
Did you get this from the venture bros?

>> No.44566162

So are there some sort of sibling adoption laws in Gensokyo or something or is this more of a mutual understanding thing?

>> No.44566169

Reimubros, it's over.

>> No.44566171

Argh I wanted Reimu end so badly, but of course we can't have that until Anon talks with Yams.
Hopefully they depart peacefully and Anon can, in a sense, become family with Reimu.

>> No.44566201

Hit 100,000 words with this one.
And I'll be honest I was STILL conflicted about Reimu vs Yamame as I was writing it, and the only thing that tipped the scale for me was that I love found family as a trope.
I really did agonise over it, though. I think , minus the time I spent finding out how the washing hair stuff worked, I was sitting and writing this for about 5 or 6 hours.
I do apologise, Reimubros. It was a really, really close call.

>> No.44566207
File: 674 KB, 694x799, e7527a29cf59ffa98853080e40c8e3136b7c2506.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

phew, that was close

>> No.44566209

That's okay, at least it happened naturally.

>> No.44566214

I don't think I've ever seen it

>> No.44566222

Kasen is going to throw anon into the nuclear reactor with her other failed projects.

>> No.44566232

Kasen isn't going to do shit to Reimu's new foster brother

>> No.44566239

Sorry, but no one can escape the hermit. The trips will it.

>> No.44566242

She will be disappointed, but she is a good girl and won't hurt anon.

>> No.44566316

Yamame won't change her ways despite promising to because they're just too deeply ingrained in her nature as youkai. Despite every effort to try and be different for anon, she will realise eventually a leopard can't change it's spots and youkai are no different. Eventually anon will realise she can't completely change and it'll be too much for him. It's doomed to fail. But now Reimu is out the picture and they're effectively mutually adopting each other as siblings in all but blood. Although it leaves a mystery after the story if Reimu wants to try and have a family with someone then who if not anon?

Tenshibros, we've played the long game and we're gonna win so fucking hard.

Kasen will do no such thing. I'll write myself into the story and exterminate her if she tries to, anon's corpse is Orin's prize whenever the day comes.

>> No.44566338
File: 793 KB, 565x800, Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 19-11-55 __yatadera_narumi_touhou_drawn_by_shironeko_yuuki__fdcc1dcce94103c90a08201fbd343ca8.png (PNG Image 2026 × 2865 pixels) — Scaled (27%).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44566347

I really did think the miko was going to become a mom, if not intentionally then by alcohol

>> No.44566444

Now that Reimu is out, I have no choice, I will become a Tenshibro. If we unite we will defeat Yamame

>> No.44566574


>> No.44566578

Seigabros...I think it's over...

>> No.44566654

EirinCHADs, this is one more opponent out of the running. Soon enough Anon will realize that the only person who can keep him and his future progeny safe is the beautiful and elegant brain of the moon.

>> No.44566803
File: 3.19 MB, 1526x2160, 986765546576890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Orinbros, we're getting anon's corpse at least

>> No.44566825 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.44566831

I want both of them in my harem

>> No.44567048
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Reimuchads have suffered today, but its okay because we are now TENKOEMPERORS
I still must clutch at straws because worse comes to worst Reimu can always work that Hakurei magic drunken rape

>> No.44567465

i dislike this.
it's too late to kidnap anon, satori going to make anon remember his parents fate regardless reimu health, the whole found family thing can be done while investigating eientei, this makes sick reimu plotline feels pointless.

on unrelated note, does this mean heca-chan and junko is anon's adoptive moms?

>> No.44568057

Well, I suppose Anon wouldn't be Anon if he wasn't dumb enough to sacrifice his one chance at happiness for the sake of someone he cannot ever truly relate to, grow old with, or raise children with.

>> No.44568810

Exactly. I'm more than sure the majority of this board would choose a youkai 2hu over a human 2hu if given the chance.

>> No.44568877

I don't think people realize that Reimu has played the step-sister card here, while removing herself from the play for now she retains rights to anons attention, care and familial love even if he's married to someone else and has first pickings if his other ventures go bad.
In all seriousness, I feel like you did a fine job here writeanon. I feel sad for Reimu, but this anon just isn't for her.

>> No.44569241

Good chapter.

>> No.44569810
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That's an interesting reasoning. I thought that you leaned towards Yamame because she'd normally be the least likely to end up with a human partner.

>> No.44569962

All Gouda thank you writefag!

>> No.44569970
File: 982 KB, 2892x4096, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_tetsurou_fe__0796f0d0ceb9c269ccc79f700268d0ef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1 down, 1 to go!
No one is going to outplay the gap moe of a bratty celestial wife!

>> No.44570062
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Fair enough, the Reimufag in me cried but there's already been a lot stories featuring Reimu recently to sate me. I suppose this also explains Tenko writing herself out of the running. Either way I'll be rooting for a DARK HORSE EIRIN ending and warmly reading how Anon can get past his trauma with spider cuddles.

>> No.44570825
File: 3.82 MB, 3377x2328, __rumia_and_kurodani_yamame_touhou_drawn_by_kame_kamepan44231__9506a83d1ed87abd5349ec8869e5fbe9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spider cuddles
Spider will only end up causing him further trauma.
She's a youkai, and not even one even remotely compatible with humans. She's not a human-turned-youkai or even one whose nature isn't entirely incompatible with humanity; she's a t̶s̶u̶k̶u̶m̶o̶g̶a̶m̶i̵ ̵ tsuchigumo, a truly monstrous entity whose character is entirely hostile towards humanity. I firmly believe that even Yuuka is more capable of a healthy relationship than Yameme.
This is not something that can be fixed, it's a fundamental part of her. One day, Anon will come home, only to find his spider wife surrounded by the dried-up husks of their children, upon which the only thing she can respond which is to say: "I am sorry, it's in my nature".

>> No.44571177
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>It's in my na-

>> No.44571277

Wait, that's true, spiders don't eat humans, only bite them out of fear.
If it was reflected in the story i would be a Yamamefag

>> No.44571425

I don't think Yamame is biting anon out of fear...

>> No.44571456

Yamamemimomu's bite could've killed anon if it wasn't for the peach buff, tho

>> No.44571476

If you were to cut her open, 1990 skulls would pour out of her.
She is absolutely terrifying.

>> No.44571505

are you sure you're not just scared of spiders?

>> No.44571563
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what a hardworking lil' lady

>> No.44571608
File: 86 KB, 561x800, anon's hollow carcass was discovered the next morning.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my wife...

>> No.44571609

they can't rise up, their lower bodies were smushed flat by her heavy stone ass

>> No.44571652
File: 1.86 MB, 1600x2000, __hecatia_lapislazuli_touhou_drawn_by_peroponesosu__be9a400b8490365fbd7e7da2100b7148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spiders, not so much, tsuchigumo, yes. Very much so.
Why can't Anon just find a nice magician or goddess to settle down with? A relationship with them is still filled with struggles, but at least they're somewhat able to relate to human beings.

>> No.44571787
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>She came to the village to shop. She gives proper greetings, and she didn't seem like she's that strong, but..." (Flower Shop)
>"I see her at the shrine a lot. I wonder if that shrine maiden will exterminate her..." (Anonymous)
>"I saw her at the Garden of the Sun. Her smile was terrifying, so I immediately ran away." (Anonymous)
Yuuka is alright by human standards. She's just a little quirky, that's all.

>> No.44572032
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It's all just harmless teasing

>> No.44572225
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That reminds me; Maybe our favourite youkai eccentric should remind anon what a gift a celestial peach is. He hasn't ever checked up on that tree, not that it will have sprouted yet but it's the thought that counts. I don't think he truly appreciates how lucky he is in that regard.

>> No.44572448
File: 604 KB, 2000x1734, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_mata_matasoup__4db081a0c5029018ce6dbf76c79d035a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd like to check on Yuuka's celestial peach, if you know what I mean.

>> No.44573309

Are yams spider legs the fussy type or the latexy type?

>> No.44573652

God i hope they're fussy

>> No.44573775

Imagine getting a tight hug from Yuuka, her nose pressed against yours as she stares into your eyes
Imagine trying to finish the hug and pull away only for her to not let go

>> No.44573803
File: 141 KB, 850x1072, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_ryouryou__sample-f94ab36d4a3bdcfb51696df2a5746c80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now now, this isn't Yuuka's thread.
Anon is clearly too retarded for someone as sharp as she is anyway. The most she will do is bully him a bit and tell him how it is.

>> No.44573810

Cute sisters.

>> No.44573913

>Anon is clearly too retarded for someone as sharp as she is anyway.
I wonder if Gensokyo's attractiveness standards interconnect with the outside world's.

Just as some men find mentally retarded and incompetent women "cute", perhaps it's the opposite for Gensokyo? Retarded men, that is.

>> No.44573936

I can't believe Yamamemimomu's sisters are just sitting on her tits like that..

>> No.44574269

The dynamics are different, but I absolutely find retarded women incredibly annoying. There will always be people who don't follow mainline trends with this kind of thing, and Yuuka does not strike me as someone who would appreciate retard moe.

To elaborate; Someone like Koishi or Rumia is cute, because they really are dumb and innocent, but when retardation is just an excuse to be lazy as fuck it ceases to be. Age really helps determine if it's cute or not. I'd imagine Yuuka would find Anon's partial lobotomy more annoying than endearing, given her rough personality when she's not being polite.

>> No.44574791
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The difference is that while Anon is dumb he is still competent in any regard. Dumb people only really become annoying when you have to walk them through literally everything and they put a mental block on themselves to stop thinking when things get outside of their comfort zone.
Anon doesn't have that problem thus while he is dumb and has retard moe its more endearing rather than frustrating.
Hence DARK HORSE EIRIN is perfectly valid

>> No.44574826 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.44574843

The darkest horse...

>> No.44576832

Since Yaname won i would like to see Anon becoming friends with her sister too.

>> No.44577791

Blacker than black.

>> No.44579296
File: 212 KB, 923x1285, 5e8f84145e25c1f0bc6cf51a3f4fc23a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's funny, the things you don't realise until they've ended. As I sat there in the steaming water, Reimu now stretched out next to me with her arms resting over the edge of the ofuro, I suddenly felt like I could breathe. My whole body felt lighter, like I'd been struggling under immense pressure, yet completely unable to see it. I could still hear the storm raging outside, clearly not at all close to abating, but for this moment, in the water, I felt completely relaxed.

"The last big typhoon we had lasted for days." Reimu said, noticing that I was staring at the ceiling. I actually remembered that. I'd had to evacuate to the Moriya Shrine when it looked like the canal was threatening to overflow, since I didn't much fancy living in a lake. The rain had finally come to an end a day or two later, and that had been the end of that. I'd heard something about Reimu having something to do with it, but I'd not had much interest in the rumours at the time, so I hadn't bothered pursuing it. I'd spoken to some of the farmers out in the fields and they'd all told me that the Moriya Shrine had arranged for experts to drain the rice paddies. I had no idea what kind of experts they could possibly have called in, but that had sounded good enough for me.

I figured that this one would end in a day or so. We had enough supplies to last, either way. Once the storm was over and the world had dried out, Marisa and Miss Tenshi could come back and explain what they had learnt that had led to Marisa getting injured. I was a little worried about that, and all my troubles recently had kept me from thinking too much about Doctor Yagokoro and Eientei. I wondered if they were still watching for me in the village. Surely they'd given up by now? I'd like to return there at some point, even if things had changed.

Reimu was poking at my scars. "I guess I didn't do much of a great job with protecting you, huh?" I told her that she'd saved my life in both cases that had scarred me, so as far as I was concerned, she'd done more than enough. Reimu didn't look all that convinced, but I took that opportunity to pat her head and tell her that I was just happy that she was doing her best. She slapped my hand away, but laughed. "Right. Sure. See if I save you the next time some youkai decides that you look particularly tasty."

I wasn't sure how long we were in the ofuro for, but it felt like it had been some time. Reimu looked like she was about to fall asleep as she leaned against my arm, sighing contently. I was staring forward. It had just occurred to me that Lady Kasen might be none too pleased with the direction my relationship with Reimu had taken. I got the impression that she had been pushing particularly hard in a certain direction, and I wasn't sure how she would take it. She was a nice person, though, so I hoped that she wouldn't have many problems. I decided to ask Reimu for her opinion. "Kasen? Hm, she's probably going to lecture me. After that, she'll probably lecture you. Then, she might lecture both of us together." I could handle that, I supposed. It wasn't the worst thing that could happen. Most of the worst things had already happened to me.

Eventually, I felt my fingers beginning to prune, so I decided that it was time to get out. Reimu looked sleepy already and I felt very emotionally drained, which I took as my body telling me that it was time to wrap up warm and eat some rice crackers. I asked Reimu if she wanted to get out first, and she raised an eyebrow. "Sure, I guess." I didn't have a chance to look away before Reimu stood, sending water streaming off of her body and splashing me in the process. I looked away as she stepped over me, before I felt her flick me in the forehead. "You're not going to get all weird now, are you?" She asked me. I shook my head, but still elected to stare straight ahead as I heard her climb out of the ofuro, then straight into the water as I heard her wet feet pad across the bathroom floor. I heard the rustling of a towel, and when I looked, I found that she had wrapped it around herself and was looking at me. "You know, we already sleep together. You really don't need to act like you're on needles just because I'm wearing slightly less than I usually am when we're sleeping."

>> No.44579302
File: 158 KB, 936x1638, dbe08fdfa0c5555bcfb2de651fe9ef86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried to say something about different circumstances, but she eyed me with a frown. "I should be the one doing that, actually. I've never seen you below the waist." I mumbled something about modesty. "You're just the picture of modesty, aren't you? I think I've seen you shirtless more than I've seen you fully clothed." That made me blush slightly, and I forced my gaze back into the water. "Fine, suit yourself. You're doing my hair when it's dry, though." I nodded, then considered trying to drown myself when I heard Reimu pull the towel back off and begin drying herself. After a few minutes, I finally felt like seeing just what was taking her so long, only to find that she'd already finished and was slipping her white kimono on. Most of the noises I'd heard had just been her shifting the towel to mess with me, and I scowled slightly. "Oh, don't act like such a child. Here, I'll turn my back to preserve your precious modesty." Reimu made a big show of spinning to face the wall, and I decided that I'd be better off just taking the opportunity and hopping out before she could find some new way to torture me. Mercifully, Reimu did allow me to grab my towel and dry myself off, and I'd just wrapped it around my waist when she turned back to me. "There you are. Better?" I nodded despite feeling supremely awkward about it. "You're turning out to be quite the handful, you know." I found that to be somewhat unfair, because Reimu had been more than a handful when she was at her most ill. I told her so, and she did look down slightly. "...Yes, well, thank you. It's quite nice to have someone else care for you." I told her that aside from her more stubborn moments, I'd been quite happy to care for her, too. Reimu smiled a little, then went for the door.

I took the time to put my clothes back on, and feeling slightly self-conscious now that Reimu had said it, I looked for my shirt, only to remember that it was sitting on the floor in Reimu's room, where she had discarded it before I had ran outside. The ofuro water needed to be drained, but it could wait. For now, I grabbed the pot of camellia oil, then followed Reimu out of the door and back to her room.

Reimu had pulled out some rice crackers from the kitchen and was already snacking on them when I entered the room. She looked up at me. "Your hair is a mess." She told me. "Here, sit down." She patted a spot next to her. I grumbled something about liking it that way, but sat down regardless. I spotted my shirt, but when I went to pick it up, Reimu slapped me on the shoulder. "Oi. No moving." I felt her force me back down, and then felt her pulling my hair away from my neck. "I've always wanted to do someone's hair." She said quietly. At that, I decided that I could indulge her, just this time.
She had produced a brush from somewhere, and I felt it running through my hair. Every now and then, it would snag on a particularly tangled spot, and here was where I discovered that Reimu could have likely had a future in hair styling if she hadn't already been the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. When she hit a tangled spot, she would use her fingers to untangle it, which also meant that she inadvertently ended up giving me something of a head massage while she was at it, and it was far from the unpleasant experience I had expected. After a few minutes, she had brushed all of my hair forward, into my face. When I looked around at her, she burst out laughing. "Impressive." She finally managed to say. "Very nice." At my scowl, she swept it all back with her hands, which seemed to result in it settling somewhat messily, though Reimu reassured me that it "Looks good like that."

I took a rice cracker and bit into it, happy for some food since I'd forgotten to eat for a while. I wondered if the peach was messing with my appetite. Reimu looked at me for a moment, then clicked her tongue in annoyance. "No- Look, you're getting crumbs all over the table." I looked down, finding that I had left a few crumbs across the table. Reimu brushed them up into her hands, then tipped them into her own mouth. "Take some care, would you?" I nodded, suitably mollified. "You ready to do my hair?" I popped the rest of the cracked into my mouth, then fumbled around for the pot of camellia oil that I had brought from the bathroom. I asked Reimu how I was supposed to go about this, because I had never done it before. Especially not for someone with hair like Reimu's. "Take just a small amount. Then you just, er, apply it. Rub it into the hair. Make sure you pay more attention to the ends; that's where it usually needs it the most." It sounded simple enough, and not all that far off what I'd already been doing in the bathroom.

>> No.44579310
File: 3.32 MB, 2081x3128, 421b93017f4a0b5228716b66a20bfcc8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I started facing her, so I began with her fringe and bangs. While I massaged the oil into her hair, I asked Reimu whether I was being too rough. "No, it's quite nice, actually. I had Aunn do it once, and she nearly pulled my hair out. Usually I just do it myself, but what's the point in having you here if I can't make you do it for me?" I told her that I was glad she thought so much of me dryly, and got up so I could start on the much more involved task of doing Reimu's hair. I took the brush first, and began to brush her hair so I could get it straight before I began to press the oil into it. I started at the top of her head, and slowly worked my way down. Reimu had already proven that she was extremely susceptible to head massages, and as I worked my way across her scalp, she sighed and leaned back into my. I pushed her back up and told her that I couldn't exactly do her hair properly if she was lying against me like that, and she mumbled "Stop doing it so well, then." Which sounded very contradictory to me so I simply resigned myself to getting through it as quickly as possible. This seemed like a good solution until I reached the back of Reimu's neck, and when my fingers pressed against it just right, her leg kicked into the table, which made her curse loudly. "Ngh..." She moaned in pain, holding her leg, "Don't press so heavily there..." I took the action as a small victory, but moved further down her hair regardless. Once I was past her head, I felt like Reimu had begun to calm down, so I began asking her about random topics. I started with what her job as the Shrine Maiden actually entailed, and slowly, we worked our way through that, various youkai she had defeated, her excursions into Makai and Hell, and the most annoying people who ever came to the Shrine.

Then, Reimu was silent for a moment. "When that birdbrain brought you back here, I asked you to stay out of those caves." I stopped for a moment and squeezed my eyes shut. I didn't want to think about what had happened in those caves. I could remember that all-consuming panic too well, like it was still strangling me. "Are you going to?" She finally asked.

And that was the question. I knew that I could barely handle being in them, and I didn't know if I would be able to handle seeing Yamame any time soon either, but I knew that I owed it to her to keep trying if she was trying too. I would probably need to work myself up to it. I sighed deeply, then told Reimu that I didn't know. "I don't want to see you have another breakdown. Can't you just ask the spider to come and meet you?" I hadn't told Reimu how exactly I had ended up in the state I was in, and I wasn't sure I could. It felt a little embarrassing, knowing that I'd nearly fallen apart because I'd seen the lack of scars on Yamame's skin. I didn't know how I would get Yamame to meet me instead. Where? How? The only person I could think of who would talk to her on my behalf was Nai, and even then, I felt like that was begrudgingly. I wondered how I could make the younger sister warm up to me, even slightly.

I realised that Reimu was waiting for an answer, but I didn't have much of one to give her. Finally, I told her that I just needed to work on slowly getting over the panic attacks I was having until I could handle things again. I continued to run my fingers down Reimu's hair, working the oil into the ends. "...Okay, but if she hurts you-" I asked her if she would kill her. I didn't mean it in the way that Reimu probably thought I did. I was thinking of Nai telling me very much the same thing. "...If I have to." Reimu finally muttered. I told her that it wouldn't be necessary. Yamame Kurodani was trying her best to change herself, so I had to try my hardest to do the same. I could see that Reimu didn't quite believe me, but I believed in Yamame. It might take hard work, and there might be setbacks, but Yamame had proven trustworthy so far.

>> No.44579320
File: 1.33 MB, 2867x4096, 9bd7e9256632a9ad6b1120f44df5d0df.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally, I finished Reimu's hair. I found my fingers feeling quite tired, and I hoped that I wouldn't have to do that again any time soon. I snagged another rice cracked from the bowl, and right as I went to eat it, Reimu shoved me back. "What do you think you're doing? You just finished my hair and now you're going to get crumbs in it!" I shrugged, then asked her if she needed me to do anything else. "Ugh, you're awful. I would've made you tie my ribbon, but I don't think we'll be going anywhere anytime soon." I could hear the storm outside, and if anything, it sounded worse than it was earlier. I sighed and said that it would have been good if we had a third person, because we could have played hanafuda. "Huh. Marisa said the exact same thing the last time this happened." That was interesting, I supposed. "Tired?" Reimu asked me. I wasn't all that tired physically, though I did feel quite tired mentally. "You can take a nap if you want. I need to write some new ofuda." That had been part of our discussion about Reimu's job as the Shrine Maiden from earlier, so I already knew what that meant. "...But I don't feel like it." Reimu got to her feet and kicked back the covers of the futon. I joined her after a moment's pause, knowing that I wouldn't have much to do in the Shrine if she went to sleep without me. "I'm not sleeping on my own if I don't have to." Reimu told me, pulling off her kimono and leaving herself in her bloomers. She sat and wriggled herself under the covers. "Come on. Sleeping always makes you feel better." That was only true most of the time, but I didn't really care, so I laid down next to her and only complained slightly when she dragged my arm out to serve as her pillow again. "You've got another one." She told me as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, which seemed like a very weak justification.

I wondered if the storm would be over by the time I woke up. I startled slightly when I felt something around my waist, until I realised that it was Reimu wrapping her arms around me for a change. "Don't think I'm making a habit of this." She mumbled, closing her eyes.

Was there a god of spiders? I wondered if I could pray to them for Yamame to succeed.

>> No.44579380

>Was there a god of spiders?
Okina might be willing to become one... for a price.

>> No.44579480


>> No.44579549

Perhaps anon can find someone for therapy, sadly the two people more apt for the job are also the cause he's such a mess right now, Doremy doesn't seem that interested on solving Anon's turmoil and Hecatia may be in over her head, the only other person i can think of that would be good with mental well being is Miko, but i'm not sure she'd be too interested on helping some rando

>> No.44579812

The Crown Prince aids those in need and vanquishes evil youkai, her time art better spent training with her followers than rescuing a youkai sympathizer from himself.

>> No.44579899

Buddhist burning hands wrote this post
Futo would probably be elated at meeting anon because it's the first time she's met someone more retarded than she is

>> No.44580025

retardery loves company

>> No.44580146

Maybe Byakuren and her gang would be willing to help out, their whole deal is being human friendly youkai.

>> No.44580630

They already threw Yamame to the wolves for liking human meat, if they were true buddisths they would have taken her in to teach her better.

>> No.44582437

>"I should be the one doing that, actually. I've never seen you below the waist."
You know reading this I was wondering that Anon made up his mind but has Reimu...

>> No.44583066

>"I should be the one doing that, actually. I've never seen you below the waist."
Hasn't she, though? I mean here, when anon stood up >>44505816

>"Impressive." She finally managed to say. "Very nice."
Oh, (You).

It definitely doesn't look like it. Her eating his crumbs can even be considered an indirect kiss.

>> No.44583142
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I'm embodying the spirit of ZUN by forgetting what I wrote a week earlier

>> No.44585274

The perverted shrine maiden wants to trick him into letting her see it again. Luckily anon is a pure boy and was not fooled.

>> No.44586816

reimubros, here's how we can still win
we simply have to draw reimu's obviously massive brocon fetish out some more

>> No.44587545

Indeed. Anon made a huge mistake by trying to shove reimu aside by calling her his sister.

>> No.44589105

I mean also if Reimu just uses her superior powers to rape anon, that's a win for us Reimubros, right? It's not like Yamame can stop her or prevent it.

>> No.44589656
File: 2.16 MB, 1191x1684, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_mukade_172__710c295f2e61ba51b8f7708a397e9ac4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not tenkover is it bros?
... Bros?

>> No.44590091

Best friends forever.

>> No.44590147
File: 389 KB, 1024x768, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_hammer_sunset_beach__b9cbf280151b5838c8cb5ee5ac0601ac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

T-that's not supposed to be how it ends, right?
Tenshi is just a little shy and unwilling to open up right away, isn't she...?

>> No.44590308

here lies Tenshi
she never scored

>> No.44590336
File: 289 KB, 800x600, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_hammer_sunset_beach__29c32cf3aff4c2ef5042f057c5ec0f13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44590361
File: 308 KB, 600x900, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_fa_no_hito__a6f6953dc0ab487ab2d532776d0408ff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can only hope Tenko's self worth is not damaged by this setback.
You just know she is constantly comparing herself to everyone else, and feeling she comes up short.

>> No.44590646
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Well, I did promise.


>> No.44590663

Why are you posting Kaguya?

>> No.44590764
File: 86 KB, 784x784, a4f87fa26cf9acbd518538aea1f92280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you! I'll always appreciate your work.

>> No.44590799

can you try your LoRAs on a anime/realism mix, for posterity?

>> No.44590934
File: 170 KB, 1080x410, param.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LoRAs can't do the characters the way I want them.
Could be Hisami. Note the significant amount of gay vapour. Might be why she wouldn't make a REAL move on Anon, unlike a certain yellow-eyed spud...
Cheers, boss.

>> No.44590953
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>a system specifically meant for perfectly recreating a character doesn't make characters right
have you tried training your own instead of downloading civitai slop

>> No.44590954

Hisami is terminally gay for Zanmu tho

>> No.44590994

It's honestly less of a hassle and more "customisable" to redraw. Sue me if I'm being dumb.

But not here. Let's not slop up the thread.

>> No.44591975

>'fuck, the thread is onto us Eirin do something!'

>> No.44592689

Quick, princess! Post nudes of yourself!

>> No.44592719
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It was late in the evening when I pulled open the door and stepped out onto the veranda. The winds had calmed slightly, leaving nothing but the hammering of rain to fill the silence. I had woken up in a slight panic when my vision was nothing but blackness and all I could smell was cinnamon, and I had thought that I was blind until I had tried to open my mouth only to end up with a mouthful of Reimu's hair. It appeared that at some point in the night - if it had even been night, because between the closed doors, the storm shutters and the rain, I honestly had no idea what time of day it was - Reimu had managed to roll on top of me and throw her hair over my entire head before passing out so heavily that she felt more like a jizo than a human.

Seeing as she had trapped her arms behind my back and thus could not move, I saw no solution except to roll in the opposite direction, trapping her underneath me. Unfortunately, this had the effect of putting all of my weight on her. Reimu, it seemed, had some built-in instincts that I'd managed to avoid triggering until now, because as soon as her hands were free, she punched me in the jaw. When my mind had still been full of confusion and doubts about just what Reimu and I were to each other, I had felt the muscles under her skin and suspected that she was probably stronger than she looked, but when her fist connected and I found myself actually knocked hard enough to roll off of her and onto the floor, I realised that she had been hiding some serious strength underneath her slender form. I also realised that my jaw really hurt. My third realisation was that Reimu hadn't even woken up. My fourth and final realisation was that I didn't want to sleep anymore as I stared at the ceiling and wondered why Reimu even engaged in Danmaku duels when she could probably knock anything short of an oni out with her fists alone.

Deciding that I'd rather take my mind off my sore jaw, I rolled over, got to my feet and pulled my shirt from the floor. I slipped it on, clutched my jaw as it throbbed in pain, threw the covers back over Reimu before she could catch another illness, and left the room.

As I stood on the veranda, I was happy to see that there had been no major damage from the rain, or at least there had been none so far. The storm shutters still rattled slightly in what wind was left, but it seemed like the worst had passed. I stepped forward to peak through the gap in the shutters and froze.

All I could see was an eye. It was wide, bloodshot, and existed by itself in a strange dark void of swirling reds and purples. I felt frozen as I stared at it, and I soon realised that it wasn't the only eye I could see. There were multiple, all in different sizes and angles, but all sharing one thing in common: they were all staring at me.

I shot backwards, intending to hit the wall of the Shrine. I wasn't sure how I could deal with whatever had come to the Shrine, but I hoped that I could get back inside and wake Reimu up fast enough to save us. I stumbled backwards, and backwards, and backwards, and I began to feel very worried. A chill ran through me and I drew in a shuddering breath. The veranda was not this large, and I was moving far too much. I squeezed my eyes shut and took a deep breath. Since nothing had attacked me yet and I didn't seem to be in immediate danger, I dared to open my eyes. In front of me, something was spinning toward me incredibly quickly. I could just about catch flashes of red and white, though it certainly wasn't Reimu. Just before the thing hit me, I cried out and fell backwards.

I landed in a chair, and just like I had in the Dream World, I found myself flailing in panic and trying not to fall over despite the fact I was completely still. "Do try to remain calm. You're making a scene." I heard a quiet, but conversational voice tell me. There was almost something familiar about it, but I couldn't seem to place it. I slammed my hands against the armrest, pushed myself into the back of the chair, and just took a moment to catch my breath as I stared across what appeared to be a dimly lit table. After a second, I could hear muted conversation, and I whipped my head from side to side, trying to understand what was happening. I could see other tables, lit by candlelight, with small groups of people sat at each one. Behind them, up a set of raised steps, was a massive structure of golden light and glass shelves. I could see bottles - so many that I couldn't have any idea what they might have contained, and in front of them was a counter which could only mean I was looking at some sort of serving station, most likely for alcohol. Things were starting to fall into place as my heart rate slowed. I was in some sort of restaurant. The chair I was sat in was comfortable but stiff, and I was on one side of a table. I could feel a coolness coming from my left, and when I turned my head to look, I nearly jumped back again.

>> No.44592727
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Wherever I was, I was high in the air. I was sat next to a massive window, and I could see the rain lashing against it. Far below, deep in the murky darkness that only a rainy night could bring, I could see lights. An unimaginable number, stretching out as far as the eye could see. I could make out buildings down below - though they looked nothing like any buildings I'd seen - and streets with strange, boxy shapes moving through them. I could see even more lights coming from these shapes, and in the darkness, I realised that I was surrounded by other strange structures that rose almost as high as I currently was. I wondered if I was about to be swallowed up when I saw some of the structures rising even higher than whatever I was currently inside. It was so hard to explain that I found myself speechless.

I could hear my heartbeat rising, because all of a sudden my mind caught up with the fact that I had apparently been kidnapped and was now in a dark room with strange, impossible-to-explain sights outside between the pouring rain and the darkness of night. I tried to breathe and found that I was struggling, only this time, no one was around to save me. "Ah, yes. I do apologize - I hadn't considered your...mental state." My head snapped toward the voice, though I could barely see. I could vaguely see a slender hand with long, thin fingers push a glass forward, then place two small pills delicately next to it. I'd only been given pills once, before I'd met Marisa. Doctor Yagokoro had prescribed them for a particularly bad cough that I couldn't seem to shake, and she hadn't been anything like she had after I'd met Marisa then. She hadn't seemed interested in me at all, and had all but rushed me out once she had decided on the treatment. I looked up at the darkness swimming before my eyes, distrustful and more than a little scared. "Take them." The voice told me, still politely but with a hint of commanding. "They'll calm you down." I didn't want to, but I was alone and somewhere I didn't understand, so I had little choice at all but to do what I was told. I took the pills and threw them into my mouth, then followed with the water before I could start to question what I was doing again. After a minute or so, I could feel my heart beginning to slow and the pounding in my ears began to lessen. I gratefully took in a deep breath, then tried to look across the table again.

Now, I could see all the way across. Her hair was blonde and even in the darkness I could tell that it would shine like the sun in the daylight. I got the sense that her hair would be incredibly long, but it was trussed back into a messy knot at the back of her head, apart from two long bangs that hung down just in front of her ears and ran down to just past her collarbone. She wore a pair of ear accessories, which looked like small pendants with a bow-like shape on them. Her clothing was eccentric, with a white shirt like the kind I had seen the tengu wear, underneath a deep, purple blazer like the kind that I had seen a girl who called herself a Social Awareness Reportage Writer wearing. I couldn't see below her waist thanks to the table, but I wondered if she was wearing shorts like that girl had been wearing. I looked up into her eyes, which were the colour of wisteria but with some integral sort of warmth missing from them. Already, I could tell that she was not human. No human could pull off something like this. "Better?" She asked, leaning forward and tilting her head. I managed to nod.

>> No.44592736
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Slowly, I asked her if I was in the Dream World. "Dream World? My, no. That wouldn't be fun at all." She interlocked her fingers and rested her chin on them. "No, you oh-so-interesting human. You are wide awake, and you're somewhere that you may never be again." I clenched down on the chair I was sitting in and asked where I was. The woman opened her mouth, but was interrupted by a man in a darker version of her outfit, who silently placed two glasses on the table and disappeared into the background. One looked like sake, while the other was a glass with a strange, golden liquid inside. "Ah. I took the liberty of placing your order for you. It isn't the kind of drink you'd find easily in Gensokyo, after all." She pushed the glass across the table toward me, though I made no move to take it. "Do try it. It's unlikely that you'll be able to find whiskey of this quality ever again." The woman took a sip of her own drink, and I slowly reached out to take the glass despite my mistrust. I didn't take my eyes off her, but as I raised the glass to my lips, I could smell the alcohol inside. I took a sip, then nearly found myself coughing as the strong taste burned down my throat and warmed my chest. I'd never tasted alcohol this strong before, but despite it, there was a certain taste that I found myself rather liking. "Good? Good." The woman nodded and placed her glass down. "Where was I? Oh, yes. You are in a restaurant which is situated in a skyscraper that sits in the centre of Tokyo." I stared at her blankly, because I'd understood very few of the words in that sentence, and the ones I had understood felt like luck more than anything else. "Don't worry yourself trying to understand. You won't, and it'll just leave you with a sore head." She tilted her head down slightly and looked at me intently. "And I suspect you've had enough of those, haven't you?" I was beginning to feel like this woman knew more than she should, so I cautiously asked her for her name.

She smiled, thought it didn't make me feel any relief. Instead, I felt slightly more unsettled than I already was. "You may call me Hearn." Just from the way she said it, I suspected that what I had just been told was not her true name. Somewhat dreading the answer, I asked her what she wanted from me. "A simple conversation, that's all. A dinner partner, though I should warn you that when you're finished, you might struggle to go back to your usual cuisine. But, if you'd rather turn tail and run, I can inform you that this building is already beyond your comprehension, and the streets below doubly so. Not that you could escape from me, but it's best to take reasonable precautions." she closed her eyes with another smile. "Don't you think?" I felt like it would be best if I was as far away from this woman as possible, but it was clear that I was dancing to her tune at this moment. I took another sip of my drink, and this time I managed to keep myself from coughing. Slowly, I asked her what she wanted to talk about. "There's a great many things that I could talk to you about. Your troubles with that alien Doctor. The injuries you've managed to inflict upon yourself. The injuries that others have inflicted upon you..." She trailed off, though I could tell that if she wanted, she could have kept going. "Well, let's start with something simple." I found myself shifting back just slightly in my chair as she leaned forward. "Just what have you been doing with my dear Shrine Maiden of Paradise?" I swallowed nervously, and took another, deeper sip of my drink. I may not have actually done anything...too untoward with Reimu, but I couldn't imagine it would look good to someone else. Still, since I was trapped here, I decided that I would have to take the only agency I could, so I crossed my leg, leaned back in my chair, and asked her what she meant.

Hearn may not have expected my response or my body language, but she seemed somewhat delighted by it. "Oh, nothing much. I was simply informed by a shikigami of mine that my Shrine Maiden was hurt, and whatever do I find when I investigate? A strange, shirtless and scarred man, carry her in his arms from the caves that lead to the underground." She gained a devilish smile. "Can you imagine my panic? Why, what if I'd thought that you were the culprit? Anything could have happened!" There was a threat in that sentence. I could feel it. Just who was I sat across from? "So, tell me. Just what caused her to be in such a state?"

>> No.44592746
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I didn't want to. That story was as much Yamame's as mine, and I didn't want to tell a stranger. Slowly, I said that Reimu had gotten injured when she fell down a hole that the tsuchigumo had built. She had caught an illness and by the time I'd reached the Shrine, she was too weak to do anything. "The tsuchigumo? Those spiders should know better than to build a hole that humans could fall down. Perhaps I'll have to have a word." I felt a bead of sweat on my temple, and hoped that Yamame had found the time to fix the hole before this woman could do something dangerous. "And this illness..." She shook her head. "I've never seen Reimu quite so weak, and I saw her inflicted with radiation poisoning." I didn't know what radiation poisoning was, but I agreed with her on the weakness. "But then, I found out from an old friend that you were taking care of her. Explain why." There was no question in that sentence. It was a demand, and one that had an unspoken threat at the end.

After a moment, I said that I owed her a lot. "Hmm..." Hearn leaned back in her own chair. "I suspect that you are leaving certain details occluded, but it's a start. Tell me, how do you feel about Reimu Hakurei?" Now, I felt like I was being closely examined. This was a test, more than anything else. I spoke slowly, each word very exacting in its usage. I told her that I looked up to her greatly, and that I wanted to repay her for everything that she had done for me. Privately, I was very thankful that we had shared that bath prior to this conversation, or I might have had a significantly more muddled answer. Hearn stared at me like I was a specimen, and I felt almost like I was looking into a strange reflection of Doctor Yagokoro. "I see." She finally said as if she'd just comprehended something. "And that is all you feel?" I nodded, now sure in my feelings toward Reimu. "How interesting..." She looked away and said something under her breath, but the only thing I managed to catch were the words 'greatly disappointed'. I hoped she wasn't talking about me.

Before she could say anything else, that silent waiter appeared and placed two plates on the table. Meat, cooked to a medium rare, with rice and pickled ginger served to the side. Hearn's dish was much the same, though the meat seemed slightly different. She noticed me looking. "A similar meal. Beef, in your case. You might find my choice of meat a little...close to home." I felt the cold rush through my body. She surely wasn't..."My shikigami truly can work miracles, it seems. Even in a place such as this, I can enjoy my favourite foods." She was. She was a youkai, and she was absolutely eating human meat across from me, in what could only be a high-class restaurant. A human had served the dish. Had a human cooked it, too? "I would recommend that you do not think on it too much. It is a preference that all youkai have. Some must eat it. Some simply enjoy eating it. Some eat it because they haven't discovered the joys of other sustenance." I tried to keep my voice steady as I asked what her reasoning was. "Myself? I try to appreciate all kinds of food. This is merely one facet of my tastes." She told me, slicing a strip of the meat and raising it to inspect. I tried to force down the queasy feeling in my stomach. "I could go without, yes." I hadn't asked, but it must have been clear on my face. "But unlike some...others, I do not try to deny myself." She looked at my untouched food. "Do try to eat. It'd be a sore shame if you missed out. That cow might have had a name too, for all you know." I didn't want to listen to her, but I knew that not eating would upset her. Slowly, I managed to take up the utensils on either side of the plate. I hadn't used them regularly, but I knew enough to work with them. Clumsily at first, I managed to slice off a portion of the beef and eat it with a chunk of rice.

>> No.44592752
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It was amazing. There weren't any other words to describe the flavours that I could taste as I chewed. Savoury, yet slightly salty and just the right amount of cooked. The rice was fluffy and at the perfect level of stickiness. I suddenly understood what she had meant when she had said that I might struggle to go back to my usual food now that I'd eaten something so well prepared. "It's good, isn't it? And yet, something died to give you that meal. Are we truly as different as you think we are?" She had eaten some of her food and it reminded me that I was sitting across from someone who was casually consuming human meat right in front of me. "I've heard some of your conversations with Reimu. That spider who controls infectious disease seems to be turning into something of a pet project for you, isn't she? I did a little spying. Do you really think you can convince her to...quit? To never eat another human?" I felt my jaw tighten at her flagrant invasion of privacy, but I knew I wouldn't get away with lying to her. Through gritted teeth, I told her that I believed in her success. "Is that so? Well, isn't that sweet? I do hope she has the same faith in you. To deny that part of yourself isn't a simple feat." She raised her glass. "But, I can respect the conviction. To her success." She raised her glass and I echoed the movement, then took another sip and managed to eat some more. The food was so good that it was hard to resist, even with the knowledge of what was being eaten opposite me.
It took some doing, but I managed to finish the meal. Hearn directed me to look out of the window. "Impressive, isn't it? Humans can accomplish so much in so little time. A hundred years ago, the tallest building in this whole city was smaller than half of this building's height." I knew it was night, and the rain was keeping me from seeing anything substantial, but I was quite impressed at how bright it was despite the rain. Hearn sighed, and I was surprised to hear a hint of wistfulness in her voice. "The outside world fears not the night nor the youkai. Very few of my kind exist out there anymore." I asked her why she was here, if it was so hostile to youkai. "I...think it's good to remind oneself why you fight." After a moment, she smiled. "Well, the food and drink is rather excellent out here. Technology might be the death of me, but at least I'll be well-fed when I get there."

I didn't have much of value to say to that. "The rain will let up soon." Hearn told me, sipping at her sake. "The weather forecasts of the outside world are typically very accurate. The typhoon in Gensokyo will end, and all can emerge from their cosy homes." At least that was good, I supposed. I felt like I'd been starting to go a little stir-crazy in the Shrine, so while I had been kidnapped, at least I had been able to spend some time somewhere else.

Finally, I asked her why she had brought me here. She had wanted to talk, yes, but there was no reason to go to these lengths. "Well..." She trailed off and looked over at me. "My shikigami approved of your courage. Not many can stand opposite someone of her power and refuse to back down. I wanted to know just what kind of person Reimu had taken an interest in." I didn't know who this shikigami was, but there was something about Hearn. Something nagging at my brain that I'd seen her before somewhere. I couldn't place it, and it was incredibly annoying.

>> No.44592754
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Hearn sighed deeply. "Well, I'm sure you have plenty to think about. I do hope to see Reimu soon, but I think you've gotten used to taking care of her, hmm?" I looked away, but nodded. "Once the storm ends, you should really take the time to hear from Marisa Kirisame." She told me. I opened my mouth to ask her what she knew, but before I could, I felt my chair disappear from underneath me, and then I was scrambling for purchase in mid-air, with nothing surrounding me but murky reds and purples, and plenty of bloodshot eyes. Before I could get used to it, I found myself slamming into the veranda of the Shrine, and driving all the breath out of me. I groaned as the pain began to register, then fell onto my back. I looked to the side and saw with annoyance that the shutter I had pulled open earlier hadn't fully closed, and the rain was getting in. I stumbled to my feet and pulled it shut before falling back down.

After a moment, I heard footsteps, and then saw the head of Aunn appear, blocking my view of the ceiling. This was the Aunn who wasn't all that talkative, so I mumbled hello and simply waited to see what she would do. After a moment, she crouched down, then grabbed my wrist and began dragging me through the sliding door and back into Reimu's room. I could have gotten up, but I just didn't feel like I had the energy. Maybe I had eaten too much. Aunn dragged me over to the futon, where Reimu had dragged all of the covers over her and curled up into a ball. I turned my head and watched Aunn, who gave me a pointed stare before turning and padding out the door, which she slid shut behind her. I sighed and rolled over, dragging my shirt off with my hand.

After forcing Reimu's body into a more normal position and working the covers free from her iron grip, I managed to drag them over myself, and within seconds, I'd fallen asleep to the smell of cinnamon.

>> No.44592826
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>> No.44592830

Aunn ships it too, huh.

>> No.44593059
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>Danmaku duels when she could probably knock anything short of an oni out with her fists alone.
Ada Girl!

>> No.44593104
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I'm a bit worried for our anon here. His jaw seemed a bit... weak for someone like him.
Yukari is meticulous and crafty. Its hard to say what exactly her motivations are at the moment.

>> No.44593270

Yukari really likes going full Twin Peaks on anon doesn't she? I suspected she was up to something that's been boiling away with anon for a while, like why Ran was Yamame's house. Why do I feel like she's the one that seems to be cockblocking anon every time things get close with Yamame?

>> No.44593323

Well it seems she's finally not sick anymore

>> No.44593342

I don't know what this sorta story is, but can you write a story about Marisa's fat ass?

>> No.44593458

Maybe she owed Kasen a favor that day and had to comply, but now that she's free of that favor she got curious she was worried about Reimu.
Yukari's ends are always inversely proportional to her means.

>> No.44593467

Worry not Anon the story will soon follow up on how Marisa had gotten her fat ass beat up.

>> No.44593508

Turns out Yukari is gunning for that anon dick, she basically took him out on a date just now.

>> No.44593593

You mean like spanking?

>> No.44593786

Yukari is such a pleasant autismo.
She even exposed her weak side to him and went out of her way to impress him. If he would've compliment her sense of style or mystic Yukari would've fallen for him right then and there.

>> No.44594369

>going full Twin Peaks on anon

>> No.44596050

Once upon a time, there was a witch named Marisa. Her ass was so fat that everyone died.
The end.

>> No.44596236
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anon's not a full celestial so his skin might be tough enough to not bite, but he still feels the hits even if it's a little less than normal
that's why he was fine when komachi switched his position to the roof of kasen's house which he fell off from
really, he's lucky that reimu punched him, because that girl kicks like a mule

>> No.44598802

They died of lust?

>> No.44598822

The repugnant stench of an ass that is unable to be wiped by normal means

>> No.44598879

Speaking of Anons peach 1up.
Does the peach increase his lifespan?
Can anon survive without food, we have seen him go long periods without eating and it not really affecting him too much.
Would anon even be accepted back into the village by the likes of Keine and Akyuu?

>> No.44600152

Just get those vibes from the latest development. Yukari dragging anon into some unknown to him other realm. Like if she just dragged anon into the Black Lodge to interrogate him a bit it would feel almost like it fits both worlds, in my headcanon Yukari always comes a cross a bit of a mystery Lynchian character.

>> No.44600167

Yukari is just a dork that can't help but make a riddle out of every interaction she has with people.

>> No.44600211

It wasn't human meat, she just wanted to intimidate him, and show superiority over Yamame

>> No.44600213

Why is Yukari such a sperg? This is why she doesn't have friends. She could've just checked in on Reimu herself and talked to anon, but instead she chose to play cloak and dagger trying to pretend she's not just concerned and wants to get to know the boy that's close to her adopted daughter.

>> No.44600227

Nah it was a rich person restaurant so they 100% had human meat for the other rich guys.

>> No.44600236

That makes sense

>> No.44600259

Yuyuko's death and the sealing of her body traumatized her
She can't get too close to people without reliving the memories

>> No.44600260

In her own veiled and not-telling-the-whole-story way I think she's trying to make the point at anon that even if she tries to, Yamame is unlikely able to actually change her nature and completely stop feeding on humans. She to some extent wants anon to either accept it that she's either gonna be like that even if she reduces her human diet, or that he's just being naive and over optimistic thinking a youkai will ever change something so fundamental to their basic needs and nature. But then it's Yukari, she isn't exactly forthcoming with exactly what her intentions are towards anon if she's trying to make him have a reality check about Yamame or just put her off her and reconsider Reimu again.

>> No.44600268
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Anon is 100% going to spill the beans to Reimu and she will laugh her ass off at the stupid hag.

>> No.44600328

If Yukari is trying to get him together with Reimu, then she's doing a better job at it then Kasen.

>> No.44600512

Makes me wonder now maybe every time anon got disrupted just as something was going to happen Yukari was behind it? Ran showing up there seems too obvious but maybe even Reimu going down there and falling through the webs was something Yukari put her up to without saying what she was really up to?

>> No.44600543

Obviously not the case here. But the idea that Yukari would tell her date she's eating human meat thinking it'll add to her mystique, blissfully unaware/underestimating how much of a turn off it is to a human is funny to me. Even better if she's not actually eating human meat at the time and lied about it because she thought it would make her more interesting.

>> No.44600559

Chunni Yukari...

>> No.44600582

She brags to the rest of the hags how she went on a date and how he was super interested in her and she almost made it to first base.

>> No.44600589

The rest of the hags are all seething because Yukari believes her own hype so much

>> No.44600655

This is why Anon needs Tenko. She's great at dealing with small-fry youkai like Yukari

>> No.44600687

Considering how she's ex-human and all of her closest associates are also pretty human in terms of morals, there's a non-zero chance the meat wasn't human.
Honestly Yukari's such a dishonest hag.

>> No.44600711

That's absolutely hilarious. This is my headcannon now.

>> No.44600985
File: 1.33 MB, 2160x1532, AFiEU (100-101).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we don't really know what they do in touhou, because they're never properly explained
when tenshi explains to kasen and komachi why she was kicked out of heaven, she says that she ate the elixir of the celestials, and kasen says:
>Just by eating it, you can become a hermit! It makes your flesh harder than steel! It lets you cast all sorts of spells!
but it's not really clear if the elixir is the same thing as the peaches
the only other real reference is this page from AFiEU but it's mostly just tenshi complaining about heaven
so anyway it's not really been explained

>> No.44601001
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This theory would be even funnier if the staff of the restaurant actually weren't her shikigami as she claimed, just some overworked people who don't get paid enough to deal with rich people's nonsense.

>> No.44601026

that was probably the case, and she was actually talking about Ran the whole time, who is stuck in the kitchens telling the chefs how to cook for Yukari
no one's mentioned that Chen is just in Yukari's gap land to try and attack anon for no reason which I like to imagine is because Ran didn't want to leave Chen at home but she can't come to the restaurant either

>> No.44601036
File: 2.11 MB, 2402x3211, 753258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine Yukari just awkwardly telling the waiter to be quiet while delivering orders

>> No.44601366

You work at a high class restaurant in Tokyo. It ain't all that bad. Sure you're held to very high standards and the customers can be frustrating sometimes, but the pay is good and the work isn't all that difficult. But there's one regular nobody on the staff likes. Miss Hearn. You heard rumors she invested heavily in this restaurant which is why they allow her behavior but you can only put up with so much. You can't ignore how old she seems. She doesn't look all that old, you'll give her that but the way she carries herself and talks makes her seems like somebody's grandma. She also has that old person smell around her, you know? That wouldn't be too much on its own, but she has to make everyone play along with her games. Every once in a while she'll appear with someone in tow and the staff has to pretend they're her servants and she's some powerful deity as she rambles in about magic or cities on the moon or whatever. Right now she's again making you serve her "Human Meat" It's pork, it's always been pork. As you set down the plates doing your best to keep a neutral expression and leave, you hear her call you a shikigama. You're so sick at this. But it is new she's eating with a man for once. He's a little plain for an escort so you wonder who he is. A cousin maybe? You don't really care, you just want her to leave already.

>> No.44601425

Snake hag hands typed these posts

>> No.44601511

Ran, you seem to be forgetting that literally everyone that's close to Yukari recognizes her for the melodramatic chuuni dork she is. It's basically an open secret by this point, especially considering she had Akyuu specifically write what amounts to "Be nice to her" in her Gensokyo Chronicles article.

>> No.44601594

>yukari's eating medium-rare pork
It's a good thing she's a youkai or she would catch all kinds of illnesses

>> No.44601605

I mean medium rare human is probably not much better

>> No.44601633

Yukari I know you physically can't stop gaslighting people, although it's not like you've tried to improve.
But posting blatantly false information like this is a bit far.

>> No.44601702

Moon hag hands typed this post.

>> No.44601717


>> No.44601870
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Maybe Kanako, hot off giving Yamame dating advice, told Yukari similarly that men really like dangerous women. Whether the advice was well-intentioned or not Yukari ran with it in what she thought was the best way she could, so she was doomed no matter what advice she took.
Anon has had particularly bad luck with hags anyway so it probably wouldn't have worked out even if Gappy was actually trying to date him and if she could contain her autism. It's lucky he wasn't set up with more hags at the beginning. Kanako probably would have accidentally crushed all his bones trying to impress him with one of her pillar things or something.

>> No.44601898

if anon meets byakuren, she'll probably manage to run him over with her fucking motorcycle

>> No.44601974

Its fucking hilarious to scare the crap out of people by being enigmatic. Its not really easy to pull off but surely if you had powers like hers you'd rush gaps towards people just for lulz too.

>> No.44601995
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Anon should date Mamizou, she's the only dignified hag that know how to behave around humans.

>> No.44602008

I think Reimu falling down the webs was just her intuition at play. She had no clue where anon was or what he was doing but her ability still led her into the right place at the right time anyways.

>> No.44602468

I think Yukari made a good point, but gapping Anon to the outside world, drugging him, and eating human flesh in front of him was overdoing it, even if the last part was just to prove a point about youkai. Reimu sure is surrounded by troublesome people, huh?
Hopefully they can all figure out the Eientei situation and Anon can just live a semi-normal life.

>> No.44602490
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she just wants to be involved but she's too overwhelmingly autistic, chuuni and socially awkward to actually just go to the shrine and say hi

>> No.44602606
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true, Yukari took it too far
damn bratty gap hag needs correction

>> No.44602622

Imagine trying to steal ZUN's wife from him.

>> No.44602678
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she's too smart, she'd run circled around him and he'd never know what's happening

>> No.44603974

Imagine the spagetti that would be spilled if Anon would say something like, "I see you're really close to Reimu and have a lot going on, so I hope you can join is in hanging out sometime!"
Gappy wouldn't be able to tell if he was taking the piss or not for about a few days straight and only after she realizes her mistake in rejecting an earnest offer in getting to know her would she have Ran pick up ice cream so she could eat a whole tub of it while sulking.

>> No.44604433

I'm not the writefag, but have something.

"It might seem like a lot to learn, and it is but you'd be surprised how quickly you pick it up once you start to do it" You've recently learned that there's quite the market for wild herbs and plants in the village, and a bit of money had the black and white witch agree to teach you the basics of finding them "Of course all the good stuff is in the Forest of Magic and other dangerous places, so I know you can't get on my turf, but you can find some good stuff around here. Like this! Good for sores" Marisa trots over to a tree and points out some fungus to you she bends down to grab it and-

Good lord in Heaven this woman has one hell of an ass. Why did you never see it before, was her dress that loose? It's certainly leaving not hiding much detail now. You creep closer, under the cover of seeing how she harvests the fungus. She always seemed so tiny, you guess this is where all her growth went. She shifts her rear around a bit as she moves her position and you have to bite your lip. You've heard of pear shaped women, but this is ridiculous. From the side she must look like a upside down P. You wonder how she fits on that broom, and you for the first time in your life, you're jealous of a cleaning tool. You can almost hear all your ancestors, from your grand-grandfather to some monkey or something behind you, telling you to make your move. Hell, you're sure there's some female ancestors of yours there as well. You wonder if a spank will be worth it. Sure, you'd be ending your life decades ahead of schedule, but you need to know-Oh wait she's getting up. You shift your robes, no need for your little solider to give away his position to the enemy. You try your best to give a neutral expression.

Marisa gives you a worried look "You okay? You've got a weird look on your face" You nod. Marisa gives a little huff. "Well if you say so, come on, there's some good stuff around here this season" You follow behind her. Very carefully, don't want to lose sight of her, after all.

>> No.44604994


>> No.44604995
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"She - She took you to a - Oh, that's just so her, you have no id-" Reimu hadn't stopped laughing since I'd explained what had happened to me the previous night while she'd been asleep. The only reason she'd stopped talking at all was because she'd swallowed wrong and was now doubled over, wheezing and coughing while I patted her on the back. After a few moments in which I wondered if I was about to witness Reimu be killed not be illness, not by Danmaku, but by a poorly timed laugh, she finally straightened up, though the action seemed to send a rush to her head and she promptly fell back into me, so I wrapped my arms around her and fell onto my back, which caused Reimu to land on my stomach and drive all of the air from my body. I lay there, gasping for air while Reimu pressed her hands against her temples and tried to sort out her head. Her illness was all but gone, though every now and then she would get a spell of dizziness and nearly fall over. I hoped that it would fade before long.

After waking up to Reimu kicking me until I'd woken up and released her from my arms, I'd told Reimu about what had happened to me. She'd stared at me for a few seconds like I'd grown another head, then startled me by bursting out laughing until she couldn't breathe. "H-Hearn? That's what she called herself? You're sure?" She collapsed back on top of me, forcing my breath out a second time, while she howled in laughter and kicked her legs against the floor. I had no idea what was so funny about me being kidnapped out of the Shrine in the middle of the night and forced into a weird dark restaurant where I'd been sat across from someone who was almost definitely eating human flesh, but I tried to relax a little because Reimu didn't seen at all concerned about what had happened. "Oh..." Reimu was gasping for breath, wiping tears from her eyes and trying not to fall into another fit of laughter. "She's so overly theatrical. She just can't help herself. She wants to know something, but she can't bring herself to just come up and ask, so she gets all cryptic and mysterious!" Reimu looked on the verge of breaking again, so I decided not to mention her threat about me trying to leave the building. I felt like it would just drive Reimu even further into a laughing fit. Instead, I asked her if I should be worried. "...No, I don't think so. She's just...awkward, but I doubt she means you any harm. If she was going to harm you, she wouldn't have needed to treat you to a meal." At this, Reimu turned away and lay back against my side, grumbling, "She's never treated me to an outside world meal."

I wondered how my life had ended up like this. One conversation with Marisa had uprooted nearly everything I had ever known about myself, my childhood, and changed all of my relationships to a point where the past me wouldn't have even recognized me.

The storm had finally come to an end. When we had woken up, it had been in the dark hours of the early morning, but there was just enough watery light beginning to crest over the mountains in the distance that I could see the blue of the sky. It felt like a heavy weight was lifting from me, like all the stress and worry of the storm had disappeared, leaving me light and free as a bird. I just stood, transfixed, until I felt Reimu poking me in the back and telling me to move so she could see for herself. Once I did, she let out a happy sigh and immediately began pulling the shutters back to let the crisp, cool air into the admittedly somewhat stuffy Shrine. I went around and got the other side, and then we got a look at the damage that the wind had done, which wasn't the worst, but could have been better. Leaves and branches littered the courtyard, blown in from the surrounding trees and scattered all over. I could see a lot of sweeping in the future once the ground had dried out a bit. Fortunately, nothing had fallen on the Shrine itself, but I could see that the veranda was slightly damp where the shutter hadn't quite closed when Hearn had kidnapped me. I hoped that the water hadn't gotten too deeply into the wood, or it would warp and crack, and I didn't think we'd be getting anyone from the village in to fix it. No one would want to travel all the way to the Shrine for a job like that, especially considering that the Shrine had something of a reputation for youkai hanging around it.

Speaking of, I could already see someone coming up the steps, just as the sun crested the horizon behind them, bathing them in sunlight and turning them into little more than a silhouette that I couldn't make it. It looked almost majestic, like someone of great importance and power was approaching.

>> No.44605003
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But then they got close enough for Reimu to spot them, and I heard her mutter "Oh, it's just Kasen." under her breath. That sounded fine, but I knew that Lady Kasen would have some choice words for the pair of us. And indeed, she was storming up the path with the air of someone who was incredibly impatient about something, and once she spotted us standing side by side on the veranda, her pace quickened. She looked like she had barely slept in the last few days, and I wondered if there had been some flooding in the dojo. I hadn't thought that could happen due to it being in senkai, but Lady Kasen had said that it had happened once in the past, and she'd had an awful experience in cleaning everything up and fixing all the damage that the water had caused.

"Reimu! Just what have you been doing for the last few days? Just because there's a little rain doesn't mean you can neglect your duties as the Shrine Maiden! You should have been doing some ascetic training and - and..." She trailed off, looking between the two of us. Then, her gaze took on a calculating look and I suddenly felt like Hearn was staring at me again. "Reimu, may I have a word?" Reimu elbowed me and gave me a look that said, 'I told you so', before sighing loudly and motioning Lady Kasen toward the Shrine. She stormed ahead, giving me a look that I couldn't quite identify, but which had felt slightly approving, though I doubted she'd be giving me that same look once she found out what exactly had happened - or rather, hadn't happened - during the storm, then disappeared into the Shrine with Reimu following behind her. Now alone, I decided to go and pull the offertory box out of the Hall of Worship, since I'd need to pull the storm shutters away from there too.

Fortunately, there had been no major damage to either the building or the offertory box itself, so I placed it back outside after I'd pulled the storm shutters away. It was lucky that there hadn't been any donations, or I might have been worried after I'd realised that I'd left it out just after the storm had started.

The sun was creeping across the courtyard and bringing a happy warmth with it, and for a moment, I just stood at the top of the stairs to the torii gate and looked out over the valley. I could see the village, which looked unchanging even from here. The canal didn't seem to have flooded, and there didn't seem to be any real damage like I'd been worried about. I remembered the strange, vague figures I'd seen in the light cast by the lightning from the storm, and I wondered just what they had been doing. Attacking? Protecting?

Either way, it seemed like the village had remained unscathed, so I decided to head back to the veranda. I couldn't hear Lady Kasen's voice, though I'd expected her to be shouting by now. Instead, I could hear laughter. Wondering just what was happening, I tried to move my ear closer to the door, only to suddenly hear the sound of it sliding open. Lady Kasen stood on the other side, and as she stared at me, I felt like I'd been tricked into this. "You know, I was wondering why you'd started laughing." Reimu commented from her seat at the table, her head resting in her hand and a rice cracker in her other hand. "You could have just asked us both to talk to you." Lady Kasen grabbed me by the shirt and began to drag me inside, and I saw her bandaged arm extend, revealing that nothing was underneath as she closed the door behind me. Before long, Reimu and I were sat next to each other on one side of the table, and Lady Kasen was stood behind the other side, one hand on her hip and the other raised in what I knew well to be her lecturing pose. By the looks of it, Reimu did too. "So, I see that the Shrine has survived the storm just fine."
"As expected." Reimu said dryly. "Did you expect it to be rubble again?"

"Of course not. But I did expect to see you a little more grateful for your caretaker, Reimu. I mean, really, he took the time to take care of you while you've been sick, and you're just sat there like you can't wait for him to leave. Just what have you been thinking? Why, if I..." I began to tune Lady Kasen's voice out. I had forgotten how long her lectures could get, as well as how tangential they usually became. In fact, in the time I had spent thinking that, Lady Kasen had already moved on to complaining about her rose bushes in the dojo getting uprooted, and how she had thought that she could at least look forward to seeing Reimu and I getting even closer.

>> No.44605016
File: 1.02 MB, 1200x1527, 7e699f0961156e164080bfb6ee15ed39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Kasen." Reimu said, neatly cutting the hermit's tirade off. "What the hell are you talking about?" She asked, frowning.

Lady Kasen's jaw closed with an audible click. "...Oh, never mind. I just want you to thank him properly." That sounded like the most direct thing Lady Kasen had ever said, and I wondered if I should speak up about my epiphany while we were in the bathroom together. "Well, how are you?" She asked, seemingly deciding to put the conversation on hold for now. I got the impression that whatever it was she had wanted to hear, she wasn't willing to give up on it quite yet.

"Fine." Reimu said shortly. "It took a few days more than I expected, but I'm back to normal." I decided not to mention that her dizzy spells hadn't subsided yet, but I did decide to test her by poking her in the side mid-sentence. She jolted to the side, then looked at me with a glare, before turning and leaning back to kick me in the shoulder. Her kick was significantly harder than my poke and I found myself rolling off to the side.

"Are you...sure?" Lady Kasen asked slowly, as I got ready to aim for that sensitive spot on Reimu's neck. "Should I leave you two alone?"

Reimu sighed and settled back down, and after a moment, I did the same. "No, no, it's fine. He's just being a child." Personally, I felt happier than I had in days now that the rain was gone. I finally sat back at the table with my arms crossed, then told Lady Kasen that I was just happy that Reimu was well again.

Lady Kasen didn't look all too convinced, but slowly nodded. "Well...that's good." She rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "But just in case she's getting any more bouts of weakness, perhaps you should stay by her for a while longer?" I heard Reimu draw in a breath with exasperation at Lady Kasen's words. Slowly, I said that I was happy to stay here as long as I was needed, but I'd like to be able to go back to the village at some point, or back to the dojo if I needed to. At that, Lady Kasen's gaze grew slightly more serious. "Ah, about that. I don't think you've been there for a while, but I went through the village just before the storm hit so I could stock up on sw- Er, so I could stock up on animal feed, and I didn't spot a single rabbit. I don't know exactly where you live, but even the rabbit who sells medicine from Eientei was absent. Perhaps it's time to get back on track with the investigation?"

The last words were directed at Reimu, who waved a hand lazily. "We need to see Tenshi and Marisa." She shrugged. "I had someone else coming, but I don't know when she'll get a chance to show up. She wants it kept quiet, so I'm not telling you who it is."
Lady Kasen put her hands on her hips. "Are you sure you know what you're doing, Reimu? You should tell me if I can help." I knew that Lady Kasen could probably be a huge help, but I wasn't sure if I could handle more of the glances she had been giving me every time she had told me something about Reimu.

Reimu shook her head. "I do know what I'm doing, which is why I'm not telling you. Maybe later." She took a rice cracker from the bowl, took a bite and then lazily tossed the rest in my direction. I fumbled the first catch, knocking it back up into the air, but caught the second. Feeling somewhat victorious, I took a big bite without even feeling annoyed that Reimu had already started eating it. "Anything else?"

"Er..." Lady Kasen trailed off. "Oh!" She looked over at me. "Komachi wants to see you. She's been in tears for days." I frowned and put the rice cracker down, then asked what had happened. The Shinigami I had met had seemed so laid-back and relaxed that I wasn't sure what could have accomplished something like that. "Happiness, apparently. It seems that she's the proud possessor of some very nice, very new, and very handmade t-shirts." Lady Kasen looked at me sharply. "I don't suppose you would have had anything to do with that?" I didn't move or reply. I was pleased that she had done as I had asked, though I wasn't sure if Lady Hecatia had been breaking some rule by appearing in my dreams, so I didn't want to reveal the truth like that. In the end, I said that I was happy for her, and I'd like to see her soon.

Before long, Lady Kasen said that she needed to leave because the dojo was 'still at risk of overflowing'. I wondered if I should be worried. "Well, I'll leave you two alone." She trailed off, staring at us. "Are you not warm?" She finally asked as she stepped out of the door and began pulling it shut behind her.

"She's dying for something to happen, isn't she?" Reimu finally said. "It's that mountain hermit stuff. She's got way too much time on her hands, so she's trying to meddle, just like...like..." And that, it seemed, had reminded Reimu of my kidnapping, and it wasn't long before she was clutching her stomach and roaring with laughter again.

I'd be upset, but since I knew Reimu's weakness to massages and that one spot on her neck, I felt like I'd be able to get my revenge.

>> No.44605071

>She - She took you to a -
Yes, Reimu. She tk him 2 da bar|.

>> No.44605101

All's well it seems.
ha ha

>> No.44605187

So are they supposed to go to Marisa or is Tenshi supposed to bring her?

>> No.44605385

Depends what state Marisa is in or if she recovered during the storm

>> No.44605393

Well Tenshi was looking after her right?

>> No.44605439
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Another anon is broken by the temptation of the forbidden Marisass, but sticking pointed objects near it is a really bad idea..

A big F for him in advance.

>> No.44605441

Yukari messed up, soon Reimu will put all the pieces together and discover Yukari's sad and tragic backstory!

>> No.44605445

Might not be fit enough yet to travel back to the shrine, unless Reimu and anon are up for a trip to the forest?

>> No.44605611

It was very nice of Yukari to tell anon her real name. She's definitely interested in him independent of relationship with Reimu.

>> No.44607393
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not even the gap youkai can escape anon's ability

>> No.44607564
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Poor Kasen's shrine prosperity plan has failed and has gotten even more complicated by how Yukari is now in the running. She'll have her work cut out for her if she wants to force things along. I recommend bring Reimu into a Senkai again, though with anon this time and making sure to dope them with the lewd aphrodisiac incense we all know she has in spades.
She better act fast before Yukari over hears how he likes blonde and takes that as a sign to take him on another date

>> No.44609260

I bet Yukari's been walking around her house with her nose stuck up in the air because she went on a date with a boy and she was totally cool and mysterious and he TOTALLY LIKED HER
Ran's probably watching her and wondering if she should just defect back to the Gouyoku Alliance

>> No.44609700
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>"Komachi wants to see you. She's been in tears for days."
>"Happiness, apparently. It seems that she's the proud possessor of some very nice, very new, and very handmade t-shirts."
I sincerely hope that Anon ends up smothered by Komachi's onozukas as payment for his exceptional gift.

>> No.44612478

I do like that anon isn't even reacting to Kasen being a cripple, he must just assume she's actually some Youkai of nagging.

>> No.44612964

The start of the Komachi route

>> No.44613018

Sadly I think we're locked in the spooder route unless some big shake up happens.
You know, like a... uh.. certain... DARK HORSE EIRIN event happens...

>> No.44613091

someone who's always laid-back and easy to talk to, doesn't have any human meat hangups, isn't your quasi-sibling, is always able to give good advice and pretty much guarantees you a comfortable afterlife?
yeah, she should be the one

>> No.44613102

Let's go Komachibros!

>> No.44613109
File: 108 KB, 478x624, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_yukishiro_mafuyu__1a42ac004f572e9093c3652c0c144724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there still hope for the Tenkotrain???
Please tell me there is, I don't want her to have to live life alone

>> No.44613148

Anon has to ascend to heaven after his death

>> No.44613422
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Sorry Tenkofriend, but Tenshi already opted out of the running the second she confronted Anon about making a choice while implying she was not an option.
Unless village fuckery wasn't a complete red herring its all turning up SPUDDER

>> No.44613478 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.40 MB, 1414x1000, Regular human woman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm here to remind all of you fake Otakus that the first girl always wins.
And I ask you, who was the first girl who appeared as an image in these stories?

>> No.44613964

Isn't it technically Marisa?

>> No.44614022
File: 491 KB, 833x1000, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_motsuni_artist__3a4a0690a9398d2b2517a26759d87674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

S-she just has to believe in herself!
Tenko deserves love too! She just has to say it!
Anon is too dense to put together that she's madly in love with him but too plagued with self-doubt that she doesn't think she is deserving!

>> No.44614151

Stop bullying Yukari, she was cool in the previous chapter.

>> No.44614574

So this is how Rumia wins? Does anon get finished off completely by her or is that just a bad ending?

>> No.44614757

So if Reimu is able to hurt Anon just by hitting him, does that mean that the peach's effect is finally wearing off? I think it was mentioned at some point that it wasn't necessarily permanent.

>> No.44614805

No it means Reimu is stronger than Goku

>> No.44614811

Maybe his skin's more vulnerable to blunt damage (Reimu's fist) than piercing damage (Yamame's teeth).

>> No.44614832

Reimu can casually destroy a mountain like in WaHH. Shes actually stupidly strong but just good at holding it back

>> No.44614836

She is the shrine maiden, powered up by her god. I think she is that strong.

>> No.44614852

Reimu has given Tenshi a spanking with no problem, anon with a lesser peach isn't going to be a match for her.

>> No.44614858
File: 1.81 MB, 640x360, 31sbdifgkdua1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to be fair, goku could tank hits from people who could destroy a galaxy with a flick of the wrist but he still got hurt by a rock being thrown at his head
either way, anon's been shown to be hurt by various falls and hits, just not as badly as he could have been

>> No.44614994

It's the same reasoning Nami can beat Luffy up when he screws up despite him being so much more stronger.

>> No.44615025

I can't believe Anon is a skeleton...

>> No.44615268

Anom i do not want to scare you but you are a skeleton too, controlling a flesh mecha.

>> No.44615708
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"Up for a trip?" Reimu asked me after we had just finished sweeping the courtyard clear of debris from the storm. It had been only a few hours since Lady Kasen had visited, and the sun was beginning to rise high in the sky. The sweeping had taken longer than I had expected, but less time than I imagine it would have if one of us had been doing it alone. I hadn't caught Reimu looking exhausted at any point during the task, which was a great improvement from the last time she had tried, and which made me feel a lot less worried about her health taking another turn for the worst. Even so, I told her to wear a scarf to keep her shoulders warm, because her immune system was likely already weakened and if she caught something now, it might very well have wiped her out entirely.

I stopped and looked over at her, then leaned the broom up against the wall of the Hall of Worship and asked her just what sort of trip she had in mind. "To the Forest of Magic. We need to see Marisa, and I'm hoping that your favourite ex-celestial will be there, too." I asked Reimu why she refused to be nicer to Miss Tenshi, and she rolled her eyes. "It's a long story, but I've got my own reasons. I'm happy that she's helping you, but she still did destroy my house and try to plant a keystone in it, so as far as I'm concerned, she'll deserve a beating for the rest of her life." Miss Tenshi hadn't been very forthcoming about that, but I already knew that she had been the type to act up a lot in the past, and I think that it was only when Shion Yorigami left for the underground with her sister that Miss Tenshi began to calm.

Either way, Reimu was right that we needed to speak to Marisa. She had been injured doing something during the time that Reimu had been ill, then I'd been injured by Satori, then the storm had hit, and everything had just been continuously side-tracked. I remembered what she had said before the storm, and asked her if Marisa and Miss Tenshi weren't going to come back here instead. She looked at me with a frown. "Sun's already up. If they were capable of coming, they already would have." I must have looked slightly alarmed, because she shook her head. "It doesn't mean anything sinister. Maybe Marisa's just more injured than we thought." I slowly nodded, because I didn't really want to deal with any more complications in my life. Either way, it wasn't something we should be putting off any more than we have to. After we had returned the brooms back to their storeroom and locked up the Shrine, Reimu and I prepared to set out.

Or, well, Reimu took to the air and left. I stood at the top of the stairs with my arms crossed, in the centre of the torii gate, and watched impassively as she flew off in the direction of the forest. I began to count upwards in my head.

I'd reached a count of fifty seven when I spotted her returning with a sheepish look on her face. "Sorry, sorry, I forgot you can't fly..." She muttered as she came in for a landing. "And no Marisa here to let you ride her broom, and I don't really want to carry you, so I guess we'll walk." That was fine by me. Walking was how I was used to getting around, and I wondered whether or not I would fly, even if I could. Something about the idea of suddenly losing the ability scared me too much. I began to head down the steps, and I heard Reimu follow me despite some heavy sighs about the time it would take to reach Marisa's house now.

The steps were long, but didn't take too much time to descend, and it was no time at all before we were walking the path toward the village. It was still slightly slippery from the rain, but enough boots had walked this path that it was beaten down into a mostly flat, mostly impervious surface, so it wasn't much trouble to navigate.

>> No.44615723
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"So, I've been thinking," Reimu said, snapping me out of my thoughts about how many people had walked the path to the Hakurei Shrine. "How did you end up meeting Yamame, anyway? I know that she helped you through the underground when you went to find out what was happening in Eientei, but what about before that?" I swallowed, a little uncomfortably, but finally managed to begin explaining the chain of events that had led to me falling down that hole and into the web of Yamame Kurodani. Reimu stopped me as soon as I got to my fall. "Wait, so Kogasa...? Oh, that little-" She shook her head with a sigh. "She's usually awful at scaring anybody, to be honest." I agreed that she hadn't really scared me, but she'd been standing too close and had forced me to step back when she had tried to surprise me, and that had resulted in me tripping over a rock and falling down the hole. "Wait, that hole? The same one I fell down?" I nodded. It had been very curious, Reimu falling down that same hole as me right as I was...with Yamame. Thoughts of the spider turned my heart to stone. Where was she? How was she doing? I ruminated on some of the things that Hearn had said to me as we approached the fork in the road that led to the village on one side and the mountain on the other. The Forest of Magic was situated roughly halfway up the path toward the mountain, though I'd only travelled there from the village before, and I wasn't sure Reimu had ever travelled there on foot.

It seemed to me that Hearn had used her kidnapping theatrics to scare me. Reimu hadn't seemed convinced of that, as between her gasping breaths and laughter, she had told me that the woman was just awkward in that way, and whatever it was she had actually wanted, it was probably obfuscated behind at least three layers of misdirection. I supposed it could be true, but if so, she had a rather spectacular way of showing it. But then again, I recalled the strange bow I had found when I had been carrying Reimu back to the Shrine from the caves. At the time, I had thought it nothing more than a trinket that one of the youkai who had attended the party that Zanmu Nippaku had thrown at the Hakurei Shrine had dropped. But now, I was comparing it to the design I had seen on Hearn's earrings, and I was coming up with some similarities. Just how long had she been watching me? She'd clearly known more than she let on, but had seemed more content to toy with me and tell me about eating human meat.

And now it was that, occupying my head. Hearn had told me that she didn't try to deny that part of herself. That humans and youkai were not as different as they appeared to be in my mind, as the food I had been eating had also come from an animal that had died. She had told me that denying that part of yourself was not a simple feat. But, she had told me that she respected her conviction and had offered a toast for her success. As we started heading up the winding path toward the mountain, I shook my head. I trusted Yamame. She had helped me at my lowest, and despite the fact that she was a youkai and enjoyed trying to bite me, she hadn't tried to when I had last met her, because she had learnt that I wouldn't take to it quite as easily as I had previously. I still believed in her, and I wondered just what Hearn had been trying to push me to learn. Did she want me to stay away from her? To try harder? Or maybe to accept that she might never manage to give it up entirely? I didn't know if I could do that.

We began to head through the woods, and before long I recognized the stream that I had first had a real conversation with Miss Tenshi at. Relationships were all about give and take, I thought. Yamame was trying to give up something, so I had to try and meet her halfway. It wasn't easy, and I didn't feel particularly settled, but I tried to put Yamame out of my mind for now. There were currently more pressing matters, like speaking to Marisa. We hopped over the stream and continued, the bright sunlight still no match for the gloom of the Forest of Magic. Instead, I asked Reimu if she had any idea how Marisa had been injured. "Not really, no. She told me that it was to do with the investigation, but before she could really say anything more, everyone else started to show up at the Shrine, and then I just couldn't hear myself think, which is about when you woke up, so..." I had appreciated the creativity in her threats, at least.

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I'd asked Marisa myself, and she'd told me to try later when Reimu wasn't so annoyed, but she'd fallen asleep before getting a chance. "But if I know her, she probably tried to push something or someone just a little too far, and got her just desserts for it. That's why she ended up in Eientei back then, remember?" As I hopped over another stream and waited for Reimu to join me, I did remember. She'd used me as bait to trick Lady Patchouli into letting her steal from her library, then been burnt to a crisp when she'd been caught. Personally, I thought that she had at the very least deserved that one. Reimu jumped across the stream, but at the last moment, her foot slipped, and without thinking, my hand swung out and caught hers just as she began to tip back. I wrenched her back toward me, then wrapped my arm around her and spun us around so that I was placing her on solid ground. Reimu breathed a sigh of relief, thanked me, and we continued on our way.

Eventually, I could tell that we were nearing Marisa's house. It wasn't just that I could see where she had harvested all the mushrooms that grew nearby, leaving broken branches and conspicuously pushed down spots of grass, or the way that I started to see random items strewn about the floor, ranging from things I couldn't begin to understand to simple cleavers, empty bottles and old brooms. No, I knew that I was near Marisa's house because I began to hear shouting. "Here comes trouble." I hear Reimu mutter. Finally, we cleared the last few trees and Marisa's house stood out in full view.

It was, as usual, a contradictory mess. The walls were washed and looked clean, but were surrounded by more random junk strewn about what could possibly have qualified as the front garden. There was a doll lying underneath an abandoned chest that I could only surmise had also come from the Vampire's mansion, given the very ornate look of it. There were crops of mushrooms growing all over, and I seriously wondered how healthy Marisa's diet actually was. I picked my way past the worst of the piles, nearly knocking over a pile of crystals that could have come from anywhere, but I hoped weren't the explosive kind. Reimu opted to take to the air and touch down by the front door, which I noticed was open. Then, I began to make out the noises I was hearing from inside. "-Not a fucking waste! Don't you dare-" Already, I could tell that this was going to be a good one.

"You haven't touched the damn thing in seven years, what could you possibly be trying to d-" I heard the sound of something clattering to the floor.

"Don't you fucking dare! I'm warning you, one more move and-"

"And what? You think you're going to win in a fight like that?" Inside, the mess was even worse than outside. Piles of junk ranging from books to magical ingredients piled up across the floor and the walls.

"Personally, I think that a number of these symptoms could be explained as a hoarding disorder." I heard a third voice say.

"You shut the fuck up! We don't even know why you're here, so-" Now, I was incredibly curious, but the tightness of the hallways made it impossible to squeeze past Reimu, who had gotten in ahead of me but seemed to be having just as much trouble getting through the hallway. The voices overlapped for a moment, but one which I could now identify as Marisa took control again. "I'll untie you if you tell the truth, but - Hey! Don't think I didn't see you move that! Put it back right now, or I'll shove that fiery sword of yours somewhere you won't like it!"

Finally, Reimu rounded the corner and froze, her jaw dropping open as she stared in amazement. After a moment, I poked her in the back until she moved forward enough for me to push my head over her shoulder, and I found myself stopping too.

What could only be described as an explosion had occurred in Marisa's bedroom. The piles of junk had been forced to the sides, and I noticed that the broom that Marisa was usually riding on was now in Miss Tenshi's hand. The ex-celestial had acquired an even longer apron which had gone around her neck, and seemed to be arguing with Marisa, who was lying in the bed with plenty of bandages over herself. In Miss Tenshi's hand was a grimoire that I assumed had been stolen from Lady Patchouli, and her other hand was currently being used to hold a third person up by her shirt. She had long, pale lavender hair, which ran all the way down to the floor where it pooled around her. I could see her arms, because she had thick rope tying her wrists and ankles together, and it was only Miss Tenshi who was keeping her upright. On the floor surrounding them, I could see signs of some attempted cleaning, though it didn't seem to have gotten very far. I had cleaned Miss Iku's room, which had been somewhat enjoyable, but I doubted even I could handle cleaning something like Marisa's home.

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Then, I noticed the long rabbit ears atop the lavender girl's head, and my world almost screeched to a halt. It was Doctor Yagokoro's assistant. She was from Eientei. She had been involved in the experiments on me, and she was here to take me back to the beds where I would be strapped down and tortured, tortured, tortured and-

I felt Reimu take my hand. "Listen to me." She whispered. "You're not going back there." I focused on the feeling of her hand and eventually, my heart began to calm. Once I felt stable, she let me go. "Right, I see that we may have interrupted something." She pointed at Marisa. "Explain, idiot."

"Idiot? She's the idiot here!" Marisa yelled, pointing a bandaged arm at Miss Tenshi, who rolled her eyes. "She keeps messing up my house! There's nothing wrong with it!"

Miss Tenshi opened her mouth to retort, but Reimu cut her off before she could. "Marisa, your house is possibly even worse than Muenzuka for having junk strewn about. You absolutely cannot try and claim superiority here." Marisa ground her teeth in obvious anger. "And you, you're supposed to be taking care of her, not upsetting her even more." She said to Miss Tenshi. Then, she looked over at the person in Miss Tenshi's grip. "And why's Reisen here? And why's she tied up?"

"It's, uh, a long story." Marisa muttered, looking away.

"Ah, well, I came all this way, but if it's a long story, I guess I'll just have to leave." Reimu said, her voice dripping with equal parts sarcasm and venom. "Not really. You," She pointed the gohei at Miss Tenshi, "Drop her." Miss Tenshi rolled her eyes and released her grip, letting Reisen fall to the floor. She let out a monotone 'Ouch.' as she landed. Reimu moved the gohei, pointing it at Marisa, "You, explain."

"She," She pointed at Miss Tenshi, "Won't leave me alone! Seems to think her job is to look after me, as if I can't look after myself just fine! And," Here, Marisa's voice reached a new volume, "She won't stop trying to throw away my stuff!"

Miss Tenshi didn't look particularly phased, and raised her hands in a shrug. "I told you, Marisa, If you want to find joy in life you should cherish the rejection of greed. I'm only trying to help you along."

"I can find joy in life just fine, so why don't you just fu-"

"Marisa, knock it off." Reimu said, raising her voice just enough to make Marisa freeze mid-sentence. "What's she doing here?" She nudged Reisen with her foot.

"Looking for him." She said in a vaguely disinterested voice, pointing one of her tied up fingers in my direction. "Checking up on Marisa." She looked up toward the girl on the bed and frowned. "You need to change your bandages."

Reimu and I exchanged a glance, then both stepped into the room together. Reimu hauled Reisen off of the floor and sat her up against the first bit of clean wall she could find, while I went to Miss Tenshi, who threw the book that she had been holding over her shoulder and clapped me on the shoulder with her other hand. "I'm glad to see you're well." She told me, before leaning in slightly. "Feeling better?" She asked me. I could sense the deeper meaning immediately, so I nodded and found myself smiling slightly. "I told you." Miss Tenshi said, pulling me into a small hug with one arm. "Here to find out what happened to Marisa, Reimu?" She called over to the Shrine Maiden, who was poking Reisen in the shoulder.

"Yes, finally. I'm really not interested in your...nursing drama." Reimu said, sounding like she'd rather kill herself right now than listen to Marisa argue with Miss Tenshi anymore. "Marisa, start explaining or I'll hit you with my shoe."

"That would be bad for her recovery." I heard Reisen mutter in that same bored tone from the floor. "I wouldn't recommend it."

"Shut up, moon rabbit, or I'll shoot off your clothes again." Reisen looked away, though her facial expression didn't change. Reimu looked back to Marisa. "Get started, please."

Marisa looked slightly mutinous but acquiesced regardless. "Fine. It's all about my death-defying escape from Eientei."

Miss Tenshi scoffed lightly at her words. "There might be some embellishments in the story here. But don't worry, because I'll be magnanimous enough to correct them." Marisa looked slightly put out at that but started anyway.

"Everyone listening? Good. It starts on a dark and stormy night, when-"

"Marisa, it hasn't been raining before the storm, and you were already injured then." Reimu muttered from her place at the wall by Reisen, who had slumped back to the floor and seemed to be making no effort to pick herself back up. "At least try and keep things accurate."

Marisa clicked her tongue in annoyance and started again. "Fine, spoilsport."

And then she began.

>> No.44615789

Anon should've made stew outta Reisen right then and there.

>> No.44615952

Reisen is probably the reason Reimu found out about the experiments

>> No.44616002

Well it's nice someone got laid during the storm, maybe a bit too much, those two sound like a married couple.

>> No.44616003

Of course she is, but I'm someone who hates complicity period.

>> No.44616028

Imagine the taste

>> No.44616120

Tenko isn't a lesbian bakanon, she's saving herself for Anon

>> No.44616138

It’s still a good opportunity for Reimu to get a little revenge on both Marisa and Tenshi for the last couple of days.

>> No.44616140

>"You haven't touched the damn thing in seven years, what could you possibly be trying to d-" I heard the sound of something clattering to the floor.
I wonder what she's talking about here? One of marisa's old uniforms, maybe something related to mima?(probably not)

>> No.44616163

It started it's life as a bread stick

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Have you seen Marisa's house? She could probably pick anything out of the piles of shit there and be accurate
Reisen called it hoarding disorder which is an actual thing

>> No.44616196

Marisa's house looks more like an early stage hoarding problem, a disaster would mean the room floor to ceiling would be filled.
Forming hallways of garbage, and thee would also likely be waste and animals everywhere as well as no place to sleep.
Basically non-livable, which marisa's house isn't.

>> No.44616905

She was the one who delivered the letter who made Reimu discover the experiment right?
My crackhead theory is that her and Anon ended up dating after all the times he got at Eintei, but Eirin wanted to continue collecting data and experimenting with him so she pressured her into deleting his memories regarding their dates so he could continue using Marisa's service and getting injured. And since this was not a traumatic experience that bithc Satori did not care into revealing these memories.

>> No.44617323

I'd rather we don't include more new discoveries with the amnesia trope.

>> No.44620190

It’s more likely that Eirin is going way too far even for her standards and Reisen started getting a bit squeamish about it.

>> No.44620796

I do, writefag even foreshadowed the possibility of it so it won't be out of the blue.
That said the next memory is obviously going to be that anon and Eirin dated causing Anon to agree to all the experiments. Which would mean that the DARK HORSE EIRIN ending is back on the table!

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Don't think the umbrella abuse has gone unnoticed, there will be many scares waiting for anon until he has paid the bully tax.

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Never thought I'd ever see someone 'out-goblining' Marisa on her own turf. They really don't call her delinquent for nothing, huh?
Also, I can bake the next thread once we hit page 9. I think I'll upload a screenshot with the 5th and 6th threads on the second post, then attach archive links for the rest, just so we can delay the bump limit just a tiny bit further.

>> No.44622507

Next thread:
I'm running out of pictures of Marisa at the entrance of her house.

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There's always this lol

>> No.44622601
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You can always use a classic