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All girls (2d and otherwise) should be forced to wear nothing but bloomers at all times.

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Fuck, no. Trousers. Girl in trousers are sexiest.

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No. Just no. Bloomers are pig disgusting.

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All girls (2d and otherwise) should be forced to wear nothing but spats at all times.

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>and otherwise

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How about no?

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Bloomers, not so good.

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oh man, Im raging so hard

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fuck yes, bloomers.

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I already said those, nigger. What do you think spats are, get out of here.

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NOTHING but bloomers? I think you have a good plan there.

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Only fags call them 'bike shorts', faggot.

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What do you want, a fucking cookie for mentioning them first?

Post pictures or find a river to drown yourself in.

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So you call them bike shorts too?

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They are spats. Not 'bike shorts', next youll start calling them spandex pants for fucks sake. Get off my /jp/, you don't belong here.

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Another example of why you don't belong.

This FUCK YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR shit belongs in /a/ or whatever shit board you go to.

Stay in it and stop coming here.

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Danbooru agrees, it's "bike shorts"

You mad.

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>Implying spats and bike shorts aren't the same thing

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but danbooru isnt /jp/

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Nor is Curryshit

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>implying danbooru is any good or has anything to do with /jp/

Do you think sankaku complex is awesome too? Why don't you go post your 'bike shorts' on poosh where you belong, faggot.

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I'm more /jp/ than you ever will be. What's next, will you start telling me your favorite toe hoe character and how much you love that backuh corno? Maybe we can all come sit under your table-with-heated-blanket and masturbate to those 'anime porns' together.

Nigga, you don't know shit and you don't belong here.

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What, you don't masturbate to anime porns?

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave

also bike shorts bike shorts bike shorts bike shorts

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>He's bragging about being a loser on a loser community!

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u mad.

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say to my face, not online and see what happens

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Once you used danbooru as a reliable source I stopped raging and just replied to do my usual shitposting - as I am now, because that pretty much killed any credibility on your end.

You are one of the first people to make me actually get pissed off though, so good job. I'm gonna go eat and dry my tears.

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...Don't you guys have anything better to argue about?

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i think maebari are better

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Why the adrenaline rush guys. Take a chill pill.

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Does no one understand how painful that must be? Imagine putting tape on your balls and then taking it off.

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>Hieda no Akyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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because retards like you aren't welcome here

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The problem is you're not going to find anything on pixiv with "bike shorts", the word is スパッツ, pronounced "supattsu"

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>Implying making massive amounts of theories based on penny sized crumbs in Umineko makes /jp/ intelligent

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Like tsukihime and f/sn? We'll do it later.

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Big poofy dresses. I couldn't care less what's beneath so long as they wear the dresses.