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Do you guys get mad or sad when people say mean things about your favorites? Or when people just make up lies about them? Or only say things because they don't understand their story or character?

It makes me sad because it's like some people just say things because they want to hurt others and don't even want to learn what makes our favorite girls (and boys) so great.

Is there anything you do if you feel bad when someone says something mean about your favs? Once I got sad because someone kept saying Maya was dumb, but she actually gets really good grades and just likes being silly.

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Maya is dumb

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Well, I know you don't believe that, so it doesn't hurt.

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I still don't like it when people call Sakura wormslut. It's disrespectful and mean and I know it would hurt Sakura a lot if she read those types of things that people say about her online.

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Could you please answer the questions?