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ITT our Touhou related confessions.

- I like ZUN's art.

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- I don't like ZUN's music.

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I like Seihou more than Touhou

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In before 10,000 "I play Easy Mode", "I can't beat Cirno", equally embarrassing but plentiful confessions.

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I'm only in it for the lesbian doujinshi.

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I haven't played a single touhou game, hell I don't even know what it's about, but I still troll touhou for laughs.

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I've never played a touhou game and I've only read 2 touhou doujins

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I play easy mode, I can't beat sirno without using 3 continues, I like Reima and I slow the game down.
Wait, no, I don't.

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- I really wish Touhou would fuck off for awhile.

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My first Touhou game was Imperishable Night.

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I play it with the sound muted and winamp.

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I prefer them WITH the penises.

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These two.

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i don't know what touhou is

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I once got a friend that was into computer programming to like Touhou because he was looking for some games to play. He mainly plays the PC-98 games. I'm actually kind of proud.

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What are you doing here?

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I don't know what /jp/ is, can anyone point me where R9K is ?

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a vn

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I don't like Alice, but usually stay quiet because Alice fanboys are vicious.

Good luck with that. It's like trying to find diamonds in a coal mine.

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I'm thinking of writing Touhou fanfiction.

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>I don't like Alice


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You're the kind of man that walks into a confessional and talks to the priest about the entire school bus of children that you raped, murdered, and raped, aren't you?

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>Good luck with that. It's like trying to find diamonds in a coal mine.

Don`t get me started.

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Gay people go to hell when they die.

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I'm working on a Touhou VN.


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>My first Touhou game was Imperishable Night.
What's wrong with this?

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I'm going to kill myself to enter Gensokyo

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That's only awesome when they're from the school the priest teaches at.

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Don't worry, guys! My fanfiction is going to be really long, and it's going to be good.

Like this one:

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I have become obsessed with the "Waking up in Gensokyo"-type threads.

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Why the fuck did people like this enter the Touhou community?

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Don't forget LOTS of tentacles. The fans love eat it up.

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You're probably the worst.

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Just for saying that, I'm going to write in a self-insert in my fanfiction.

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Don't forget LOTS of tentacles. The fans eat it up.

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My first Touhou game was Mountain of Faith.
I've played countless hours of them but I still haven't beaten one on normal without continues.
If it's any consolation, I never play easy modo.

Also, I only fap to the doujins where they have penises.

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Yesterday, I beat pcb for the first time without using any continues.

Today, EoSD without any continues. Flandre raped my marisa B.

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I wonder if I'm actually alone in this, but I really really hope Zun stops coming out with new characters and just puts the ones we have in stories where they get into random shenanigans from now on.
A new boss every now and then is fine, but no more sections of previously undiscovered weirdos.

That is my Touhou dream.

Oh, and I kinda want to see an anime. Even if it will destroy the fandom.

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go back to your wasteland.

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You are a horrible person and I admire you for that.

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Playing Touhou sometimes makes me so frustrated I scream at the computer and bang my fists.

This is seriously one of the hardest games I've ever played.

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Alice practices good hygiene.

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I like Sakuya

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My China folder...is the smallest in my collection.

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I hardly have any touhou pictures in my folder

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I only have 5MBs worth of my favorite Touhou character, the smallest non-empty folder in my collection.

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I have no specified Touhou picture folders.

I keep everything - shit from /b/, /v/, /a/, other random pictures, touhou pictures, fapping pictures - in one, large, large folder.

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-I dislike the "Wake Up in Gensokyo" threads because the writing sucks.

-I don't think Walfas's stuff is that funny.

-I don't think Dioxin is that great.

-I think Cirno is far from being a good Touhou character. I'd wish more doujins would actually do something with Cirno instead of pulling the "OH SHE'S STUPID, LET'S MAKE HER DO RANDOM STUFF" every single page.

-IaMP is the only Touhou game I've beaten on Lunatic.

-I like Rinnosuke as a character. Not Mannosuke, just Rinnosuke.

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;__; y u do dis?

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- I've get hit on Icicle Fall a lot.

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I used to play the games at 30 FPS.
When I fixed the speed, I lost them.

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- That Domestic Animals doujin made me love futa.
- I fucking hate Reimu and armpits aren't that good.
- I like Maullar's and Doyora's stuff.
- I can't beat EoSD.
- I don't like Aki Eda's art. The stories aren't that good either.

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>- I fucking hate Reimu and armpits aren't that good.


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>armpits aren't that good.
I too, fail to see the attraction to armpits. It's a fucking armpit. Like, deodorant and bacteria and shit.

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- I liked Sakuya in the offical doujins....but
- the tripfag Sakuya's are pretty useless.
- I loved China because she dropped that easy 1 up.
- Tewi is not a bitch. Just a 1200year old rabbit troll.
- Keine isnt a cow.

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Sakuya appears in an official doujin?

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>>official doujin
Suppress rage, suppress rage ...

See: Silent Sinner in Blue

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I will never play Touhou games, but will instead leech off doujins until my death. Also, Kaguya is my role model.

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I'm sure SSiB is the first official comic that is a manga.

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Better let it out, holding it in is not good for you.

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In the event that a Touhou anime is made, I will watch it over and over, no matter how unconscionably shitty it is.

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I can't beat Cirno in EoSD.

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-I have no attraction to the flat chested Touhou characters. Well, not to the ones that look ten. I prefer DFC, but only on characters who look like they could actually pass for being legal. Hence why I like Kaguya. That and the whole NEET thing appeals to me.

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I find Reisen to be really annoying. But I love Tewi.

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I got killed by Cirno in PCB Normal once.

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It should be the exact opposite

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No te voy a decir nada.

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sooooo do I

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I think Youmu and Merlin are the hardest bosses in PCB.

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I have not beaten any touhou games

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- For 3 years I thought of Touhou as the most inane shit ever
- It ended 2 months ago and now I feel bad when I see straight Touhou porn, misogynous or not, and normally I love teary-eyed rape hentai
- Instead I feel happy and warm inside when I see tender dickchick loving Touhou
- I'll probably never beat any of the games besides IaMP and feel no shame about it

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I think Youmu is the hardest boss in Touhou. Well, maybe not the hardest, but certainly the most frustrating.

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Yes, goddamn. Merlin is easily the worst boss in the game.

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I love Kaguya and Mokou.

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Youmu is hella fun, and I don't focus on which sister I hit (I just shoot the thing(s) that move)

Alice, however, is not. I'd say Yuyuko was the hardest save the rumors I heard about EX Chen, Ran, and Yukari, but Alice sucks away more of my lives than any boss, focused or unfocused.

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Best friends

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- I've known about touhou for a while, but I didnt actually get into it until a few weeks after /jp/ was made

- I haven't beaten a single game. I have too much pride to play easy mode.

- I haven't read a single doujin

- I enjoy MoF and think that the characters have nice designs, especially Hina.

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I loled hard

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>- I enjoy MoF and think that the characters have nice designs, especially Hina.

Actaully, I do too. I never understood where all the hate for it came from.

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Erect-est nipples!

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-I refuse to play as anyone but Sakuya post EoSD.
-I didn't like Mountain of Faith as a game but love the new characters.
-I like Tewi more than Reisen.

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In the past week or so I have masturbated to this picture more times than I can count.

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PCB is the only Touhou I have ever played and I still haven't beaten it.

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Same here, but I haven't exactly tried that hard.

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Ran became my favorite character because I thought of her as a superior Alice.

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I couldn't fap to Touhou up until recently.
I started due to that set with the awesomeface Suika.

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I only care for the games, the characters could be replaced by spaceships for all I care.
And I'm not even very good at it, only 1CC'd MoF in Norumal Modo.

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- I can't actually play Touhou, because I'm a Macfag. Touhou has made me dislike my Macs for the first time ever.

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Is that the same set that has this?

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> I wonder if I'm actually alone in this, but I really really hope Zun stops coming out with new characters and just puts the ones we have in stories where they get into random shenanigans from now on.

You're not. Can't even remember the name of half of them.

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I'm seriously thinking of building a Touhoucab.

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I don't get why people hate Aya so much and I think she is far better character then other established characters like Sakuya, Alice, or Reisen that seem to get a lot of love.

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I hate Eirin, Alice, and Sakuya.

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I have a Macbook (Therefore Intel -> Windows compatible). That's pretty much the only thing I reboot my computer into Windows for... So now I play much less than before, no way to do a 5-minute training game whenever.

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I often daydream and regular dream about Touhou. I even invented my own original character (do not steal) to put in my own scenarios.

I also really, really wish Yukari was my onee-sama.

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blatent /r/ for set in .rar somewhere please?

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>Yes, goddamn. Merlin is easily the worst boss in the game.


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I HATE Reimu. Seriously, she's just an overpowered bitch.

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My first Touhou game was Mountain of Faith.

My favorite Touhou girl is Reimu, and I feel like I'm the only one

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protip: lots of people like Aya, but the people who don't are the loudest because they think it's cool to repeat the same meme over and over ("aya sucks cock" or "aya is zun's slut").

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The Windows Touhous run in Wine, and Wine partly works on Macs, so it's worth a try.

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I still don't understand what the fuck Danmaku is and whether or not people die if they're killed in Touhou.

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Danmaku = Barrage. No one dies in danmaku play. This is why the PC-98 characters are so dead.

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So why is it that characters will threaten one another with death during the shit talk pre battle bit?

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due to the complex fantasies i've created in my head, if i met some 3dpigdisgusting girl with cirno's personality, i'd probably rape her.

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Because they're a bunch of drunk assholes.

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I spent a while thinking about this on the subway to work. Since anything can be used "as danmaku," danmaku must confer a unique type of damage upon an individual that is not initially inherent in the object used. Also, using the object "as danmaku" trumps any other sort of bodily damage it can do (e.g., Sakuya's knives, most notably).

Danmaku is essentially using any form of projectile, but its applies only a form of blunt force damage upon striking. The force also may take on characteristics of the user (e.g., Cirno's ice can feel cold, Mokou's flames can feel hot) but it does no real damage of that sort (e.g., actually freezes thing, burns things).

That's as far as I've gotten so far. I'm thinking that "medium-less" danmaku - the bullets we normally see - are actually just illusions, but I can only say this trying to explain why so much of it can be wasted without problem. ZUN doesn't make these things easy.

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they take after their creator in that respect.

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Trash talk and intimidation.

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It's made of suppositories.

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