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Thread for this dumb playable beer goblin

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How do you feel about fully blonde Suika?

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Eh she's not fully blonde

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I prefer her to have a more orange tint but I'm more bothered by the positioning of her portrait's horns. Suika is a side horn girl!

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I don't like that her horns are on top of her head.

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ZUN definitely forgot what she looked like. I find it more funny how /jp/'s archnemesis is the best stream for it.

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It's Suika's distant cousin, Melon Ibuki

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ZUN's art deteriorated somehow

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She honestly reminds me a lot of her sprite in the fightans, so I actually REALLY like this new art of her.

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i think i like the classic goblinu better. also we already have 2 billions of blondes 2hou, i know zun love them aryans and shit but orange goblinu is orange goblinu.

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why is she so fucking big
and yeah a tiny color correction would help

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Quick and dirty edit but you get the idea

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My retarded faggot roommate had too much to drink and puked in his toilet
then came in the dead of the night and puked all over the fucking counter fucking faggot didn't bother to go to the toilet just a few steps away. I thought of making a suika thread then. Suika would never puke from alcohol would she? Also does she get horny after drinking?

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That looks more like what I'd expect.

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Much better

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She's always horny, just look at her head.

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Oni oni!

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cute ability card art

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I liked orange hair better tbdesu. Fuck ZUN's blonde fetish

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I wanna see Suika wearing Miyoi's skirt.

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File: 1.13 MB, 2048x1630, @Lilac_th189 1551435190634852356 25 Jul 2022 冷えたお酒に冷たい滝つぼ 最高だねぇ suika 1g water alc angle looku blush trad smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>sprite: horns on the sides
>still frame: horns on the front

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Gensokyo needs better AA programs.

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She can bath in that!

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ZUNs wife also drew her with more orangey hair than ZUN himself did.>>44315560
Suika’s appearance is in constant state of flux

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I am also bothered by her normal ears.

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Strawberry blonde.

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ZUNart is going from bad but S O V L F V L L to just plain bad like Zelda CD-i

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It's dawning on me that we have a grape 2hu, a watermelon 2hu AND a chicken 2hu.

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When they made Reimu's hair black I didn't speak out, because I'm not an armpit sniffer.
Then they made Cirno a Filipino, and I didn't speak out, for I'm not a fairytard.
Now they have turned my dear wife blonde, and there is no one left to speak out for me.

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Don't do it anon!

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Do it anon! Tell me how it smells if you live long enough after

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Drunk sex with oni!

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She can bathe in anything with her ability.

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yuugi can only dream about this.

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Suika isn't dumb!

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Suika's new outfit

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holy loli, the goblinu is now a fashion icon!

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What's with her mood swings?

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i don't like sad suika

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Japanese goburins should be happy!

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Are her chains a metaphor for her alcoholism?

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I've never thought of that before but it seems plausible if you overthink about it

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>The three symbols are related to Gibon Sengai's Picture "Circle, Triangle, Square" (or Three Dimensions of Somatic Attunement). This picture is so esoteric that there are several interpretations on it, but the significance of the three diagrams would be mentioned by Rinnosuke Morichika in Chapter 22 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia.

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suika holds powerful secrets.

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This game will never come out

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She's just a fan of old EA games.

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think he fell sick for a while
there's something about a badly drawn suika that feels right, like it's the same childlike drunkard in the picture that drew it
how would suika draw suika?

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I know exactly what you mean by that, anon. Behold. Art.

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A very old one I still had kicking around.

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I love watching ucha

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sovlful goblinu

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This image speaks to me.

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I prefer orange Suika.

However "Inconsistent hair color" isn't unusual in Touhou, so I'll still believe she has orange hair.
I mean she has it for her manga.
And if you think that's wild, check out Youmu's eyes.

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She's always had normal ears.

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I like Suika's "classic" colors.
Orange hair is strange for anime/game characters, and very strange for Gensokyo.
I like her hazel/brown eyes too, rather than red ones like most youkai.
Her ears being totally normal is neat too.
She just has a really neat design. I don't mind blond all that much, but don't prefer it

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she's pretty much the same between the two series and with her game appearances
often goofy, occasionally surprisingly serious

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Really? I always assumed pointy ears were an oni trait based on Yuugi having them.

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manga update wen

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Is she always drunk?

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Only briefly when she wakes up floating down the river

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I hope her horns position doesn't stay that way in canon

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