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Why is this game so hard?

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Because every level is secretly an ice level.

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Why is this game so hard?

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Because Touhou.

There is no easy Touhou game.

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Imperishable Night.

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Imperishable Night

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Do not confuse easy with easiest in a series.

Not all us can 1cc the games on Lunatic .

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MoF with the Marisa B glitch then.

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how weak

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Sorry the I cannot compare to the greatness that is Suigin.

Ehhh....if only it wasn't a GLITCH.

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Another one? How many old platformers based on Marisa are out there? There is this, Megamari and Super Marisa Land already.

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But most can 1cc in normal, at least with max number of lives. Don't take the highest difficulty setting as the default one.

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>max number of lives
Fake 1cc

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1 life.
No focus.
No shooting.
Final destination.

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>max number of lives
That doesn't really count, does it?

I have yet to 1cc a game on normal (unless PoFV counts) , though I don't spend hours on the games and only about a few weeks ago got the older ones (9 and below) and can make stage 5 on them pretty easily.

Almost did 10, but final spell card raped me.

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>final spell card raped me.
yeah I love that little slut

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Mystic Square

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And I thought I was bad at touhous.
Tip for that spellcard: it follows the same pattern, and don't be scared to bomb if you have to, since it's the last card.

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I've had a lot of weird moments on that spell.
Sometimes I play like a god without bombing or losing a life.
Other times it just fucks me in the ass by making me lose 5 lives and fail the 1CC.

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>I have yet to 1cc a game on normal

He thinks he'll be able to 1cc a game with only a month of game experience

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>1CC IN on first try


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It's quite possible depending on your skills.

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Tip: Don't fucking focus.

That spell card is pretty easy, it's just that it's a heavy burden on your reflexes for a long time.

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Let's see so far:

UFO, SA: Stage 5 boss
MoF: Like I said
IN: Will probably beat it soon, seeing as in 5 playthroughs I can make it Stage 6, though Reisen usually takes what little lives I have after stage 4 boss.
PCB: End of stage 5 boss
EoSD: Only played it a couple of time, go to stage 4 I think, maybe 5.
PoFV: 1cc normal, though I don't think it counts.

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Uhh, I did EoSD in a week, and that was my first Touhou game. In fact, by the end of a month I had all of the games cleared save for the PC-98 ones and UFO which wasn't out at the time.

This isn't to brag, just saying that it is possible if you really dedicate yourself to it.

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Why is PoFV the black sheep?

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It's just different. I think most people that dislike it never tried playing it with another actual human. I'm really hoping TH13 will be in Phantasmagoria style, but with actual big names like Yukari, Yuyuko, Remilia, and such.

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How did you 1cc PoFV? And you still can't 1cc MoF? Really, MoF hard = PoFV normal for me.

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