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Which Tsukihime female (judged solely on the character and not her route) do you prefer?

There seem to be quite a few people here that dislike Ciel or Arcueid, so I was wondering which one /jp/ as a whole likes the most.

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Arcueid or Akiha.
Probably Arcueid.

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I like the mAIDs based purely on having not played the game and everything posted on this board.

Satsuki, who's Satsuki? Ahahahaha, you have no character.

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...Hard question.
It would probably be either Akiha or Hisui.

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arcueid, then kohaku

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And I don't even like sister characters or tsunderes all that much.

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Akiha, I guess.

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Me and probably everyone else is going to say Akiha

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Kohaku first,then Ciel.

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Kohaku all the way.

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Her character was pretty much shafter due to circumstances rather than her personality itself. After getting past the layers of lies, she's the strongest-willed character of the lot by far, yanked around by forces out of her control.

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Oh fuck, how could I have forgotten that.


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Shit right?

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>>yanked around by the author
Refined for accuracy.

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Why is Ciel golfing with a hatchet?

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It's shit.

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What the hell kind of name is "Arcueid Bruinstud"? Is the moon populated by Germans?

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Akiha than kohaku

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Arcueid > Hisui = Kohaku = Akira > Satsuki = Hanepin > Akiha >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ciel.

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I like most of them in different ways.

Ciel, for example, because I could keep her in my basement and mutilate her daily only to watch her regenerate over and over again.

Kohaku because, well shit, if I'm out she could mutilate Ciel for me.

Akiha because incest but not really and icy cliffs in the tundra.

Arcueid because easy.

Hisui because moe~

Len because fuck yeah loli.

And Satsuki because general hotness.

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how the fuck does this name resemble german?

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You spelled her last name incorrectly.

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Then possibly Kohaku.

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Arcueid or Akiha, comparison is so hard.

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Hisui, I suppose.

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Hisui. Usually I'm not all that much for such moe-pandering characters, but jesus christ she's cute and sweet.

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Everyone but Arc.

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Arcueid is may waifu.

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Satsuki D:

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Hisui !

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Mai Waifu of course.
Then Akiha.

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I want Sion , but if I cant have her I´ll take Akiha...

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Why? She's boring.

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You can't. Sion isn't a Tsukihime character.

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When I'd finished the game I liked Hisui the most. Now looking back Akiha is my favourite. I blame 4chan for making me love incest, also Akiha's endings probably put me off her a bit, beautiful they may be, but so sad :'/.

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Moe vampire and then tsundere little sister.

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It's not incest if they're not really blood-related.

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Yeah, but let's be honest, the incest is a fair part of the attraction.

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Hisui in Arcuied's clothes was the best.

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My order of love

Maids -> Ciel -> Akiha -> Arc

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>Ciel, for example, because I could keep her in my basement and mutilate her daily only to watch her regenerate over and over again.
I'm going to kill you for what you did to my baby, you monster.

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Definitely Akiha

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Ciel > Kohaku > Sacchin > Arc > Len >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Akiha = Hisui

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Ciel > Hisui = Sion[If she were allowed] > Akiha > Kohaku = Arc

Len would be the adopted daughter.

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Well, that one whose name I don't recall... what was it again?

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How the fuck do you not like a foreigner with enough swords to cause a hailstorm and a tough yet loving personality to boot?

Fuck yes Ciel you are the best church worker ever.

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I think it started with an S, but I can't remember because it was such a minor character in the game.

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They hung around with you right? Was it Arihiko?

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I'd take her early morning service, if you know what I mean.

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bad hairstyle, she's nice but won't leave you alone, irrational love of curry

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Are you really posting a forum sig on 4chan and not expecting to get flamed?
And you mispelled AKIHA too.

If this is a troll 10/10, if not GTFO

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Are you really posting a forum sig on 4chan and not expecting to get flamed?
And you mispelled AKIHA too.

If this is a troll 10/10, if not GTFO

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Which ever one could kill me in the quickest time possible.

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Len > Kohaku > Hisui > Akiha > Aoko > Everyone else

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dunno why, i lawl really hard. Trolled for 10/10

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Fuck you and die.

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So which trace was done? ciel or sacchin?
Pic related somewhat

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go fuck yourself, faggot.

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wow take it easy there gramps xD

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Sage for faggot Beast's Lair.

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obvious troll is obvious.

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Sacchin, of course, nobody likes Ciel (those who do are just trolling).

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Kohaku because she's awesome. Or Hisui, she's just so sweet.
Or maybe Satsuki.

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Pic related.

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Ciel is pretty cool. I'd say she's my favorite.

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Definately Kohaku.

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Akiha only.

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I didn't know so many people liked Arcueid.

Kohaku for me though, too MOE~

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Kohaku, then Arcueid.

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Akiha is the best.

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Kohaku, mono no aware it it's best.
Boy if I've dreamed about her.

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