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Junko will get her revenge on the L*narian scum

I conquered the Lunar capital and I'm coming for Eientei next

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Very good. Keep doing God's work, soldier!

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What game?

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Europa Universalis IV
This is now a /gsg/ thread btw

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The mod is Touhou Universalis

It's good but imo it needs more events

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>40k moon rabbits wiped in one act
This must be the lunar genocide Reisen fled ...
Also what's up with your manpower?

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eu4 is the only paradox that I have no clue how to play. this game is just menus and sub menus with sub menus

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I you think that's bad Victoria II is even more complicated with even more menus and submenus.

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I can play Vicky 2 and I have no idea how EUIV works

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What this >>44211227 hetrosexual man said, only difficult part about vicky 2 is figuring out how economics works but no one can figure that shit out irl so

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Gay game

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He obviously used cheats

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Those stuck ups in the capital never knew what hit them