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So the library at the Scarlet Devil Mansion just smells like bad BO?

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Yes, it smells like bad book odor.

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So the Moriya Shrine at the Youkai Mountain just smells like dried semen?

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no it smells like your posts (shit)

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>Suigin owns some fag

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Patchy has a pool in her library

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>no it smells like your posts (shit)
That would be Alice's house.

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ironic, given that you're the worst tripfag in /jp/'s history.

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and you'e the worst poster in /jp/'s history

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No one except suigin share's suigin's high opinion of himself

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people with working brains do too
you should try getting one

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>Suigin samefags it all up.

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>this entire thread

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Retard moe~
Filter moe~

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I want to squish your Patchu plush

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adorable, simply adorable, go hide in a corner and bite your tongue please

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Kill yourself. Seriously.

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lol u mad?

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macros already?
damn kid you better get your ass back to /a/, we don't want your kind here

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>Anon owns some Suigin

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>trolls arguing with trolls

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Suigin is a retard.
Yes. Retard moe~.
Oh yes he is, re-tard-ed!

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Someone is mad.

Also, reported for rule violation.

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>This thread.
Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls~

Troll moe~

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a retard just owned your queer hurt ass

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I like to read people saying "troll" when there are just people butt hurting each other.

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Sounds about right. I bet /b/ would really like you.

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Please get lost and don't ever come back here again. You won't be missed, I assure you.

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you seem to know a lot about /b/, you must frequent it a lot


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I got lost for three weeks and when i checked the archive a lot of people were saying they missed me.
cry more

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Suigin status: Got owned and ass-raped hard.

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Those posts = you. Everyone knows you samefag all up like a turd.

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I never posted as anon since i got a trip, try again kid

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Fucking god Suigin. There are times I like your posts and sometimes I don't. I really don't like the tripcode thing here on 4chan but I try my best to not care about it.
Can't you just ignore that person? It's so pointless to keep this shit on and on.

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You know guy(s), you're legitimizing him by replying, and you're feeding his ego when you debase yourself to the little-boy-on-the-internet level he likes to act.

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Sure is so much samefaggorty in this thread.

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cool memes you got there, nerd

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>/v/-esque thread

What the hell, /jp/?

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Every post in this thread was suigin. What a fucking attention whore.

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/jp/ is pretty bad this week.

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