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Ew, gross! What's up with your penis, anon?! It smells so gross and stinky like expired cheese! It's revolting! Also, it's so tiny! What size is it? 10 centimeters long?! I bet you can't pleasure any women you come across! Also, what's with that weird dark line around it! It looks like someone took a knife and cut around it! It looks disgusting!

No wonder you can't get any girls, anon! You should just end your life already!

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Mine is 12cm and you ruined my day for reminding me of it.

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4 inches isn't the worst

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> I bet you can't pleasure any women you come across!
Someone as poor as reimu shouldn't be placing bets like that. As for the pleasure, my tongue is like magic, maybe i cold give her a taste if she took off her bloomers.

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Cheer up anon, mine is 18cm and I can't pleasure any women I come across either.

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18 cm length with 10 cm girth maybe

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Nah, 14

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Mine is 12 cm

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When i hold mine i feel like i am holding a pencil, i am scared of measuring the girth and discovering its even smaller than i tought.

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It's okay anon you don't have to be scared about something trivial like that

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12cm isn't far from average, so you shouldn't feel insecure about it.

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Mine is 13-14cm-ish which I would almost be fine with but it's also curved and the head is small

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I think my penis is the least of my problems when it comes to getting girls.
>what's with that weird dark line around it! It looks like someone took a knife and cut around it! It looks disgusting!
I don't understand what you mean. Do some men really have a dark line around their dick?

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I think they are talking about the line that should be under the penis and the scrotum instead.

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Circumcision scar.
Exotic in Gensokyo.

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its 2 cm less than the average in my country.

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But would the 2hus insult me because of it

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Yes, only tengus get circumcised

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My protagonists!
And dai-chan I guess

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People always post about length, it's girth that matters I have neither

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I like her

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the reason why there are no males with power in gensokyo is because it's a matriarchy and they know that boys with lots of power would topple the status quo since females are retarded

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The real reason is that danmaku is a girls sport. Real incidents by men are few and far in-between but actually matter and are handled via actual combat.

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Yeah and as in the case of the Fortune-Teller he displayed actual intelligence since he knew what Gensokyo really was and thus was offed by Reimu.

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Every time i play video games i value looking good more than being efficient, danmaku would be perfect game to me if i learned magic.

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Ok Rinnosuke, stop coping about your actual lack of danmaku ability

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it doesn't really matter, anon
first think about finding a girl.....somehow
im quite hung (22cm and girthy) but the only person who'll ever see it is my waifu, so why care?

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Here on /jp/ we respect all sizes of cock

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More like consider them all to be equally worthless, since the average anon will never have the chance to use it on a girl.

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Someone show this guy the webm of the guy masturbating his 1cm nub.
It could be worse.

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We can use it on each other but just as a joke haha

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This >>44076296. Your 2hu wife would not appreciate you having casual gay sex with other /jp/ anons, even as a joke haha.

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Respect my cock, dude

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This thread fucking sucks man. What is wrong with all of you

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Semel in anno...
(if only it were just once per year, though)

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You could say it sucks cock, even.