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Reisen Udongein Inaba

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Total lunarian death - kill lunarians, behead lunarians, roundhouse kick a bunny into the sun. Slam dunk a lunarian into a trash can. Crucify filthy lunarians. Defecate in a lunarian's food. Trap lunarians in the dream world. Toss lunarians into active volcanoes. Feed lunarians to youkai. Curbstomp pregnant moon bunnies. Judo throw lunarians into a wood chipper. Karate chop lunarians in half. Twist lunarians' heads off. Kick Chang'e down the stairs. Eat lunarians. Dissect lunarians. Vaporize lunarians with danmaku. Lock lunarians in a dog kennel with Clownpiece.

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Headpat reisen!

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squeeze her head so hard it explodes into a shower of brain and skull fragments

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Total Human Death - Fuck human beings - Fuck human children - Kill and massacre humans in concentration camps - Exterminate humanity in mass genocide - Kill people for fun

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remove kegare remove kegare

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She seems like someone nice to hangout with
Even if she's a coward and a deserter, I would happily befriend her

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Shitty crossie meme.

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Post Reisen

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and if that doesn't work she can always use the crazy eyes

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Imagine her needing to stand up on her toes for a kiss...

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Have you actually SEEN what Reisen is like? She's a narcissistic selfish prick with delusions of grandeur who really, really, really hates humans.

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Just like me...

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That's okay, she can use her crazy eyes on me whenever she wants.
Although I wonder if it'll have any effect since I already have crazy eyes for her
>who really, really, really hates humans.
So do I, maybe she'll be willing to talk with me, if she knows that we both share the same enemy

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she doesnt really look down on earthlings anymore
she's no longer prideful of her lunar origins, but after becoming eirin's apprentice she's taking after her master and is becoming prideful of her intelligence

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I got udongein x in steam as it was like 30cents but she doesn't get new powers as she defeat bosses
Dumb bunny

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This cute rabbit thinks your kids would be cuter if they were rabbits

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So do I
Pic rel is my idealised child

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Headpats for Earth rabbits not mandatory

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oh yeah, lets mix our genes with the cowardly slave race, that will surely end well!

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Raisin Udon Gay in a Bar

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The fluffy pom pom tail! T~T

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You say that as if humans aren't a cowardly slave race as well