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>If you're a white high-tier normie (6/10 - 7/10) you'll have an advantage.
>If you're a white normie (5/10) you'll have a slight advantage.
>If you're a white sub5 (1/10-4/10) you'll have no advantage.
>all other races are disadvantaged (some more then others)
Also, Japs girls are VERY status conscious and having money WILL make a huge difference.

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I better be rich then

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Jap girls are cute but if you think western girls have a problem with dishonesty, oh man you're in for a ride

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You don't even have to be rich, just solidly middle class (unless you're REALLY ugly).
I don't even try western girls anymore, they seem to over estimate themselves massively.

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But Japanese women who want to date gaijin are westernised

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this so much, I seriously recommend avoiding getting in a serious relationship (or even non-serious) with them, it will completely destroy your mental health trying to deal with everything

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who gives a shit about 3DPD though, normalfaggot?

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What if you're not interested in dating and just want to hook up with them?

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If you look better then this guy, & speak Japanese it shouldn't be that hard.

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>Japanese women who want to date gaijin are westernised
YES but they're STILL less bad then a westoid (most are either hipster types, or cali-girl wannabes)
You can't fuck a 2D girl..... ...yet.

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Speaking Japanese, grooming and having an upper middle class income is about the only way you will score a Japanese woman (or any woman) long term. You unemployed losers need to spend less time talking about chads and more time bettering yourself financially.

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lmao Nihonese 'jaks are wild

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I'm about to go Genghis Khan on the island nation of Japan. Mexican genes shall spread across it like wildfire, forever burned into its history.

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I aspire to be a white normalfag and to learn the language

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Everyone who posts wojaks deserve to be curb stomped and their ribs kicked in

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This. Having dated two of them i can confidently say i've had enough of non-white women.

Took me trial and error to see why dating within one's race is recommended.

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excepts sojaks, which are gemmy
(don't worry meido the thread is shit anyways)

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Hi Sally

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Me at right.

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porn poster doesn't even know how to sage

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It's more interesting that it's all gay.
I have no idea what Sallyposter is trying to prove here, but he does seem to have a sizeable collection of men fucking each other in the ass.

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kill yourself out of /jp/ tourist

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Quality thread about discussing Shinto is deleted because not otaku enough, this garbage stays.

Fucking jannies, man.

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Is it just me, or is the "hispanic normie" in that chart way uglier than the "hispanic sub4"?