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For as long as I've known them, Alice and Mary have always done everything together. They came to school together, they had lunch together, and they went home together. They even dressed the same, in those odd schoolgirl-ish outfits that seemed inappropriate for their age.

"Hey Mike," said Alice, holding up a small bag. "We made you lunch!"

They even befriended me together.

Since then, I spent an awful lot of time around the two of them. Not as much as they spent with each other, mind you, but a good chunk out of most days.

Alice was the loud, boisterous type. She tended to take initiative at times, forcing us three to do daring, exciting things. Mary, however, was the calm, shy type. She didn't talk much, but she always listened to us, and was always up for whatever I or Alice had in mind. I don't even know how she got connected to Alice, given how different in character they were.

I liked them both a lot, for different reasons. Being around Alice was fun, but being around Mary was relaxing.

Before long though, I think they noticed my interest in the both of them, and each others' interest in me.

"We're going to make you choose today," said Alice.

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Why don't you write on word or notepad and then just copy and paste?

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"But..I don't mind..." started Mary.

"Nonsense," said Alice. "We can't go on like this forever. Better to make a clean break here and cheer on the other, right?"

"I guess," she responded.

"Great!" said Alice, "So Mike?"

"Wait a sec," I said, "Choose? What do you mean, choose?"

"Between us," said Alice. "We know you like the both of us, but which one do you like more?"

"Hold it," I exclaimed. "I never said anything like that."

Mary's face fell, and she began to stare at my feet.

"We can tell," said Alice, staring straight into me. "You wouldn't be spending this much time with us if you didn't like at least one of us this much. That's how guys think."

"Okay, I'll admit I do like you two, but you can't expect me to just choose one of you at a moment's notice!"

"Oh, so you've just been stringing the both of us along this whole time, then?" accused Alice.

Mary's hands rose to cover her face, and she began to sob.

"Now look what you've done," said Alice. "You made her cry."

"But I.." I started.

But Alice had already started to comfort Mary. She turned her around, and they both started to walk away.

"Goodbye, Michael," said Alice.

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Because I end up stalling the entire time if I do that.

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I wonder what image this can possibly end with?

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The rest of the day seemed uneventful, but I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing.

The only thing I could think about was how much I had hurt the two girls I cared most for.

Even at the end of the day, I couldn't choose between them. Choosing one just meant hurting the other, and I could never hurt either of them.

I didn't see them after lunch. It's possible that I had hurt them so badly that they decided to take the rest of the day off.

Perhaps this was for the best. It was better for them to find other people, rather than try to share me between them. I am only one man, and despite my actions, I likely only have love enough for one woman.

So I went home.

It was dark, around seven or eight, when I noticed that my front door had been forced open.

I began to race around the house, checking if anything had been stolen.

But everything seemed to still be there. The television, the stereo, the computer, everything of value was untouched.

The last room to check was my bedroom.

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Hey my names Michael.

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Gore end imminent.

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On the left, there was Mary, her eye staring blankly towards me, her hand resting gently upon the white bedspread.

On the right, there was Alice, sitting on her hand, with an equally blank expression.

Between them was a mess of red, casually staplegunned together.

But there was only a single, unmoving figure sitting upon my bed

The sting of burning acid immediately formed at the back of my throat, but I forced my hand to my face and choked it back down.

"Oh god," I said, lowering my hand. I fell to my knees.

The figure didn't respond, or breathe, or do much of anything besides just stare forward, generally in my direction.

I blinked. She was still there. I closed my eyes longer, shaking my head, trying to blank out the image. Opening my eyes, she was still there.

"Oh my god," I repeated.

I had to do something. My mind raced. Call an ambulance, maybe? No, there's no way they'd be able to do anything. The police? But what would I say? A corpse suddenly appeared in my bed?

But then, Alice's shoulder twitched.

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Why would the gore be the end?

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Then a skeleton popped out.

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I don't like resorting to /b/-speak, but

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I recoiled, staggering back and back upon my feet.

Alice's one eye blinked, and the whole figure appeared to swallow, hard. Her chest rose slightly, and then fell back into position.

Then she was motionless again.

I blinked.

Was it some sort of post-mortem twitch? Some sort of reflex action after death?

She remained still, as a corpse should.

Perhaps it was just my imagination. I remember this happening before, at a funeral. I could've sworn the corpse had taken a breath, but it was just my brain playing tricks on me.

I looked at her again, and she was still. Her mouth seemed to be in a different position now, though. Closed, instead of open. I could've sworn it was open when I first came in.


Wait. That wasn't my voice.


Her mouth had moved again, slowly forming the shape of a "I".


Oh god.

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Wait, Alice is the "But there was only a single, unmoving figure sitting upon my bed"? You made it sound like there's 3 people in the room.

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Here's an image that will probably explain things. NSFW.

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Ah, thanks I was about to ask for this, as I couldn't find it while browsing my folders.

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>Between them was a mess of red, casually staplegunned together.
I guess you could say that they left the job half done.

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I have a fetish for girls shewn together from different parts.
Am I a bad person?

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I shuffled closer.

"Mmmiiiiikkkke..." she repeated. Her voice was slow, somewhat deeper than Alice's normal tone of voice, but slightly higher than Mary's. Somehwere in the middle.

I tried to say something. Anything. But suddenly my mouth didn't work. I tried to force out a word, a scream, but it all came out to nothing.

"Welcome....home..." she said.

I finally managed to spit something out.

"What...what happened?"

"We..chose..this," she said.

Mary's hand, the one on the left, twitched now. The fingers began slowly wriggling, then stopped, and then began to each make contact with the thumb, as if she were slowly relearning how to use it.

"Alice?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper. "Mary?"

"We...are here," she said. "We are..both here."

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If you want to fuse two people together, there are easier..and less messy ways to do so.

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Its normal. I like it too.Though that image of them staplegunned together and such is too awesome.

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Does staplegunning flesh even work?

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There was a 50/50 split in his mind and it's pretty hard to split them on their differences.

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It does if they don't struggle.
As it is all the rednecks in my shop classes staple gunned themselves all the time and pulled out the staples.

They more or less laughed it off.

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in my experience, yes

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somone post HCG set and game name so I can spam /p/ about getting this translated

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So...what is the actual story behind this picture?

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somone post HCG set and game name so I can spam /jp/ about getting this translated

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Yeah, I guess it works in that case, but for a walking corpse like in the story, doesn't it require something more...stable?

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"Why?" I yelled out. I didn't mean to yell. It just came out that way.

She tried to stand on her left leg, but only held it for a second before falling back into a seated position upon the bed.

"You..couldn't choose. We..couldn't choose. So...we made...this choice."

She began to flex her elbow, then move her arm at the shoulder, smearing blood across the unstained potion of the bedspread.

"But..but I didn't want this!" I yelled out. I had tried not to yell that time, but it still came across loudly.

"Choosing...hurt you. Hurt us. This made it stop hurting."

She had figured out her hands now, and began pushing herself away from the bed. As she moved, her eyes retained that glassy look, seemingly fixated on a point somewhere behind me. The force seemed to slightly jostle her left side from her right, causing slight shifts but still remaining together.

She managed to push away, but her inexperience with her legs made her fall forward. She caught herself with her arms, but the impact seemed to make a minor rift in her body, spilling a slight amount of blood upon the floor.

She quickly moved her hands to her sides and squeezed herself back together.

I almost vomited again.

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This thread, brought you by:

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...damn it.
I laughed a bit.

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Looks like
to me.

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"We...love you," she said, slowly crawling towards me, a streak of red extending between her and the bed.

"Stop, please!" I shouted. "You're tearing apart!"

Her legs remained mostly motionless underneath her, but they twitched more and more, as if she would soon gain complete control.

The thought of running stuck in my mind, but my legs would not follow. They seemed stuck in syrup, only capable of slightly shuffling away.

"We did this...for you..." she said. She was moving amazingly quickly for a corpse with only slight control over her legs. She was almost upon me.

I tried to jump away, but only managed to fall upon my face instead. I turned over, only to see her two halves of a face peering over me.

I tried to move again, but with her upon me, any movement threatened to pull her apart again. I couldn't do it.

Alice smiled broadly, and Mary had a slight smirk as well.

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I like where this is going.

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She rested her legs upon mine, entered a kneeling position, and then moved her hands to my pants.

I had thought that I was scared enough that I had completely retreated, but it turned out I was the complete opposite. I was immediately disgusted by myself, getting hard in a situation like this.

But the fusion of girls before me seemed to be pleased. She removed all the clothing in the way, placed her hands to her hips, and bestowed her combination upon me, in the one place she was meant to be split apart.

She squeezed her arms around herself tightly, desperately trying to keep herself together. This in turn made her exquisitely tight, the friction seemingly radiating waves within me. My fear never completely disappeared, but instead served as a trigger to the conflicting emotions erupting from me.

She seemed continually on the verge of splitting apart in front of me, her face twisted with pain. But she would not stop, continuing to ride up and down, twist from side to side, until finally I exploded within her.

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What the fuck am I reading


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dude... thats just, wat.

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How could she sawn herself in half anyway, without outside help?

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Its a miracle brought forth by the power of love

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"Good morning, mr.Bob" "What do you want again, you little devils?" "You see, we can't decide which one of us takes the boy we like, so we want you to cut us in half and sew us together. Pretty pleaaaase?" "Ok, you little rogues, but be careful with your games or your mothers gonna come over here again"

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By channeling the spirit of Josef Mengele, patron saint of sewing twins together.

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And with the concentrated garness of Shiro Ishii, helping them to endure the hardships of doing fucked up things.

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"Thank...you," she said, still holding herself together as she slowly removed me from within her, and managed to stand.

"I...I didn't want this," I said, pulling myself up to my elbows. I looked down at myself, stained with the blood that had fallen from her.

"But...we love you," she responded, returning to the bed and sitting down. The action seemed to relax her, removing the need for her to hold herself together.

"But I loved each of you! I loved Alice, she was so fun, so dynamic! I loved Mary, she was so sweet, so reliable! I loved you both as you were, not as this!"

I didn't know where this was coming from, suddenly. Maybe it's because all of the fear had drained away now. Now, I was speaking from the heart, not from panic.

"But...we can't go back," she said, placing her hands to her division. She trembled slightly.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't undo it all. I'm sorry for what I made you do. Oh god, I'm sorry."

"We can try..." she said, placing a hand to one staple and pulling it out. Her sides separated slightly again from the action.

"No, wait!" I said, jumping to my feet.

She moved her hand to the next staple and flicked it out. As she moved, her halves seemed to rub together in an unnatural way.

"Oh god, stop!" I yelled. I tried to run towards her, but my feet slid on the fresh blood, returning me to the ground.

As I rose, I saw her removing another few staples. There was barely anything holding her together now, apart from the twisted cable around her neck, which she proceeded to place her hands upon.

"No!" I shouted, and leapt towards her, grabbing her right hand with my own.

But the cable came away with her left hand, and with it, her entire left side.

That's the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

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I have fairly mixed feelings right now.

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When I came to, she...they were gone.

And the room had been cleaned, not a single drop of blood, not upon me, or anywhere.

Everyone I asked after that day said that Alice and Mary had left town. No contact phone numbers, no new addresses, they had simply left one day.

I never mentioned to anyone what had happened that day, of course. They might have accused me of killing them, or worse.

That was more than nine months ago now. I had tried to erase the memory from my mind, but it continues to haunt me to this day. I haven't had any sort of relationship since then. It never felt right.

But a week ago, there was an envelope on my doorstep, with only "Michael" written on it, with gentle, cursive loops, like how Mary used to write.

I've been afraid to open it until now. Only today have I been brave enough to see what was inside.

There was a card, with a single sentence.

"We had a boy."

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Hi help me anon and /jp/. Irish porn bankers wear our skin using VR and wireless

OK also.


^^ God Jesus Christ Jesus God Please Christ Please join this please it's not some gay govt shit. Something is actually happening here


just use your gmail click around and find join it's only like one message a day and it is fuckin cutting edge i don't know of anyone else in the world with one of these terror domination torture and control implants that also pretend to be really smart and cool but they're fucking real


holy shit third time just join ok ty ilu flmat

please please. it's not really about aliens

It's really about vr-telepresence torture-porn perpetuated by the elite on the attractive and underweight of the underclasses. We don't get any money but they steal our experiences and thoughts and memories and dreams and lives and feelings, it's terrible. It's actually sexual it's rape but if you ignore it, it's fine. Don't worry about me

The govt has all the trolls there they need, MKULTRA COINTELPRO MJ12 all talk to each other so I hope I just get people who really do wonder whats going on. We're only being trickled technology and it's filled with bugs and shit and probably nanobots are everywhere watching who they haven't implanted yet. But those they have implanted they wear our bodies and torture us in groups for fun. I shit you not

I'm happy you got to hear this here. Get on the mailing list, it is reputable. I'm updating about this 'contact' phenomenon with my implant semi daily right now and hopefully there will be another soon. I will call him Majestic Two

Note this is not some role playing shit

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>"We had a boy."

only one?

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Was it born with staples

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Happy end?

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..How did they have a baby if they pulled themselves apart again?

>> No.4396565

Through the power of pure maidenly love, you heartless ingrate.

>> No.4396566


They flopped around on the ground for a while, then thought to themselves, "well fuck, this isn't working now is it?" So, they initiated TIME-SPACE CONVERSION.

>> No.4396568

I wonder if it was half a baby.

>> No.4396584


Better, two halves!

>> No.4396588

Thanks OP.

Now I have nightmares.

>> No.4396591

well isnt there ANOTHER half/half girl somewhere then?
or they just throw the other half parts aways? :S

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two of ten
08:38 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> whatever
08:38 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> then like sex harassment
08:39 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> they'll pump your pleasure cente
08:39 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> i camped alone
08:39 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> in 2008
08:39 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> while scientology was stalking me
08:39 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> stupidly
08:39 < filthee> lol
08:39 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> i dont know why
08:39 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> i had to try twice
08:39 < flamoot> 08:28 <flamoot> compelled

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You know what, I want to try my hand at this lemon writing business too. Since this story is finished (I presume) and the chatlog faggot is starting to shit up the thread anyway, here's my attempt. It is as shitty as expected from someone with no talent nor experience in this sort of thing.

After years of fervent prayer and vigorous fapping, it appears your dreams have come true. You wake up as a young girl, and as an expert on all matters loli-related you have none of "not noticing until in vicinity of a mirror" bullshit common to a myriad of genderbending series. You immediately break into masturbation, and enjoy your new genitals thoroughly until you notice something's amiss.

There's light around you. Your room is supposed to be free from the viles of sunlight.

As you rise up, still rather dizzy from the previous hours of self-pleasure, you notice that you are laying not in your bed, but on grass. Looking around, you see weird beasts on the horizon, as large as an elephant but with weird spikes jutting out from their backs. You recognize those. Straining your mind, you manage to identify them as Stegosaurus. Didn't those go extinct a wh-Oh shit.

You're in late Jurassic epoch.

Hearing a snorting sound behind you, you turn around just in time to dodge a gigantic foot, belonging to what appears to be one of those long-necked, giant dinosaurs, far larger than Stegosaurus – though you cannot recall their name at the moment. It appears to be grazing peacefully, and does not seem to regard you as a threat. You avoid any unnecessary movements not to offend the giant beast, but then you catch sight of...that.

>> No.4396606

Dinosaur reproduction is a complicated matter. It is true that many reptiles lack the specialization of the mammalian penis, but some such as turtles still possess equivalent organs reaching impressive sizes – in turtles this can be half the length of their shell. It is also true that the loss of avian penis is in part an adaptation to life in the air – in order for flight to be worth the energy, all extra weight must go, dicks and brains included. Certain flightless birds such as cassowaries and ostriches do maintain a very large penile appendage, and large dinosaurs, which have no need for flight adaptations, may as well have had a phallus.

You care nothing about that, however. All you see is a large dick, and your slut instincts have been awoken. The animal appears to be lowering it towards the ground, and you run towards the majestic phallus, ignoring your safety while you convince yourself that it's not furry if the animal has no fur and that could be the first and last sex you could have before a T. rex eats you (It can't, they won't exist until about 90 million years later. ) The “penis” is surprisingly malleable and warm (large dinosaurs had a relatively constant temperature, as they were slow to heat and slow to cool), and you stuff as much as you can inside your vagina. You immediately feel the mass expanding – apparently it was not even the full size yet! A line of drool makes its way down your mouth and drips off your chin as you think about the full glory of an Apatosaurus dick.

It appears the miracle that turned you into a girl also made your body much tougher than it appears. You feel no pain as your genital tract stretches to its limits, the shapeless mass making its way towards your uterus. You hear the breathing of the giant animal increase in freqency, and for some reason, you feel truly happy that you are making the dinosaur feel good.

>> No.4396607 [DELETED] 


three ten
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> wtf
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> they operated on me
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> (foot)
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> now police chipo
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> -o
08:39 < THC> please stop man
08:39 -!- Irssi: Pasting 5 lines to #shroomery. Press Ctrl-K if you wish to do this or Ctrl-C to cancel.
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> it sucks
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> and wtf are they doing with the technology
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> it means disclosureproject.org is about real technology even if its fake

>> No.4396609

Your heart almost ceases to beat as the animal's tail snaps near you like a whip. You quickly regain your composition and give in to the waves pleasure once again, but the tail bends once again below the animal and gently grabs hold of you. To your surprise, the tail moves much like a snake, showing dexterity unexpected for the giant vertebrae of the sauropod as it gropes you around. Your let out a small gasp as the tail finds your anus and thrusts in, pleasuring you from both holes at the same time.

After an amount of lovemaking I don't care to detail because I've run out of my small extent of knowledge on Apatosaurus biology, you pass out. When you wake up, you are in a cave home of sorts. You come to yourself and notice a girl your age attending to you. Happy that you are back into human civilization again, you try to speak with your savior.

Oddly enough, she is capable of speaking in English. She tells you that she took you to her home, and apologizes for doing “it” in “that form”. You are understandably confused, but then she shows you the long, whiplike tail coming out of her back. As it appears, that Apatosaurus wasn't male at all – just that the theory about the females possessing long, fleshy tubes with which to lay eggs to ground without breaking them happened to be true. And indeed, a phallic lump makes way through her skirt, and she asks you if you are ready for another go.

After all those years of loneliness, you have found love.

>> No.4396614

small question,
what is "lemon writing"?

>> No.4396615 [DELETED] 


08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <hp00p> flamoot when something really bad happens to u u can make shit up in ur brain it happened to me
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> and like it's not like six people get to work with it in black projects
08:39 < flamoot> sorry dude
08:39 < filthee> which pleasue centre?
08:39 -!- Irssi: Pasting 5 lines to #shroomery. Press Ctrl-K if you wish to do this or Ctrl-C to cancel.
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> police get to use it too
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> no not like that im not making up shit the bad thing was camping to get the implant thats all
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> christ
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> jeesus
08:39 < flamoot> 08:29 <flamoot> ty though
08:39 < flamoot> done

>> No.4396618

"Erotic fanfiction". You know, those Harry Potter x Sephiroth x Turn A Gundam threesome smuts.

>> No.4396620 [DELETED] 


08:39 < flamoot> filthee: dopamine and serotonin
08:40 < filthee> lol
08:40 < flamoot> dopamine to like get people through the shower and to work where it talks to them
08:40 < flamoot> and once it made this horizon in my forehead
08:40 < flamoot> with physics
08:40 < flamoot> but it could have been post-huasca effects
08:40 < flamoot> tbh
08:40 < flamoot> but that would be dopamine and serotonin
08:40 < filthee> damn gimme some

>> No.4396622

ah. many thanks!

>> No.4396628 [DELETED] 


08:40 < hp00p> heh, i tried to ease your mind but you post a private conversation in the channel
08:40 < hp00p> u are crazy
08:40 < hp00p> there are no aliens
08:40 -!- chemikalz [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
08:40 < flamoot> i know when i thought it was aliens i thought they chose me flamoot because i love aliens and to see what kinds of people
talk to me
08:40 < THC> you get tolerance to ayahuasca?
08:40 < hp00p> but i will let u suffer :)
08:40 < flamoot> if they mostly love aliens and want implants and i encouraged them all to
08:41 < flamoot> but now i think it's some tiny black control chip the police use
08:41 < THC> he's probably just on some kind of substance around here
08:41 < flamoot> if you yell in the hospital
08:41 < flamoot> but i was never violent

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So much wasted potential OP.

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Don't know if want...

>> No.4396639

Slash fic?

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08:41 < flamoot> now i will [go insane]
08:41 < flamoot> as [a sane response to] this destruction of my sweet little private life
08:41 < flamoot> doing nothing but play
08:41 < hp00p> THC he comes in here all the time and says theres a chip in him
08:41 < flamoot> play with my friends
08:41 < flamoot> >_<
08:41 < hp00p> that controls him
08:41 < filthee> lol
08:41 < hp00p> hes fuckin crazy
08:41 < flamoot> hp00p: is a troll
08:41 < flamoot> hp00p: is a troll
08:41 < THC> i believe him
08:41 < flamoot> govt
08:41 < flamoot> who is he
08:41 <@Pnutbot> he's a weird guy

>> No.4396650

Sorry, I'm not used to writing guro.

Should I have just ended it at the bad end?

>> No.4396655 [DELETED] 


08:41 < filthee> a potato chip
08:41 < hp00p> :/
08:41 < flamoot> he even says he doesn't take shrooms
08:41 < flamoot> or 'drugs'
08:41 < flamoot> hes the cia
08:41 < flamoot> mj12
08:41 < flamoot> mkultra
08:41 < flamoot> cointelpro
08:41 < flamoot> hp00p jesus
08:41 -!- disco-stu [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
08:41 < flamoot> why are you on the attack
08:41 < filthee> i want them drugs he has
08:41 < flamoot> at all

>> No.4396662
File: 196 KB, 344x520, Amanita Muscaria.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The lunch they made had hallucinogenics.

>> No.4396666 [DELETED] 


08:41 < filthee> haha
08:42 < THC> holy fuck those are real organisations if you believe in conspiracies
08:42 < flamoot> christ
08:42 < hp00p> flamoot, i am the rich controlling you, in a few minutes u are going to hear a CLICK IN UR BRAIN
08:42 < flamoot> they're all real
08:42 < filthee> we're not attacking man
08:42 < filthee> trying to relate
08:42 < hp00p> that is me rebooting the chip
08:42 < flamoot> thc havent you seen the black panthers comic books cointelpro mailed out
08:42 < flamoot> those are real
08:42 < flamoot> its real
08:42 < hp00p> tell me when u hear the click

>> No.4396669


>> No.4396679

OP posted it?

>> No.4396682

Triangle Blue.

>> No.4396686 [DELETED] 


08:42 < flamoot> hp00p gtfo
08:42 < hp00p> ????
08:42 < THC> havent seen them ?
08:42 < flamoot> ignort
08:42 < flamoot> thc sec
08:42 < flamoot> http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/COINTELPRO/coloring.html check
08:42 < THC> cointelpro is against black panthers right?
08:43 < flamoot> yes and other weird communities im singularity
08:43 < THC> secretly trying to kill them
08:43 < filthee> i heard a click about two weeks ago
08:43 < flamoot> and psychedelics
08:43 <@Pnutbot> http://www.tripzine.com/listing.php?smlid=800

>> No.4396695 [DELETED] 


08:43 < flamoot> also, mj12 is against aliens
08:43 < flamoot> i talk to them with psychs
08:43 < flamoot> mkultra is just electroshock drugging and control
08:43 < flamoot> this implant is all three
08:43 < THC> make the aliens comunicate with me if possible
08:43 < flamoot> and scientology is military/cia
08:43 < THC> please
08:43 < flamoot> i'll tell them to in my head right now
08:43 < flamoot> its gonna
08:43 < flamoot> dont worry

>> No.4396710 [DELETED] 


08:44 < flamoot> i thought 'communicate with thc' hard repeatedly and it like looked at my brain and bugged its eyes and i nodded fast and it
zoomed out and up like superman
08:44 < flamoot> but its still there i think but i know what it meant
08:44 < flamoot> god i hate the sarcasm though and jokes honestly
08:44 < flamoot> tell me if they communicate with you
08:44 < flamoot> i'd be happy at this point
08:45 < flamoot> i guess not huh
08:45 < flamoot> i dont know what to do
08:47 < THC> i think flamoot has a psychic connection to me even from lycaeum and here
08:47 < THC> flamoot is reading my mind
08:47 < THC> some how

>> No.4396729 [DELETED] 


08:47 < THC> and im chipped or tracked
08:47 < THC> no joke
08:48 < THC> he reads mine he doesnt do it that way
08:48 < THC> he read your mind by coincidence the aliens are helping
08:48 < THC> they must be i'm a skeptic even but i believe hes doing it
08:48 < THC> flamoot has suppernatural powers
08:48 < THC> somehow dont ask me how but i noticed
08:49 < THC> something about them kinda creepy hes reading my mind unless he's mocking me
08:49 < THC> thats crazy
08:49 < THC> i believe you flamoot

>> No.4396730


No, I mean you could have explored so much to do with the fact each half had a different personality, and their conflicts of opinion when deciding what to do to the protagonist.
The guro could have been improved too, but that's not the main point.

>> No.4396747 [DELETED] 


08:49 < THC> yeah but i believe him
08:49 < THC> he's fortune telling me
08:49 < THC> its creepy
08:49 < THC> as hell
08:50 -!- disco-stu [[email protected]] has joined #shroomery
08:50 -!- lousif [[email protected]] has joined #shroomery
08:50 -!- disco-stu is now known as Narc42681
08:50 < flamoot> hi
08:50 < flamoot> im copying this all somewhere

>> No.4396773

I suppose I could've written that if I didn't want them to jump the protagonist's bones asap.

I suppose I could've also made this an elaborate setup by Alice to screw with the protagonist, involving prosthetics and special effects.

>> No.4396777

[X] Jump into the lake

>> No.4396778

Come to think of it, does this game have any other CG other than the two pics in this thread? Anyone mind posting them?

>> No.4396787

I think it would have been fine leaving out the twist ending of the envelope.

Anyway, thanks for the story.

>> No.4397614

that was a terrible ending...

>> No.4397944

Ending sort of felt like an /x/ "creepypasta". I was expecting bloody fingerprints and such.

>> No.4398084
File: 436 KB, 1920x1200, Konota thumbs up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

staplegirl story made me cringe

dinosaur girl made me lol profusely

good job anons.

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