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Rinnosuke Morichika

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Wow he's on the front page.

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rare male 2hu

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He probably has the bible in his shop, maybe even the quran and torah

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Maybe. He is very knowledgeable.

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would let him top me desu

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Getting rejected by the 2hu you've been crushing on!
Rinnosuke showing up at your village house's door dressed up in her outfit!

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A sight one can only dream of...

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What was the moment you realised Rinnosuke is literally you? For me it's reading on his novel that he doesnt really care about anything besides having hos alone time to relax also he's a compulsive liar

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The fact that ZUN made sure the fujoshi didn't have a single goddamn other bishounen character to ship him with is very funny to me.

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>he doesnt really care about anything besides having hos
not literally me at all, i don't have hoes

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Exactly, he was meant to be sexed like the other 2hus.

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imagine the smell

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do you have a loving, loyal wife instead?

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Built for BYH (Blonde Youkai Hags)

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*gaps in*
*throws shit on the ground and drops a jerry can of gas*
What the fuck is her problem

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Leave her alone. It's how she thinks one goes around courting gentlemen.

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Marry Rinnosuke. Hug Rinnosuke. Kiss Rinnosuke. Sleep next to Rinnosuke. Cuddle with Rinnosuke. Shower with Rinnosuke. Cook for Rinnosuke.

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Rinnosuke would never fall for a youkai and make weird 3/4 youkai babies. He WILL marry a nice human girl and dilute his youkai blood to a respectable 1/4.

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Rinnosuke is unfaithful...

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Compare cock sizes with Rinnosuke!

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I vaguely recall some anons talking of a russian VN about rinnosuke being stalked by yandere yukari.
Anybody heard of that?

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What video games would he play?

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I think he'd like RPGs

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is he a bro? or is he too Autist to care?

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he has a job and hes secretly gay

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Nah he would enjoy shop management.

I never knew /jp/ had this many fujos.

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I only like him because i can self insert into him and ship him with other 2hus

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What would it be like having an autist like Rinnosuke as a friend?

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You would immediately get mogged by hordes of horny hags who have finally found someone else than him to lust for.

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i'm just gay and he's my type

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there are thousands of men in the village
they only have interest in Rinnosuke because well, he is interesting
you would not be interesting to youkai hags

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So what your saying is that it's up to us to defend our friend from the hag menace

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That too.
I second what this anon said >>43932389
To gain his friendship you'd have to frequent his shop and also show interest on what he does, the shared interests will have you catch his attention.
When he starts to think of you as a friend, he'd be having long talks with you about the outside world among other things.

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>I never knew /jp/ had this many fujos.

There's non-stop BL and Holostars generals on here.

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he is for (You)(male) and lolidom

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i want to hug him from behind

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Cuddling Rinnosuke...

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did ZUN design him too? I do not know shit about the written works.

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All these women are throwing themselves at him and he is still loyal to Marisa. Be like Rinnosuke, jaypee.

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I'm guessing he did but ZUN has not directly mentioned it.

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Kourin specifically is one you wouldn't want as a friend if you are a regular ass human. He comes as a package deal with dangerous girls who might get jealous their boytoy is spending so much time talking about gameboys with some other autist.

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i want to do this to him

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his hair always looks really soft, i bet it'd feel great...

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in MY 2hu?

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Don't worry he's gay. He's not competition he's opportunity.

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It is ZUN's self insert.

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Rinnosuke but good

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I'm gonna be sick...

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Horrible. The only acceptable female Rinno is one who looks exactly like he usually does, maybe with small breasts kept bound against her chest, who anon befriended and got close to (and started having strange feelings for) when he was under the impression that she was a guy.

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Is he wearing a fucking choker lmao

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way to ruin something already mediocre

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Anti-fujo measures activated.

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C'mon fellas go post boobs somewhere else...
This is a gay thread

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Who is he even going to be gay with? Youki? Byakuren's dead brother? Miko?

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Nice try fujo but we're not producing any material for you

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Not a fujo but fine
I'll have him then

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cute boys in glasses are gods greatesr gift

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who are the touhous supposed to be straight with? with the exception of rinnosuke, the answer has always been >>43952349

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oh so you guys actually are gay

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not gay but i would fuck an anon if he was cute and not hairy

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Silly rabbit needs correction.

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I have a theory that Rinnosuke posts in /jp/

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He's too poor to pay for internet in gensokyo. If this happens to be true he probably has undeclared sources of income and should be arrested on suspicion of tax evasion and prostitution

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Are there any cool Rinnosuke images?

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Yeah, all of them

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I'll accept my punishment.

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File: 1.41 MB, 906x1280, __kirisame_marisa_and_morichika_rinnosuke_touhou_drawn_by_ksk_semicha_keisuke__8951848ce6da5e3bd1897b84319984fc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

S-sorry kourin san, i promise i won't even look at her

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But thats the only two answers needed

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He's just a model...

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Nude model?

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Clothing is optional.

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Why there is so much art of him with Yukari? do them ever interact?

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...yes anon, they interact a lot!
Yukari's somewhat fixated on him and teases him in some chapters of CoLA. Rinnosuke is less than amused; he has a somewhat low opinion of Yukari and is creeped out by her

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he is a son yukari wish she had

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The flag crusher of 2hu world

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He's like a merchant who give you advice and equipment to win against gensokyo women

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I see him with Marisa more

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I will make one and no one will stop me

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post them kissing and i'll believe it

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They make a cute couple. They've interacted a few times in CoLA, iirc Yukari saved him from being spirited away. Most of the time though Rinnosuke's scared of her and Yukari likes trolling him and takes his rarer stuff as payment for his heater's fuel

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Yukari likes to steal his shit

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Wow he's on the front page.

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>*ejaculates on the gap hag*
>what the hell.... I was good at danmaku all along
>yukari... dont you ever stop believing you're 17