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>my face when months of time and effort (culminating in many danmaku battles and oscar-worthy acting) was all for one bottle of alcohol

seriously? couldn't yukari have just asked suika?

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Yes yes. Welcome to the "SSiB sucked" club.

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Suika's gourd may have unlimited sake, but it lacks in variety.

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Oh please, weren't the Mary Sue sisters just an amazing addition to the Touhou world?

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worst ending ever

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Suika's sake tastes like vinegar.

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Lack of variety never stopped Suika from drinking it every hour for centuries.

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I think they stole the sake not particularly because they wanted it, but because they wanted to send a big "fuck you" to the moon.

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I never found SSiB particularly interesting in the first place, but the last few chapters have just been a chore to read.

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Welcome to the "Trolled by ZUN" club.

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I'd like to think the message was "We could have stolen all your shit but didn't feel like it. Suck it, Moonbitches!"

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the time you spent reading SSiB could've been better spent reading Grimoire of Marisa

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1.Aki Eda is a full of bad yuri romance and other shit.
2.Hieda no Akyu is full of lies and shit.


Hieda no Akyu

Hi eda no Aky u

eda Aky

Aky eda

Aki Eda.


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mind = blown

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1. Marisa is wearing a mizugi in this scene.

2. Aya has terribly bland taste in swimwear.

3.Reimu doesn't look so bad compared to everyone else. Her hair tying's quirky.

also, Aki Eda's drawing is approaching dangerously close to moeblobbery K-On style.

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If that was intended, then I give props for also sneaking in a "kyu" reference at the same time (Akyu is the ninth child of Miare, and this pun IS intended).

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>K-On manga started in May 07
>SSiB started in June 07
You be the judge

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Chara designer of K-On TV series = Aki Eda's pseudonym.

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I wish to be the law.

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The youkai, led by Yukari for first lunar war lost because Yukari want to teach the youkai not to mess with border expansion.

This time Yukari just want trollan, with new players from the aliens' side.

>Aky eda

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>>Yukari and Yuyuko's poll ranking plunge after SSiB

Aki Eda is the cancer that's been killing Yukari and Yuyuko.

I'd rather see a Terry Pratchett-written PMiSS, as Rinnosuke than that... AKYU.

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The Cirno joke is really... unrelated.

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>I'd rather see a Terry Pratchett-written PMiSS,



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Shit, I want Terry Pratchett to just totally take Touhou out of Zun's hands, too bad he's starting to turn funny with that Alzheimer's.

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>I'd rather see a Terry Pratchett-written PMiSS, as Rinnosuke than that... AKYU.

I'd fund it.

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>moeblobbery K-On style.
Guess so. First time experience reading Rocket Fuel 21's stuff always leads to HNNNGGGHHH.

Now it's pretty formulaic. The drawing style too. It's like the fucking Personal Color. I miss Eastern and Little Nature Deity's artstyle.

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The greatest, epic closing performance of Terry Pratchett's life.

Fucking fund it to end the world (9) times over.

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Fuck Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman instead.

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oh god not that faggot

I admit some of his books were good, but Sandman made me hate him with a passion

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No no no.
Kyu is japanese for nine. A-KYU is the NINTH reincarnation of the child of Miare.
The first one was A-ICHI, the second was A-NI, the seventh was A-NANA and so on...
All number puns.

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I hated Sandman too, but Neil Gaiman is just better equipped to handle a series about girls in frilly dresses and hats who blast each other with thousands of projectiles as a casual greeting in any situation.

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What does 9 have to do with Aki Eda?

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Gaiman is too highbrow.

But yes, Terry Pratchett's closing act should be to write in the great book of Touhou.

Or open a portal between the two worlds LOL

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I can barely wait for Ankh-Morpork to tax and sell Danmaku.


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If that one anon is right, the name Hieda no Akyu has a number pun and an illustrator reference. Classy

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9th resurrection. Apparently it's also ZUN inserting his already-married-mangaka into Gensokyo.

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>>Aky eda

1. Too bad ZUN never knew what he was getting into by roping in Aki Eda.

2. You'd think that SSiB would properly throw in lots of shmup shout-outs, but no.

3. Aki Eda to me comes off as yet another zombie fujoshi.

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I can picture Marisa either robbing the Unseen University library(or at least attempting to) or just getting chummy with the Librarian.

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1. Zun must be getting fantastic foursomes from Aki, Aya and Sanae.

2. Quick, we need another slut's name that starts with A, just for consistency's sake.

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While Cohen the Barbarian and our favorite old hag Yukari complain about their aching joints and tongue-lash the bypassing young whippersnappers?

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1. I like Akyu due to bittersweet short life and silliness
2. ZUN explores spellcard references instead
3. Aki Eda's husbando can drawn and CG though. Looks kinda fun.

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She also provides some perspective on the bad old days.

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Yeah. Rinnosuke would be OOC if he begin telling stories of Gensokyo's past. Wonder if he's also an insert/self-insert character? He's like ZUN without the alcohol, but still as weirdo.

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>>2. ZUN explores spellcard references instead

There was this huge list of shmup references in the TH games. Can't seem to find it.

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The ones in SSiB refers to mythological/religious perspective though, rather than technical/music/gaming.

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Rinnosuke witnessed the bad old days too.

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hai guyz, did someone say shmup reference?

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that was in UFO, not SSiB

there were a bunch of spell card references in SSiB when they had that big danmaku battle

it's ridiculous how imba the lunarians are though

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Gods are smalltime.

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I wonder if Maribel and Usami are also inserts... Nah, couldn't be!

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Yeah but he'll just grab an onahole, discovering its purpose "to satisfy one appetite" using his power and then wondering how the hell human use this stuff.

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>Too bad ZUN never knew what he was getting into by roping in Aki Eda.

Christ you people are retarded. Aki Eda is noting but the artist for SSiB, ZUN is responsible for everything plot related. And you complainers must have never reached a good end in the games because drinking tea/sake is as faithful of an ending to the games as it gets.

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Naw, the shmup references list covered most of the windows TH games.

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Could be. They might be ancient touhoufan pairing before the whole thing becomes popular. Interested more in occult than anything.

Genderbend? Like the whole touhou cast are inspired from RL people? ...nah that's too far-fetched.

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How does I rule world with Gameboy?

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What's wrong with Sandman?

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I actually enjoyed SSiB and the standard tea party end, not to mention that I love Aki Eda's style.

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Go read fucking Sabotage. Either Aki Eda is that brilliant to play around characters' hidden motives or that she got some unofficial story tips from ZUN.

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Neil Gaiman's been pretty high profile.

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You know what I want? I canon battle manga done by Chado.

In fact out of all the competent, interesting artists who illustrate more interesting out looks on Gensokyo than the standard pairing shit why did he choose Eda?

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Yeah like, raising voices against banning loli. In his blog or something.

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A man after my own heart, you are.

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Chado's fun and all, but I don't think he goes well with canon.
In fact his whole spiel is breaking canon in exaggerated ways.

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Exactly. Aki Eda is awesome.

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Eda pulled an Aya, if you know what I mean.

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I hate all the fucking wapanese that lurk here lol how does it feel to be owned by a 14 year old

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Eiki's judgment vs Black/White power.

Sounds like a differential diagnosis from House.

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I think Rocket Fuel 21 is fitting. She releases 9+ touhou doujins at 2006 with consistent quality, combining the charm of shoujo manga, lesbian fluffs, SoL, and touhou atmosphere.

Go read/reread Plastic Heart.

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I'm not reading another Aki Eda doujin as long as I live

I swear, mexican Telemundo soap operas have more substance than her trite bullshit.

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Then learn to avoid Hero Bear, Personal Color, and Sekitou.

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There's this one comic where the artist explained how Yukari used Ran to trick Suika into not coming to fight in the lunar war, that pissed Suika enough to leave Gensokyo. In the off screen war there was a humongous super nova that nearly killed Yukari sending her to the the Netherworld where she met Yuyuko for the first time and became friends. That comic had a Black Tewi explaining how people adapt gensokyo differently. That's the artist I want to do an official work.

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>In fact out of all the competent, interesting artists who illustrate more interesting out looks on Gensokyo than the standard pairing shit why did he choose Eda?

He likes the way she draws his characters. You know, the most important thing when choosing an ARTIST for HIS stories?

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Nah, bkub.

Or pageratta.

>> No.4384487

A lot of the Touhou yuri stuff (that's not RocketFuel21) uploaded at Solelo seem more... substantial.

>> No.4384494

Reading Personal Colour consecutively is a very draining, actually.

>> No.4384505

Hmm, Aki Eda's work looks a bit more tolerable when colored/painted. But just a bit.

>> No.4384529

Yeah, Personal Color writes pretty emo/dark stories when he wants it.

>> No.4384533

That and the eyes of characters easily switch from tsurime to tareme and the other way around.

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SSiB proves that Touhou should never be an anime.

ZUN did the fucking story himself, and it came out mediocre.

>> No.4384544

I think it's brilliant. Just that it doesn't pander to widespread audience's tastes.

But then again I love Sekien no Inganock.

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Looks good either way. She was a great choice by ZUN.

>> No.4384559

>He likes the way she draws his characters

You mean he likes the fact that all their faces are carbon copies of one another?

>> No.4384567

lol K-On, Aoi Nishimata, etc

>> No.4384571

*cough* we're talking animu style character drawings here.

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Perhaps I just wanted more conflict, less useless Marisa, less passive-aggressive Reimu, and less unbeatable moon people.

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Rocket Fuel 21 is pretty harmless compared to the stuff on Wings of Yuri. I like both.

Its more about blushing and ~feelings than carpet munching.

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You keep throwing out these lists of things with similar problems as if I should have an epiphany and realize that I'm a hypocrite or something.

I don't watch/read any of the things you're listing. They're probably shit artists too if they have those issues.

After a single page of any other doujin artist, I can tell from unique facial features what character is who. With Aki Eda, every single character is a clone with a wig. I swear, that artist must just copy and paste faces to her doujins from a single resource of faces she drew in thirty minutes

>> No.4384608

The Moon people need to be nigh-unbeatable.

It's the kind of disparity between American Revolutionary armies going up against the friggin' Covenant.

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Rocket Fuel 21 is pretty harmless compared to the stuff on Wings of Yuri. I like both.

Its more about blushing and ~feelings than carpet munching.

>You mean he likes the fact that all their faces are carbon copies of one another?
What the hell are you talking about? They are about as varied as ZUNs original art.

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It was also on their turf.

>> No.4384627

I prefer blushing + feelings leading up to carpet munching.

Don't want too much cockblock and cliffhanger blush blush partial revelation crap.

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Oh god.

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One bitch effortlessly defeating some of the strongest Toohoes is pretty bullshit though.

>> No.4384641

>>One ace in a blue-striped plane taking down the best pilots Belka had to offer is pretty bullshit though.

>>One ace in a ribbon-marked plane taking down the best pilots Erusea had to offer is pretty bullshit though.

>> No.4384647

>What the hell are you talking about? They are about as varied as ZUNs original art.
So why the hell do you think he hires out art jobs to other artists instead of doing it himself? To have better artists to visually flesh out his ideas.
It's just unfortunate that he picked out such an overrated artist.

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What the fuck, is post delete broken or something?

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The other official Touhou manga drawn by Clash House has been going on for 5 years now.

It's pretty good, but it's a slow/relaxing-type manga (think Aria) so that's why no one ever talks about it. But that kind of story is the only thing Japanese ZUN is good at when it comes to writing. Touhou in manga/anime form should always be about drinking tea and taking it easy anyways.

>> No.4384664

>>A lone fighter pilot plowing through pretty much the bulk of what the Bacterian Empire could throw at him is pretty bullshit though.

>>A lone fighter pilot tearing through pretty much the bulk of what the Bydo could throw at him is pretty bullshit though.

>> No.4384673

I could hear Strike Freedom Gundam's music playing right now.

>> No.4384674

True. When it comes to plottan gaems, anime is good only when you have clear villain roles, but touhou doesn't have that.

It has atmosphere though, so it should stick to Aria SoL formula.

>> No.4384683

That indeed is bullshit too, how does that refute my statement in the slightest?

>> No.4384686

You are now recalling Suzaku's Lancelot bullshit in Code Geass S1.

>> No.4384698


Sure is Sunrise in here.

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File: 1.37 MB, 2456x3492, moe 119183 sample.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but touhou doesn\'t have clear villains

Here is your true villain and final boss of Gensokyo.

>> No.4384714

Inb4 which animu studio should produce touhou anime.

No, please.

>> No.4384719

Is MAIKAZE good enough an answer?

>> No.4384727

No, it isn't.

I prefer my touhous to not look like they were the victim of a violent shovel + face related crime.

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>> No.4384746

No. They went to revolutionary route once but gave up on the way.

Yeah, but her motive so far is always about drinkan sake and have a peaceful but fun and safe Gensokyo.

New villain should be Kanako-tier, plotting behind cartoon ones like Ooku.

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Yukari loves Gensokyo too much to be a real villain.
She just wants to have fun.

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Yukarin has always been a good guy.

Kanako/Moriya shrine used to be the villians. But I guess ZUN put that idea to rest. Even Sanae is a good girl now.

>> No.4384820

Yukari's the most benevolent villain.
Okuu's the malicious one. But she's too dumb to be a mastermind.
I wouldn't call Kanako a villain. Yet.

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Look at how she schemes and manipulates people to wage wars and shit.

>> No.4384850

Except Sanae B.

There's still the unexplored kappa/tengu vs deva topic.

And more story potential if Byakuren decided to push her pro-youkai agenda once more.

>> No.4384851

I don't want to troll too much but isn't that how everything goes? The protagonists fight some new touhous for little or no reason, the final boss is doing something vaguely threatening but then it's all okay at the end?

>> No.4384870

Some reason. In IN the full-moon is gone (bad for youkai), in PCB the winter goes for months and spring didn't arrive.

Seirensen features the most non-threatening issue though. They just want to explore the floating ship.

In IaMP, too much drinkan and festivals.

>> No.4384872

That's how she has fun!

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Final boss, guaranteed.

>> No.4384879


American presidents do this all the time. The US citizens here aren't going to care about a minor detail like that.

>> No.4384905

Somebody repost the bad things Reimu have done and prove once and for all that Reimu is the mastermind.

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File: 54 KB, 500x504, 7c65c3b381aa77b64e7a0b3daea5ee36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being as evil as an American President is about Hitler villain level by Gensokyo standards.

>> No.4384911

lol looks like takano from higurashi no naku real

>> No.4384917

That implies she has some sort of plan.
Reimu just goes around wrecking shit randomly.
Luckily it's usually to the benefit of Gensokyo.

>> No.4384921

>American President

Yes, let's all blame single office instead of the whole Cabinet of people that manage aspects of the Executive Branch. And let's just ignore the Legislative branch entirely.

>> No.4384924

>One bitch effortlessly defeating some of the strongest Toohoes is pretty bullshit though.

You speak about Reimu?

>> No.4384941

Makes me wonder who gave Steve Jobs' idea for next product.

>> No.4384945

Not effortlessly, but whatever.

inb4 shitstorm

>> No.4384946

Reimu does it under Danamaku rules.
Without them, she'd probably still survive (float hax), but I don't see her defeating all of them effortlessly like the Lunar sisters.

>> No.4384947


>implying the Judicial Branch is without fault

>> No.4384952

>implying that, as the weakest branch with the least power in American Government, it is not the most honorable comparatively by far.

>> No.4384954

They fought under danmaku rules in SSiB.

>> No.4384959

Someone find a Reimu/Hokuto pic.

>> No.4384976

She had that bullshit deus ex sunlight attack against Remilia.

Might as well just have a drawing of a button that says I WIN and she presses it.

>> No.4384978

Yes, and they'd win against everyone even without them.
That's the bullshit part.

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A little off topic question, but the Wigs of Yuri site makes me ask: Is there a lot of translated doujins outside of the Gaku Touhou batch torrent? Or is it complete apart from porn stuff?

>> No.4384986

SSiB battles are plotted though.

Apparently non-shmup danmaku reeks of Nasu powerhax.

>> No.4384991

Sure. Tell me your tastes/favorite genre of manga/anime/vn and I'll tell you the relevant circles I happen to know.


>> No.4384996

Tactics? In MY danmaku battle? Preposterous.

>> No.4385014
File: 54 KB, 784x471, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the offer but Im just asking where to find stuff. As far as I know http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Comics_by_Release is all included in the 8 gb batch torrent I already have.

But some of the Wings of Yuri stuff isnt, so I wonder if there are other places Im not aware of.

>> No.4385016

That's not danmaku! What a cheating bitch.

>> No.4385019

Next thing you're going to say is that suns themselves are not danmaku.

>> No.4385023

Danbooru soft-translated stuffs. Like Touhouonmyoutetsu http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/729 or other stories presented in webcomic or artwork format rather than doujins.

>> No.4385029

Oh, don't forget official stories in fiction format like Cage in Lunatic Runagate, Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Curiosities of Lotus Asia. They're VERY relevant.

>> No.4385041 [SPOILER] 
File: 379 KB, 900x1000, 1249619561455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seriously, what's she going to do next? Use stars? Planets? Revolving solar system models?

>> No.4385044
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Yeah, thanks. But I guess thats about it, at least for non porn.

Okuu vs Remilia would be a massacre then.

>> No.4385057
File: 227 KB, 930x900, cca80ca795f6972f0207ca1dabfb31f45916e9e5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


500+ translated Touhou yuri doujins, most non porn. Dunno how much they overlap with the Gaku-Touhou torrent.

>> No.4385072

Yuyuko taunted Remilia about this in Hisoutensoku.

Also, I made the sunlight comment with Marisa's "In a world of fantasy, danmaku is nonsense" line in mind. A "danmaku" that has no gaps or openings, such as a sunlight attack, has no point and isn't any fun either.

>> No.4385101

Aw fuck, is there a 1 whole file to download?

I'm too lazy to download one by one

>> No.4385119

Thank you for your generosity

>> No.4385130

>Okuu wins vs Alice

"That doll...
I'm sure it can explode even further!"

I laughed. I love the way she thinks.

>Okuu wins vs Meiling

"You're always trying to close in on me.
Are you trying to burn yourself to death?"

... ;_;

>> No.4385145

>A "danmaku" that has no gaps or openings, such as a sunlight attack, has no point and isn't any fun either.
Running out of bombs.

Use JDownloader to get the entire batch.

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>> No.4386625

ITT: Butthurt otaku who were upset that their favorite touhous got pwned by the strongest of the Lunarians who ZUN has been saying are stronger than Gensokyoans anyway.

I enjoyed the manga. I had no trouble telling the different characters apart at any point, and I felt the ending fit the story.

Also... anyone else think Lord Daikoku might play a part in a future touhou game? Something about Tewi trying to free him? Tewi as a final boss or even an EX boss would be amazing.

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File: 192 KB, 632x632, suika grip n sip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ITT: Trolls.

>> No.4386635


>> No.4386651 [DELETED] 

You should know since ZUN had her draw the comic "Memorizable Gensokyo" that was published with PMiSS.

>> No.4386777

Seriously, I thought SSiB was cute. I mean, it's Touhou. You're not going to get grim and gritty with it, even if it seemed it might get that way once in a while. I found the idea that Yukari's idea of a second lunar war was to steal all of one item from the moon funny.

>> No.4386897

SSiB is cool. Although I guess it was different if you had to wait two weeks per chapter only to see some more "moonbitches wreck things up" shit.

In particular, I liked the way SSiB portrayed Yukari and Remilia.

That is not to say they couldn't have used the chapters better (especially the endless fights), or that the climax couldn't have been more climactic, but fuck it, it was hilarious and cute for the most part.

>> No.4387169

if SSiB was going to be that way then they might as well have just threw in the artist for Inaba of the Moon/Earth.

>> No.4387183

Why is Reisen the fall-girl in Inaba, Inaba? It makes me feel so bad for her. ;_;

>> No.4388269

because Reisen's only good for her sex appeal. Being a woobie makes guys even more horny for her.

>> No.4388317
File: 234 KB, 800x600, Baldr177.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah I think that's just a passing reference. Similar to numerous backstory glimpse in CiLR.

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>Okuu vs Remilia would be a massacre then.

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