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Why don't we have Valentine's Day chocolates like the Japanese do?

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I only like Dark Chocolate

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We'd have no one to give them to anyway.

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I am giving a gift certificate for a pedicure.

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Isn't that what White Day is for?

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Because girls here are materialistic.

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What? What's so different about Japanese chocolates on Valentine's Day?

Besides, chocolates are for fatties. I'm giving my girlfriend a card and flowers.

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Stop trying to make me like Patchouli.

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I'm giving her a 16GB memory stick

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I want to eat her chocolate.

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I want to eat blood mix chocolate with Yuka. Hrhh Hrrhhh...~
I can picture it in my mind... Say aa~

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We don't celebrate valentines where I live.

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Valentine's day is one-way in Japan.
Women pay tribute to their love-interests in chocolate.

How the fuck can /jp/ not know this?

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Don't they just remelt candy bars anyways?

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Does anyone have a compilation of all the previous ones?
Formatted my hard-drive and forgot to put these in my external.

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You don't know how to make chocolate, do you?

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I don't belive in expressing love with candy.

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doesn't get the thread

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