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astronaut sanae

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a trip to the doc? eirin must be really famous.

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Moriya Shrine WILL wipe out the moonies.

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You're a big girl.

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and when all the dick on earth has been sucked we shall take to the stars

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At the time of Lolk, she was already an astronaut

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Go back to whatever board you came from. It's obvious you're not an actual autist with an obscure fetish.

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Someone post the picture of Sakuya in a spacesuit.

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I'm tired of this meme, actual autists cannot use 4chan. To be able to use 4chan you need to be competent in interpreting social cues from pure text (sometimes with images) in order to know what and what not to post. On most other social media sites (twitter, reddit, etc.) the rules are clearly and explicitly written so it's easy for actual autists to follow them. On 4chan on the other hand, every board has its own set of implicit and unwritten rules and culture that posters have to follow, these rules can only be known by "lurking moar". During the process of "lurking" the person must be able recognize patterns of posting in order to imitate their style and to not make any mistake that will reveal them to be a "newfag". The interpretation of all this social information requires a good amount of social intelligence. Thus on 4chan, unlike other social media sites, one requires a greater social mental capacity in order to post competently. Hence, contrary to popular belief 4chan is not filled with autists, quite the opposite actually. Real autists cannot assimilate nor interpret social cues easily due to lack of said social intelligence. Real autists will try act based on what they think is normal and as such they will be ironically called "normalfags" when posting here. And it's even more ironic because the people who assimilate and adhere most strictly to imageboard culture are the least likely to be autistic.

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I agree.