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Stop being horny and start being productive members of society.

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No thank you
To Hell i shall be going.

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No, there are living breathing yokees out there that demand to be FUCKED

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Shall you define "productive" for us clueless sinners?

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Society can slurp on my dick until it explodes from pleasure.

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i'm an elementary school teacher

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>be a spook of a spook

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Do you mean reproductive? I plan on reproducing with a fertile youkai later.

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this society doesn't deserve me

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Doing or achieving a lot
Working hard
Getting good results

Being "productive" means doing, at every moment, what we consciously choose to do and not what we feel we are doing forced by circumstances. Productivity means adopting an attitude for continued improvement.
A productive member of society is someone who contributes to the community they live in. They do not leach off the people around them but instead give back, even in some small way.

I'm other words not being selfish, degenerate, hedonistic and a disappointment.

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>Doing or achieving a lot
A lot of what? Would achieving a lot of murder be considered productive?
>Working hard
How hard? To the point of exhaustion? If not, to what degree, exactly, does it count as hard? If I find my job easy, am I not working hard?
>Getting good results
Define "good," please.

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Too late for that.

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>A lot of what? Would achieving a lot of murder be considered productive?
Achieving means what betters you and your community and society at large.
Is this "murder" achieving good results?
Is so, it's not murder.
These words mean to succeed in finishing something or reaching a goal, especially after a lot of effort or difficulty. You can say that you have achieved or fulfilled an aim, goal, or ambition that brought about good for everyone and yourself.
>How hard? To the point of exhaustion? If not, to what degree, exactly, does it count as hard? If I find my job easy, am I not working hard?
It means prioritizing your tasks, doing what is necessary (no busy-work just for the sake of "doing work"), and learning to understand, not to memorize. If you understand why you are doing something, you'll probably enjoy doing it better and you'll be motivated to do it.
You're much more valuable to society when you're dedicated and passionate about that kind of productivity. Find your dream and live it.
What makes you the most fulfilled?
What do you want to do with your life?
How can you contribute to society and your community?
>Define "good," please.
That which is morally right; righteousness.

The standard of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable to do.
Unacceptable: hedonism and degeneracy
Acceptable: productivity and noble goals

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Suck my cock dude.

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Eiki would encourage me to be the best NEET I can be, I was born to take it easy after all. It's my nature.

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Funny because I beat off to dominant girls! Small ones in particular!

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I'll die before I get a job.
Now if you excuse me, I'll spend the next couple of hours masturbating to lewd pictures of Eiki.

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I want Eiki to sit on me and lecture me

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I will marry Eiki-sama and have 12 children with her! There, I've been very productive

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>productive members of society

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the society needs you
work you goddamn neet

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I will remove myself from society and thus improve it.

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I will be a productive member of society by reproducting and producting more members for it!

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Don't be a moralfag Eiki-sama, you're being a party pooper.

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Isn't that her job?

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>Stop being horny
>start being productive members of society
I'm gonna have to pass on that one.

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>a lot
I was interested initially but I don't think this is for me. Thanks anyway.

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It is but she does it even on her free time.

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You fool!
You dare dismiss the most productive instinct of Humanity, the reproductive instinct? How can one be truly productive in society without making sure it continues by reproducing? Foolishness!