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Here is your assistant!

Please give your honest thoughts.

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What sort of things will she assist me with?

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What kind of "assistance" does Patchouli need from a literal sex demon?

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she can organize books and stuff

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Do you think she gets horny all the time in that library but is frustrated because her succubi nature dictates she requires semen to alleviate her tensions because there's no men around ever? I'm sure even the ugliest man would drive her wild on sight. Patche probably has to cast a few spells on her to keep that lust at bay.

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Why not keep a lowlife male on hand to keep her in check instead? Surely someone is stupid enough to volunteer as succubus food.

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Me. I am.

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I love her <3

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I love her..

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Stupid sexy secretary

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I want to marry this succ and feed her everyday for the rest of my life.

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wut dat mouf do

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Does she know C#?

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Will she help me have sex with Patchouli?

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she looks so sincere and professional. I think my relationship with her will be strictly professional

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Of course, stay sure of that
>last part of this series is STILL not translated after these years

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A damn shame. But what does Koakuma get out of having fat old men fuck patchouli?

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self insert

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i think she is not even a character, and nearly everything about her has been concocted by the fanbase rather than the creator
that sort of thing is neat as a concept, but i'm not a fan

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My honest thoughts? I'd mindbreak her into submission and make her my accomplice into having her reveal to me Remi's deepest secrets just so I can marry her and become the SDM master.

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its funny how after that and the fairy that appear before cirno on stage 2 ZUN named every midboss too instead of only the stage boss.

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Koa that's unprofessional! Why would you do that?

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Red hair is nice.

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Maybe her shift was over, ever thought about that, huh?

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Sorry Koa, the AC is broken until the part I need gets shipped.

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here have a goodwill replacement till then :)

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Shift? She is supposed to be a full time assistant!

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E-even during bathroom breaks?

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E-even during bed!?

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E-ven during the weekends?

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Yes she scrubs my back.
When i piss? No, that'sjust embarrassing.
Yes she keeps me warm
Yes she makes me laugh and keeps me company. It's not what you think thogh. we have professional and only professional relations.

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How is having a literal succubus "keeping you warm" during night in any way decent or appropriate?

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Would koa get jealous if another girl started getting friendly with her master?

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I-i was kidding. She doesn't even like to be in my room, she'd kill me if i asked her to keep me warm. But she's still just a call bell away, to that extent she is a full time assistant

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W-why would she? Her relation with her master is strictly professional

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Also excuse you, she may be born a succubus but she is a very decent and dignified woman. Look at how modestly she dresses

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It's still attention being taken away from her.

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She will get it back somehow dw :)

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Koa noooo! You can't smoke on the job!!

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Koa and her daily struggles to keep sexual thoughts out of her mind.

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Would Koakuma be a good mother?

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Only one way to find out :)

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I can still see her hair, she's a SLUT

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Koacaine is a hell of a drug

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Your response?

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"Did you use a tit inflation spell again Koa? You know I'm married to Meiling right?"

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What are the condoms for?

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she can put on a china hat and you wouldnt know the difference

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Yeah. Don't worry, I can find it on my own. Then a year later I realize she was hitting on me and never live it down.

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Hong has a smile as bright as the sun and a bear hug that can damn near crush my spine, Koa can try but she's trying to use sexiness instead of loving wife energy in this competition.

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Koa... you’re innocent girl act doesn't turn me on...

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Please bring me the "How to impregnate my daughter Koakuma: An introductory course on succubus breeding", Volume 1 Second Edition and Volume 2 Third abridged edition, by Shinki.

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Imagine if there really was such a book.

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What are her credentials

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just look at her and she will make you forget the job requirements :)

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I need stress relief

Assistant get in here

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Excuse you? What sort of assistance do you think she provides?

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koakuma has resigned on account of sexual harrassment at the workplace. Are you happy now?

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That's a very good question. I don't do much besides laze around.

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No! She has to return the clothes before leaving!

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Don't fall for her succubus tricks!

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they're a parting gift, forget about them.
koa is a very dignified and modest library assistant. she might have been born a succubus but she is pure.
can't believe someone saved the shitty edit i made in gimp. i even got it wrong the first time around.

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Koakuma wants a baby.

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then give her one faggot

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A small world, isn't it? I've been gone from /jp/ for years too.

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She wants paid time off in the form of maternity leave.

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stupid dumb slut

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Koakuma's favorite book is "The Big Milestone: A practical guide to the Lil' Devil conceiving your 10th child".

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Rude and uncalled for. Koauma is neither stupid nor dumb.

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She's no slut either btw

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She has complete control over her reproductive system. No need for condoms, in fact she hates them. But if she wants a baby, be ready to take responsibility, and to have lots of pregnant sex.

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that how her doujins usually go

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She's also kind of a klutz, so please wear a condom anyway.

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When did I say that?

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I'm sick.

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haha imagine agreeing to sleep with her but making her wear a chastity belt to bed as a joke and watching her get increasingly aroused as you hug and fondle her without letting her get any release
that would be kind of funny right haha

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Will she read me a bedtime story if I ask her nicely?

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When I say "sleep with me", I mean literally sleep with me, not sexual intercourse. I'm having trouble sleeping, and I want to hug something warm.

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Yes. Your options for books are >>43667342 and >>43692399.

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Funny at first, but she'll rape you later.

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Back to the snu-snu chamber

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Nobody says it, but she IS a succubus, right? Not an imp or a generic familiar

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it's unclear. but fun, so people roll with it

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funni image

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oh god imagine if you could get a good sniff of that air above her waist

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Succs are the only kind of female devil that exist if I remember right so she'd have to be a succ since she's distinctly western

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Why is she like this

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Bad idea. There's nothing more delightful to Koa than mercilessly teasing their victim. It's an even worse idea to invite someone weak since she'll have the upperhand despite her relative weakness, so she'll be able to torture that boy with peaks, whispers and such frivolities until he's mind broken.

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don't blame Koa, it's her Master's fault for getting a succubus

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Succubi are actually quite diligent workers if you can teach them to work around their lustful tendencies.

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Is she from Makai or Hell? Because either Shinki gave birth to a total slute, or Heca thought that creating a succubus would be "metal as fuck".

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Superficially she looks a bit like Hecatia... but she also has wings like Shinki...

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I'm gonna have to file a formal complaint to Patchouli. I know having an assistant is a godsend, especially in that colossal library, but she really needs to teach her some manners. Every time I've shown up, Koa sticks to me like glue, without fail. As soon as I arrive, her face lights up and makes the biggest smile you've ever seen, no doubt thinking of all the new ways she'll torment me next. She'll ask about my day, what I thought of the book she recommended last time, whether I fancied some girl yet, whether I'm free this weekend- I'm just here to grab a book and read, geez. I'll give her that much however, she can pick out any book I'll request or guide me to the appropiate genre section without so much as a hitch. Why does she need to stick around, though? I've noticed that her headwings flap around when she looks at me, and they only get faster whenever I speak to her. It's kinda distracting. Worse yet, last time I hung around the library to catch up on some reading, she brought a small cup of tea and heart-shaped shortcake to my table, told me to "keep it a secret from Patchouli" while giving me a small wink. Plainly unacceptable behavior, I can't believe an employee would permit drinking and eating at the library. And at the end of it all, she'll see me out, telling me to come back soon like nothing out of the ordinary happened. Hell, she followed me to the front doors of the mansion once, and Patchouli had to come angrily fetch her back. Wonder what that was about.

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Damn Succubus!
Need Correction!

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Stupid sexy succubus

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needs to get put babies in her womb

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I think she likes you.

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File: 255 KB, 523x725, _koakuma_and_morichika_rinnosuke_touhou_drawn_by_futatsuki_eru_2dae1b06b2396c6ffb2ed5a480b980b3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's impossible she has decent standards

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She's a succubus. She has no standards.

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does this work

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Last time i tired i got kicked in the nuts and pepper sprayed.

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File: 533 KB, 800x1130, __patchouli_knowledge_and_koakuma_touhou_drawn_by_mikazuki_sara__05a63c0c1897eda9d16fc0a994c7114c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is advice for female girls who want to score a man.

>> No.43756500

Would it work tough?

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so many koas

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Not very well, once the desired man has sex with whoever is following the advice, he is unlikely to actually date her or anything (most decent men wouldn't date a woman who opens her legs to some rando), most hed ever do is give her a reverse booty call.
But koa is a succubus so it all makes sense to her.

>> No.43760981

Patchouli about to give Anon a stern talking to after what he has been doing to her familiar.

>> No.43765281

Koakumas crippling sex addiction

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my crippling addiction to sex with koaCUMa

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