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Happy pride month /jp/!

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There are no gays are n gensokyo
Consequentially, there can be no pride either.
Not that mashing clams together is anything to be proud about though.

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Not being exterminated by your government is the point of pride, though that appears to be on the horizon again. So yeah, there is something to be proud of.

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I knew you were gay, but you didn't have to tell me you were a faggot.
Keep your conspiracy theory to yourself like the rest of us.

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Genuinely consider suicide. You are a failure in the eyes of the majority of the population.

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I can feel it my bones that this thread will end horribly...

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it already has.
i don't like yuri anyway.

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Have you submitted your fan GAYme to the official, ZUN-endorsed Touhou Pride Jam, /jp/?

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Bro this thread was almost dead, you should've let it die.

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I wish /jp/ wasn't so fragmented nowadays so we could organize our own game jam
Hell I'll even take an art/fic zine

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It would be pointless, there's ZERO game devs in all of /jp/. And no, translating VNs is not game dev.

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Good God the art is horrible. You'd think there'd be a single good artist among the fags

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Well there IS that one guy with that cute dungeon crawler (I think? I never bothered to ask) game that posts in the OC threads occasionally

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He's more from /v/hu tho.

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Fuck those sissy /v/hu anons

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Yeah, it's not like /jp/ ever gets sissy, haha...

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Let's face it, /v/hu has more talented psychos https://files.catbox.moe/9zg3cd.png

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*Plaps you*
Meira balls btw

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it was on page 3 or something

>troon moko

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Fuck the ERPing Reimilia avatarfag too holy fuck