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Ignore Sion-chan. He hates loli.

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Oh good, I was wondering what to do with that 260 GB of free space on my external!

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I only have 90 GB altogether......

my computer is so old ;_;

>> No.4363137

Thank you very much.

>> No.4363183

I.... don't have ....enough space....

>> No.4363210

I have 2TB of space and 1.94TB of space taken up.

I need another external. All these music and VNs are taking up my loli space.

>> No.4363215

I'd rather just let g.e-hentai.org do the storing..

>> No.4363219

As much as I would enjoy this.

Ill be the one Canadian that gets caught ;_;

>> No.4363220

IN all honesty 137.2 of any kind of porn is excessive.

>> No.4363227

I had about 1TB of space left on my hard drive and was just looking for something to fill that void. Thanks for helping!

>> No.4363235

When my bandwidth resets, I'll grab the translated content + Comic LO.

>> No.4363247

The odd part is that I didn't post either of these.

It's like I don't even have to post anymore!

>> No.4363256

Still 20 GB short of defeating Everything.torrent

That thing is still seeded 4 years after creation.

>> No.4363287

I've tried to find that torrent but I keep getting ad sites like torrent reactor saying "Everything torrent, blah blah blah"

Where do I find this.

>> No.4363307

So how many faggots are running with your trip around?

>> No.4363316

Now you're trolling with portals.

>> No.4363319

I thought it was just Jones/Sion-chan occasionally and one diehard faggot, but apparently it's more people.

I guess. It's kind of fun, actually.

>> No.4363320

>It's like I don't even have to post anymore!
That's definitely the best idea I've ever heard from you.

>> No.4363332

I was waiting for someone to post that. However, if I didn't post, all the people that value my posts would lose out!

>> No.4363336

Public trip, eh?

Okay, ban time real soon!

>> No.4363351

Don't worry, your trip will live on in spirit.

>> No.4363408

They ban by IP.

>> No.4363425


In special cases, they ban by trip.

Let's make White Ren a special case.

>> No.4363442

That being the case, I'd just change the tripcode and continue posting.

So, what's new?

>> No.4363449

No one value your posts

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>> No.4363452

amazing logic, anonymous

>> No.4363454

Hey guys I'm a tripfag, please make fun of me.

>> No.4363456

You seem to be having difficulties.

>> No.4363460

This thread has piqued my interest.

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Seeds: 0 (1)

Avail. : 0.001


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I remember that torrent. I also remember seeing like 1/3 of it is gay shotacon and not loli at all.

>> No.4363501

I'm not that poster, I just lol'd how you owned him.

>> No.4363508

yeah i saw that when doing a vanity search for my name
it's cute how he thinks im the only one who wants him out of /jp/

it's also cute how he got a normal trip instead of a secure one after reading Eksi's post saying secure trips are huge homosexuals

>> No.4363516

What's with that?

>> No.4363521

I thought maybe you were insane.

Aww, just leave the little bugger be.

>> No.4363522

It's on deadfrog I think.

>> No.4363539

It's a typo, much to your dismay.

>> No.4363559

do you type your trip every time you post?

>> No.4363576

I don't care if White Ren gets another trip. The fact that we'd force him off his current one is enough of a victory for me.

But I digress. I could make /b/ invade /jp/ with White Ren's trip, and he's still be too thick-headed.

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Did a general cookie/cache clearing and I mistyped that little fucker. Thanks for making me notice, though.

>> No.4363601

why do that you fucking nerd
go back to /b/

>> No.4363732

It's not being thick-headed, it's just that that sort of amateurish harassment won't amount to anything.

You'd basically be going to a lot of trouble for no gain.

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