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Post your favorite Touhou character


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Okazaki Yumemi

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Hong Meirin jus because she's the only one I have strong feelings towards, HATE feelings, but feeling nontheless

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the best. she needs to make a re-appearance.

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Fuck yeah Yumemi

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I have no favorite, touhou is shit served on a spoon

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I seriously thought she was going to be UFO's final stage.

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Once upon a time it was Yuyuko, but now it isn't.

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Also, best pair.

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Yumemi is not even THE Touhou scientist (that was Rika, then Rikako) and the only part of her character that migrated to the Windows series was the cape (to Wriggle). Chiyuri, meanwhile, has made multiple migrations (hair: Nitori, Kisume; clothes: Murasa; expression: Marisa; you could possibly draw a line between Reisen's "make a gun with your hand" and her own weapon).

I, for one, hope she doesn't get migrated.

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the meido

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>Nitori, Kisume

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No no, Rika was a mad engineer, Rikako some low tier scientist, Yumemi an 18 year old awesome physics professor.

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>Rikako some low tier scientist
Rikako is a powerful magician who just happens to prefer science over magic.

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the one that has a lot of porn

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So? still low tier

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Now that I think about it, she's almost Patchouli, isn't she?

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She never runs out of ammo.

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is this a touhou character i dont know

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On phone driving up to cabin, can't post pictures.

You should all know anyway.

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Nobody cares

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She can't fly (I don't think she "prefers a jet pack over flying through magic), uses familiars looking like Marisa's oraries and shoots gears (like Patchouli's "I forgot what it's called and mizuumi is down").

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She can't fly (I don't think she "prefers a jet pack over flying through magic), uses familiars looking like Marisa's oraries and shoots gears (like Patchouli's "I forgot what it's called and mizuumi is down").

>The essence of magic is to determine the root cause of all things.
>There's no distinction between science and magic.
Patchouli is an elemental magician. Saying magic is the same as science is like they do in FMA, calling their alchemy a science.

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>She can't fly

ZUN's retcon says that everyone in Gensokyo can fly.

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Highly arguable for PC-98

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Hence the retcon.

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I skipped that somehow.
Anyway, why should that matter?

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where does it say that

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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Flandre Scarlet, footnote 3:
>3: Don't worry, even without wings we can all fly.

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That "we can all" is rather vague.

Was ZUN referring to every single inhabitant in Gensokyo or just all the high-powered individuals (ergo: the game and manga characters)?

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I'm guessing everyone with the ability to use magic and spellcards.

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