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I want to steal Remilia's hat!

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well i want to take her virginity instead but we are not the same after all

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i reported this thread to sakuya.

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don't you know 2hus die when you take away their hats?

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Lots of theft going around as of lately.

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I want to take her crinkly absorbent undergarments!

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as long as you replace it with a fresh one!

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Of course, that way I can sustainably harvest them.

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Bruh what are those pathetic """wings"""

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File: 100 KB, 850x606, __remilia_scarlet_and_izayoi_sakuya_touhou_drawn_by_yoru_xueyinye__sample-70dbacca8f5a7f8fd6cb85aa765a3447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's winter in that pic. Doesn't your dick shrink when it's cold? it's the same for vampires

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Don't bully winglets. Not every vampire has large and firm wings like Kurumi. Some of them are smaller and softer like Remi's.

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Who let out the friendless and unloved cellar dweller?

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I'm Flan's friend.

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File: 3.71 MB, 960x540, __remilia_scarlet_and_izayoi_sakuya_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_perry__sample-9717c1d882d521100f19a81842805de8.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are not real to her since you are 3D.

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That's cool and all, but Remi, being the mistress of the SDM, should have BBW (Big Beautiful Wings)

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I wonder how remi smells

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Rose oil and vanilla mixed with a low note of iron.

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Have you ever smelled a bat? It depends a lot on the species, but most of them smell like dry soil, or urine. So, since Remi loves roses, her natutal body odor should be something like a well-tended garden, while Flandre's probably smells moldy and acidic.

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I wonder how Remi tastes

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what part of her

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File: 188 KB, 850x905, __remilia_scarlet_and_flandre_scarlet_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_takanashi_sora_soramyon__sample-139bb5b1606b645b5f67291eebca5e01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Strawberry cake mixed with blood.

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That's a big piece of cake.

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Her spit
Her sweat
Her piss
Her pusy jusses

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how could remi get such a big piece

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It was fate. The goodest girls always get the biggest piece of cake.

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God I wish I was Sakuya

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For you.

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Bruh is there more

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Anyone who uses that word does not deserves to cum.

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there is a Flan one

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well now this i gotta see

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Post that shit right NOW

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why would you want to steal her retard cap

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Because i want it, and i want it NOW

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no bullying

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Nigga Remi!

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My wife’s sister is a NIGGER. It’s over. The Scarlet Devil Mansion has fallen.

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>My wife
Flandre's reaction to that statement.

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Netflix Remilia!

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She is not a filthy Spaniard.
She. Is. Italian.

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There is no difference.

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Now you've done it.

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What made you guys fall in love with Remilia? For me, I got into 2hu over 10 years ago, my friend showed me the games, his favourite character was Flandre. After learning more about 2hu, I questioned why he would choose the inferior sister. Remilia has been my wife since that day.

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I'm a lolicon

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Her cool hat

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I am a gold digger.

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right = average remi enjoyer on the jay

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He's into diapers too.

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I'm not that old...

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Neither am I but I prefer that as a self-insert over fatties or boys.

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what's wrong with boys?

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All boys are gay.

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I don't like overly submissive protags.
I hope I'm not wrong in thinking that nobody here would drop their spaghetti if they had a chance with the mistress.

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I'm quite fit, but my hair is not white yet.

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You are kidding yourself here if you think people here would not. Some would be too horny for her they would not think straight, other would be too scared since its a man eating monster with the mentality of a child who could kill you because she got bored or hungry.

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i piedi

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File: 115 KB, 850x927, __remilia_scarlet_izayoi_sakuya_and_kawashiro_nitori_touhou_drawn_by_mata_matasoup__sample-5f472f3c847d43f724ae86f30b168ba3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Why would they have a chance with my wife?

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My ass is forever chapped that Remi has such an awesome drawfag wooing her. That guy draws the perfect bodies, the perfect tits and the perfect love-making scenes (vanillafag approved). So hard to find something like that.
He also draws a near-perfect Reimu and I wish he did a lot more of her.

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He also made Flan a cuckquean, if you're into that.

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>that book
Poor thing, she just wanted her older sister to read her a bedtime story.

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Flan's innocence must be protected at all costs!

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Remilia belongs to Reimu.

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File: 126 KB, 779x1011, __remilia_scarlet_and_patchouli_knowledge_touhou_drawn_by_anarogumaaa__764c484bb9f62de8a5d3e3a1d5ced9cc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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She belongs to me

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If Flandre recognize that was a lewd/sexual act and got embarassed, she is not as innocent as you think of, so there is no problem buttfucking her!

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Her offspring (with me) will be

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Remi will get mad at you and then she will kill you and eat your blood.

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Remilia does not wish to fuck her genetic inferiors.

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flan butt

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But Flandre is cuter! Happier! Sexier!

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Canonically she is a schizoid girl, friendless and reclusive who likes to break things and probably smells bad from being locked up for so long.
If she were real, she would surely cut herself to get her sister's attention.

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File: 1.09 MB, 1214x860, remilia scarlet, patchouli knowledge, and koakuma (touhou) drawn by roke_(taikodon) - 74f761466c9b592186c40faae21049c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But enough about Anon. Let's talk about Me and Remimi's private parties

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Remi is not italian you disgusting homosexuals!

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Italy isn't real, don't listen to them

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Believing Flan batshit theories! Secluding my dick inside Flan's smelly butt! Stealing her sister attention with Flan's ear cutting moans!

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>batshit theories
See >>43622590
She confirms it herself, perhaps you and Flan are made for each other. You can keep her, not even her own onee-sama wants her.

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Enjoying a bottle of wine with Remilia (who happens to be in the nude)!

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wait a second here, that's not Flan, that's just Rumia!
still cute though

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looks italian to me

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Looks just like me and I am both Spanish AND Italian.

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Why are there so many draculas in the scarlet devil mansion?

>> No.43679980

I put them there.

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Thanks Anon, my lungs are dissolving into a mushy paste and soon I won't be able to breathe anything but Remi's feet fumes for the rest of my life.

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italians immune

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Did someone say "Remi's feet fumes?"

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the fumes have made their way to the east coast now everyone is getting poisoned

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I need to ejaculate in her rectum

>> No.43687978

b-but she poops from there...

>> No.43688261

Would she still drink your blood despite it being full of vaccines and god knows what else from processed food?

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Remimi and her new imouto.

>> No.43688453

Remimi forgot about her real imouto again...

>> No.43688486

I am one with the microplastics

>> No.43688519

She would suffer a heroin overdose in 0.2 seconds

>> No.43688932

image giving aids to a vampire lol

>> No.43689006

Remi looks pretty delighted to have Reimu trapped in there

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This is how you catch a wild Remi.

>> No.43689124

I thought Reimu was supposed to be unbeatable? How could this happen to her where she’s at a giant chunni dork vampire’s mercy and feet?

>> No.43689214

Reimu lost several times both on the games and written works, its just that she do not give a shit and just challenges the winner again until she wins since they do not kill her due the rules of spellcard.

>> No.43690378

Makes sense. Seems like she lost especially hard here with Remi shrinking her down.

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Cheating Miko needs maid correction...

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I am going to rape her yeaaaahh

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Not so fast kiddo. Remimi's body is sacred.

>> No.43696330

Not so fast! While >>43691576 is raping Remi, I will rape Flan.

>> No.43696379

>I will rape Flan.
*I will be raped by Flan

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Yeah, right.
She's smiling. That rope is there just for show, with her supernatural strength she could break it and evaporate you with a flick of her wrist, if she wanted. Same goes for 90% of Gensokyo residents.
You're not the one in control here. She's going to have sex with you whether you want it or not, no matter who's holding the rope, handcuffs, collar, or anything else.

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Sorry anon but I already covered her in garlic butter, she is weakened and will be forced to accept my hugs.

>> No.43697263

She doesn't look all that buttered up to me, but maybe a little wet...

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Woah! Ojou is so powerful that she doesn't even have to ask me to participate in her rape roleplay! I just come up to her and grab her petite butt every time she wills it! How convenient is that!? Must be her fate manipulation powers. Not to mention her pleads for mercy, she's a first class actress too!

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File: 59 KB, 850x638, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_asutora__sample-4ac08212cc4f8ba6c6ee50832a6cbf2b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Make love, not rape.

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You know you’re in big trouble once that garlic butter wears off of her right? And that’s also assuming someone else like Sakuya or Meiling don’t come along to stop you.

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Remilia is so cute and funny!

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How would she react if you declined her advances due she looking like a child?

>> No.43706654

She eats human flesh, what makes you think you have a choice? Probably after she's done with you she'll tell Sakuya to turn you into a dish for the whole family.

>> No.43706721

Its a vampire she do not eats humans, only drinks blood and not even enough to kill the human.

>> No.43706822

She eats human flesh. It is mentioned that Flandre's cupcakes contain human meat, and that Meiling doesn't attack humans because she always keeps herself satisfied thanks to the supply of humans provided to the mansion.
It is logical to think that Remilia also eats human blood AND meat, but maybe not in large quantities since she eats like a little bird.

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She's cute but not funny, the mistress has no sense of humor.

>> No.43708188

I look like this and make posts like this.

>> No.43708570

It took me a while to figure out she's hiding her nipples with her wings.

>> No.43709268

This would not hold up in court

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i hate this image

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>It is mentioned that Flandre's cupcakes contain human meat
Fake news and exaggeration by Flan's childlike mind
Remi is delicate and sweet underneath her stern facade, like a creme brulee. If you rejected her advances she'd let you go, heartbroken, and you'd be banned from the SDM forever. But you will not be eaten (by her anyway).

>> No.43710736

I bet Remi's cunny tastes like creme brulee!

>> No.43715035

I could eat it all day.

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Remi needs to take a rest from imageboards.

>> No.43715340

So is she French?

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I simply NEED to press my nose into Remimi's Pichuun-padded cheeks to check whether she needs a change.

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File: 1.02 MB, 826x1169, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_chikado__c6c615adf517821fbb7d4b7bc446308b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>creme brulee

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french rhymes with stench

>> No.43718601

Sexy Remmy.

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I want to mess up remi's hair

>> No.43720294

Is that Sakuya's breast milk

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there are no courts in gensokyo ~*

>> No.43726680

My milk.

>> No.43728451

>muffled DANZAI in the distance

>> No.43731593


>> No.43731797

who are you quoting?

>> No.43732287

Well god damn son, that's way too many draculas!

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>> No.43734705

Remi italian sun and garlic don't bother her

>> No.43735099

She needs a parasol to not get sunburn on her delicate skin, collects crosses because of their inherent beauty, and just doesn't like garlic because it's bitter. She's a classy lady with a sophisticated palette. Of chocolate milk and dino nuggets.

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>> No.43737356


>> No.43739263

Flan loves garlic because it's spicy. Remi doesn't like spicy or bitter. And apparently Remi loves truffles while Flan hates the stuff.

>> No.43742802

You can't just say that there is one without posting

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can Remi go in the sun?

>> No.43743551

As long as it's not direct sunlight, then of course she can. In fact, the two of us just got back from our honeymoon on the beach.

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what if she has sunblock

>> No.43743833

Apparently the Kappa got ahold of some from the Outside World and modified it so vampires could use it without side effects, and while she enjoys being able to go out like that, she despises the oiliness of it on her skin.

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Why can't she stop bragging?

>> No.43744072

She's proud of all the loving, handholding, mating press sex we have.

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That's it, she's legal & no one can stop me.
I MUST nakadashi the vamp.

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Impregnate the vampire lady

>> No.43746489

Already have. That's our second child.

>> No.43751714

Why would you do that?

>> No.43755458

Because it's cool and I would sniff it every once in a while to be reminded of Remi

>> No.43759139

She's not aerodynamic anymore and cannot escape predators,,,