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And can read my mind, right?

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It's not unknowingly. I wish she would stop, I've repeatedly indicated I don't like her or want her anywhere near me.

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She is 3D pig disgusting. Make her go away.

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Hahaha, well that's fucking likely. Pull the other one.

...I'll go cry now.

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I have one in my high school though.....

But she dislike me anyway!

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Don't be ridiculous, no-one could love me.

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too bad she is ugly as hell

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You can't stalk someone who never leaves the basement.

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I could love you!

We could work some way out! :3

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hahaha thats funny.

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People who use ":3" usually turn out to be fat and/or ugly and has a shitty personality. Yes, I'm generalizing you.

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Why are you so mean all of sudden?

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I'm not "mean" all of a sudden and I'm not the anonymous you were responding to. Anonymity brings out the asshole in me, what can I say? You're probably a fat girl because you said "mean" and ":3".

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Ugly and annoying too.

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Hi, baseballcap guy, I know you're reading this thread, and I just want you to know just how much I love you, and how I see you come out of your house every 7:45 in the morning, to catch the morning bus. See you tomorrow.

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Sort of related, but I was so fucking oblivious in high school. Only know do I realize the girls who were into me. Fuck, now I'm a 22 year old virgin, I'm nowhere near as cool as I used to be when I was a young buck. Now I'm a NEET.

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You are the kind of guy who shouts "I know you are there, you can get out!" when you are alone in your house, just in case. Am I right?

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It's sort of funny in a sad way when I look back to moments like these of painfully obvious opportunities I missed.

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I wish Orin would stalk me and claim my corpse.

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No, there's someone else.

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Lightweights. Just a while ago I was on a cruise and this horribly drunk high school girl was all over me, clinging to my arm and sticking her hand everywhere. It was unpleasant to say the least. I tell you stay away from women until they are getting close to their thirties. That's when the slut behaviour starts to recede and they want to get married.

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I'm essentially a sickly, yet well groomed neanderthal.

I don't think that's true.

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>Sort of related, but I was so fucking oblivious in high school. Only know do I realize the girls who were into me.
There was actually one girl in HS who was into me. She was pretty cute, too.

Sadly I spent most of HS off my meds so I didn't return her affection so much as stare at the walls.

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Same here. The worst thing is, I do realize when a girl likes me, but I don't know what to say even if she throws hints at me, so I act like if I didn't noticed at all. Fuck myself.

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Best news in my life, I love Yanderes!

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Or better yet, slowly break off all contact with her.

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Don't worry, this is normal for /jp/edos

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nah, bro

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That's better than never realizing.
At least you have only yourself to blame, and still have the hope of changing yourself.

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How could a girl stalk me when I never go outside? And I most keep my windows covered?

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Saw you through the window one day, now obsessed with the mystery.

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The problem with a girl stalking you is that she's going to be making you out to be a lot more amazing than you actually are in her head. Once the two of you would actually end up involved with eachother, she would only end up cripplingly disappointed.

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Though I wouldn't say it was stalking

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I actually have a 16 year old stalking me (Im 20),
shes totally neglected by everyone despite cute looks.

But shes fucking insane, I guarantee you /jp/, it's not fun.

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Crippling disappointment will result from any woman who gets to know me. I'm making sure they don't.

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Fuck you! You have your own yandere.

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It depends on the hint, of course. And guys are supposed to take the initiative. So... if you return the affections, why don't you ask her if there's someone she likes(and you're sure it's you) and go from there. Of course, if you're being pursued by a yandere you wouldn't have to worry about such things like taking initiative.

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The great yandere knows!

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I'm not worth stalking. ;_;

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you should get yourself checked out.

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Hope she doesn't get bored watching me on the pc all day.

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Could I be the stalker for you? :3

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I'd feel kind of awkward knowing someone is watching me masturbate and isn't disgusted by it.

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If you want her to stop stalking you, just pretend to finally have fallen for her next time you see her and tell her about all the "perverted" things a man like yourself would do to her. Include shit like bondage, coprophilia, wax, gay sex and such. That'll hopefully scare her away. And if it doesn't, just fuck her already.

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Ceiling cat probably thinks you're hotter than the chili paste in it's ass.

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Depends on what you look like.

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I tried, I usually alienate women around me by being completly perverted to them in the first place. We talked for over a year and she says her heart keeps racing whenever she shes or talks with me and hasnt calmed down ever since. I tell her that its just a normal feeling you have towards friends but she doesn't realize it. And eventhough she is totally against anything except love, she is OK with the fact im perverted. Like most of you guys I think I will just cripple women if they ever got together me (It happened before multiple times) and having this age difference is unacceptable too.

Im actually afraid to friendzone her because she told me she would kill me in my sleep if I ever start being unloyal.

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I also forgot to mention your method slowly seems to be working, I started accepting her feelings some days ago and she seems to calm down about her love and insanity.

I can't believe this actually might work. And now someone say this board and being a hikki is useless in life :<

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Not true, because I don't have any white spots on my nails.

I used to have a lot of them in high school, but ever since I closed myself up in a room, the white spots stopped appearing.

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How can I be stalked if I don't go out of my house?

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Im getting stalked by a girl and I have never left my house except for the convinience store. It can also happen to you.

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You're lying.