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I want to marry this Sleepy Dragon!

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Big booba older sister type

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Me too!

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Onee-san Meiling

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I love Meiling!

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I love Meiling!

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Everyone loves meiling!

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flan NO

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Fuck who?

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I want Meiling to aggressively hug me like that

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I thought meiling loved sakuya

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but sakuya is so mean to her all the time!

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Why delete that?

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That's not true!

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I want Meiling to do leg stuff to me

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Mmmmmh those fucking legs

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Also a good one

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Wait a minute that pose...

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Cool dragon

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China woman ooooooooo

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Going to a festival and watching the fireworks with the sleepy scottish dragon...

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holding hands with the sleepy Scottish dragon whilst watching the fireworks...

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Ignoring the sleepy Scottish dragon's drinking problem...

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What is drunken Meiling like?

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She starts singing, and it's easy to convince her to show off some fighting moves

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Meiling has a beautiful voice, and she's always happy to show off her martial arts skill!
It's the Claymore she brings out when she's drunk!

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I know you mean the sword but the alternative is funnier

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I nearly used the gaelilc spelling, but it's ridiculously long and doesn't look like you'd say it that way, like, at all.

Hong with a type 56 RPD laying down covering fire at Eientei!
took me too long to find, lol

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The battle of eientei

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How strong do you guys think she actually is?

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stronger than me
she could probably break me in two
...with her bare hands!

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I think she can bench 300 natty (as natty as a demonic creature of fear beyond comprehension can be anyway)

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Alot of her fighting strength comes from Qi manipulation, so I don't think she's that terribly strong otherwise, she outclasses most but struggles against some oni
She can easily OHP Sakuya, which she does sometimes to tease her

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Looks tired

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Hong looking kinda seductive here

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It's her natural look

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I still don't know what this statement is supposed to convey

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She can probably suplex a train

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she eats people

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We can make it work

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She has an opium addiction.

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I want to do the Opium with her and then do silly stuff while high

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warm and snuggly gatekeeper
I'm torn between not waking her up and hugging her right there

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I'd snuggle up to her and keep her warm

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I think she'd like that, although if you're brave enough it might be better to do it when she's out in the cold all day.

It's not actually a mosin, it's probably a berdan, but I haven't changed the filename yet

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>gently waking up the sleepy dragon sleeping on her job with a hug

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She may be too tall for that, your head would probably reach under her boobs

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I could still hug her, even if my head would get buried in her chest!

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She doesn't sleep all the time!
She has other hobbies too, like watering these flowers for example!
Cease this slander at once!

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Anon... How tall do you think Meiling is? She'd have to be like 250+ cm tall for my head to reach under her boobs.
How tall are you btw?

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Her height is taller than you

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> She'd have to be like 250+
not true
every anon in /jp/ is a cute shota

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But how tall exactly? I want to know so I can autistically compare her height to the heights of other residents of SDM.
Wouldn't it be strange to have a giant woman live near the midget vampires though? Like there's clearly a certain point where shorties like Remilia or the goblins won't be able to reach the door handles for example, if the doorways are accomodating for an amazon like Meiling.
Wow, then I must be a king among you all. Worship me, manlets.

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>Wow, then I must be a king among you all. Worship me, manlets.
you're a liar
you're a cute shota
you exist to be loved and cuddled and abused by cute 2hus

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She's definitely the tallest the best canon comparison i can give you is on cheating detective Satori where Flandre holds her by the neck and she has to fly so that Meiling's feet don't touch the floor, from memory I'd says she's about 2 heads and a half ish taller than the vampires, Patcho is canonically as tall as Marisa so she's probably about a forehead taller than those twothen there's Sakuya who i have nothing for but i like to put her somewhere on the average Japanese teenage girl height, maybe a bit on the taller side, anyways, i can't imagine anyone in the mansion going out of their way to facilitate door handle accessibility unless it's in one of Remilia's whims otherwise they probably use the standard height which means Meiling probably has to crouch a bit and the womanlets have to fly to reach the door handle, alternatively we can say Meiling has her own hut outside of the mansion.

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It means you can fuck Meiling while she is gatekeeping.

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And you're a disgusting fat slob unfit to stand guard for more than 15 minutes. You're not cute and the only 2hu that would consider looking at you twice is Rumia, because you can't run.
Stop forcing your interpretations on others, anon, I find that offensive. You've been very rude to me.

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I'm a skinny twink actually
>Stop forcing your interpretations on others, anon, I find that offensive. You've been very rude to me.
i meant no ill will. It's was just a bit of fun :(

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You're a liar, you're a stinky round neckbeard that can't even walk to the bathroom without getting winded.
Okay, now we're even.
Don't do this kind of thing in the future, ok?

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Shut the fuck up and post Meiling.

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Why is Flan out in the sun?

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why did it make you so upset anyway
i'd imagine jp anons would love to be cuddled by cute 2hus as cute shotas

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Magic sunscreen

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I worked hard on my physique my entire life, and no twink is gonna tell me that I'm suddenly some scrawny bitch.
Sorry, but them's the breaks. I'm gonna grow in power under Meiling's watchful eye or I'm gonna die trying.

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It's fine she has a genius ice fairy next to her no problem.

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She's probably not that harsh as a mentor

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I want her to vent her frustrations on me after a long day of being bullied

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Holy twin braids!

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She's taken, sorry

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....where did she get taken too?

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To the gay bathhouse

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Oh dear, she must have made a mistake, no such place exists!
Good thing her platonic friend Sakuya can figure out where they are and find the actual bathhouse where they can continue to perform acts of hygene with modesty, since they are only concerned with the opposite sex seeing them naked.

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Lesbian relationships aren't real, they're a stopgap arrangement for when the girls get too horny. In the end all girls want a man. Imagine how hot it is if a girl and another girl do it all day for years but it remains their little secret, but after she gets married she is loyal to none other than the husband.

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They aren't even friends, Meiling tries to avoid her.

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Typical chinese, she's forcing you to accept her policies regarding your near future.

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>Bandaged left hand
Oh god, Hatate got to her, I'm doomed...

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I want to eat twizzlers out of her ass.

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What was the print work that showed how distant they are? I forgot

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It's time..

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Somewhere on the sdm part of detective Satori

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Every now and then nemu's AI gives you some pretty neat results

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>Parted bangs

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tea date with miss Meiling...

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Why the fuck was did Flan thought of Meiling as a threat to be eradicated? Did she notice something in her or was she being a weird shut in?

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It's most likely a reference to a Sesame Street song.

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Not my Meiling

>> No.43637484

Yes my Meiling

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Disgusting. Don't post... that, again. Please.

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I want to be Meiling's cute shota

>> No.43639082

Big arms

>> No.43639095

All the better to hug me with!

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Based anons.

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perfect spooning position
I'd rub my dick on that butt all night

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How would you wake her up?

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By throwing a bucket of ice cold water on her while she sleeps.

>> No.43641819

She won't take very kindly to that

>> No.43641827

Maybe she should not sleep on her job then.

>> No.43641830

That's for the rest of the mansion to bully her over, you do that and she's kicking you to next tuesday.

>> No.43645873

Sexing her while she sleeps!

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Go read Dekameiri summer by scichil. Accommodations can be made.

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Would Meiling tease you for being shorter than her? I can't imagine her being mean but i can imagine her getting cheeky if she feels close to you

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I can't imagine her being much over 6', 6'2" at most.
7' tall amazon women are the domain of Oni like Yuugi, otherwise known as underground Meiling.

>> No.43654351

She's too nice.

>> No.43654713

>6'2" at most
Nice, then she can't tease me for being shorter.

>> No.43655128

Imagine not wanting to be playfully teased by Meiling for being shorter, I'm 5'5 and I'd love it

>> No.43655170

I liked those images where Meiling was like, hanging out with the smaller characters like Cirno and Chen.

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Like this?

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Stuff like this.

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And this.

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Well if that's the case, have this too.

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>Meiling and Yuugi hang out for a day and discuss their lives and wives (Sakuya and Parsee)
Absolutley spiffing, I want more Meiling + Yuugi doujins

>> No.43659321

I'd rather watch her hang out with Yuuka

>> No.43659323

post meiling voring people

>> No.43660176

Fuck u

>> No.43662264

Post Meiling snoring, people.

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too sleepy

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the Hong secretly wishes for a husband sooner rather than later, methinks.

>> No.43664492

i wish i were that pillow

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she sad

>> No.43671609

I love Meiling's design and wish ZUN would bring her back.

>> No.43671733

But why?

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Her thread's about to die!

>> No.43677331

no shota husband to snuggle

>> No.43684770

Wouldn't meiling prefer a nice normal human husband who will cook her favourite meals for her instead of Sakuya?
Sakuya only really cooks what the Mistress wants anyway.

>> No.43690930

i want to cook for Meiling

>> No.43692385

She has TWO threads.

>> No.43692394

She had three threads! rip the ntr one

>> No.43692501

I think she would if she knew it annoyed you
It'd be even better if she's only barely taller, like an inch or two, and does it because she likes how worked up you get about it

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She needs more.

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massaging Meiling's tired feet

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china obsessed with feet

>> No.43712232

i want to play with her feet

>> No.43714994

Meiling strikes me as the type to want a normal husband. She'd really appreciate someone who she could hang out with and talk too during the long hours of standing by at the gate.
I bet she'd love your packed lunches and having dinner prepared for her as she rests away her fatigue from the day. She'd love it even more if you were too massage her after and let her drift to sleep while cuddled with you as you two chat about whatever or listen to some old record Meiling had collected from her traveling days

>> No.43716300

We can see your panties, Meiling!

>> No.43718013

Yes please

>> No.43724370

>5. No Chinaman must figure in a detective story.
she was just following the rules

>> No.43724809

Meiling is secretly the most normal person in gensokyo, everyone else is completely nuts in some way or another, but Meiling has a steady job, and keeps herself out of trouble. When you think about it, she's really gotten a good deal from Remi, since she lazes about all day doing the bare minimum by just being there, while Sakuya works her tight little ass off for the same pay probably.

Why wouldn't you want to be the Hongsband?

>> No.43724825

So since she's from China, apparently, how'd she even get in Gensokyo?

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She's not from China, she IS China!

>> No.43725076

Meiling Paizuri.

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Uh oh, Sakuya and Remilia hired a new gate guard.

>> No.43725769

she really hates socks too

>> No.43726575

Meiling's out of a job.

>> No.43731860

I will hire her to be my toilet cleaner.

>> No.43732266
File: 311 KB, 613x856, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_regls__c29524e9e0851354fe2d19d17521d561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No she isn't , she quit voluntarily to become my wife and eventually a full-time mother.

Wow there is a lot of yuri with her and sakuya

>> No.43732277

She looks very 1999-2001 anime styled there.

>> No.43732292

She's gonna smack you in the penis.

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No she won't that'd be very unwifelike of her, and Hong is very much interested in keeping her new husbando since she's not ready to admit defeat and ask for her old job back.

I mean- Hong has fallen totally in love with her husband and can't stand to be apart from him for even an hour, so she tries to be by his side at all times.

>> No.43732593

She's gonna smack you in the peepee.

>> No.43732620

Only with her genitals... https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/201871

>> No.43732663

I'm gonna smack your wife's peepee.

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morning tea with meiling

>> No.43749471

Meiling thread about to die!

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>> No.43752180

She can't cook and clean, she's of no use.

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Meiling has cute feet and shoe dangling is so erotic

>> No.43756682
File: 387 KB, 800x1131, 1666135771907730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

chinese feet best

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File: 500 KB, 755x1080, maji kimoi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.43765756

Oh there's some use.

>> No.43766452
File: 230 KB, 725x776, 1671445569894675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Before or after being digested?

>> No.43774110

she would never be so mean!

>> No.43775390

This is my favorite image of Meiling. It has a very casual daily life feeling. Seeing the mundane in something so magical is nice.

>> No.43775492
File: 314 KB, 600x800, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_harukana_pixiv__4a4075c3b9702e767c0dae0c2bfbab24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meiling naturally lends herself to the laid back, easygoing feeling.
She takes her job seriously, but doesn't sweat over things she cannot control, no matter how often Sakuya & patchy try to ger her to do something neither of them are capable of either.

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>> No.43783613

I love my soft pillow

>> No.43786290

Isn't Meiling also the gardener of the SDM?

>> No.43786872

she is a woman of many talents

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I used to think Meiling and Flan had a sisterly bond but well... the recent manga has soured that.

>> No.43794471

So is Meiling, Orange?

>> No.43798458

I want to eat twizzlers out of her ass. Hong Meiling is a huge butt slut.

>> No.43798498

I prefer their relationship being different than Remilia and Sakuya's dynamic, Meiling is too carefree and Flan is too chaotic, the most sisterly thing i can see Meiling doing with her is having enough of Flan after a day of being particularly bratty and just calls her out harder than anyone has ever done and ever will, obviously it would very likely end poorly for Meiling but i honestly can see her interacting much with Flandre.

>> No.43800870

she is 170 cm at most

>> No.43800892

the pairing Pasee+Yuugi has to be one of the most retarded ones to ever exists, the two don't even interact with eachother.
Even Yuugi-Nitori would be more close to canon

>> No.43803061

Personally, I just can't see Yuugi preferring anything other than cock.

>> No.43803833
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She has a huge butt but she is no slut. Only her girlfriend is able to enjoy it!

>> No.43803881
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But Meiling only has a boyfriend(me).

>> No.43803884
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>> No.43804314

Meiling is Meiling

>> No.43806734

>who is Charlie Chan

>> No.43815552

No, she's green.

>> No.43820672

I like looking at Meiling's breasts

>> No.43824233

You might get crushed by them

>> No.43826456

I wouldn't mind that

>> No.43832136

My wife is so cute

>> No.43841085

I think her reaction was quite slow

>> No.43841145

Meiling wouldn't know what to do if she got in a real fight!

>> No.43841187

Back then, Chinese people often featured in shitty detective novels as mysterious and inscrutable merchants of poisons and assassins and the like. They were basically plot devices. That's why Charlie Chan was so successful: he upended the trope.

>> No.43846485
File: 766 KB, 777x1087, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_uruu_gekka__667ce65f43cad6a5341dd8f949dd76cb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.43846494

relaxing picnic with Meiling