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Undeniably, fumo cultists are a bunch of people who are sexually deviant and only want to satisfy themselves with stuffed animals, this is a consequence of the otaku culture.

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Yeah, we definitely need to give the attention whores another thread.

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You should prove this postulation by posting or linking to videos of fumo cultists ejaculating onto their fumos otherwise I will not believe you. I am asking this out of scientific rigor and not for fetish reasons.

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r/cummingonfumos is a real place full of redditors jizzing on their fumos

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yo put me in the cap yo they call me scottie pimpin

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Why are you people encouraging these "totally organic" lewd act with fumo threads that all follow the same format? Are you redditors from the fumo cum subreddit that's being advertised here trying to make your own ebin 4chan screencaps?

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I just want fumo cum videos to be witnessed by as many people as possible

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I hate what normalfags have done to fumos. It's disgusting how quickly both /jp/ and the Touhou fanbase deteriorated.

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Already knew that.

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I mean, he does have a point, but jerking your shmeat against them probably won't push them away

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It has less than 20 posts, dude

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it has a lot, try to find it in closed groups

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