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Discuss Seihou and post cute images of best girls

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I love VIVIT. you must love VIVIT

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bump mothafucka

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Kioh Gyoku is the best Twinkle Star Sprites clone.
It has a fun and fair gameplay, where the battles don't rely on luck, but rather in skill and coming up with strategies in order to dodge boss attacks. Even the AI doesn't feel hard when both sides have an equal ground to battle.
Normal health regenerates after getting hit, by the protecting shield, making the battles last longer and keeping up the intense charging and dodging. Grazing gives more points for the "charge meter", which comes in handy when trying to send attacks while dodging literal bullet curtains. Touhou 19 has this mechanic as well, so I'm looking forward to play the full version in future

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I can't beat Shuusou Gyoku. Are the other games easier? I just wanted to experience more games similar to Touhou, but Shuusou Gyoku is way too hard.

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