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looks like they finally gave up on trying to woo marisa.

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I don't care if she likes girls or not, I'm just happy to offer her my balls for her amusement

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Don't you already have a gay thread? Are you gonna spam the board like some sort of a h***nigger?

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Yes but this is extra special. Just imagining them kissing makes me weak in the knees. Just imagine how good a kisser alice-chan would be by the time she finds a boyfriend (me)

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Title: Fragments of Enchantment

Chapter 1: Unspoken Desires

The sun cast its gentle rays upon the Scarlet Devil Mansion, illuminating the picturesque surroundings. Inside the grand library, Patchouli Knowledge, the enigmatic magician known for her vast wisdom and intricate spells, found solace amidst the countless volumes of arcane knowledge. It was a sanctuary where she could delve into the secrets of the world, away from the trivialities of daily life.

On this particular day, Patchouli was engrossed in her studies of elemental magic when a soft knock echoed through the room. She glanced up, her violet eyes meeting the inquisitive gaze of Alice Margatroid, a puppeteer with a mischievous smile. Alice's affection for Patchouli was no secret, as she had long admired the reclusive magician's intellect and beauty.

"Patchouli, would you care to join me for a stroll in the gardens?" Alice asked, her voice tinged with a hopeful tone. Her porcelain dolls seemed to nod in agreement, as if eager to see their master happy.

Patchouli, accustomed to the company of books rather than people, hesitated for a moment. She admired Alice's persistence and genuinely cared for her as a friend, but her heart had always been devoted to knowledge and the mysteries that lay within its pages. She knew that crossing the threshold from friendship to romance would change everything.

With a gentle sigh, Patchouli closed her book and looked directly into Alice's eyes. "Alice, you know I value our friendship dearly, but my heart belongs to the world of magic and knowledge. It's where I find my true solace, my purpose. I fear that venturing beyond that path would only bring uncertainty and compromise."

Alice's face fell, disappointment etched upon her delicate features. She had hoped that Patchouli would one day see beyond her books and embrace the warmth of love. Yet, she couldn't deny the validity of Patchouli's words. The magician's dedication to her studies was a part of her essence, a flame that burned brightly within her.

"I understand," Alice murmured, her voice barely above a whisper. "If your heart truly lies in the realm of knowledge, I cannot ask you to forsake it. But please remember, Patchouli, that there's more to life than the pursuit of knowledge. Love, companionship, and the joy of shared experiences—they hold their own enchantments."

Patchouli reached out, placing a hand on Alice's shoulder, a gesture of consolation. "Thank you for your understanding, Alice. You've always been a cherished friend, and I hope we can continue to share our dreams and adventures, even if they take us on different paths."

With a bittersweet smile, Alice nodded, the weight of unrequited love heavy in her heart. She turned to leave the library, her dolls trailing behind her. Patchouli watched her depart, a mix of emotions swirling within her. Regret for the pain she had caused mingled with the solace of knowing she had remained true to herself.

As Patchouli returned to her books, the knowledge she sought seemed to hold a deeper resonance. It was a reminder that choices often came with sacrifices, and that the pursuit of one's passion could sometimes leave others behind.

Little did Patchouli know that their paths would cross again, their bond forever altered by the ebb and flow of time and the lingering echoes of unspoken desires.

To be continued...

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At least write your yuri fanfic yourself instead of having AI write it.

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Only straight men can get off to girls kissing
This is a straight thread

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Ehhh it's good enough dude

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It's liquid SHIT, dude.

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Why? I think it's ok

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Oh look they're going further

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God I wish I were sandwiched between them