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Our /jp/ friends need to be loved.
I am a newfag who started posting here in 2011, but I still love all of you. I want you to do your best!
Please keep going...

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arigatou aniki.

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You're welcome!

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What's the most lovely thing /jp/ has ever done?
I really loved the Chimata translations we got for many months after Touhou 18 was released. That was lovely of you, /jp/.

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Refreshingly positive post, OP! I hope you have a good day.

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Are they still ongoing? Plenty of untranslated 'mata from the recent cons.

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Are you still ongoing?

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Thanks bro!

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Everything will be ok...

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The NEETs are about to kill themselves send them love and support. The NEETs are the heart of /jp/ dont let them down either

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Thank you, old man

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Nothing too special, but I love occasional sitting Reimu threads. Lots of creative edits for such a simple thing.

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I love you guys

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I'm old?!

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I love /jp/

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/jp/ is the best board!

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I hope you have a good day.

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jp-sies are so friendly and cute, they deserve all the cuddles!

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It really is. It's somehow the only board that's aged decentlty and /jp/ is in the worst state I've ever seen it in my entire life. That's all the anime/video game boards anyway. /x/ is retarded. /pol/ is still posting pepe and doing the attack helicopter thing. Because Facebook tier nromalfags are still loitering here for some reason yet don't even submit to the culture of chan boards. Then there's the state of bee which is just embarrassing. So you know. All the more love to /jp/
Thank you for holding on bud.
One day let's take back /x/ tho
I don't mean fill it with creepypasta again. Just bring back the cool arg type shit since that's always popular. More ghost story sharing and all that. I swear this place needs an occult board alongside /x/ to filter out the normalfags and half of the schizos. Look the schizos are alright to a degree but you know. The crystal fags don't even know how to make a general it's just constant spam.

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>I am a newfag who started posting here in 2011
Hah... I was only 10 years old at that time...

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I was only 9 (or eight, depending what time of the year it was)

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wtf me too. Well I was 11/12 and posting here annoying the oldfags. I came for the Yoko threads and Higurashi. I was a literal Higubaby. I'm so glad I grew up with /jp/, /jp/ is my dad

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It's time for bed, son.

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It's time to jerk off to some Yoko for old times' sake that's what time it is tell you what

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You were 12 years old when you started browsing 4chan???

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A lot of us were. If you were into anime in like 6th-8th grade, middle school, you ended up on 4chan eventually. There was no one else to talk about Gurren Lagann, Onegai Teacher/Twins, Zero no Tsukaima, etc with. Sure as hell isn't anymore either. Everyone knows about Lucky Star and Haruhi still but those honestly aren't even the best of what was being watched back then. Also all the memes brought you to 4chan in general as a kid. and the gore. Edgy fuckers. My Swedish GF at the time was a anachan that liked all the same shit as me. She was a poney girl who drew gore and posted it regularly. We were cringe as hell honestly but we were the children of chan boards. Good times. Honestly it made for a way better childhood.
Oh and using kik to organize raids and all that in the early 2010s. Honestly a big part of all the raids that went down were in part thanks to a lot of kids my age I'm sure. Unless that's just me projecting, as a younger person thinking that there's definitely other 12/13 year olds doing this shit too. Yup. But I'm 24 now.

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I'm having a hard time believing this.

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right, 12yos on 4chan, back in the peak of poneyfaggotry and assclap spider man era. Minors on 4chan are TOTALLY unheard of. I'll pop a glock in your mouth and make a brainslushy. Oh and tongue punch your fart box. Fucking newfag

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That's not what i was having a hard time believing, i was having hard time believing that he had a GF...

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Sorry 4 being teh protag and getting all of teh girlz bud. She was the whole package. MLP. Higu. Gore. Anorexic. Constantly threatening suicide. Cosplayed lucky star. She liked Danganrompa or whatever a lot though and I didn't care for it Idk that got annoying. Never got to fuck her for living in another country. Actually she went insane years later and I've sent her several cease and desists and threatened restraining orders. She's a pain. Chicks from Stockholm are fucking crazy. Idk what the hell is going on over there. Anyways I turned out fine so Idk what that bitch is on about.

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Thanks OP. Same to you.
Love you too anon.

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When drawfags take my request.

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Always the biggest red flag, lmao

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Love you too (no homo)

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>Never got to fuck her for living in another country
Oh never mind, that's much more believable now.
Hope you the best in your life anon.

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>It's somehow the only board that's aged decently
As much shit as this place gets, it's one of the few boards I can still find genuine albeit slow discussion.

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I fucking love /jp/

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Lol get a pair of buruma tatted onto your shoulder with /jp/ over it. take it easy as a tramp stamp. Hell yea

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Hell yeah

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File: 2.23 MB, 1539x1800, __futaba_anzu_and_moroboshi_kirari_idolmaster_and_2_more_drawn_by_komachi_pochi__0db834368fd08483619c14f2ffddea0a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was 16 in 2011. Though I only found and started posting here two years later than that.
I don't browse or post as much as I used to but I still think you're the comfiest board, /jp/

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>Also all the memes brought you to 4chan in general as a kid. and the gore. Edgy fuckers
Yeah one of my biggest learning experiences was being told to fuck off from 4chan due to a abbhorent meme post I made when I was younger

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I'm glad I got to grow up with pre 2016 4chan

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The clouds are drifting away so please have a nice day!

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When FELT announced their next album would be the last there was that anon who made a thread asking for messages to write on a shikishi then gave it to them during comiket.

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I can see my message there!
Thanks for reminding me of this. It was really nice of that anon to go through all that effort.

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Every time I see Rin I get horny, thank OP

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Lol as the pic was loading I think it was gonna be Kokonoe, Forgot which thread I loaded into.

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God bless that anon. IIRC they were real surprised to get a farewell card from outside nipland.

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NTA but you're making me horny too wtf

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besides vtuber threads how is /jp/ worse than it is 5 years ago? I doesn't feel that different to me.

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There was that anon that made a ready to play pack for the PC-98 games. That was pretty nice of him and got me to try them.

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Rin is a lewd cat

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Don't get horny over posts

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I miss the times where there were good denpa threads back in 2010/2011

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i miss 5 man kinpuri

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This board is dead.
Everyone left because of the newfags, especially the ones from Tumblr that invaded the place.

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>tumblr newfags
t. nigga stuck in 2013

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Because it is the majority of the board now, yes.
Bunch of secondary cancer spamming their 234th "CHEEEEN" thread.

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