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Why is she throwing a gang sign?

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Cause she's the head of the misty lake crew, struggling everyday against the tyranny of the corrupt scarlet police

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fuck da scarlet police

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Ah yes, Cirno and her shoulder devil and angel, i wonder what they whisper in her ear.

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Touhou if it was made in the hood

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Touhou if ZUN was a nigger.
Not black, but a nigger.

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Aren't those the same thing?

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You might think so, but a black guy is just a man who happens to be black.
A nigger is someone who buys a glock, extended Pmags, posts it on twitter calling it a "cop killa", a full set of gold teeth and is of no use to society in the slightest.

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Ah yes

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which one is which?

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So basically those assholes who act like gangstas when they're not

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Marisa is the devil and Reimu is the devil

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And the gangsters who are in fact gangsters.
Nigger behavior, what can I say.
I saw one once flexing an SBAR with no sights on the picatinny. Most people were talking about the brass catcher on it, but that actually does something if you want to reload the cases. Doubt he was though, but in theory the catcher itself isn't blatantly dumb.
Or in fact anyone who seriously starts with ACAB bullshit. At least half of them just want to get away with looting shit, and the other half are just dumb fucks who haven't figured out people can just lie.

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Shes and ice cold killa

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No marisu is the angel

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Immediate arrest!

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she's hip like that, yo!

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ay yo

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Nigga cirno

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Sup yo

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Cuz she the strongest g