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Yukari is a cum dumpster. You cannot refute this.

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Why would I want to?

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I can't find it in me to disagree with this.

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I concur.
Nevertheless, she's moe~

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She is also quite a lot of other things.

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Yukari just makes borders appear in front of every guy's crotch and then proceeds to service thousands, no millions of cocks. She is the biggest slut ever. Yukari can replace all the oceans on Earth with cum and then we'll all be swimming in and drinking cum and it's all because Yukari is such a whore. This is why sluts needs to be mercilessly fucked and then destroyed.

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Why must you stupid guys constantly spam and attack www . anon
talk . com for? Please stop. We don't want any chanturds there.

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Now now.

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>cum dumpster
Has /jp/ become /b/ while I was gone?

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If you were gone since it was added then yes.

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*Slurp shlup shluk*

Me: GODDAMIT WHAT IS THAT NOISE!? Yukari, are you sucking cocks again!?

Yukari: *Buuurp* Yeah, what's it to you?

Me: I can hear that slurping noise emanating from your whore lips all over the house. Can you stop sucking cocks for just a little while so I can get some fucking work done?

Yukari: Mmmm, sorry, still got 247 cocks left until I can call it a day.


*Gets on knees and starts sucking cocks too*

Me: Glug glug glug! I just want you to know, I'm not a fag or anything, but the faster this shit ends the faster I can get some peace and quiet around here!

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I can, with canon

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Also reported,
/b/ --->

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Yukari isn't a cum dupster, you're her cum dispensary.

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Why must you stupid guys constantly spam and attack www . anon
talk . com for? Please stop. We don't want any chanturds there.

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Like anyone here wouldn't gladly let Yukari suck them dry.

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At first I was like <reaction image>
But then I read the twist and I was like pic related.

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That's beside the point... but entirely accurate.

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Sure, you think everything is all right, the next moment she gaps your penis and you poke yourself in the eye with it. Not liking it anymore now do you, you pervert?

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You can never be sure what a sexual deviant enjoys.

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You should stop seeing things only as black or white.

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I always thought everybody else was Yukari's cum dumpster.

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Anyways, if she's interested in harvesting cum into some sort of gigantic gap tank it's in her best interest to give you the most... erm... "voluminous" release possible.

You are now imagining Yukari's lips sliding up and down your shaft, and the sensation of her tongue gently teasing the head as she slowly sucks you to an explosively good orgasm.

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Oh yes, go on. Please don't stop. Continue with your fellatio story.

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She had a great big ass! And your head is Waaaay up it!

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I don't think the "YOUR WAIFU IS A SLUT" troll works with Yukari. We already see her as some sort of sexual monster.

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I'll take Sakuya anyday.

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Sure is a lot of samefag in this thread.

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Just go to http://www.touhou-project.com/ and read "Mind the Gap" in 18+ section.

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Just for you, this writefag will continue just a little bit.

As you feel yourself getting closer and closer to cumming, you feel a strange sensation as Yukari alters the border of orgasm. Soon, you are breathing hard, barely able to catch your breath- Yukari has artificially held you right at the brink of ejaculation. You grab a handful of her hair as she continues sucking, her lips making it all the way down to the base of your shaft. You're desperate to cum, but Yukari won't let it happen- the border remains solidly in place. You beg her between gasps for air to let you cum, but she won't. She continues for a few torturous minutes, and you notice that she's put one of her hands up her skirt and is rubbing her pussy vigorously. She's starting to breathe harder, and you can feel that the border is starting to loosen. Your whole body tenses up as she shudders from her own orgasm, and the border slips away. The last thing you remember before passing out is the most unimaginably amazing cumshot, and Yukari withdrawing her mouth, mysteriously empty.

When you finally regain consciousness, you're alone in your room once again. ;_;

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do want

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I have a feeling you are a femanon. You have a keen knack for writing these types of stories.

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I don't think so.

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Why would you think I'm a femanon? I'm not offended, just curious.

(FWIW, I'm also the one behind that "Fucking everyone (minus China) in the SDM" story)

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>"Fucking everyone (minus China) in the SDM" story

I haven't seen that.

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a repost of it is in the archive


starts there, then someone delivers the rest a few posts down in the thread.

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Penguinmayhem is that you?

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dissapointing. Flubbery balloon tits =/= arousing

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Any good Yukari doujinshi?

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While >>4352314 is not bad by any standard, I am still amazed how one single fucking spoilerized sentence (>>4352189) managed to make me perfectly rock hard. And I am not one of those guys who normally get aroused by drawn flat Japanese girls with silly hats (in b4 get out of /jp/). In short, you should feel good and you should continue writing. Profusely.

>border of orgasm

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Those are more images than of Aya or Sanae.

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That's because more is left to your imagination, so you're able to fill in a lot of the blanks of the scenario yourself. This makes it more personalized and erotic while retaining the base qualities of what is actually happening

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What kind?

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I only have one objection, the thought of Yukari pleasuring herself during fellatio is a bit out of character. She isn't some two-bit self-serving slut out for a cheap thrill. She should be inscrutable and commanding, performing a slow, purposeful, elegant blowjob for reasons known to her alone, while she looks up at you in a vaguely amused and enigmatic way. Well, just my impression, but then, I am not exactly the fluff police.

And I can't be the only one who is hot for her gloves - you know those beautiful, white, smooth, silken elbow gloves?

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haha thanks. I don't get much practice, although I have gotten paid to do people's creative writing assignments for them. (hooray academic integrity)
That would be an interesting profession to have though, at parties telling people "I write eroge!"

(I also wrote a Cirno one, but I deleted it because it was all just an elaborate setup for a horribly bad joke.)

You: I'm cumming!
Cirno: What are you talking about? You're already here!
*ba-dum-tsh* ... ಠ_ಠ

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Criticism duly noted, I agree that it probably is out of character. My original thought was that her motives were her own sexual pleasure, which is why I wrote that in.

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got any of Yukari x shadowed man?

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I rarely write but I'll give it a try.

I used to know a woman named Yukari. To those in Gensokyo she was known as a mischievous troublemaker, sly and underhanded, but to me and many other lonely boys, she was a caretaker. Yukari, she understood the pain of being alone and she would often use her power of teleportation to appear in our homes and rouse our spirits, let us know the pleasure of female company so we wouldn’t degenerate into the dregs of society. It was one day that I came home from school heartbroken and in a state of total disarray; the girl that I had set my sights on had rejected me and ran to the arms of another boy, larger than me. He was brutish and vulgar and had no respect for her and I couldn’t understand why she chose him. I shuffled into my room, slammed the door, flung my backpack into a corner, and thrust myself onto the bed, burying my head beneath two pillows. After a bit my head emerged, flustered, and I began to speak angrily.
“That stupid bitch. I hate her. And I hate all of those stupid whores! Why don’t they understand? There’s no way that idiot could make them feel as happy and loved as I could. Why can’t they see that? Why. can’t they just… give me a chance?”
It was at that moment that I was getting ready to swear off women forever and close myself off from society. I would embark on a path of hate and jealousy and destruction and from that moment on I would never be in a happy relationship. I would crush them just like they crushed me. Just as I was about to make the oath a swirl appeared in front of me and a flash of light followed that dazed me. I started rubbing my eyes and when I could see clearly again I realized I wasn’t the only person in the room.

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Why must you stupid guys constantly spam and attack www . anon
talk . com for? Please stop. We don't want any chanturds there.

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Excellent start, sounds like it's going to have a tender side to it, maybe even a bawwwwfest.

Starts to go downhill from there and get a little overdramatic.

>I would embark on a path of hate and jealousy and destruction and from that moment on I would never be in a happy relationship. I would crush them just like they crushed me.
Emo Raeg Anakin Skywalker writing. I would go with something more human sounding, like realizing that your rage is totally impotent and breaking down crying again before Yukari gaps in to comfort you.

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What's a "shadowed" man?

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I love reading sappy e-lit with equally sappy H-scene music.

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Probably referring to faceless males.

>> No.4352894


transparent person with no features except a big ol' peenor and a way with the lay-dees, meant to be a self-insert.

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that guy is pretty good, to let other people decide where the story goes. I'd have trouble doing that bc I find it hard to make a believable transition to something I wasn't planning on writing.

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That one by "one of a kind productions" or whatever with Erin, her and yuyuko was fucking earth shadderingly awesome.

And translated

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... the hotly debated classic?

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That very one, jaw dropping.

Also there was one released at C76 with her getting rapped by a guy with har over his face. Sorry I can't think of the name.

If I wad at my PC I would upload them for you.

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>Read this while listening to ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen.

I'm sorry. This is working for me. I love the song but... what.

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Mmm. Not quite my type, but the Mokou/Keine part of the sequel was quite sweet.

Although a bit outside the regular programming.

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I don't understand all the slobber happening in some H-doujins...

I mean, yeah, spit happens, it's free lube, and messily making out is awesome, blah blah blah

but some of them seem to be depicting girls just drooling everywhere during sex.

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Censoring thread?

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Would you mind sharing the name of this with me?

"Case of Komachi" yields nothing.

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godammit, I want more.

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Usually it's annoying. But in this case it might be that we're dealing with mooncrazed were-cow-lion.

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Yukari is old.

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>if she's interested in harvesting cum into some sort of gigantic gap tank

[x] returns to gensokyo and futa-raeps every touhou with anonymous seed.

9 months later, appallingly retarded anon-toohoo hybrids.

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What would those hybrids look like?

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I snickered, 10/10

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Just got home, let me get that and the one I mentioned in >>4353052 uploaded

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the one mentioned in >>4353052 is corrupt, but this is the one that has been posted a few times in the thread.

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>You are now imagining Yukari's lips sliding up and down your shaft, and the sensation of her tongue gently teasing the head as she slowly sucks you to an explosively good orgasm.


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look at ol' quick draw mcgraw here

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I'm more of a DFC fan myself, but cheers for the upload, Boof.

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asexual fag

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Look at ol' clever boy here.

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Looks like I picked the wrong night to quit sniffin' glue.

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Not oooooooooooo-ld~.

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