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You will never be Rinnosuke

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Damn i wish i were rinnosuke. Owning a shitty grey market shop at the edge of the woods sounds super comfy.

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Why would I want to be Rinnosuke?

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I would not enjoy receiving that much attention.

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How often does Rinnosuke gets laid
He must get insane amounts of youkussy

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All these women throwing themselves at him and he still is loyal to Marisa.

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I don't want to be Asian. My penis is already too small.

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I want to be Yukari and harrass Rinnosuke.

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Rinnosuke after Impossible Whopper.

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But the local yurifag told me that all the 2hus are trans and gay for each other... thats not true, is it?

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I want more CoLA, though it could probably do with less Sumi.
Having various 2hus visiting his shop and doing shenanigans would be fun.

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Rinnosuke doesn't have a penis. If he did Marisa would be a mother by now.

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He's gay, there's not a straight dude alive that wears chokers

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>Talks to about 6 people at most
>Constant sour face
>Stays inside all day expect for days
when he dumpster dives for items to sale
>Drinks tea and reads all day
Literally me

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you wish, fatass

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Kirisame is a lucky girl. She should change her last name to Morichika soon.

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Hi Rinnosuke