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Let's make an Unnoficial Touhou fangame, /jp/!

/jp/ -> Script
/3/ -> Modeling
/i/ -> Concept art
/g/ -> Coding
/v/ or /a/ -> Beta testers (lol)
/mu/? -> Sound and music

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If you can't pull a ZUN and do it one-man, then I don't want it.

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>implying /g/ is capable of doing anything other than connect a to b

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/jp/ will fall for this troll

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No, no, no and no.

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wow, you call everything you see a troll or what? This is just fun, not trolling.

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As if the rest of 4chan is willing to become our lackeys. I know a lot of people who like to indulge in wishful thinking, but you sir take the the cake.

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OP can't spell, doesn't understand when to capitalize in English and "cannot into space," making me think he'd be more on-topic over on /int/ - WTF/General

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he is from the /a/ newfag leak.

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How about instead of that you make a Touhou dating-sim where you can fuck Patchy.

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I've never set foot on /a/ in my life, tripfag, try again.

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Here's how to make unofficial Touhou fangame

Option 1: Code it yourself
Option 2: Find 7 people that somewhat know how to code, give them one stage each with danmakufu engine or something (enjoy your lag. ) Each one codes independently on each other, then you sort of smash the stages together and call it a game. For more fun, no one should be aware of what the other is coding. Also original character only maybe so people don't end up fighting bkub's Chen for every stage, plus Extra.

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Why just her? Every single character should be fuckable. Including the few male ones.

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Oh wow, you are VERY new then

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Alright, le'ts make it. But no men in the game please.

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>/3/ -> Modeling
I think I like my Touhous 2D

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Sure, you have not.

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but they are still 2D! There's not 3D, the screen is flat! It's just an illusion!

Well, this will change soon with the new 3D TVs.

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And then touchscreen gets applied to 3D projections.

Then smell, and soon...

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durr hurrr

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Will you be able to hugh them?

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...You die in the game. Now shut up.

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Bad idea is bad idea

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I'm a codefag and I know c++/DirectX.

I would be willing to lend the engine for this project, but if it is to be a danmaku game better just give up and let ZUN do it. Seems to me you have no idea how complicated it is to make all those danmaku scripts and to make it so that they scale in difficulty.

Now, some other type of game might just work.

Pic related, it's a screenshot from one of my early builds of a platformer; I changed sprites to ascii characters and coded in Touhou-related dialogue so I could troll /tg/.

I told them I was making a touhou Roguelike which meant Touhou was now automatically /tg/ related forever.

It went rather well.

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We already have draw and musicfriends, why would we need other stupid boards?

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Oh wow

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>will you be able to hugh them?
Yes, will you? Hughing girls is important.

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scripting? ok. lets start with plot.
Mima confirmed to be the god in Hakurei shrine. she decides to take over the human world, and managed to convice reimu that it would only be for the best, one ruler- no wars, magic= better life or some other shit like that.
marisa joins in as well, Rin will be ex-boss.

playable heroines are Sakuya, just because her mistress wish to pay back reimu for EoSD, Youmu because Yuyuko can see the wrong in Mima intenions and Sanae because hurr durrr.

someone else add more details.

also/ i want to be a betta tester. leave /a/ and /v/ out of this. /a/ know nothing about lolis, and /v/ knows nothing about good gaming.

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>Implying that Mima exists

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Just a heads up, coming up with a script is like 0.001% of the job involved in making a game. Unless of course you're writing a storyline-heavy game with branching dialogues (such as an RPG or, Heavens preserve us, a VN).

Oh wait, this is /jp/. How could the game be anything OTHER than a ridiculous grindfest RPG or a VN?

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>implying Rin does.

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So Mima convinces Reimu to go all nazi on this world with "Ein Volk, ein Reich, eine Miko"?

I imagine it ends with someone throwing a massive danmaku bomb on the Hakurei shrine.

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>/g/ -> Coding

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shut up.

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So, only /jp/ would work on this?

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>work on anything

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What this man said.

That plot sucks ass. Have some originality, create a whole new character cast.

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>/g/ -> Coding
What about /prog/ ?

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It's a fan game. it soppused to retain old chars.
oh well.

A secret lab of the uS managed to open a gate to gensokyo. YOU try to top that, mister originality.

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expert BBCODE programmer reporting in

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lol Java.

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>It's a fan game. it soppused to retain old chars.
It'd be better if the playable touhoes were old characters while the bosses are a whole new cast.

>A secret lab of the uS managed to open a gate to gensokyo. YOU try to top that, mister originality.
Make it someplace outside the US or Japan. Both those places are way too used. Russia or the UK will do. Also, ZUN has introduce Shinto and Buddhist folk. It's time for Christfags to appear. Byakuren looked like one already despite being Buddhist.

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Oh great, a marine touhou.

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Not that guy, but fine. You want ORIGINAL CONTENT DO NOT STEAL?

Gensokyo is a fantasy land, a safe haven for those that humanity believes not to exist. However by and large it is Japanese, with a few immigrants thrown in. So what happened to Europe's ogres and trolls, hags and manticores, hellhounds and boggarts? Well, they had their own Yukari seal them off, and went to their own haven.

Naturally, Yukari and the powerful fey queen that made the bizarre European-Gensokyo know each other. One day, they decide on a prank, switching the "heroes" of their respective realms. Yukari gaps Reimu and Marisa to the Western fairyland, while the fairy queen sends a female knight and a young princess (with obligatory drill hair and "Ohohoho~") who just so happens to be a werewolf back to Gensokyo.

Chaos ensues. Two possible routes, one with Touhou-fied European legendary creatures, one with the familiar Gensokyo residents. Watch as Reimu and Marisa see a wyvern, think it's a real dragon and shit their pants. Watch as the knight learns of Gensokyo's religion and goes on an insane crusade to show them the true faith.

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Yes. Yes. That's what I'm talking about, son.

Side note: Some Western creatures are homologous to their Japanese counterparts (ogres are practically the same thing as an oni).

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how about the vatican found some anchient artifact in a secret room that opened a gate to touhou land, and they decide to send in people and convert as many to christanity as they can, but if that happens reimu won't have enough fate to keep up the border and it will collapse.

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>needing faith rather than donations

Oh, you.

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The Crusaders go to Gensokyo. An strategy danmaku game.

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Not really. Oni vary a lot (I guess because they were imported from China), they may be divine or demonic agents, transformed humans, protective spirits etc. Ogres are almost always dumb brutes, but even then their personality and specific features may change a lot, and honestly "ogre" is too broad a category not to have similarities with any other mythology.

While they may be similar, there's always the little something that sets them apart.

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I...is that...

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i like your idea better.

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Weeeelll we could just use script for Stargate for that.

But we need something stronger then atom bomb for this.

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We could just mod Stronghold for that.
The problem is that being attacked by thousand fire arrows would burn any settlement in no time.

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If they're from different worlds, maybe danmaku has different effects outside of Gensokyo...

seriously though...is OP's pic Patchy?

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Yeah. Patchouli's breast size is a hotly debated issue. Well, at least it would be if every argument didn't derail to each side fapping to DFC/huge breasts.

What is certain is that they're never modest. Either completely flat or the size of her head. No in-between.

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I think a/b-cup Patchy would be best... huge breasts make reading difficult...

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>implying you aren't a fag

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was this thread inspired by

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>Game engine
y u do dis?

>> No.4351765

Cross-platform so the neckbeards can play.

>> No.4351776

C + SDL + OpenGL
Cross platform ahoy.

>> No.4351782

Another C++ programmer here. I may not know anything about danmaku games, but I know how to make RPGs, platformers, and VNs.

>> No.4351789

>implying you will not have to recompile and recode for each platform

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Get some drawfags to do the base for the characters?

Would be fun if /jp/ had a /jp/ Fantasia.
Pic related. Pixiv Fantasia.

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Humongous breasts Patchy is best Patchy.

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>/g/ -> Coding

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>Implying that Java isn't "Write once, debug everywhere".
>Implying that cross platform is hard with proper abstractions

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Introducing original characters in a fan game? Why? Because ZUN does it every game? That's a fucking retarded line of reasoning. It's very much like writing a bad Star Trek fanfic starring fictional character Ensign Mary Sue, the youngest and brightest Starfleet cadet, whom everybody likes and falls in love with her.

That said, recycling familiar cast and spamming overused memes should be avoided as well.

Clearly the correct approach is to manufacture some sort of an unseen incident and explore the heroines from a previously unseen angle.

In short, someone should make a game about pic related.

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Hell that's nice too!

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Hell that's nice too!

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Oh god.

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My code is messier than yours, ergo, I am the superior codefa/g/.

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Option B. Use Danmakufu and the Touhou sprites. Cut down on the needed parts by 95%

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Yes, because one thing Touhou series lacks is amateur-made curtain shooters.

I vote for a Touhou Hunting game.

Like Deer Hunter, except deer are replaced by Touhous. With cutting edge pixel shaders and 16x Antialiasing.

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Do you remember those war threads, where Gensokyo were attacked by /k/? Well, we could make some game about that.

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Why must you stupid guys constantly spam and attack www . anon
talk . com for? Please stop. We don't want any chanturds there.

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How about no?

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How about yes?

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But nobody on /k/ has guns(except for a rare few). This scenario is unrealistic.

I think that instead

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You guys need a common goal, as personal preferences will only get you so far before the project dies. Usually this would be money, but on an anonymous imageboard you probably need to come up with something else, something really worthwhile.

That, or then you just keep the project SO small you can complete it in one night.

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implying any board on 4chan is productive etc

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It'd work better if /jp/ did everything. The other boards don't really have any reason to help but we could seek out help from that board if we run into trouble with anything.

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We have /prog/ and you suggest /g/ for programming...
y u do dis?

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so 2d or 3d?

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Do you really have to ask?

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Look at those jaggies.

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If we had a good programmer it would be possible to make an unofficial Touhou fangame (no, certain Flash games people made in the past do not count).

If a project looks like it has a real chance of success /jp/'s drawfriends will be more motivated to work for it. Same for composers.

>> No.4354558

Anon! You're not thinking fourth-dimensionally!

>> No.4354585

Hell, I could pull a script out of my ass in 30 seconds.

Ok, wait.

Reimu and marisa have to travel to an under water trench because the unnamed catfish in UNL is really the YOUKAI KING and they have to kick his ass.

On the way there will be coral reefs, sunken ships and kelp fields all with silly underwater touhou. (captain touhou from UFO is playable)

BUT, like ufo's UFO roulette thing, this game has a gimmic.

You need to collect air tanks for your silly hat/scuba suit

>> No.4354590

That actually sounds like a good gimmick.

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In the end, you will have to be willing to give something in order to receive something. You may get nothing at first, but what goes around eventually comes around. BELIEVE! NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

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Two things came to mind. Megaman and this.

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>> No.4354671

>/v/ beta testers
>/g/ coding
>/prog/ coding BWAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.4354792

That was playing in my head the entire time I was typing.

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ok /jp/ lets start voting. mine goes to

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I want a two hoe MMO.

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stop lying.

>> No.4358393

That's actually awesome

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Well, I am good at C languages, but the one I'm used to is C# for Microsoft .NET. I'm still not very good on C or C++, but I know the basics of them.

There's a language called Little C, that is used in Game Studio A7. It's easy to use, object oriented and oriented to game programming. Anyway, Visual C++ and Direct X is more professional (but very hard, I tried it and it's very complex). Open GL has good graphics too.

You can make both 3D and 2D games with them.

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>Contionuation of >>4358429

Anyway, when I made this thread, I wasn't serious on making this, but what if we make a comunity and we make something serious someday after the exams and all that?

>> No.4358460

Having a good programmer is not even 10% of the job. I already said I'd provide an engine. Or just take one of the existing engines like Ogre that are the same thing only better, coded by professionals,proven and tested on a variety of systems, and are better documented. Or take any game library, there's a ton of them.

The point is, that's nothing. Just the start. A project needs to be coordinated, and good luck trying to boss around a bunch of anonymous people on the internet and convincing them that your vision is better than theirs (which is essentially what a coordinator needs to do). It needs to have a website. It needs to have a way to ensure contributors keep contributing and bitchslap those who can't. As long as it's free a collaborative project will never get off the ground stage because you can't provide incentive by docking the pay of the guy who was supposed to provide you with that Reimu sucking off a horse artwork for the unlockable_sequence_214_A.

Well, I am sure people said the same about Katawa Shoujo.

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>A project needs to be coordinated, and good luck trying to boss around a bunch of anonymous people on the internet and convincing them that your vision is better than theirs (which is essentially what a coordinator needs to do)

In this company, we have meetings almost everyday to put in common our points of views, ideas, troubles, etc. We must convince the others than our idea is a great idea, and if they agree with it, we make it.

If they don't work, we don't pay them. And we pay well, I can pay a single programmer 10 Patchoulis and 5 Marisas the hour.

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You said MMO, not MMORPG. A MMO could be interesting.

>> No.4358486

The world doesn't really need more tohuo fangames.

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> /g/ -> Coding

What a joke. Maybe /prog/, but expecting /g/ to know anything?

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Quite the top dollar!

What type of MMO would it be then?

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Touhou second life

>> No.4358600

Bernkastel Second life

Make it happen~ :3

>> No.4358604

Goddamnit. That picture again. Fine /jp/, YOU WIN. I'll save the damned picture so stop posting it.

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I think it's a bot. It automatically detects any Marisa picture, and posts "it's da-ze.jpg" and "YES!" secuentially.

>> No.4358633

Like that bot who posts Goldsmith pictures everytime he reads "image dump"?

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It's ze-da, ze!

>> No.4358663

It's shut DA-FUCK UP <3

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shitty forced meme

>> No.4358703

>shitty forced meme
meme? all I see is spam.

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>> No.4358742

Spam is now a meme!

>> No.4358761

Nah spam is just spam and will always be spam.

>> No.4358768

Spam is spam is now a meme is now a meme.

...is now a meme.

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>> No.4358796

Hey look guys, i made a touhou danmaku.

Am i cool now?

>> No.4358802

...Oh, i forgot the danmaku.
But hey, at least you can shoot Cirnos.

>> No.4358810


>You can shoot Cirnos. ONLY.
>No screen bounds
>No sounds
>If the cirnos hit you, they die (wat)
>No bullets (!!)

Get back to work and Improve that damn thing right now!

>> No.4358812

With that pose, she is showing her true nature of hymen!

My god why meiling is such a dirty character?

>> No.4358818

I mean she should be in the pig den and trying to cover all mud by herself!

>> No.4358834
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Don't insult our China in that way.

>> No.4358839

It's the perfect sandbox game - You can't die, You can literally go wherever you want to and you can shoot Cirnos.

>> No.4358860

Wow, look at her feet!

No wonder for a slut can get a foot fungus when she's not maintaining her daily hygienes, all she can does is trying to be messy outside and practicing martial arts(only to get contracted by muddy grounds and nasty cold blister feets)

>> No.4358896
File: 764 KB, 900x1200, 1262812108618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You wish you could lick her smelly and sweaty feets after a hard training day to make her relax.

>> No.4358897


you know you'd love to lick them, stop lying to yourself.

>> No.4358907
File: 157 KB, 555x850, drn02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, "Feet" is a plural. Feet is the plural of foot.

>> No.4358908

Wtf is shinku doing in that picture

>> No.4358911

Encouraging China's trolling.

>> No.4358915


Sorry, I was typing too fast.

>> No.4358946


>> No.4358950

But feets sounds cuter.

>> No.4358973

The most contributive post in this thread. It's not much but it's a start. It's concrete game, which is better than words-words-words walls of text and debate.

Yes, you are cool now.

>> No.4358993

Hold it, what is this called?

>> No.4359132

How can we make anything without an Idea? Ok, let's make a danmaku sandbox game where all we can do is kill Cheernos!!

>> No.4360293

I spent a good few minutes ramming into Cirnos. If Cirno amount increased by time, you could only ram on them (no bullets) and would lose if you failed to stop any, that'd be a fun game with a score system.

It's the reverse of danmaku, you need to dodge into the bullets!

>> No.4360828


Sounds nice.

>> No.4360848

I'd be great at this.

>> No.4360894

It's called 恐怖の○○が幻想入り

>> No.4361122


Oh good lord. I lol'd too much.

>> No.4361328

we're getting a little side tracked here

>> No.4361329


Just a little.

>> No.4361344


How did /tg/ take it?

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