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when will ZUN acknowledge all the lesbianism?

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Already has. Play EoSD. Its not exactly subtle.

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Looks like someone never unlocked the secret endings.

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Touhous are asexual

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Keep on believing that.

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Only lesbian marriage in Gensokyo.

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... Melissa Etheridge haircut.

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The rest of them are living in sin.

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all of them are gay? even cirno? ;_;

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Ran's her minion you sick fuck.

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He doesn't have to. It is so obvious that people take it for granted.

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Ran's her wife.
Chen's their adopted daughter.

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The thought of Cirno hitting puberty fills me equally with dread and arousal.

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Remember how much you cared about sex when you were 6 years old? Same deal in the Touhou universe. They don't view the word in the same way as a 30 year old 400 lb fat faggot like yourself.

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There's no guys. They're either gay or they all die alone and unloved.

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But they are all past the age of puberty with like one exception. To say they are nonsexual beings would be an extreme act of denial and a sign that you may be desperately clinging on to your innocence.

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Have you even played the games? The dialog is chock full of innuendo. These are not innocent girls.

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People keep saying this. Show me ONE example of innuendo.

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is divorce allowed in Gensokyo?

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Saying their sexual or nonsexual is irrelevant because THEY DON'T EXIST. If ZUN wants them to be sluts, he can do it, and if he wants them to remain innocent while drinking sake, he can.

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Shut up. They do exist.

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Yes, but they have to get an annulment from Byakuren.

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Except that they don't.

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How does Ran tolerate her wife's cheating ways?

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Sakuya asking if Marisa was a love doll.

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Not to mention Remilia's "you can eat me"

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everybody in Gensokyo

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Sluts wear panties not bloomers.

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There are men in Gensokyo, they aren't real, etc. etc.

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>The thought of Cirno hitting puberty fills me equally with dread and arousal.

Personally, I can't wait for it to happen.

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You sick fuck.
I still laughed.

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Tewi is too small for lesbian sex, it would kill her.

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I don't get it.

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I literally facepalmed.

I mean, could it be any more obvious?

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Red... slush. Yes, curiously appropriate for the subject of ice faeries and puberty.

After dealing with the regular churning of frozen hormones, the general confusion associated with being neither a child nor an adult, unstable periods with 50% antifreeze content and frequently attempting to pleasure herself with an ice cube (with neglible results), Cirno finally did grow up into a proper young lady.

And as proper ice maidens do upon reaching maturity, spent the rest of her life in solitude preying on men lost in the Winter night.

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I heard someone mentioned MEN?

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Sanae is such a good girl.

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Bobb Sapp?

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I love when people say STOP DISCUSSING GAIS THESE CHARACTERS DON'T EXIST as if it's some shocking revelation that they don't and we should all shut up and don't talk about the games we play/tv shows we watch/comics we read.

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>Hold on Youmu, I got a bone stuck in my throat.

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Meh too lazy to post all of them. Just go to desudesu for more.

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Mystia is delicious chicken.

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Cirno becomes a Yuki-onna?

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Of course they're canonical virgins and gensokyo is a fairly innocent place; that just makes it all the more fun to joke about touhou antics. That's what fandom is all about.

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By being the best mother ever.

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