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Why did ZUN stop doing Spell Practice?

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What's with that spellcard? Why isn't dark, you cheater?

ZUN went back to the basics with MoF.

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this is Mystia's first spellcard and it's not dark around you

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IIRC he wanted the games to have a style that resembled more older games, for that spell practice had to go.

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IIRC he wanted the games to have a style that resembled more older games, for that spell practice had to go.

I can see his reasoning if he worries about people over practicing a spell card, but I defend a comeback of the system, but in a special way like having to actual capture the card before been able to practice it.

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Why is his life and bombs on nullity?

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>>4344647 Spell Practice

Gee I wonder.

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Oh. I never did that. The only practice I've used were practice mode with levels.

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I do think he should change the current continue system though, back to how it was before MOF.

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He changed it? I don't use continue so I haven't noticed.

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You start at the beginning of the Stage, with two shitty lives.

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ITT things we never noticed about Touhou.

I didn't know the first Prisimriver you fought changed based on the character you chose, since I never play as anyone but Marisa in PBC.

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ITT things we never noticed about Touhou.

I didn't know the first Prisimriver you fought changed based on the character you chose, since I never play as anyone but Marisa in PCB.

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Oh wow, serious?

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They also change depending on how much you shoot them during the first spellcard with all 3. I think your chosen one hangs out in the middle, so you tend to shoot that one more? I forget but I usually get the same one for the whole fight without trying to.

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Because if he had kept it, the Touhou games might have continued to get better after Imperishable Night.

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I hope you know by now also that the second one you face alone is dependent on who you focus your fire more on their first spellcard, right?

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Spell practice is half the reason IN is too easy. I admit it's fun though.

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but they got better
i mean the bullets moved

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Its ironic that the best game in the series is also the easiest

no it isn't

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zun is a lazy faggot

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But SA and UFO are the best games.

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What a shock, people only like IN best because it's easy, has pretty pretty patterns, and is full of character fanservice

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I really wish spell practice were in the later games.
I just want to practice a few specific spells. :(

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I'd like some more Last Word spells.

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agreed, just got done playing IN made it to Kaguya with 8 lives left, on normal :P

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I would love more last words, those don't have any impact on the game difficulty and they let you throw in spellcards for the protagonists too. That's the one thing I really miss from IN that and ghost team

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>has pretty pretty patterns

Compared to the later games IN patterns seems embarrassing, save for Mokou's.

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While that is perfectly possible, I frown on such statements. I bet most people here start the game with 7 lives.

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I start with two on normal. No slowmode.
1CC'd through A+B with both border team and magician team. I think I didn't have any lives remaining though.
Now, extra stage, that's an entire different story...deathbombing doesn't help at all in extra.

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no spell practice no last word
fuck you zun you lazy fag

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Really? That's one of the things I give it due credit for. I like how geometric and composed the patterns are.

Kaguya's are butt ugly though, I'll grant that.

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....except for the last spell ones, those are cool.

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IN isn''t bad, is just that I personally think that ZUN outdid himself in SA and UFO's patterns, even in the first couple stages. In IN the first 3 stages patterns and bullets seem really bland, though Keine had stuff here and there.

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For serious FUCK the games after IN....... here are reason why I hate them
1. no spell practic
3. Mountain of FAIL do not let you get good ending on easy mode!!!

IT MAKE ME SO MAD I canot enjoy these games, fuck you ZUN

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Oh yeah for sure he stepped it way up in SA/UFO, especially with all the custom sprites (it's sad that "custom sprites" in a guy's own game is something special, but there you go).

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I'm assuming this is sarcastic and is supposed to be ironic.

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And this is how easy it is to is troll /jp/.

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so how about a danmaku thread?

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And this is how to look like a dumbass on the internet.

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of course
nobody with a working brain can like IN more than MoF

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Spell Practice may make story modes a bit too easy... but honestly... Mokou would be impossible for most players without SP.

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Haha, trolled.

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I wonder if ZUN will ever make another one like it.

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You keep using that word.
I do not think you know what it means.

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Everytime you respond butthurtidly, you have been trolled. I'm not even that guy, but just your angry reaction to him claiming to have trolled someone means he trolled you AGAIN. So yeah, /jp/ is pretty easy.

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I am not butthurt, however, I'm simply pointing that that is not trolling, but merely making the poster look even more lacking in intelligence. And you for supporting him.

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...do the influx of people really not understand what trolling is?

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every time you respond to him you are getting META trolled which means he knows how you are going to react and posts according to it

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Mokou has the best theme.

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That wasn't even a troll, I was making fun of retarded casuals who I've seen post variations of that a dozen times before, crying about hating MoF because it has no spell practice and they can't play as their precious paddo-chou and oh no the continues I HATE THE CONTINUES HATE HATE HATE WHY ZUN WHY

But if you're so bad at the internet that worked as a troll post then well enjoy I guess.

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One of my favourites, too bad most of the rearrangments and remixes are mediocre.

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I see people list it as a favorite a lot, but it never clicked for me at all. I never did her extra though. I didn't like Necro Fantasy either until I did Ran.

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