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Touhou fans are just as bad as furries, if not worse.

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The majority of western ones are probably 14 year old girls so yes you're right.

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There are no girls in the Touhou fandom.

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they're just guys pretending to be girls

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Don't make me revert to my old habits and get out the deviantart and youtube links.

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if you're bored enough, go ahead. i'm pretty bored too

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do we really force our love for touhou down other people's throats?

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actually you do, you guys really did ruin the fandom

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I certainly don't.
Nor do I have a persecution complex.

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You mean hate, right?

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i never did that though

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In a board that was partly created for this?
And I doubt anyone here goes outside in a Reimu suit, or talks about his Gensokyo persona.

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if i say something it's true!

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Not all furries wear fursuits and make their own fursonas.

Personally, I enjoy reading some furry comics, but it's not like I'm obsessed over them.

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not true. furries are disgusting. touhou are anima lolis. it might not be to your teste, but it is because it is anima and not because it is touhou.

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You are not a 'furry' then.
You just have bad taste in comics(slightly forgiven if you have been reading the Sonic Shit for a long time or something like Blacksad)

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>And I doubt anyone here goes outside in a Reimu suit, or talks about his Gensokyo persona.


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I like Better Days.

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>ruin the fandom
>99% of the fandom is Japanese and have never even heard of deviantART or /jp/
trbvious oll is trbivious

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Yeah, just bad taste.

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>Sankaku complex

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It's a link to an image, does in matter where it's hosted?

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>99% of the fandom is Japanese

Yes, because clearly every Japanese person who likes Touhou is not a secondary, and every last one of them has to have 1cc'ed every game before they can apply for status as a Touhou fan.

Come on.
I'm sure there are plenty of Japanese people who only enjoy the Toohoos for beating their dicks to H-doujins and/or the moemoe figs and plushes.

I will concede that there are probably way more secondary fans in the western fanbase, but the Japanese fanbase is not some sort of mythical race of people who are amazing at Touhou.

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Whatever you call TRUE fanbase or secondary fanbase, the Japanese will outnumber the rest with such a ridiculous ratio.

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You haven't seen how bad furries are. Worst thing an internet touhou fan has done is hijack a thread, worst thing a real life touhou fan has done is look like an idiot in front of people.

Tell me I'm a millionaire

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Well of course, because it originated in Japan and, as far as I know, is still only sold in Japan. (not counting import services, obviously)

I was merely reacting to the sentiment that "secondaries are shit / killing the fanbase" yet at the same time seemingly revering all Japanese fans as true bros or something.

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i give. how did you find me?

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