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How was I not able to see it coming that I would end up this way?

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I saw it coming but did nothing to change my fate

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A lolicon, or the fact that you're an active user of 4chan?

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It's not too late, anon. I'm sure you have local businesses that will hire the mentally handicapped...

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I had been on this site as a middle schooler. I see having discovered and been on /jp/ as a child as a good thing in all honesty. Back then you have other friends to spam and annoy people online alongside. We'd be playing Halo 3/looking for threads about Gurren lagann or Yokos tits so that we could save the pics heheheh. Those were the best days. Now it's sort of the same as then except I'm by myself in my room and only go outside at night.

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>Halo 3
>Gurren lagann
awful taste, you truly belong among normies.

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If you end up like this, you must be either apathetic like >>43427502 or oblivious.

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that's hardly even a loli.

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isnt she primula-chan? if so she's at least an honorary loli.

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Lolipädos for Primu

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wish more girls would do Yoko cosplays and post them

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Make stupid tiktok edits of her on multiple accounts and that's about all the social engineering it should take to get Yoko in the mainstream again. Just lable it 00score or some shit and they'll be all over it.

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Nothing wrong with being a NEET. I wish I were still a NEET myself. At the end of the day, myself and many others work with the goal of being able to be NEET (only this time called retired) in the future. What fundamentally would be different about your life if you had a job other than the fact that you'll have to wake up early 5 days a week and spend 9 hours at a job you probably don't like? Do you think getting a job will suddenly make you normal and sociable? And once you start wageslaving you can't go back. If you were dependent on your parents as a NEET they'd probably kick you out if you got a job (proved you could) nx then quit and if you got bux pretty much same story. I would say I lucked out and got a decent job that I don't mind doing but honestly the only thing that changed is I have some money but I don't really spend all that much due to years of neetdom frugality so I just invest it in hopes of being able to retire early.

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Most NEETs are constantly broke, so it's not really retirement, you can't pursue a good chunk of hobbies because of that, that's why most of them just rot in their rooms, so much that eventually even brushing your teeth ends up being seen as a chore
Haven't talked to a single NEET who was not a depressed mess

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wagie cope

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if you're happy being a neet even without money then I'm honestly glad for you, enjoy my friend

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i was when I was, now I have a full time job but I'm still happy.

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>now I have a full time job but I'm still happy.
wagie cope

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I was happy when I was a NEET. A few of my friends in my online circle are NEETs and they are happy or at least satisfied with their lives. You are right about NEETs being broke though. I think the mentality often crosses over anyway. I touched upon it already in my original post but once you're a neet you're accustomed to free or cheap entertainment and generally lifestyle. I'd argue it as a benefit (this mentality allows me to save over 90% of my income) but also as a reason why your life probably isn't gonna change much just because you got a job.
I think the whole prevalence of a "depressed neet" is largely s reverse correlation. They're not depressed because you're a NEET, they're a NEET because they're depressed. Although I think if you're already depressed being a NEET can make it worse. Being a wagecuck at least guarantees you get out of bed.

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That's because NEETs don't take care of themselves. Although like >>43437263
says, depression is usually a factor which goes into creating a NEET to begin with. But if you're a NEET who doesn't clean their room in 5 years like myself, and is inside constantly then you're gong to go insane.
So I hope NEETs out there heed my words:
Clean your fucking rooms. Go outside regularly for walks be it in the day or night. Do some exercise. This will change your world if you already do none of that. Especially cleaning your living space. I get to be way more anti social now since I have a stove in my room, coffee maker etc. My room is basically a mini apartment at this point. I started getting chump change from drawing but it's extremely inconsistent. Government denied me of NEETbux.

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true, but I'm not lying, I am still happy (only because I got a bearable job, relatively) would definitely prefer to be a NEET though

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I burned out both PS4 and Xbox One after letting them run constantly and constantly playing them. I'm fairly certain it was because of the nonestop use and that I had them on their max settings. Also one TV I had also seemed to "burn out." In that the screen just wouldn't turn on anymore. My electronics constantly need parts replaced if not just need to be completely replaced after 2-3 years of use.

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heat is the enemy of electronics, and some of the playstations do not have very good cooling systems, maybe you have yours in an area where the heat can't dissipate well or your room temperature is often high

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sexy primula
sexy primula

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NEET for 3 years now since corosuke. It's actually heaven.

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just use ac

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i have crazy neighbors knocking everywhere and i can hear their shit and my family wants me out from of my safe space and find a job.

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You have unclean power in your house that destroys PSUs in electronics.
I recommend getting an oscilloscope and properly grounding the place

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redo the thermal paste

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I scored a job and am starting soon. Not looking forward to this at all. No more waking up whenever. Getting out of bed whenever. And making whatever food I feel like having. No more several coffees made every hour in my bedroom as I play viya and watch animes all day.
My precious wives and daughterwives are to be alone on the nightly now. I don't want to start. I will endure.

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it's over

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To those who are currently NEETs, how do you earn your income? Living off parents, NEETbux, etc?

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I used to be a depressed NEET, and then I got a job that made me even more depressed so I quit. I guess I just found a bad job. That sucks.

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all jobs are more depressing than being a NEET, unless you're really talented and your job is special

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>TV I had also seemed to "burn out."
This is what I'm afraid is going to happen to my OLED since i have it on pretty much 24/7

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>how do you earn your income?
I don't,my parents are okay with giving me money if I need it but I feel like such a big loser just thinking about it so I try to avoid it.
At this point I just learned to get by with the bare minimun,most of my clothes are from 8-10 years ago.

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that is pretty lame desu

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I tried, but it was no use, such is this shitty reality

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>be depressed
>get an obligation to be somewhere doing something you don't want to do at best 20hrs/wk or 8 hours a day 40 hours a week usually
>think this will cure your depression
Maybe if you're depressed because you're starving or homeless anon.

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the average person has no hobbies or interests outside of socializing and watching media that's popular enough to talk with coworkers about, so the few hours after work daily are more than enough, in fact if they have more they get depressed
people who actually like things and doing stuff are happier if they can be NEETs though

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i recieved a large inheritance, basically the god luck of NEETdom

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should have been me, but my stepmom wrote me and my brother out of his will lol

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>the average person has no hobbies or interests outside of socializing and watching media that's popular enough to talk with coworkers about
i noticed it too. it's quite a scary thing, like how some people need "instructions" to work properly. npc is not a meme, it's the damn reality.

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I went the day without jerking off. Only about 8 minutes till midnight though. So now I'm tempted to do it to see if I can cum within that small window of time. I feel like I'm about to explode anyway. Maybe I'll use OPs pic.

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You should use OP himself

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primula was great use. I have a new daughter-bride. I'm going to start watching "Shuffle" and play the VN when I find it. I was going to cum before the stroke of midnight but instead I've been at it for like an hour. signing off now. oyasumi

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primula's cuteness is wasted on a sorry coomer like you.

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I wasn't on /jp/ so often over 14 or so years ago. Lucky Star and Shuffle were 2 of my favorite anime because I saw Konata really liked it. Shuffle is a very lonely fandom. It's also not even very good. It's a good memory.
Also everyone getting into it now are literal minors or idiots. Who just search "00s" core or something. It was a month or few months ago... I remember when I saw that Kaede was now "animecore" or some shit now and didn't even understand what it meant. It's all going downhill. Why the hell is an anime I had fond memories for only now going to reach it's peak in the west with a bunch of retarded kids. I've maintained the 2003/2004 figures for over a decade. They were my first figures. But there's no point in talking about this anime even on /jp/ because it just isn't relevant. And I'm dreading when the normals and the 3 year olds do make it relevant amongst themselves because then I'll just feel like an even bigger faggot.
Nothing shall remain pure. Nothing is sacred. Goodnight sweet Primu. Heil Asa

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Do you have a lot of pet hair at your place and do you smoke inside. Pet hair combined with the tar in smoke love to clog up the heatsinks in consoles. Lots of Xboxes and PlayStations have been rescued by simply opening them up and cleaning the heatsink.

I keep my place clean and my electronics last almost forever. My PS2 and PS3 still run great. My old gaming PC I built in 2010 still runs perfect too. It has air filters on all the intake fans and the inside is virtually spotless and has never been dusted since it was assembled in 2010.
I also run very nice HEPA filters in my HVAC of my house. I have allergies.

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I've been a NEET for over 7 years now. I rent a tiny room in a house of strangers. It's a quiet town just outside of the big city. I think I am content with it, but not having much money for things is slowly becoming more of a problem. I have MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), so I get NEETbux. Some of my family members still have high expectations of me for some reason, and they're pressuring me into getting a job. I've been struggling with being active and just living my life to the fullest. Constant menhera and self-destruction. I am trying to not lose hope though, and maybe get a part-time job so I can save a little bit of money. I want to one day live completely alone, because I am very anti-social. If someone else is out in the kitchen for example, I cannot leave my room. I would rather stay hungry for hours than interact with others. I also want to adopt a cat and I obviously can't do it where I live now. It would be abusive of me to keep a cat in a tiny room. I still haven't gotten around to starting exercising or doing my Japanese reps. I've been a drifter this whole time, never finding my path or passion. I just hope I can find it in myself to do all these things and live a comfy life before I turn 30. Sorry for the long blogpost.

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>That's because NEETs don't take care of themselves.

I see NEET and hikki used interchangeably a lot. A hikki is a NEET but a NEET isn't necessarily a hikki. A NEET is more or less just a regular person who isn't working or going to school for any number of reasons, whether it be circumstance. personal choice, or something else entirely. They can still clean their place, exercise, and go outside when the mood strikes them. There is no crippling anxiety or fear preventing them from doing such things unlike a hikki.

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are both generally living with their parents or grandparents?

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for the past month, something's been going on with my ISP and my internet has been very unreliable and intermitent. It seems like it's worst in the depths of the night which as a NEET is when I'm awake. What am I supposed to do without internet access for hours at a time, I keep calling them and they keep saying their "technicians are working on it', then they send me an email saying "good news it's fixed!" but it isn't fucking fixed. Absolute niggers makes me so mad when I call them it's only a robot. How do you guys deal with no internet as a neet. I suppose I can get more into single player games maybe, but they're kind of boring to me,.

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>I still haven't gotten around to starting exercising or doing my Japanese reps.
the first step is the hardest, dont give up.
you can do your anki. or start train/lifting, mens sana in corpore sano.

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For exercise I highly, highly recommend going to a gym (for me at least, it was massively more enjoyable than home exercises) and getting a partner to do it with you. You will both feel accountable to each other and that will boost the motivation and discipline for both of you massively.
Not sure what you can do if you don't have any friends. Maybe get a trainer? I'm sure you would prefer not to deal with some stranger, but having some with you really makes such a big change. Maybe you can start with one and then wean yourself off of him.

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My internet goes out a lot too. I figured it was just from accessing pirating sites for anime. I noticed if I don't use them my internet doesn't go out. But the one time I do go on one, later that day or during the night my internet goes out for about an hour or over and over again for about an hour if I keep resetting it. I thought it was weird they deny doing it themselves but yeah. I don't know much about that stuff it's just what I noticed. You probably have a totally different ongoing issue but it got really bad for me to the point where I was going hours without internet and I was very confused.
Also yes I still use pirating sites but only sometimes. All I hear about nowadays is torrenting and I never learned how that worked lol. In my day we had megashare and what do you call them. Just ignore and x out the redirects and all that right. Anyways now I can hardly pirate anything these days. I have streaming services but they don't have any of the good shit obviously.
Also I hate the gym. Although very good of you to encourage socializing and going outside itt. But I've kept myself in shape and healthy my years indoors by exercising regularly inside properly and taking nightly walks.

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>be NEET
>have to start working because parents lose the house
>struggle really fucking hard to adapt to working
>develop panic attacks, hallucinate, I suspect I'm becoming schizophrenic
>actually have seizures a couple times
>don't have health insurance to seek treatment
>lost two jobs for psychotic violent outbursts under stress

If you're NEET never let it go. Try to learn a skill or get an education so when it all crumbles down you aren't an autist out of their element doing something that is killing you. Please use that time for something fun that you enjoy and might be able to market, because time and a clear mind in a wagie world is a valuable thing. Use your moonrune language skills to learn other languages like spanish, make youtube videos and learn to edit and be a video guy, apply your skills at modding and doujin game development into your own projects. Please do something, anon. In fact, if you have the capacity to work and live with your parents, that's almost a cheat code for success because cost of living/rent is so outrageous in this day and age.

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jesus well goodluck with that anon. I definitely sorta think that if you're just a NEET who isn't at least trying a little bit to secure your future in some way you're kinda stupid. But I get that some NEETs could be so depressed it's not like they'd even care about their future no matter how old they are.

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>I hate the gym. [...] I've kept myself in shape and healthy my years indoors by exercising regularly inside properly and taking nightly walks.
Perfectly reasonable. It's all preference stuff, anyway. For me it's the opposite, I can't really stand home exercise. Too much of a slog with too little results.

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are most hikikimori into anime and fanservice?

>> No.43479150

More often than not, unless they have some other kind of money lying around. There are also many stories in recent years about people getting laid off or becoming unable to keep up with the rising cost of living who are forced to move back in with their parents as well, though those people aren't always NEET and might still go to a job from their parent's home.

Personally, I think mass automation can't come soon enough. I want to see the societal repercussions of the lower class being made obsolete.

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I hate the gym, but i know that i need the training for my overall health. Going there is such a chore, definitely the anxiety spike of my day; however, been 10 months in, i can tell it does wonders for your physical health: It disperses a lot of the brain fog and allows me to be more productive in scholar tasks. So, i do recommend the gym to my fellow hikkis, but make sure you have a cope mechanism set ready to deal with all the circumstances that the new routine entails.

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I remember the time my father forced me to go to the gym and exercise for 2 hours at least 5 days a week every week. I've heard that going to the gym helps your mental health as well as physical health, but I never felt as miserable as I did when I was forced to go to that gym for so long. The COVID lockdowns took effect and the gym was temporarily closed. I felt much better then.

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NEET threads are always so comfy. I'm surprised they don't happen so often. Every once in a while they pop up. As a NEET I find them comfy. Must be horribly depressing for any normal person to read threw. NEET thread is a must pin for me however. Yuppie dup

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i'm like 2/3rds the way through an electrical engineering degree but i'm a neet in every other sense of the word

like i barely interact with anybody outside of school since i'm kind of a fuckin idiot and need to study 10x more than anyone else i know to progress. i can't play vidya all day because i'd flunk out but like... i don't think i'd ever land an internship anywhere even if my grades are okay, because i've never been able to hold a job due to being a neurotic mess in high school that couldn't even manage to kill himself

i take care of myself and do the bare ass minimum to not look like a homeless person because i'm extremely obsessive compulsive. i've somehow not gotten kicked out of the house even after having constant panic attacks, and everyone i know fuckin hates me for being an autistic nutjob who has trouble holding conversations

/jp/ and /a/ have been where i've discovered, like, every single good manga i've ever read though, so you guys are great and even if you're a bunch of smelly, occasionally racist otaku i love you all

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It takes a special kind of person to enjoy the lifestyle and those who don't enjoy it will never understand no matter how it is worded to them. Likewise, it takes a special kind of person to enjoy a workaholic lifestyle and we will likely never truly understand that either.

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I was NEET from December 2010 to April 2022. I miss it.

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In my experience, the depression you feel as a NEET is permanent part of modern life. Most NEETs have some means that barely supports them, and most forms of employment that a NEET is eligible for still barely supports them so their standard of living doesn't change or actually becomes worse despite working and being a "productive member of society". It's much harder to crawl out of that hole, both financially and mentally, when you have astronomical bills, no time, and physical exhaustion on top of everything. Life for a poorfag wagie is hard already, but it's so much worse for someone who gets acclimated to a NEET lifestyle with next to no social or personal skills. The transition from like 20hrs of free time to 4hrs or less a day makes you want to put a gun in your mouth.

>> No.43482262

Having done both, while I prefer the NEET lifestyle, the workaholic lifestyle isn't so bad if you don't have to interact with others and just focus on your work.

>> No.43482374

for me, it's not even that I hate work, i just hate the loss of free time. i'd do almost any job if it was livable off of part time hours and I could get it.

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If only you really could just no-clip out of reality. Kind of weird how isekai type escapism is reduced to this in recent years. Not exactly isekai I know, but these are about the terms I'd set for my perfect isekai desu desu.
But I'd like to at least be able to bring all of my manga, figures, there is clearly a power source somewhere because of the lights. So, bring gaming consoles, monitors. Oh of course plenty of snacks. Starve eventually. Yup.
No need to worry mother. I am moving out!
I say as I haul entire furniture towards a stationary wall and stained old recliner.
Every time I look at these liminal images I'm just imagining how you could turn them into ideal NEET bases. This is NEET world.

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I do part time and it is still torture to have to wake up early on the days I do work

>> No.43486491

I will just go to Japan and get a Japanese sugar mommy. It's perfect.

spoil your NEET mommy.

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I don't mind it much that much. I mostly spent my days as a NEET refreshing pages, as there wasn't much else to do. I could learn something, but why bother if you can't do much with it.
I played a few games and watched anime too of course, but not well. I was just really lazy and tired all the time.
Not much has changed really, but at least my body is healthier and I have some money to enjoy hobbies that I couldn't as a NEET.

>> No.43486596

I get that. I may not do much with my time on most days but I like the freedom of knowing I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, with no consideration for any scheduling conflicts. There is nothing I dislike quite the way I dislike the feeling of having to be somewhere at a specific time. I feel like my day can't truly begin until that is out of the way and I hate that.

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My day is extremely unpredictable. Sometimes I might not even get out of bed if I decide it's a do LITERALLY nothing day. I'll just sit there with nintendo switch/3DS by my bed. watch Youtube on my phone while playing games just laying there. Sometimes I literally do not even get up to eat the entire day. Today was not one of those days however

>wake up
>get out of bed for pee
>make coffee, eggs and toast
>go to desk, turn on PC and pull up threads, Youtube,
>gabu gabu desu
>wonder what to do next
>watch Youtube and play vidya for the next 10 hours
>find this thread and post this reply

Now I'm going to head over to McDonald's. Because I'm very hungry. Still not sure what else to do today. It's been like this for 3 years now.

>> No.43486937

A truly free day.

>> No.43486940

btw u guys want anyffing?

>> No.43486957

Your virginity

>> No.43486981

I like burger king more I go there many Wednesdays

>> No.43487521


>> No.43487622

Big bag of fries. Like just fill up the whole paper bag with it.

>> No.43487953

Sounds good. Be rlly nice if they'd do that for me.

But my order is usually:
>2 double cheeseburger
>2lg fry
>chocolate shake
>lg mocha

The other burgers are usually for later on with the other large fry, big mac and some fries usually fill me up in one sitting. But Mcdonalds is always so good I usually crave it again right after. So I buy a second meal for later on. Sometimes same meal but with some nuggets. Love the nuggies

U can have it DESU

>> No.43487965

Tongue punching Primulas fartbox

>> No.43488814

I no longer care for domestic coziness. I don't care for comfort.

>> No.43490065

for me as a NEET I didn't get tired of my hobbies, also I exercised regularly, if anything losing NEET status is bad for health
there's always endless stuff to do even if you have no responsibilities, having to work just takes it away from you

>> No.43490271

Why not
What hobbies does a NEET have? You particularly, and any other NEET itt does what all day exactly

>> No.43490396

it just means your depression wasn't due to neetness. Its prob due to unattained life goals like marriage/children. just like me frfr

>> No.43490585

I wish you guys could enjoy it as much as I do, but I guess it just isn't for everyone.

>> No.43490693

i like to read western esoteric literature like jewish mysticism, hermeticism, neo-platonism, gnostic texts etc
one book takes even multiple days to complete sometimes and there's loads of them to read and research it never gets boring. also there's third party commentaries to read afterwards also it's great

>> No.43491792

most forms of consooming mainly reading and music
I used to go through like 3 month long phases where i'd listen to classical music all day, I also consumed enough japanese content including anime/manga that I can comfortably read novels and listen to podcasts now, but I love english reading too, particularly 20th century fiction before it became anti-fun. I used to read a lot of non fiction (almost entirely history, especially the bronze age mediterranean and mesopotamia and medieval western europe) but for some reason fell out of that and only read fiction now
Also I used to cook nice meals at least once a day. now that I work full time I only do that on the weekends and just do really basic quick stuff on weekdays, sadly. also used to go for long walks almost every day, I exercised every day. maybe you need an aristocratic soul that appreciates the finer things to be a happy NEET, but it seems like a no brainer to me that fun things are fun. I still enjoy my 3-5 hours per day of freedom, but I did like being a NEET better. of course my lifestyle was totally bankrolled by mom which is why it eventually had to end. also, I have never had a social life, not sure if that is a factor. oh yeah, just remembered, I used to love video games but don't really play them anymore.

>> No.43491830

It is pointless to live if you contribute nothing to society, and I believe this strongly. There are a lot of ways to do this as a NEET, or to work towards not being a NEET, and therefore doing so. I stopped being a NEET a month ago and I have been less depressed and immediately made more (autistic) friends. It can be pretty isolating because I grew up on different places online (here) but I guess it is all. Most people who are "like me" are horrible people.

>> No.43491978

why americans eat so many burger???

>> No.43492035

It's easily accessible.

>> No.43492087

by your post i can tell you're a total retard, and thus deserve to live and die like a slave.

>> No.43492106

Read Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Goethe, Heraclitus

>> No.43492344

To be honest I don't doubt a NEET reading spiritual shit will just give themselves schizophrenia and drive themselves completely insane. Kind of like all that weird shit on /x/ God rest its soul.

>> No.43492385

Spiritualism and NEETdom go hand in hand. What are monks and swamis if not NEETs who live austere lifestyles?

>> No.43492398

>I didn't get tired of my hobbies
I didn't either, I was just lazy and loneliness drove me to seek online interaction more than enjoying my hobbies.
>also I exercised regularly
I did too, but just aerobics. These days I don't need to do more, as I get plenty of exercise at work.
I'm mostly just trying to look at the upsides of working. It isn't like I wanted to get a job in the first place. I just ended up with a responsibility that can't be taken care of for free.

>> No.43492528

I don't think it would be wrong to call that a form of NEETdom but a NEET going on /x/ or hyperfixating on mythology and religion and "meditating" I just wouldn't call the same things. They're both wasting their lives away but at least the monk typically isn't a complete degenerate. Monks also don't tend to go full schizoid they manage to hold onto their sanity.

>> No.43493445

Contribute to... what society exactly? The same society that aspires to rob you at every opportunity it gets and wouldn't give a single flying rats ass if you were to starve and die on the side of the road? We do not live in tightly knit communities anymore, it's a doggy dog world out there.
Schizophrenia by its very nature is a religious, mystical experience. If you haven't been there stop running your mouth on things you can't comprehend. Moreover if you believe monks and mystics are wasting their lives away you are clearly a spiritual shudra.

>> No.43493505

You might be worse off than these NEETs. You had a point at first but then
>Schizophrenia by its very nature is a religious, mystical experience.
Wth is this? You lost me.

>> No.43494685

Have you considered you're still a horrible person?

>> No.43500770

NEET is good if you understand the lifestyle. Is a healing state. If you consume you are not ready for nrating. It is meant for minimalist. You need to help permanently the one who mantains you. In certain cultures you will be seen as the worst person and will be encouraged to kill yourself.

But you need to use that time to organize your ideas. To understand what you are supposed to do.

>> No.43500786


No, you are just retarded yourself. Most people are better than you

>> No.43500821


Also, people dont hate neets because they "dont contribute", they hate them because they want to be a neet themselves, they resent the neet

>> No.43504500

I saw it coming but did nothing to change my fate

>> No.43504516

I'm a fakeNEET. I have a university degree and I work but only for about 10 hours each week. The work, which I believe is called vending in the US, is repetitive and unstimulating. It pays fairly well and has the benefit of being autonomous, so the supervisor I report to is more of a regional manager and someone I see rarely, but that's all. They actually offered me to be the regional manager a couple of times, but I politely declined as I'm not ready for that sort of responsibility.

I think I have ADHD or something similar. I really dislike self-diagnosing but the waitlist to see a professional here is 5 months minimum for private, 9+ for public. Many of the problems I've experienced since high school can be explained when viewed through that lens. It feels really awful to remember that at my university they had posters up decrying forms of discrimination, yet offering me no help even when I was consistently failing classes and handing assignments in late, or not at all. I'm trying to learn Japanese but I find that I struggle to concentrate on tasks for more than maybe 30 minutes at a time, if that. I can't enjoy most video games anymore for this reason as well as the helpless frustration at being matched with useless players when playing online team-based matchmaking games. I feel useless myself in real life. I'm probably going to try and go to language school in Japan later this year or early next year, otherwise just drop out of work or an hero.

I did however manage to start drawing recently but again, I can't concentrate on it for longer than brief periods, and only when I'm experiencing intense boredom do I really feel like picking up a pen.

I think this is because they're largely judgement-free places. We're all more or less, or have been, in the same boat and there's no implicit looking-down-upon people who have lives like this the way there is when discussing it in a more public place with normals.

I hate having panic attacks because I feel like an inconvenience to people. I had one last Monday and couldn't get out of bed; my mother ended up coming home to give me a hug and she's already busy enough at her job.

nosage to bump.

>> No.43504799

I happen to agree with you, and I say that as someone who contributes nothing and has no desire to contribute anything. I am generalizing based on my own thoughts but a "true" NEET is someone who chose to reject all forms of purpose in favor of a selfish life that is focused almost entirely inwards, shamelessly taking everything and giving back nothing. There is no point to us or our actions and that is how we prefer it. To have no purpose is to have no obligations and to have no obligations is to have no stress. To me, there is no greater joy to be had in life than that feeling.

>> No.43505319

Thing is if you're built in such a way you can't genuinely have reciprocal relationships with people what else are you supposed to do

>> No.43505548

In my own case, that's not something I really place much value on. I prefer my interpersonal relationships to be surface level and not much deeper than that. As for what there is to do, that is a question that only the individual can answer. The entire point is to enjoy yourself, after all.

I am probably inadvertently describing a mental illness but maybe that's what it takes to truly enjoy the lifestyle of a NEET.

>> No.43506335

that's how I feel about myself as well but I wish I had more in-depth relationships, personally. but I know something happened, wires got crossed at conception, in the womb, or during the critical pre-k socialization phase that made me like this. I can talk to people normally, even laugh together, etc., but I never form any real bonds. And though I don't suffer in loneliness (couldn't have been so happy as a NEET otherwise) I do feel sad that I'm missing fulfilling, normal human experiences. But I feel they're just not for me, or rather, I'm not for them.

>> No.43506931
File: 38 KB, 491x349, 1299944334409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to post here in my early 20s. I was a hikikomori and basically put my life on hold for 5 years.
At one point I decided I'd had enough, got a degree, a driving license, a job, and lost some weight. I felt better about myself for a while, but I still hated interacting with people and was just as lonely as I'd ever been, even though I was surrounded by people all day long.
It was really draining, and a few years ago I quit my job and I've been living off my savings ever since. I'm now in my 30s and check this board again occasionally. I dread the day I have to look for work again, although the generalization of work from home is a blessing that will hopefully make things less painful. I have no plans, but realistically this on-and-off NEETing experience seems to be what's in store for me in the future.
I mostly like being a NEET, and the lack of free time is the single most annoying about working, but if I'm honest with myself I don't make nearly as good a use of my time as I should, now that I have plenty to spare again. I have a lot of projects progressing at a snail's pace because I don't have the discipline to work on them a few hours everyday -- and I should, because completing those projects is the best thing I'm doing with my life at the moment. That's why the first few months of NEETing are the best, as you truly appreciate the value of the ample free time you now have at your disposal. But beating yourself up about it is useless, all we can do is take it easy and strive to be a little bit better. Also, I'm a little bit confused about the options field that seems to have replaced email.

>> No.43506990

I suppose I had the good fortune of having experienced a bit of those human experiences when I was younger, before deciding to shut myself off from them indefinitely. I don't have to wonder what that is like and that is a great advantage when it comes to this kind of lifestyle. The only way to truly know if they are for you or not is experiencing them first hand, after all.

What are these projects you are working on?

>> No.43507145

Mostly programming crappy indie games, translating some content, learning to compose music using trackers, etc. Recently I watched a YouTube video about decompiling an old game to make a functional full screen mod for it, which is the next thing I'd like to get into.

>> No.43507193
File: 108 KB, 500x475, aaab93b66875906bd6c6acacaa816c2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can getting NEETbux in the USA be so easy as
>say you are asperge's.
>instant NEETbux for life.

I live in the supposed welfare paradise of Sweden with a certified autism diagnosis and the best they can do is either rehabilitation or offer me a subsidised full-time job.

Getting the full NEETbux deal requires the approval of doctors, I tried twice and both times. The first reaction was
>"you have autism? you're probably smart, go work with mathematics or something lmao".
The second was
>"well my daughter has Asperger's and she's doing alright, you should try a little more"

>> No.43507215

It's good to have hobbies. How long have you been at those things?

>> No.43507431

Don't you get good welfare anyway even without getting disability allowance? Can't you get sorted with a council house and stuff like that?

>> No.43507632

It's really not that easy in the USA. You have to prove it has a negative effect on your life (usually via doctor/therapist visits, having it put on your record, etc.) & 99% of the time with SSI due to mental disabilities, you have to go to an appointment with a Social Security psychologist for them to judge whether you're faking it or not.

>> No.43507715

Yes, there's unemployment neetbux, but you have to prove you're searching for jobs, it involves regular meetings.

>> No.43509771


>> No.43509901

I think I have unironically rolled a 10 with the country I was born in for being neet
Not even sweden has unconditional neetbux?
same here, im mostly playing COD.
Occassionally I try something different and fail completely

>> No.43511520

I'm US HikkiNEET. I was homeless and got denied welfare LOL. I'm autistic and diagnosed PTSD. First they ghosted me and I had to ask around like a dozen times until I was told finally I was not qualified. It was about 4 years ago. I was fucked but I'm doing better now. Just collecting figures and manga/watching anime all day. Gonna buy a Switch and PS5 soon. For the record I didn't get out of my predicament on my own. I was genuinely fucked and going to die. NEETs/Hikkis who have people that care about you don't take them for granted. At least make sure they believe you're thankful so they don't fuck over your life by cutting you off in the most inhumane way possible. Via just throwing you the fuck out.

>> No.43516209
File: 259 KB, 1316x1936, 39875027022_07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope all the NEETs itt are feeling GREAT today!! WOO. Btw. Remember SHOOP DA WOOP guys??

>> No.43516944
File: 21 KB, 480x360, 1670426128246720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a NEET. And I can't ever not be one. I'm out of place and out of time. I will never get to live a normal life and I accept it. No point in wageslaving when you will be an outcast regardless. I'm just going to live like a hermit monk until I die.

>> No.43518005

>hermit monk

I like that. I will start calling myself a monk desu desu

>> No.43518036

I firmly believe that there was some kind of cosmic mistake and that I was supposed to be born old money. There is absolutely no reason why a person like me should exist in this circumstance otherwise.

>> No.43518152
File: 1.06 MB, 2000x1600, Konachan.com - 39554 hidamari_sketch ume_aoki yuno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not who you're replying to, but there's a text called Hojoki, which is by a japanese hermit monk in the 1200s, where he recounts the semi-allegorical story of his move from the city to becoming a mountain hermit. Required reading for any hiki/NEET imo. The english translation comes bundled with another text called essays on idleness by another japanese monk which is also really interesting.

>> No.43518236


>> No.43518343

Panic attacks at work are terrible because you have to keep a neutral functional state of mind and disposition and if stress or something causes you to go over the edge there's nothing you can do about it without losing your job. It's a terrible feeling when you job hop a dozen times in two years or so for that reason and you know people depend on you and end up disappointed.

>> No.43518364

i'm almost making 10 years of neethood, will i become a wizard? warlock? shrine maiden?

>> No.43518374
File: 704 KB, 888x1200, 1679606608977037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm getting on for ten years here too. Here's to ten more!

>> No.43518390

Last time I worked I had same thing happen to me and I quit out of embarrassment.

>> No.43519063

How the fuck can you be NEET without being homeless in 2023 without leeching off of someone?

>> No.43519164

I've been homeless. Most NEET itt probably will experience it at some point too if they haven't yet.

>> No.43519242
File: 189 KB, 1241x1548, jacked cat looking out window.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I was a NEET. Best I'm doing these days is five days as a shut in and 2 days as a wage slave. With the occasional university online course deadline to force me into doing something.

>> No.43519469

That sounds pretty comfy to me. I'm working 3 nights a week. The walk home is scary heh. But I'm shut-in the rest of the time.

>> No.43519487

I hate everything in my life bros. I feel so unenthusiastic. Life is passing me by and I'm just going with it without making any changes or initiative. I've been called unambitious because I always half-ass all the tasks that come my way.

>> No.43519563

Part time sales is the way if you're a charmer like I am. Dunno where I get it from but if I can get talking people adore me.

>> No.43519654

viva la neeto
i like the title of hermit/monk too...
a neet spending his time in a cave studying the teachings of his waifu. an otaku ascetic

>> No.43519969

I wish this anon had the enthusiasm the other NEETs above have. I don't blame him tho. Wishing (You) well anon.

>> No.43519984

I am completely worthless as a person. I have no skills, no talents, and no goals, nor have I ever had any desire to obtain any of those things at any point in my life. Even has a kid, I didn't want to be anything when I grew up. Not even something as lofty as an astronaut or as childish as a dinosaur. I was content with simply existing and enjoying each day to the best of my ability. I believed that life didn't need to be more complicated than that and I still do.

You would think that being able to recognize my own objective lack of worth would be cause to despair but it isn't for me. I have an incredibly high sense of self worth and pride despite my lack of anything resembling worth to anyone. I have all the value in the world to myself and that is all that matters to me. I am content because I am exactly who I was meant to be, yet I am in the wrong place to be this person. In a perfect world, I would have the funds to live this truth without being a burden on anyone or having them worry for my future but this isn't an perfect world, and that is a great personal tragedy. The only thing I can do is curse the cosmic mistake that placed me so far away from the necessary wealth and buy lottery tickets in an attempt to fix that mistake. Foolish as I may be for resorting to such gambles, those gambles are the only path available to me so I have no choice but to take it. All I know is that I will not compromise the person that I am to save my own life and if it comes to it, I will choose death over compromise. I respect the people who have to perform menial labor but that is not who I am and choosing death over that method of survival is my choice. Hopefully it will not come to that and though my chances of success are so slim that they may as well be non existent, I am an optimist as well as a narcissist. I have all the confidence in the world that the stars will eventually align just for me. I just hope it will be sooner rather than later.

>> No.43520249
File: 977 KB, 2768x4096, 46643631389467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very naisu recommemdation, thank you.

>> No.43523989

What are some good series, which are really lengthy I can binge as a NEET? Any genre. Whatever NEETO-kun enjoys,

(Anime and VNs)

White Album, as an anime, is it good? Never checked it out.

>> No.43524023

I wish I could go back in time 10 years the internet and games used to be alot more chill

>> No.43524109

Naw the flash games and all that were nice but it's better these days. The only thing I would want to go back for is when /jp/ was still young n' sexy. Also I hate tiktok, discordfags, things were great up to 2014. So great no one knew what was had until it was all gone.
Ass slap spider man is still my favorite of all time.

>> No.43524181

what exactly is better these days?

>> No.43524297

More translations, easier to pirate VNs, games generally, anime, manga without worry of downloading something malicious in the process. Also these days it's easier to educate yourself on whatever you want to know. I would say these days there's ease of access to whatever you want. If I there is something you want you can have it within minutes. I'm more entertained these days. I can know whatever I want whenever I want and it's not as hard to fact check anything. That's sort of it though.

>> No.43524336

pirating scene was fine 10 years ago.
Translations are bad yesterday and today.
Your post makes it seem you think 10 years ago was the 70s or something, finding shit was easier back then compared to today because google wasnt completely castrated yet

>> No.43524344

Everything with the exception of social media is better.

>> No.43524409

>worry of downloading something malicious
>easier to educate yourself
>fact check

>> No.43524610

Yeah you have good points. Guess I was giving more credit than I should.
Actually I was remembering when a little sibling got into anime. He got one of those mini computers that were small but still fat and clunky. I remember having to dote on him though because he was like 12 and didn't know shit. Eventually every time he booted it up it would just spam porn ads on his screen and he hid that from me for a long time. But I remember burning anime and series onto disks. It's weird to think all that was like 14, 15 years ago. Anyways now we have USB. Things don't feel that different in that respect other than these days I'm not burning anything onto a disk anymore. That's something I want to get back into doing though if I'll be honest. Anyways guess I've gone all simple-minded these days or maybe I was always that way. Now I'm a NEET going on those 15 years about come to think of it. I remember I was burning Destiny Deoxys for my little brother one day and pulling up Arby n' the Chief for him to watch on YT. Now I'm here and it just feels like less effort than before to just pull up anything online. I'll just go back to my NEETing now.

>> No.43526258
File: 22 KB, 426x426, 1555974628968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't get a job because no car can't get a car because no money can't get a job because no education can't get an education because no money can't get money because no car can't get a car because no job
Even a child can get a job with no car or education, so what the fuck is going on here? Make it fucking make sense.
I was joking about it then and today once more the weight of neethood weighs upon me

>> No.43526486
File: 915 KB, 900x1264, wagie cage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fun anecdote I want to share with you NEETs: I actually worked in the Amazon wagie cage before.

Work fucking sucks not because it requires effort, or because it's "hard", but because it's completely involuntary renting of your soul. There's work that I'd LOVE to do, but there are barriers that prevent you for going into those careers like education, connections, or experience that you can't just attain sometimes. So you get stuck doing something you absolutely don't want to do with most of your waking life. Normies and bosses and the rest of the society seems to not process that you're a wage slave and fundamentally not happy. It's like other people work because they're bored, instead of people who actually have passions and interests working to be able to have a couple hours of peace doing what they actually enjoy every week without becoming homeless. The fact that it seems like the majority of Americans enjoy menial labor leads me to believe they or I have some kind of serious brain rotting disease.

I don't mean to sound like a communist, but look around. Look at entry level job listings. How many of those jobs ACTUALLY help people, and how much is just superfluous bullshit for the middle/upper class? The amount of actual labor/resources required by society for it to function is a fraction of what gets demanded, and the idea that hundreds of millions of people have to "earn" their ability to live by playing into the luxurious delusions of the upper classes which are fundamentally not necessary for life, liberty, or genuine prosperity is fucked up to me. I have zero expectation to own a home or be able to comfortably support a family, in fact my expectation is for everything to get worse. I wish I could be a NEET.

>> No.43526926

NEETs would be cucked if they were right wingers. I'm not a commie but I have nothing against them. Whatever country you're from if you're voting for the right wing as a NEET you're actively voting for your own death and the death of other NEETs desu.. But I was just thinking about that sort of thing this morning wanted to say good post anon.

>> No.43526974

Both sides are out to get you. You can only trust yourself.

>> No.43527039

>Work fucking sucks not because it requires effort, or because it's "hard", but because it's completely involuntary renting of your soul.

I can agree with that. There are plenty of people out there who work hard everyday yet feel happy and fulfilled because they are doing something that they love. Of course not everyone can be so lucky. Like you said, the people who are unable to do what they want to do for a variety of reasons outnumber them by far.

>The fact that it seems like the majority of Americans enjoy menial labor leads me to believe they or I have some kind of serious brain rotting disease.

They absolutely don't. What you see of this online is "grind" culture and it's nothing more than a cope to keep them going. They will never admit to it but they know this for themselves. If they lose the delusion that each day they spend working is a step towards wealth then they have nothing.

>> No.43527468

Blood sucking liberals and all conservatives are out to drag you out of your NEETcaves and either force you to work/enslave you outright or just blow your head off.

>> No.43527699
File: 59 KB, 752x1048, FwfgO_baAAAZZqv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Normies and bosses and the rest of the society seems to not process that you're a wage slave and fundamentally not happy
>The fact that it seems like the majority of Americans enjoy menial labor leads me to believe they or I have some kind of serious brain rotting disease.
Dawg, THIS has been eating away at me recently. I'm no stranger to work, even working two full-time jobs one summer. I honestly dont get how there are middle-aged dudes doing two full-time, non-remote, <$20 menial jobs for longer than a few months.

Why the fuck are you even living at that point? If youre so industrious, "smart", or carry they type of chip on their shoulder like these soggy cunts do, wouldnt it make sense to work smart not harder? The most common regret dying geezers have is wishing they hadnt work so hard, why waste your time and energy for so little?
>majority of Americans enjoy menial labor
This is a bit of an exaggeration tho

>> No.43528066
File: 151 KB, 1000x1000, 1658616681419790.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually, I'm voting for the death of niggers.

>> No.43530761

and now for something completely different

>> No.43532395

the entire gundam franchise
then realise that all non-tomino gundam sucks and move onto watching the entire filmography of yoshiyuki tomino

>> No.43532837
File: 10 KB, 236x196, 1678476167041006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate how everyone is still trying to push me towards getting a job even though I made it clear I never wanted one since I was a kid.
When I was 12 it was, oh your attitude will change once you get older, when I was 16 it was, oh its normal to be rebellious and now at 20 its still the same shit, except everyones pushing me even harder.
What the hell man why cant people just accept that I dont want to work

>> No.43534465

I don't get why families treat their NEETs that way, unless you are just a total asshole. 20 is still insanely young. Whole life could be completely changed if they really cared and reached out to figure out what you were about. And in that case I think it's perfectly fine for someone to be a NEET at 20. Families always just make everything worse by never acknowledging their existence and only ever making the same awkward small talk
>You lookin for a job yet, anon?
>working on getting that license?
whatever the case.
If they really really really wanted to see something happen, they'd at least try to get along with you better right?
Since that isn't what happens, just makes you more of a hermit and hikikomori with crushing guilt/embarrassment. Because you feel like all they want is you gone because they don't even see you as human.
Anyways maybe this isn't (You) the NEET I replied to. But, this is how it always goes at your age. Regardless they're just gonna make it worse. Hope you're at least getting neetbux

>> No.43536504

I am a sad, sad little hikki

>> No.43536536

Imagine being a rich /jp/sie and offering a cute hikki NEET a place to stay on the condition that they dress up as their favorite 2hu and perform sexual relief on them haha

>> No.43536551

I'll do it

>> No.43536682

Do what?

>> No.43536901

grovel at ur feet like a good hikikomori would of course

>> No.43537158

>NEETs would be cucked if they were right wingers. I'm not a commie but I have nothing against them.
You have to be retarded care about politics when you're a NEET.
The only friend a NEET has is Ecclesiastes. A NEET doesn't fear death - death is probably the best reason to be a NEET anyways because nothing in life is worth worrying about because of it.
A NEET doesn't care about anything but their own happiness.

>> No.43537598

i'm not rich but i can offer a cute hikki neet a place to stay

>> No.43537827

>I'm not a commie but I have nothing against them.
Actually, you'd have to be pretty dumb not have communists as one of your enemies. Typically people who hold this view are naive enough to believe what they say at face value i.g. you are very easy to trick and manipulate.

>> No.43538106

Yeah, Solomon was a literal trillionaire, had hundreds of concubines and God on speed dial. Even he thought it was worthless.
>And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.
Even wisdom itself is futile.

>> No.43538150

i wanted to join the army. then i found out the army here doesn't actually go around shooting people. then i wanted to go to donbas and join a random paramilitary there. then i couldn't leave the country. then i decided maybe i would just join the army here because nothing better to do. then they needed you to be vaccinated so i stopped my enlistment. then they finally allowed me to leave the country but i can't exactly go to donbas now so not much point. now i have no idea what exactly i'm going to do and some small part of me is now unironically hoping everybody dies from being vaccinated so i can wander around as a bandit basically. i don't know man i am a fucking retard and that's what everyone else thinks of me anyway so eh i don't know

>> No.43538155
File: 42 KB, 583x169, I wish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you feel bad about being a NEET and feel like you're worthless, don't worry, the feeling doesn't go away when you work and get older.

>> No.43538635

how the hell does anyone be a neet? I would love for someone to pay for my fucking rent.

>> No.43538650

>for the upper middle class
those faggots don't exist anymore. they where printed out of existance by jews.

>> No.43538657
File: 168 KB, 246x246, 1589642214921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a thing
>communism is totally good they wont make you work
what kind of stupid brain rot disease is this shit?

>> No.43538676

it would be abusive for you to keep a cat inside at all. Get a fucking dog. Cats are outside animals.

>> No.43538686
File: 6 KB, 300x310, 1635398611741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey look its keito sama.

>> No.43538690

Yep, once you go past social democracy and democratic socialism into actual communism it all devolves into utopic mental masturbation that's a waste of time to even think about.
But, who are you qouting?

>> No.43538693

>social democracy and democratic socialism
neither of those are things either.

>> No.43538699

because other people ahve to work so you dont have to? I dont particularly care. but it's pretty obvious why.
>making it to 20 as a neet
I was thrown out at 19.

>> No.43538980

It doesn't matter what you want. You are using society's services every day, internet etc., and so you're expected to contribute in some sort of way unless you have legitimate circumstances that prevent that.
You sound really selfish, and are lucky you haven't been kicked out.

>> No.43539073

Have you tried doing something worthwhile? That helps.

>> No.43539413

Oh boy here comes the normalfags with a savior complex!
Domesticated cats are not outside animals you dumbfuck. Maybe he can keep a fish instead?

>> No.43540594

>with a savior complex!
Don't post complaining about life in a pool of self-pity and then whine when somebody offers you realistic advice. You might as well keep it to yourself if you're going to shoot down conversation about it.
All the more so if you phrase it as a question.

>> No.43540810

>Yep, once you go past social democracy and democratic socialism
This is just rebranding communism to sound more socially acceptable - its still retarded and bad. You have to stop being so impressionable.

>> No.43540843

Although I was a long term NEET until recently I don't think it's a good thing general
That being said I think there should be certain exceptions allowed for certain people to be NEETs with restrictions (You must produce or learn something in your NEET time)
Basically just allowing certain people to become autistically focused on various things

>> No.43541069

I dont get these kind of idiots, why do you feel obliged to work?
None of these people would benefit from me getting a job nor does it harm them that I dont.
Im selfish because I dont slave away for 8 hours a day at a cost to my happiness and health?
Getting a job is never the answer.
When im not forced to talk to anyone im the happiest.
The fact that im miserable is not because of being a neet, it is being helped by being a Neet.
If I had no choice but to work or go homeless id probably kill myself because it just isnt for me

>> No.43541085

Anons, please!
I don't want to keep derailing this thread further so I'll drop the topic after this but these things really aren't the same.

>social democracy
Normal capitalist democracy but with welfare and such i.e. western Europe
>democratic socialism
The word socialism actually doesn't have a solid meaning, but usually means (nearly) everything is state-owned, also democracy (or at least larping democracy, like in the Warsaw pact)
Hyperautistic techno-utopia fantasy where currency, ownership and government don't exist

Please pardon my misuse of the quote function.

>> No.43541119

They are the same. I'm not sure what why you're derailing the thread to push propaganda.
We've already told you its not convincing. Maybe you should go back to twitter.

>> No.43541199
File: 35 KB, 500x500, 1669669061836888.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

politics are entertainment for midwits and a waste of time
cheering for your favorite party or ideology is for the midwit what cheering for his favorite football club is

>> No.43541254
File: 96 KB, 301x320, rinfish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>why do you feel obliged to work?
I don't necessarily, in fact I'd love to NEET and was for ~11 years. Not once did I blame others around me (family) though for having to get a job, considering the entire reason I didn't have to work for so long was because they were the ones working & providing for me.
You're not selfish for not slaving away. You're selfish for blaming others all because you "don't want to work".

>None of these people would benefit from me getting a job nor does it harm them that I dont.
And what if everybody took this viewpoint? How would you NEET then if nobody's there to do the shit that needs to be done? If your family, who I assume you live with, took this viewpoint, how would you be able to be on the internet all day unless you abuse NEETbux? You work for money, you can't do shit without money.

If you have actual mental issues preventing it/making it hard for you, look into NEETbux. If you're able & willing to work, then accept that you're a leech & stop blaming others for telling you to work. Yeah, in an ideal world none of us would have to work, I'd fucking love that, but we're not in an ideal world. You can either accept reality or end up killing yourself one day when you have to make that decision.

>> No.43541312

>You're selfish for blaming others all because you "don't want to work"
Maybe I worded myself poorly, im just annoyed that they keep bringing it up.
They cant force me to do shit offcourse.
>How would you NEET then if nobody's there to do the shit that needs to be done? If your family, who I assume you live with, took this viewpoint, how would you be able to be on the internet all day unless you abuse NEETbux? You work for money, you can't do shit without money.
Heres the thing, there are people that actually enjoy working.
Most jobs are fake and we could easily live without them without even a slight reduction in quality of life, and for the rest people would volunteer.
I am always surprised by this, but there really are a lot of people that would work even without financial incentive because they somehow enjoy it.
>If you have actual mental issues preventing it/making it hard for you, look into NEETbux. If you're able & willing to work, then accept that you're a leech & stop blaming others for telling you to work. Yeah, in an ideal world none of us would have to work, I'd fucking love that, but we're not in an ideal world. You can either accept reality or end up killing yourself one day when you have to make that decision.
Whyd I need to have mental issues for that?
I get free money wether im disabled or not.
The way you worded your post I think that you think that I leech of my family, but this is not the case, I allready get neetbux

>> No.43541337

If you already get NEETbux then yeah, I don't see the issue. I was going off the assumption that you aren't contributing to your family so they're telling you to get a job, since that's how most of these cases go.

>Whyd I need to have mental issues for that?
In most first world countries you need a mental/physical disability to get NEETbux for longer than a couple years, unemployment pay eventually won't work anymore because nobody actually job searches for that long and the government knows that.

>> No.43541372

Earlier in the thread I said I said I rolled a 10 for the country I was born in, this is why.
Unemployment money is indefinite, and its enough to comfortably live on.
Maybe one day my mindset will change and ill get a job, but if I dont want to I wont have to work a day in my life hopefully

>> No.43541448

>NEET then if nobody's there to do the shit that needs to be done?
NEETs already live in a world where everything that needs to be done is done for them. This is a moot point.

>> No.43542408
File: 303 KB, 1858x1080, 104917607_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not trying to shill anything, I'm sorry to come off as such. I'm just a pedant.

Not wrong, especially in neo-politics where it's just endless screaming about various culture war hot topics and barely any actual economic discussion (because it's comparatively boring)

>> No.43542472

Its a lying competition in any case, they say one thing then turn around do the other.
This might seem a little polesk, but I truly belief nothing can change without some blood being shed, if their was capital punishment for lying as a politician I think we would be much better off.
Politicians says hell do one thing but works against his cause, next week hes dangling from a tree.
Thats how it should be.

>> No.43542478

NEETs should be talking about this stuff you did nothing wrong anon. NEETs need to be just as informed and involved in these discussions just as much as, perhaps more than any other group.
Considering both parties in US anyway, want to kill/enslave NEETs/the unemployed... it'd be stupid to not all be on the same page to some degree.
Well said

>> No.43542502

>this retard thinks cats are domesticated
they are not you fucking moron.
they belong outside.

>> No.43542514

no such thing as democracy
no such thing as normal capitalism
no such thing as socialism
you are trying to describe the life cycle of a butterfly as a set of very different species.

>> No.43542527

>I am always surprised by this, but there really are a lot of people that would work even without financial incentive because they somehow enjoy it.
dude you fucking moron those jobs aren't fake, theyre there to KEEP people with this attitude from competing with the people who are already workaholic machavelians.

>> No.43542534

Of course a third world shithole lets domesticated animals run amok

>> No.43542536

>noooo dont remove all rats and parasites from our city I love pidgeon shit.

>> No.43544278
File: 1 KB, 200x200, 1682810114617483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate my insomnia so mich i just wanna sleep

>> No.43544388

What will you do instead??

>> No.43544620

Slowly go insane i guesd

>> No.43544680

Nooo!! DOn't go insane, do something anon,, don't you have any vidya??

>> No.43545036

I wish I was NEET but I don't want to be homeless when I run out of money ;_;

>> No.43545045

How become NEET?

>> No.43545106

you're supposed to live with somebody such as your parents. i personally lived with my brother until he kicked me out.

>> No.43545128

Did you continue being a NEET when he kicked you out?

>> No.43545167

no. my parents wouldn't let me move back in with them and i had nobody else i could live with so i had to get an apartment and do gig work because i still refuse to get a job.

>> No.43545252

>do gig work
>refuse to get a job
Classic wanna-be-NEET. You're working, bud and no longer living the NEET dream

>> No.43545278

i never claimed to still be a neet, which i 100% was for my entire life until half a year ago. i'm obviously working therefore not a neet. I refuse to be employed by another person or company which is why i'm doing independent contract work. this way i still get to take it easy and not have to do anything i don't want to.

>> No.43546316

borderline kicked out and have to sleep in the living room. can't sleep tho..
So back in my old bedroom where my PC is. Guess I'll have some coffee and pull up something to watch. Early morning is always a good time to put on a movie. By the time its over, the sun is coming up, everyone is gone and then I get to sleep the rest of the day. I didn't plan my morning to go this way. Haven't been sleep deprived in a while. Just couldn't put the phone down last night. Starred at threads all and gamed. Lol.
Hope this is me in a year or whenever really. Gig work and somehow affording a place to live. I'll miss this life style. It used to be depressing as hell. But the more I started looking at neet threads the better about myself I felt. Even about the idea of working again.

>> No.43546329

Anon who started the anime cursor thread is... NEETO-kun??
or just ripped pic from them. Lol.
If it's u then nice to see u again anon. I'm prolly just schizoing out tho. Heh.

>> No.43546415
File: 56 KB, 821x608, 1601245856530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lived as a NEET for over a decade because I enjoy being a shut-in pseudohermit. If I had enough money to retire for the rest of my life I'd go back to it without any hesitation and absolutely no regrets. Can't blame anyone for trying to escape from the rat race. Concepts like the supposedly noble idea of contributing to society (as a completely replaceable nobody who won't affect the system in any significant way with their absence) is such an obvious wagecog cope that I really don't know how people still fall for this shit. You have a job because you have to pay for the things you need, and you're doing it for your own personal benefit whether you realize it or not. You wouldn't keep doing your job for free and even if you did, you wouldn't choose to be dependent on it to survive. Finding an "enjoyable" job is less preferable to being able to do it on your own time and your own terms. No need to add layers of delusion, it's simply a necessity.

>> No.43547484
File: 137 KB, 960x1080, FwsbJP3aQAImDPm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.43547821

I hate this quirky bottom text artstyle trend, it's the new ahah I want to die humor

>> No.43549364

Why is life such hell when it's beautiful all at the same time?

>> No.43549400

Everything is dual and everything has poles. Nothing can be defined without it being relative to something else. Which means that everything is in fact, nothing.

>> No.43550526
File: 10 KB, 143x122, 24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hitting my mid-twenties as a NEET. Feels bad.

>> No.43550580

>Concepts like the supposedly noble idea of contributing to society
my dad always told me that i needed to start contributing to society but he was never able to tell me why when i asked. what obligation do i have to contribute to a society that i don't even want to be a part of?

>> No.43551716

Can you make it to your mid-thirties are a NEET?

>> No.43551952

I wish. But probably not. My family doesn't even share food with me or anything. I'm basically on my own apart from water and showers, have to bum off friends/make art in order to eat. takes ages to save up for anything I want.
Sometimes it's not that bad. It almost feels like I have my own apartment. Have stoves and coffee maker set up in my room and my family are sort of like noisy neighbors I make awkward chit chat with in passing. It's not horrible but could be comfier. That's my NEET life.

>> No.43555760
File: 1.97 MB, 2034x2800, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coming up on my eighth year anniversary as a NEET. Still staying comfy.

>> No.43556004

>Bodhidharma asked, "Can each of you say something to demonstrate your understanding?"
>Dao Fu stepped forward and said, "It is not bound by words and phrases, nor is it separate from words and phrases. This is the function of the Tao."
>Bodhidharma: "You have attained my skin."
>The nun Zong Chi stepped up and said, "It is like a glorious glimpse of the realm of Akshobhya Buddha. Seen once, it need not be seen again."
>Bodhidharma; "You have attained my flesh."
>Dao Yu said, "The four elements are all empty. The five skandhas are without actual existence. Not a single dharma can be grasped."
>Bodhidharma: "You have attained my bones."
>Finally, Huike came forth, bowed deeply in silence and stood up straight.
>Bodhidharma said, "You have attained my marrow."

>> No.43556448

what sort of work do you do? i'm coming up to 8 years of neeting but there's a change to the neetbux system here happening at the end of 2024 and i don't think i'll be able to keep it up after that so i'm looking for anything i can do to fund my hobbies (no, i can't just pirate model kits and paint) where i don't have to go to an office or get up at a specific time

>> No.43556485

>pirate model kits and paint
What if you had access to a 3D printer?

>> No.43556535

i plan on getting one but resin isn't cheap and i'd still have to buy paint

>> No.43556562

I finished Kamimemo recently. It was a fun read but the last volume was pretty fucking wacky with her backstory.
Which country?

>> No.43556608
File: 27 KB, 799x153, Skjermbilde 2023-05-23 161741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just started reading it recently. Watched the anime back in 2014 or something. I really like Alice so far.

>> No.43556746
File: 1.30 MB, 1593x1593, 1679006226107288.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Silence is the language of God

>> No.43556796


>> No.43557146
File: 169 KB, 1200x1200, 1665946094874543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

comfy bread

>> No.43557408
File: 59 KB, 750x920, spook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

politik is a spook

>> No.43558276

Op here.


>> No.43558838


>> No.43560690

still no sleep for me

>> No.43560695

Now kiss

>> No.43561364

Man insomnia is a bitch I feel like a walking corpse at this point because my limbs start to really hurt and feel weird after 1 or days of no sleep and that just gets worse and worse constantly tingly cold and painfull due to lack of blood flow or whatever it just sucks sucks sucks sucks, what the hell man why cant I sleep anymore?

>> No.43563126

Do any NEETs larp as monks?

>> No.43563647

>my girlfriend comes from fucked up background
>her mother forced her to drop out of school
>she struggles to find a job for years
>randomly she gets a disease from her house mold that causes severe blindness
>her eyes still work well enough to spend all day on her computer or her phone
>now collects disability and lives with me, functionally won the NEET lottery

Kinda jealous desu. She can't really go outside on her own though.

>> No.43563862

Insomnia is horrible. Have you tried any prescription medications to help you sleep? I get alimemazine now and it really helps me when I have periods where I can't fall asleep.

>> No.43564395

10 days late reply so you're likely not reading this, but the semiconductor industry is looking for people these days, you have a shot at landing a pretty solid job if it's any consolation.

>> No.43566286

As much as I'd like to think I'm spiritually better off than the average person for having all this time to contemplate and revel in my own company, I know that I have too many vices to think I am some kind of spiritual authority.

>> No.43568806


>> No.43569441
File: 267 KB, 400x480, 1682460042619373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish my mind wasnt such trash, my thoughts keep corrupting getting smeared and eventually ensing up completely different, I love the worlds I can make in mind, I wish I had solod state memory instead of this chemical depedant flesh mess that can hold thoughts or emotions like a glass with no bottom holds water.

>> No.43569698

Some kind of sadistic tier schadenfreude or morbid curiously?

>> No.43569810

Morbid curiosity. I have no skills or talents to speak of myself so I'd probably be part of the affected group but I still want to see what would happen. Would my fellow unskilled people take it lying down, would they riot, and would those riots accomplish anything if they did it? Would the government try to do something to accommodate this new class of obsolete people, let them wallow in their newfound poverty, or do something else entirely with them? All interesting things to speculate on.

>> No.43573393

but not only is the lower class long obsolete, but I think it will grant freedom.
As much as making fun of wagies is fun, more people being able to use their time for what they want to do is good, not being restricted by the basic needs of survival you are free to focus on your hobbies, learn, create art or even just not doing anything and lazing around infront of the TV.
I think if a significant amount of people dont need to work anymore we will get UBI for one, so Neets will be even better off due to more money, and we will see a renescaince in philosophy and science eventually, the people naturally drive to do things that are currently just slaving away in a pointless job would have to find something to do with their time.
Id hope that it would create a nicer comfier world.
But the elite and cooperations will abuse automation to the most degree possible naturally, so I think europeans will massively benefit, while americans will become even poorer and american society will decay even further.
Sorry muttbros, I feel for you, but with a government that unapoletically hates you and cooperations that control every politician I see no way this can end well for you

>> No.43573467

no sadly not, maybe I should visit a doctor about it.
Im very weary about meds that fuck with my mind anyways, aside from alcohol and cofee I dont fuck with mind altering meds

>> No.43573956

>Personally, I think mass automation can't come soon enough.
This has already essentially happened and people still have to work.

>> No.43574045

do you have an ISBN for the edition you'd recommend?

>> No.43574348

that includes you though.

>> No.43574797

Not a swarthkin.

>> No.43575101

I'm talking up to a point where mass automation becomes widespread and efficient enough in performing almost all unskilled labor that companies feel like they can no longer afford to not replace their low level human workers with them.

>> No.43575329
File: 71 KB, 302x412, 4ec8a6ae7062894540b5deef6cd25ecc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.43575568

NEETdom is simultaneously liberating and crushing. I don't care about work. I'm not here to make someone else money, nor do I want to join the rat race of saving until "retirement" (old, beaten up, and miserable, both in mind and body). The system is rotten and the limited lives we have shouldn't be wasted on trash while this universe and this planet lies unexplored. Its something most people don't understand. There are few things scarier than reaching old age without having accomplished anything of value. Even if I were to come back here again, and its not guaranteed, it would still be a life wasted.

>> No.43576885

like, she can see up close but is functionally blind? hope shes regularly going to an optometrist

>> No.43576896
File: 53 KB, 668x970, bracer churro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you have to use mnemonics to remember things, think in sing song and you'll never forget it, but just being able to write is itself a huge imposition to that. No one is taught to undertand how the human brain process information because those in charge dont want you to have a good memory.

t. fellow world walker.

>> No.43576913

>As much as making fun of wagies is fun, more people being able to use their time for what they want to do is good,
this is not true at all for the people in charge which is why they are likely going to use automation to purge society of undesirables. Please understand the basics, for the things you mentioned to be useful, people need a place to live. meanwhile those in power made it 100% clear that place is not out in the country where there is plenty of space, but in a pod or box or coffin apartment like the 1800s. theyre literally burning land holders out of their homes to make it happen.

>e-europeans will benefit though
you are being killed off the fastest.

>> No.43577020

elites are not nearly as smart as you think their plans will always fail

>> No.43577063

they may very well succeed on accident by pissing off their baby AGIs.

>> No.43577091
File: 179 KB, 455x1138, 1677396755155377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have to get up and do shit today I cant understand how normal people manage it everyday

>> No.43577110

any other NEETs have trouble keeping their place clean? I never seem to manage to keep on top of cleaning, trash and mess just piles up.

>> No.43577145

it's really depressing and suffocating when you cant do thing at your own pace. i can and i already worked my ass on lot of stuff but when they force me...ugh.

>> No.43577498

Happens but I've had it pretty under control for a month or so. It's really nice when you get shit organized. Bringing food into my room is always a pain though.. Because I have a ton of ants. Cleared roaches out from my room as a result of cleaning things up. But right now there's one hiding behind my shelf. Couldn't get him... It pissed me off a lot because I was so glad to finally be rid of them.

Lol last year I tried getting a security job even though I was completely ill qualified for it. Long Hikki hair. Scrawny fuck. Can't even drive. I did it to say I tried. I went to the interview and everything. They were telling me what was expected of me and I just acted super excited about it and made it awkward as hell because I'm some 24yo kid expecting to be working with this 65yo retired state trooper on night shifts at this place. Anyways that was actually a fun interview.

>> No.43578055
File: 99 KB, 1047x670, YumeNikkiswastika.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haven't done laundry or washed my sheets in weeks. Stopped bathing. Stopped doing chores. It's been a downward spiral.

I dunno man. I'm just a broken person. A couple years after puberty, a switch flipped off inside my head and I've been ruined ever since. The world just instantly stopped making sense, nothing felt normal anymore. Life since then is like one long, long bad dream.

I'm not really sad or angry or anything. I just want this all to be over.

>> No.43582133

I wish u could adopt a NEET so that I could just adopt u all but i'm also a NEET so my little room would be very CROWDED and likely smelly

>> No.43583326

you die if you work
none of my internet friends have been quite the same after working, even when they got back on the unemployment horse
i dont even remember the last 2 years just a slave for my masters
id advise against working if you can help it

>> No.43583357
File: 1.93 MB, 1920x1080, 1655572090367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wise words. Only two friends I still keep some contact with are fellow NEETs

>> No.43583486

Me too. It's nice and comfy, only my 2 NEET friends have my phone number. Everyone left over from when I deleted my social media has to contact me through email. LOL.
I don't like a lot of people. Life is way more comfy when you just start ignoring people you always secretly hated and couldn't tolerate. I'm lonely. On PURPOSE. Anonymous interactions are the best!!!

>> No.43583522

I wish I still had my NEET friends..
They either decided to play normalfag and get a job while condemning their old hobbies (/jp/ adjacent ones), or became Discord Kittens basically prostituting themselves to buy games on Steam from other Discord mods and therefore ignoring anyone who doesn't have money or also do the same.
I know people change but it's always either or extreme...I just wanted to stay cozy with my frens

>> No.43583594
File: 82 KB, 900x900, 1486054570224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's really just one guy I exchange a few messages with once or twice a week. I used to sometimes play games with this other guy I knew from way back but he's obviously a failed normalfag who spends all day on discord so it's kind of painful keeping contact with him anymore.

I'm glad I have one guy to talk to who is satisfied with the NEET lifestyle though

>> No.43585073
File: 217 KB, 1280x905, 1664926569369953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have this issue too. I hate being obliged to do things at a certain time and need the option to pull out at the last minute if I don't feel up to it at the time, but everyone seems to want you to make appointments and live your life to a schedule.

>> No.43585401

Gurren Lagann is great for cosplays, Yoko's are welcome anywhere to hotten up the hotness factor

>> No.43587790

Are there any NEET druggies?

>> No.43588154

I just want to be left alone we cant the torment ever be over everytime I think its all finally over I get pulled back into some bullshit just let me rot in peace

>> No.43588433

Anons look >>43536536

>> No.43588697

>There are few things scarier than reaching old age without having accomplished anything of value.
What would be of value to you.

>> No.43588748

Gurren Lagann holds up faggot. Nothing was normalfag back then, anime otaku were relentlessly given hate for enjoying anything.

>> No.43588924

only part of the sentence thats true is the first part.

>> No.43589090

Okay well, Naruto, Dragon Ball were normalfag well by the late 2000s, Deaeth Note was always pretty normalfag but that one was okay.
I was a deep south Anon in that time. In the deep south I, was relentlessly given hate and had no one for miles to enjoy any of it with.
But now in my hometown normies walk around with anime on their shirts. I think it's a little better. I have mixed feelings about it. But now I don't get hate crimed for liking Japan.
I remember in 2010 or so it must have been. Walking into a MTG tournament and there's like 9 people. Then there was the 1 guy with a playing mat of Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. Some unknown anime girl on his card sleeves. Back then where I come from, that much was enough to make you feel a lot less alone in the world. And that was only 2010. If you know, you know I guess. It was hell up until then.
I should have just moved away when I turned 20. I thought the whole world was like my town.
But since before the pandemic, 2019 I think it was I've started to be a NEET. I was previously in 2014 and even before then.

>> No.43589751

Naruto and Dragonball were always shit, DN was "mainstream" but only with edgy teens and no one else.

>> No.43590208

>or became Discord Kittens basically prostituting themselves to buy games on Steam from other Discord mods
wait is that actually a thing? how does that work?

>> No.43590380
File: 1.52 MB, 4000x5500, 1680871936839799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you die if you work
My four month stint of employment at Walmart out of naivete did something to me, like it stole a part of my soul or something. That place is literally hell on earth, I will never set foot in one of those places again for the rest of my days. Thinking about it makes me feel ill.

>> No.43590394

Exploring the world, engineering cool shit /diy/-style, becoming highly athletic, etc.

>> No.43591067


>> No.43591202

peace. they are harmonizing C:

>> No.43591275

It's just being an e-girl, sending nudes to people and pretending to be peoples GF (male).
In this guys case he also drew weird fetish porn so for every picture he got a Steam game.
It sounds like a good exchange and maybe this is hypocritical coming from a hikkineet but I think this behavior shows that a person has no dignity and their priorities screwed. Steam games can't even pay rent.
Walmarts do have a fucked energy when you walk in not gonna lie. I hope you find peace.

>> No.43591313

thats pretty funny. how old is he?

>> No.43591326

Should be 30 by now, haven't spoken to him in years. Does being an e-whore count towards wizardhood...?

>> No.43591343

so i assume he did all that in his early twenties? thats not so bad, as long as he didnt continue it
honestly there is nothing wrong with pretending to be a girl to acquire free things, used to do that a lot over a decade ago when playing multiplayer games

>> No.43591429

No, he's still doing it, and they know he's a guy. It's this whole story that isn't worth shitting up the thread even more.
The internet isn't like before where people would do silly shit like that in MMOs.

>> No.43591545

maybe its his fetish. i dont know the guy, so cant really form an opinion on this whole ordeal
the thread is near bump limit anyway, no need to hold back
i used to often think about the state of the web and stuff like that, but i feel like i changed just as much for the worse, and thats the main reason why fun things stopped being fun. well, thats just a guess of mine

>> No.43591809
File: 176 KB, 850x1215, 87653d149b7faa01d63ad6452570b44f6c49d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP here

This was my first thread. Was I a useful NEET?

Was I a good NEET?

>> No.43591826

No and Yes. Good job.

>> No.43591982


>> No.43592050

>Walmarts do have a fucked energy
And everything they sell is tainted with that energy as well. The food from there is poisonous.

>> No.43592097

If you lived 300 years ago, you wouldn't have things like 4chan or anime, so you'd have to be more active, hanging out with people, working, pursuing active hobbies. This would force you to change and evolve as a person.
But in modern times, you have 4chan, which never really changes significantly. You can sit in front of your computer now and browse 4chan or watch anime just like you could 15 years ago. There's no growth.

>> No.43592131

That's why I got a bonsai tree! And I started drawing anime feet. Now I can earn FEETbux and invest in more cool hobbies like collecting more wives and daughterwives WHILE browsing 4chan and WATCHING ANIME. Also I cleaned my room. That's growth.

>> No.43592133

consider reading a true history book, with long chapters about economy, society, culture and religion instead of a 1 single page of wikipedia (which is shit).

>> No.43592164

Yeah that's true >>43592097 is
kind of a retard if he doesn't think NEETs haven't been around since the dawn of man. At most there were economic periods which made it harder to be a NEET but not necessarily any era of man which NEETs and hikkis simply did not exist.

>> No.43592280

>kind of a retard if he doesn't think NEETs haven't been around since the dawn of man.

They most certainly did but they were often aristocrats or similar. Sure aristocrats had their own duties and weren't completely idle all the time but they did not compare to the harder lives of a commoner. Such a lifestyle was out of reach for the common man for a very long time.

>> No.43592333

Diogenis comes to mind when think about Neets.
Also, normal people were much more neet like back in the day.
Farmers only worked half the year, I mean what is there to do in winter?
The concept of working everyday hasnt always been the norm

>> No.43592410

Yeah, more a consequence of the industrial revolution. I guess it really was somewhat of a tragedy for the human race despite the conveniences we have now. I can understand how the current form of NEETs came about. I don't want to participate in such a rigorous society either. I want what medieval farmers had.

>> No.43592540

I certainly dont want that, but I think work being the be all end all is very unhealthy for everyone involved.
Id rather get back to 1960s standards of wealth and income, as it stands right now work is both emotionally unrewarding and a waste of time monetarily.
You either make enough money to really do what you want to and buy what you want or you might aswell be making nothing at all.
That paycheck to paycheck lifestyle is the worst, imagine working everyday and having absolutely nothing to show for it except a car that really the bank owns untill you payed it off and a house thats also really the banks, and a ton of consumer garbage that no one actually needs.
Its whatever I guess a suckers born every minute, and someone has to keep this shitty society afloat

>> No.43592702

>That paycheck to paycheck lifestyle is the worst,

I know ragging on capitalists is a big Reddit meme but they really cracked the code when it came to constructing a society that benefits them. It's all the way it is by design and any attempt to change that will be blocked so I highly doubt it's going to get any better from here.

>> No.43592820

>ragging on capitalists is a big Reddit meme

Where do you think they got it from?

>> No.43595553
File: 1.33 MB, 2897x3537, 1685216296212689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get rid of all the useless things in your room, and clean it up
Stop consuming things you don't need
Minimum physical training and meditation/praying
Cut most of your nearby sources of stress

Live happily anon

>> No.43596021

its over

>> No.43596206

We all should start meditating 2 hours a day minimum and speedrun enlightenment

This world is fake, your desires are fake, your self does not exist, let's get this bullshit outta here and escape the maze

>> No.43596405

>Was I a good NEET?
only good neet is the dude in the jobless siblings manga

>> No.43596418

>Farmers only worked half the year, I mean what is there to do in winter?
People did work less but not half a year less. You could plant crop well into autumn I'm pretty sure since the same field will be replanted with different crops later in the year.

>> No.43596552

I'm moving soon and cleaning out tons of shit. Lovely feeling to have less physical burdens.
I wish I had a cool nii-san like him.

>> No.43596563

>I wish I had a cool nii-san like him.
he is the ultimate NEET fantasy that you would actually use all that time in a fulfilling way.

>> No.43597490

i found it interesting how ted kaczynski just neets it up in prison, he seems very content there as long as they make sure to cook the burgers properly

>> No.43597704

He has spread his message and still receives letters confirming his message is being read and studied. He leeches off the system he hates while being content that his ideas will outlive him. Uncle Ted should be read by all NEETS to realize their surrogate activities distract them and take away time from NEETdom bliss

>> No.43599025

If my reply is last ur all gey NEETs

>> No.43599074

im not gay

>> No.43599096

The hetero-savior of NEETS

>> No.43599558

Good night sweet prince

>> No.43599866

I'm scawed, whats it like in the archives? I dont wanna go...

>> No.43599887

Take it easy UwU

>> No.43599924
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