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If you see this girl anywhere, please tell her to give me back my heart.

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the fiend

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Here are more pictures to help you identify her if you see her.

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She is not that fat, this is probably an imposter.

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This is how she approaches you. with a sweet smile, she asks you "excuse me mister, would you like to buy some dango?" Remember not to fall for it.

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W-what's in the dango anon?

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you're right, she's fatter than that

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What is the ball that fallowa her supposed to be? A familliar like from the ones youkai have on imperishable night? Or its her own soul?

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I thought only moon bunnies sold dango!

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Are you a stalker anon?!! Why do you have so many pics of her in different angles!!

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It's a giant floating sperm.

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Actually, it's okay. I've realized that it's hers forever. In exchange the contents inside >>43410362 are for both of us.
It can't be helped

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Sorry dude i think i might of given her a miscarriage

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>page 9

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She filters me so hard on PCB. I die more to her than the final boss and extra.

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>youmu rapes me
Many such cases

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Anon, i advertise my company here! You cant post that. I am calling the host of this site right and refunding my money.

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take that money and keep it safe, i hear youmu steals more than just hearts. also there is nothing wrong with posting evidence against a rapist. does your company enable rapists anon?

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Youmu was so fucking easy compared to the prismriver sisters anon, what are you talking about?

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Youmu has a cute little phimotic shota penis that she's really embarrassed about and doesn't know how to wash properly, so it's pretty smelly!

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Why don't u say that again?

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I'll teach you how to wash it Youmu! There's no need to be embarrased about your smelly chode cheddar any more!

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She slows time to help you, anon. How can you lose to her?

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Ha and the sisters are easy to me, i barely die to them unless i am playing marisa.

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stealing virginities AND hearts now?
y*umu is a menace! when will authorities act and apply the more prejudiced punishment?

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Nobody likes this cute dork

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I don't know about that, but I like the cute Youmu

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>o-of course it's not like i like her!
yeah i believe you.

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I wish Youmu would kill me.

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She is a kind soul she does not kill innocents.
But yes, same. If she kills me i get to live with her at hakugyokurou for an eternity. I can also jumpscare her to build sexual tension.

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The youmu

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>dorky gestures
youmu moment

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Any non-shmup fangames with playable Youmu that I might have missed?

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slander. youmu is so embarassed about her penis because of how big it is.

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This game is too grindful. The scenes at the start are good, youmu is just too hot, but there are not too many of them. In just 2 dungeons you get repeating scenes. If all you want to do is jerk it, get a completed save. If you're a hikki with obscene amounts of time to burn, please complete the entire game.
and don't buy this for god's sake. Wasting money on porn games is for losers even bigger than those who play them. Just pirate it.

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Youyou Kengeki Musou, The Disappearing of Gensokyo?

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I'll add to that and say that the hidden ending isn't worth it whatsoever. Nothing special happens. The collectathon is an empty distraction.

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Shame there's apparently no easy way to rip the scenes or animations since that'd be more preferable to playing it seems

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That one Youmu game that was made by the Scarlet Curiosity devs, but they haven't put it on Steam.

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can anyone post that image of youmu lifting in gym with buff guys encouraging her?

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Check there

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thanks anon

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youmu bump

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Reumu Konkurei

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Youyou has been studying the blade...have you?

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Myon looks like a giant sperm

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Stop punching yourself, Youmu.

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I've been studying the Youmu, and will relentlessly continue to do so

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fat fuck

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What have you learned?

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She gazes back

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she looks really mean :( please don't bully me youmu san

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Sleeping with Youmu!

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She looks really gentle, patient and kind. Please treat me tenderly, Youmu

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What happened to her eye?

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She's unraveling the love

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Does Youmu care about her panties?