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Do you accept?


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Only if I can smoke it from her mouth.

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Yuuka makes them better.

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No. And I explain the evil of drugs to her. inshallah.

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Is Sakuya aware of this?

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Is 'blunt' slang for 'Pichuuns'? If so, yes.

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Remilia doesn't think she does, but she does

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*slaps the devil's lettuce out of Remi's hands*
You're better than this Remilia Scarlet!

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Yuuka's always in that garden for a reason you know.

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It is speculated that an outsider has been smuggling this strange but oddly calming dried herb into Gensokyo!

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No. I’d much rather drink her pee. Or lick her armpits.

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Time to find out how good the herb Meiling grows is

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no.. i dont associate with losers..

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What is the blunt rotation like at the Scarlet Devil Mansion?

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Just you and oujousama for now.
Consider yourself lucky no one else is brave enough to take vampire zaza.

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They warned me Satan would be attractive. *walks away*

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Just one sniff...

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You've no chill at all. Sad!

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holy HELL imagine the Remi smoking you're cock

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I only surrended my mortal lungs to one smell...

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Do you think Remilia would push you down and rape you if she got high?
I mean i don't care if she had to get absolutely fucked up, do you think she'd be the type to do that at some magical level?
I want to wrap my tongue around those fangs of hers as she forces herself upon me.

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i dont think she could rape me even if i was passed out, it probably wouldnt fit in and it'd be like getting raped by a pillow because of how small she is

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Fair point, I don't think she could rape anyone either, although mostly because there is no universe where I wouldn't consent to the weirdest thing her sheltered mind can think of.
I would quite happily suck the spit outta her mouth to see what it tasted like.
Honestly I'd just go along with it and watch her try and fit it in, even if it ends up hurting a fuckload.
The pride and honor of getting to seggs the mistress is simply too great, and her massive charisma would overpower any sense of individuality i might have had in the back of my mind.
I bet she'd try her absolute hardest to crack herself open as well, and she'd look absolutely adorable while doing so. I'm talking full on red in the face, fangs poking out over her lip, puffed cheeks as the brattiness inside her takes over as she realizes it's really not gonna happen without some exercise and lube.

i might be a little drunk

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Reimu's armpits?

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My guess would be Flandre's toes, but I don't want to encourage degeneracy.
Fucking Remi in the pussy hard enough to break her bed and my pelvis however, is something I can get behind.

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I think Remi would be more of a chill stoner that would be down to play vidya and munch on junk food while ripping a fat blunt. The scenario you describe is more suiting of a drunk Remi, as she would most likely get playfully but brusquely dominant.

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I think she might be the type to get handsy.
You know what they say about repressing your urges, and it's not like she's got any outlet since futa's only a thing in hentai.

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There's also so much Patchouli or Sakuya can tell her about the real thing, so a relaxed Remi would want to feel what the real thing is all about but with a commanding facade lmao

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Damn now I want to smoke a fat blunt with Remi and have her autistically explain to me the intircacies of Gensokyo while laughing like a retard and then go out to the human village to catch a late night snack for the munchies at a deserted izakaya

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Don't forget to pick up some shrooms at the Forest of Magic.
Doing shrooms with the Remimi and Sakuya while Flan twitches at the smallest sound she hears!

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Flan having a bad trip sounds like a major disaster in the making.

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Another day another incident.

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This is why I volunteer to be her trip sitter

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I dunno man, I don't think I could ever try shrooms. As much as I hear about them expanding people's minds and whatnot, I also fear they fuck your brain up to a fundamental level that you are not the same person that you were before consuming them.

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Just look into the Mistress's crimson eyes and you'll have one of the most beautiful experience of your life.

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Amen, anon

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I want Remi to make me her husband

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No, Remi. Drugs are baaad.

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If drugs are bad, then explain this?

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I'm not seeing the appeal.
However THIS looks much better

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I want to puff with both of the sisters!

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Just take the fucking drugs, alright?

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Please put the gun down. I just don't know if it's appropriate to take a hit from something you've used. A commoner like me shouldn't have indirect kisses with a noble vampire such as yourself!

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the herbal jew doesn't become better just because it's Scarlet devil's lettuce instead of regular devil's lettuce

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It's not about the drugs anon.
It never was.

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NEETs mad because they can't get weed

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>all these anons refusing the mistresses hospitality
I guess someone needed to become tonight's dinner afterall

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>I also fear they fuck your brain up to a fundamental level that you are not the same person that you were before consuming them
The true self is that which remains unchanged. The personality will remain fluid and affected to change by the experience to a lesser or greater degree, same as with any other experience. Psychedelics merely increase the experience of the world and of the mind by providing greater depth of complexity and intensity to our perceptions and thoughts.

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Don't be a fag, you'll be all dopey for a bit after like a day or so because you got mindfucked by the stuff but you'll be back to normal. Of course you could read way too much into it and become a hippy but thats on you

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>indirect kisses
I never understood this.

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It would make a baby...

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>get one in a lifetime chance to chill, socialize and bond with none other but the the mistress of scarlet devil mansion herself
>reject her on the grounds of muh trad incel values
No wonder luck and good moments always "evade" you faglords

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I don't think "dude weed lmao" is good excuse to tell Flan when she asks where her bangbang boomerang went

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Flan was in the blunt rotation though

>> No.43448795

I accept it, hope me and Remi get into deep talk about life and stuff

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the mistress has been defiled one too many times

>> No.43448858

She hasn't taken any hard drugs yet.

>> No.43448873

Remi doing heroin! I knew weed was a gateway drug!

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It's ok, the dragon is just outside the mansion gate.

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Damn it! Where'd she get krokodil?!

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I want to take care of a blind ojou-sama so bad

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Thats right, Meiling is there to put a stop to her Herion use and give her opium instead!

>> No.43449786

I have weed. the few gs I have are like 5 year old at this point because I rarely smoke.

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Katawa Touhou???

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Who has hurt ojou-sama so...?

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herself, she did it just so anon would take care of her, don't worry she will regeneration all of lost body parts

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How adorable, although well have to have a talk later about self harm

>> No.43453469

I would smoke the scarlet devil lettuce with the mistress

>> No.43453630

Remi at least has good weed right? I am not a stoner but I know there is good weed and shit weed, Remi would go out of her way to get the top quality stuff right?

>> No.43454355

Of course!
Ojousama has a keen eye for quality

>> No.43454905

She's got Oregano clippings...

>> No.43454929

Ojou-sama thinks she has primo stuff but in reality Meiling gives her the weak shit because she knows Remimi is a lightweight and just chaffes after smoking out

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You don't think Patchouli hasn't extensively read about cannabis and hydroponics, right? You don't think Flan's basement is exclusively occupied by her bedroom, correct?

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Bro she just wants to chill and shoot the shit
Plus weed doesn't make you horny

>> No.43457347

>Plus weed doesn't make you horny
Tell that to Yuuka.

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No, tell that to nephew-kun.
All fun and games until the seventh bout had ended, and he was all tuckered out, and then he was told he could sleep later. Two days later.

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Are you serious? The mistress must have the finest ganja in and out of Gensokyo. Just imagine all the wild shit she gets from youkai and Lunarians.

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You wouldn't make an accident baby with a drugged Mistress would you Anon?

>> No.43463711

Not accidently, no

>> No.43464557

ALL of our babies WILL be consensual

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I will show Remi things she has only read about from Patchy's secret stash of books.
She is going to have the absolute time of her life as I Hold her hand tightly and tell her I love her while stroking her hair

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Please refrain to post such imaginary situations regarding my wife

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it does for me. That's why I don't smoke regularly; I end destroying my dick to 2hu porn.

>> No.43469775

God I want to bearhug her and make out with her smooth silky armpit

>> No.43469779

Whenever I smoke weed I just end up giggling like a retard at dumb shit, eating junk food and just chilling. Last few times I got paranoid, but other than that I could never relate weed with horniness.

>> No.43469959

I want her to bearhug me and lick my tonsils.
A̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶w̶e̶ ̶g̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶F̶l̶a̶n̶ ̶a̶ ̶n̶i̶e̶c̶e̶!̶

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What do you think the mistr00s's opinion on spirits is.
I bet she can't handle them but pretends to like scotch and brandy to look sophisticated, despite hating them and not actually being able to tell the difference between Jonnie walker and Laphoraig.

>> No.43470169

Absolutely. She also probably thinks beer is for commoners and refuses to drink it.

>> No.43470823

>not actually being able to tell the difference between Jonnie walker and Laphoraig.
That's because scotch is garbage, and Remi is probably illuminated and has based taste and likes bourbon, the better spirit, instead.
Other than that, she is secretly a tequila fan.

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The truth is Remilia hates alcohol and her wine is virgin, she only has the bottles of actual wine to look sophisticated. She only drinks sake at the Hakurei parties to fit in

>> No.43471410

The mistress can't stand bitter things and and hates alcohol. She just pretends to like certain things like Brandy, whiskey, scotch and more to seem important.
She can't even stand sweet wines and pretends to drink when around friends to fit in.
The most she'll ever drink are mixes that are filled with syrups.

>> No.43471862

I genuflect.

>> No.43471878

Yeah why not

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W-what is that in Reimu's plate

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You can't expect Remilia to serve Reimu the "good" food - that's for esteemed guests and residents only, not freeloaders.

>> No.43472543

Woah, Remi looks so elegant there........

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Ojou-sama always looks elegant, try not to feel too in awe of her overwhelming charisma

>> No.43475812

How many compliments can you pay Remi before she gets flustered?

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>> No.43476728

That's amazing!

>> No.43476838

weird way to spell anal sex

>> No.43477049

Wow, Remi is so composed!

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Such an elegant lady, my wife
I am the only person in existence who can compliment her btw

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I want to smoke weed and chill with Remi and then have her feed off my blood when the munchies hit while I stroke her hair

>> No.43479732

She's my wife too

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Lol I would say nice joke, but truly it was really mediocre. You can keep your delusions to yourself.

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Hold Mistress delicately, do not compress the wings as it may be liable to cause distress

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Hi is this the dedicated remi thread

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Jesus Christ how CUTE and ADORABLE

>> No.43485834

What brand of cigarettes would Remi smoke?

>> No.43485938

Not cigars or a pipe, too heavy.
Not cigarettes, too common.
Cigarello's are just unusual enough without lasting too long to fit the mistr00s.

>> No.43486803

I don't even wanna know what's in there... I mean if it's that what made the red mist then rather not...

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File: 149 KB, 1600x1167, depositphotos_148526605-stock-photo-woman-smoking-with-cigarette-holder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know what brand, but I bet she would smoke with one of those elegant long cigarette holders/filters like this one

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Where is her underwear?

>> No.43487907

In my face

>> No.43488085

How did you get to gensokyo?

>> No.43488087

Cigarellos are ghetto as fuck. Only patchy would smoke them.

>> No.43488181

Wtf is a cigarello
Googled them and only got some sort of short cigar looking things

>> No.43488185

Spic cigars

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Remilia-sama is no longer allowed to smoke after Sakuya caught her, and she has made sure Remilia will remember to avoid drugs from now on.

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Oh oh, Sakuya is gonna be in BIG trouble once Remi is sets herself free

>> No.43493342

in my tea

>> No.43496526

She wears no underwear, ever

>> No.43496773

Remimi can break out at anytime, she's only going along with this since it's Sakuya's birthday and she told her she'd grant her any wish she could.
Remimi is regretting her grandiose statement now.

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File: 2.38 MB, 2800x2100, f5b9e5efc4b9f107248a173fbaf3b2d4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

B-but what is she gonna do to her

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>> No.43502782

Is it really rape if Remi can easily overpower Sakuya when she pleases but decides not to

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I thought it was bad when she was taking recreational drugs. She is also taking enhancement drugs now! Intervention is needed.

>> No.43504498

Why didn't she just pad her chest like the maid?

>> No.43507644

You are going to get knifed for that joke. Was it worth it?

>> No.43508054

Paizuri vampire!

>> No.43509039

Big titty Remi is cursed but I'd gladly bury my face between those vampiric udders

>> No.43512155

Patchouli is the most likely 2hu to be a major stoner, I knew a lot of those kind of bookworm, shy nerdy girls in high school who were always reserved but were major potheads

>> No.43514741

I would fuck those tits until I was a dried up husk.

>> No.43517443

*pop* *pop*

>> No.43518489


>> No.43518770

lmaooo hell nah nigga that shit prolly laced

>> No.43522026

Why, I would obviously accept. Why would I refuse my wife anything?

>> No.43522254

she doesn't get weed from niggers

>> No.43523673

who does she get it from

>> No.43523700

Patchouli grows it for her.

>> No.43523707

Meiling grows her own opium

>> No.43527379

uh so which one is it

>> No.43527393
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I want a tiny ojou-sama of my own

>> No.43527476

Imagine her little bites when you hold her close to your cheek for cuddles, god damn I need me a tiny Remi

>> No.43527478


>> No.43528350

*smokes the fattest blunt Remi hands me from her heavenly lips*

>> No.43531506

They're out of stock. You'll have to buy a used one.

>> No.43534726

When will they be back in stock

>> No.43534756

Awww, she wants to hug you!
Too bad she's too small!
Treat her well, or else!

>> No.43534996

If she bites me, as tiny as she is, will I become a vampire too? Or is that reserved for regular sized Remis?

>> No.43535058

No, but she's a bat, so you'll get covid.

>> No.43536614

>a used one
excuse me?

>> No.43536639

No matter how much time passes, it's always "coming soon."
You know, used. She already received her first headpats, already had her first taste of blood, already experienced her first charisma break, etc.

>> No.43537154

Anything for my Remi. I can withstand a meme flu every time she wants to feed on my blood

>> No.43537662

Yes, the effect from her armpits is stronger.

>> No.43541456

She needs a little (a lot) hair there desu

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File: 1.30 MB, 2356x2685, FvG1nmFacAA0c8Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every post in this thread is just me talking to myself about how much I love my cute vampire wife.

>> No.43543408
File: 684 KB, 1158x1637, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_beni_kurage__ac2b6b1d0f5ce01005e543f8f7870e66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's funny because I'm sure I am the only person in this thread.

>> No.43543444
File: 324 KB, 1200x1067, 時間を忘れて。.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am the only real person here, you just figments of my imagination.

>> No.43545467

Excellent artwork, MY wife Remi and I shall be contemplating it today at out post sex talk and chill

>> No.43545494
File: 87 KB, 700x955, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_60mai__917512e5b327862f7ebe0f7f4cad32e9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why am I replying to myself?

>> No.43551281
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How much?

>> No.43553646

I love Remilia Scarlet tbqhwys (to be quite honest with you senpai)

>> No.43556454

Same lmao (laughing my ass off)

>> No.43558169

I think Reimu is more likely to be a stoner than Remi

>> No.43562011
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Don't reply to me or my wife Remi ever again

>> No.43564910
File: 120 KB, 445x593, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_maru_usagi__a4939f63a2c9e2d89940062096a0aae5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fine! I will not bump your thread then.

>> No.43565206

I-is that Remi eating a FLAN???

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>> No.43567385
File: 381 KB, 900x1200, __remilia_scarlet_and_flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_asutora__de0b56d93b88c3d70b8e182bb9a7a923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Flan eating a Remi!

>> No.43568149

What a tasty!

>> No.43568276
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Could you beat Remi's charisma? Not even Marisa could do it.

>> No.43569360

Marisa MOGGED to former hell and back

>> No.43569400

I mean sure, does it come with drugs? And what choices have I made in life that I can only say yes?

>> No.43569825

Every road and decision you ever made leads to getting high the Mistress
Also of course it comes with drugs, wtf do you think a blunt is

>> No.43572923

I don't understand Nippongo, what is remimi doing there

>> No.43573020

She is trying to look cute for Marisa, but to no avail. At the end she starts to cry and Marisa gives up and pats her head.

>> No.43573293


>> No.43573360

everyone who consumes drugs regularly should be brutally executed using elephant hunting ammunition on live TV for the entertainment of law abiding citizens

>> No.43573397

No no no .
Just remove their lungs with a little 9x19, no need for that.
Don't wanna turn em to dust after all.

>> No.43573400

But what about where drugs are legal?

>> No.43573415

they should be made illegal in those places too

>> No.43573419

Yeah but who is gonna get entertain if the drugs are legal there?

>> No.43573580

This but unironically.

>> No.43573601

Wow so BASED and REDPILLED, my fellow WHITE TRAD ANON. We must RETVRN TO TRADITION and exterminate all the DEGENERACY from our societies.

>> No.43573618

How's the boot taste like, glowniggies

>> No.43573666

Relax, you will be allowed to keep your schizo pills.

>> No.43573762

Sure thing, Shlomo

>> No.43574069

Some drugs helped people invent shit. Addicting drugs should be banned thoughever

>> No.43576905

Oops! meant for >>43545494