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I mean, sure I can call her "my waifu" but whether she would actually say yes to such a proposal remains a mystery.

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I like to imagine that if I were to serve her like Sanae serves her she might get drunk and molest me, as she does in some doujins.

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Sure why not.

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Hmm fine but I'm not on my computer so you'd better be posting bad and not-save-worthy images.

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If you're charming and witty and you make her feel special... in a year or two... who knows?

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Okay, I'll do my best, but I can't promise anything.

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I love pomegranates...

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Kanako is generally drawn with 2 or 3 different hair styles, right? Which is your favorite? Mine would be ponytail.

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Ponytail works, but I like to think she has short hair to frame her face and a bob of separate, longer her tied on her head.

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She's not real, so I have a feeling it'd be a no.
Let's talk about superior goddesses instead.

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And here, have a ponytail.

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She's not real, either. What's the point?

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That frog is fully inferior tier. And [x]Any to Kanako hair question.

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There is no point, so if you're going to fantasize, go all out.
Pick a decent target, for one, and imagine it going all the way, for another.

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I like Pizza Hat Suwacko.

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You're so smart, Jones... it's hard to believe it with all the stupid crap you do.

Also, Kanako isn't wearing any pants.

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Can't we just have them both?

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Wife; just one. No lewdness here.

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Kanako and Suwako come as a set. If you're married to Kanako then you might not be married to Suwako but Suwako is still Kanako's.

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That's the spirit! Have some confidence in your fantasies!

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But... I wasn't thinking anything lewd?

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So I can dump my Suwako/Kanako-folder?

Except I have to go to bed.

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But what about my fantasy where Kanako conquered Suwako in ages past, forced her to adopt a submissive little girl's appearance and took her as a trophy wife to demonstrate her military prowess to rival gods?

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wow... now i know why i dont visit here much ... u ppl are strange

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You cannot grasp the true form of /jp/'s attack!

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that stoner gif was lame before and it's lame now.