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Having beat TH07-TH10 with relative ease (excluding the 0.5's) can anyone tell me any tips on how to beat EoSD, I can barely make it past stage 4. Like what character is best just for 1cc'ing and any help?

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Reimu A

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Marisa magic missile for massive damage

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Unless you 1cc'd them, you didn't beat shit.

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OP here, note its on normal not easy modo, i forgot to put that in

also Sakuya thread

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yeah it was 1cc

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Relative ease?


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well, IN, MoF, and PoFV was a breeze, PCB was tough

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Use Reimu A to learn the stages. Marisa A takes down bosses the quickest.

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i havnt 1 cc'd any touhou games aside from PoFV, and i dont think that really counts.

For EoSD, i always used reimu 2 and got to 4 then had to use a continue
As for PCB, i almost 1cc'd it with sakuya 1

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I like Marisa B on EoSD my self, but that's just me

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The only time I beat EoSD, I abused Master Spark really badly. I don't think I captured a single spellcard past stage 2.

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Do you rely on seeing your hitbox when you focus? If you do, that's your problem. Learn to know exactly where it is, even when using peripheral vision.

If you know relatively well where it is, then worry more about patterns as soon as they're launched, not when they're towards the bottom of the screen. People fuck up at bosses like Reimu and Aya like this because their bullets travel quickly.

Of course, knowing patterns certainly helps.

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undead zombie is always the right choice 4 me

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i think i stated above it was all on normal

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Reimu B is the easiest to use for me

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I have the same problem with EoSD. This is also my first touhou game and its pissed me a number of times. I even seriously wanted to kill myself at one point, so I sort of stopped playing in less than a week.

Do you guys play Lunatic mode like nothing or something? Because I don't even stand a chance in normal mode.

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OP again, and yeah that is a huge factor, not being able to see my hit box screws me over royally from time to time, thanks for the tip though

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EoSD Normal is the easiest Normal for me because it can be beaten with pattern recognition and planning ahead and doesn't take too much micrododging. I rarely look directly at my character sprite, I'm almost always looking ahead at the bullets and positioning myself to make the dodging easier when the bullets reach me. On Hard and Lunatic it gets a lot tougher because the bullet patterns are tighter and not focusing on my sprite gets me killed too fast.

Basically I recommend being aggressive with your dodging and not sitting at the bottom of the screen waiting for bullets to come to you. Try to find temporary safe spots and move to them, minimizing the amount of time you have to spend doing heavy dodging. Frequently you can then stall and move with the bullets until you find an opening. Also trying to get the bullets coming vertically at you makes them way more dodgeable since you can just center yourself between them without really having to think about your hitbox.

I prefer using ReimuA, her homing shots are extremely useful against stage enemies (EoSD has lots of enemies that die easily to them, and using higher-firepower characters to quickly kill tough faeries doesn't help reduce bullet barrages as much as in the other games; i.e. PCB Stage 4 and 5), her bomb is very good (lasts a long time, does good damage if you use it properly i.e. move near the enemies during the bomb so the shots floating around Reimu hit too), and her firepower really isn't that bad compared to the other character options, unlike in the later games where she's gimped. Also on Lunatic she has the easiest Patchy fight, although on Normal I'm not sure she's any easier than the others (I find Lava Cromlech to be one of her harder spellcards on Normal, and maxed rank Mercury Poison can be pretty tough)

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