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I'm planning to attend an anime convention this month(American) and thought of cosplaying as Raijin, is this in bad taste?

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Appreciating japanese culture is might as well in line with anime since that's what anime does, though if convention stuff is being real stingy (which is unlikely anyway) and ask which anime/game it is from, just say it's one of Final Fantasy bosses lol

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You should do it and post pictures here when you do

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nah, if you do it well no one is gonna complain

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You gonna get RTLd.

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Going in Raijinface is considered very honorable and you'll be well received and showered with praise and gifts.

If only all of us were so lucky.

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I don't know what RTL means

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Getting RTLd means literally getting beaten into a coma over internet related beef and trolling. Named after a guy who was notorious for taunting the absolutely wrong people and had his skull bashed to pieces in front of a nightclub because of it.

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Was this in Mexico? I remember hearing about something like that

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Who exactly at an anime convention is going to try and beat me up over a cosplay?

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NYC. The guy was 1000% percent asking for it. He was the type that would spam actual legbreakers and killers with shit like "HAHAHAHAH UR KID DIED OH WOW YOU CAN'T DO SHIT OVER THE INTERNET I'LL JUST LOG OUT LOLOLOLOLOLO".

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Whomever feels like it and is capable of it. Are you a BJJ/MMA guy?

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You're implying that people who go to an anime convention are so confrontational that they will resort to violence rather than just say "Hey I don't think it's right you're wearing that"

If I'm being compared to this guy I think your opinion is being made with the intention of being malicious, I keep to myself and don't talk much

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No. I am saying that anyone who wants to do such a thing and could do such a thing will most likely do such a thing. Nature rule anon-san. Not mine.

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That's like saying I should be be concerned everytime I step out of the house because I'm not white and there are technically people out there still racists towards non-white people

It is a literal crime to beat someone up, I don't even plan on doing red face paint just the drum circle and maybe a mask with the fangs

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The good the thing about making things illegal is nobody does them after that. Especially in the United Sates.

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You're still saying the average anime convention goer is so confrontational they're willing to be arrested for beating someone up if they don't approve of something, and like, I don't think you've ever left your parent's basement if you're wasting your time trying to convince someone of that, trolling or not.

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Don't engage him seriously anon. We all come here to mess around so just take the good advice and ignore posts that doesn't benefit you. Hostility and morbid jokes aren't strictly refrained here.
Welcome to 4chan.

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If people make jokes then they should try to be funny

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No, people here make jokes for themselves.
It's when similiar people find them funny that this place was born, out of degeneracy and malice.

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why /jp/tards are like this?