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i just finished my first 1cc normal wow

MoF normal seems easier than the others
UFO: die on byakuren's Air Scroll
SA: can't get past Orin
EoSD: die on one of remilia's many hax cards

i'm not counting IN and LLS 'cause they were super easy, and no i didn't use MarisaB

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MoF is the easiest Windows game overall. Learn to survive on Kanako's last, bomb everything else, 1cc Lunatic.

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MoF is pretty much easy street right on up to Kanako. As Anon said, if you can get used to her cards, particularly the final one that just lasts fucking forever then you should be able to beat it. Bombing is especially easy in MoF.

Though it needs to be said, if you are the kind of player who averages around Normal difficulty, or dare I say, Easy, MoF is a hilarious cock block around Kanako where you've been having a pretty easy time, maybe lost a few lives through over confidence and finally reach Kanako only for her spell cards to RAPE YOU. She's the only serious wall in MoF, Aya and Sanae have their moments, but the bomb system makes them pretty easy to bypass if you don't care about capturing their cards. Bombs don't work too well on Kanako's later cards and only provide a bit of a breather for clearing and even that is reduced on her final card where you'll want all the power you can get because she'll just keep going forever if you are stuck at around power 1.0

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yah, it really was just a matter of struggling to survive on the last spell. another thing is to bomb extremely generously since the bombing system is a bit flawed: 3 bombs per life and easy refill is a bit overkill

also, the music and background for the last stage are awesome

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Yeah, Suwa Foughten Field starts off pretty epic, too. Too bad I don't like the rest too much, but it still fits the fight.

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I still find IN to be among the harder ones... if I fight Marisa. I can't handle rotating stars. Luckily you can usually bomb through it all with the lives you have.

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Of the ones you listed, MoF is probably the easiest one on normal mode.

Sanae is the weakest stage 5 boss amongst the Windows games (and arguably easier than Aya from stage 4). Also, Kanako is cakewalk (including her final spell card) except for her second- and third-last spell cards.

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Really? For me, it's Reimu who's bitchier.

Anyways, I agree w/ OP. FUCK YOU, SA STAGE 5.

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Reisen's an easier stage 5 boss on normal.

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I suppose. I just have trouble with Loafing Sign "Idling Wave" (Reisen's 3rd spellcard) and sometimes get unlucky on Spread Sign "Invisible Full Moon".

Now Orin is 50% easier to fight.

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Not the op but I agree with him that IN is pretty easy on normal mode. IN and MF to this day are the only Touhou games I've 1cc'd.

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Nice cheat sheet maggot. Back to playing IN on easy mode with the border team with you.

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Back to /b/ please

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Thank you. Now I might be able to get to Stage 6 for once.

Incidentally, are there any more of those?

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There must be, but that's the only one I've seen.

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there is one for parsee

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I've 1CC'd all PC98 games and EoSD and PCB on Normal. Working on IN now, happily in stage 6. For some odd reason, as I've tried MoF and SA for a change, I get beaten before stage 3. I think the movement speeds of characters has changed as I have really difficult time imagining where my hitbox is and dodging even simple stuff.

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I've 1cc'd all the games on normal but the only game I can 1cc on hard is Lotus Land Story and I can't beat any of the extra stages.

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Finally managed to beat SA Extra stage yesterday. Now the only one left (not including PC-98 extras) is Flandre, and I can get to the time out card but I keep fucking it up. Her Maze of love cards often take quite a few lives/bombs.

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No one cares

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Someone out there cares. Other than yourself. Keep up the great work!

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Seriously. Threads like this put things in perspective and give valuable advice to new-ish players.

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Interesting how you guys all seem to have trouble with kanako's last card, as I found that probably the easiest of all last spellcards (followed very closely by yuyuko's). The hardest part of Kanako for me is her second non-spell, I cant stream the bullets so that they give out enough of a gap for me to change directions and always end up dying.
Also lately I've been having a hard time with her second last card, since I keep forgetting if I start by going to the left or to the right first..
But her last one I find is pretty straight forward, just followy our instinct and release shift when you're moving. I find it pretty similar to Sakuya's non spell attacks where you have to sneak through those "lines" of bullets quickly before they close up, Sanae has a few too.

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Moving up to about where the bottom line of "Subterranean Animism" is on the side makes it much easier as Reimu's focused speed is matched exactly with the bullets.

I also spent months trying to beat Orin with only the 3 lives a continue gives you with ReimuA and MarisaA, but I got her on pretty much the first time I tried ReimuC. The shot damage is somewhat noticeably less, but the bomb is insanely powerful and Parsee, Satori, and Orin will be significantly easier.

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With a few exceptions, people tend to have their own cockblock bosses where others find ease.

I've gotten to the point where all of EotSD is easy for me, including Flandre, but PCB and UFO own my face constantly. I'm middle of the road on IN and can breeze through Mokou until Fujiyama Volcano, where I lose everything on her last 3 cards. MoF is all about Kanako's last spellcard, as has already been discussed.

Remilia's only real tough spot where there's really nothing to learn or memorize is Red Magic, which, if you can do Mokou's Phoenix Tail, is cake. Keep at it, OP.

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I can 1cc all the games on Hard and most of them on Lunatic, so what.

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congratulations, you don't need to play touhou anymore. please retire yourself from any further game discussions until TH13 comes out.

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I swear I have never beat her second nonspell. I try another method, it doesn't work, I bomb. It seems like one of those things that is easy once you find the method but I never have because it's so easy to bypass.

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Post a replay of you clearing UFO Lunatic.

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>MoF is all about Kanako's last spellcard, as has already been discussed.

When you get down to it, yeah. But what's the point if you just bomb through everything?

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Or SA Lunatic. Better yet, show us a perfect clear of PCB Phantasm or another Extra stage.

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Bombing is the fun of it. MoF has plenty of high tension, fast bullet patterns. Bombing brings a moment's relaxation. A mixture of two is entertaining.

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Way to get mad from a completely basic skill troll

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>SA Lunatic
Too much bombing, UFO is newer and much harder, so he should show that one.

>Extra stage.
Too much memorization compared to Lunatic.

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Playing border team in IN has made me into a bad player when it comes to bombing at the right time. It's actually become a big problem in 10-12 that I won't bomb when I should just because I think I have to dodge n save up my bombs in case I need to death-bomb.

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samefag, because no one else would believe that
are mad

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That's all very zen but I'd rather actually like beat things and accomplish something

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>save up my bombs in case I need to death-bomb.
Even in IN, you better use one bomb to save your life instead of two. (or play ghost team)

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>Extra stage
>Too much memorization

Best be kidding. You can tackle an Extra in a dozen tries if you're good, with 100% capture rate on memorizal cards after you figure the trick. Perfecting is less memorizal and more getting lucky in handling the dick cards.

In Lunatic you need to know where pretty much every enemy comes from and you tend to have memorized movements you do every single time. This is especially worse in IN.

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Nah, they're still fun.

I said most on Lunatic, not all. UFO Lunatic is easily the hardest thing for me.

I have a pretty bad run of SA Lunatic saved, and a perfect run of SA's Extra as well. Do you really want them?

I know, right.

Nice, try, but no.

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So why would I want to watch a perfect Extra run when it's memorization + LUCK rather than memorization alone?

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Oh, and I guess I can give you the UFO Lunatic replay if you want to see the last stage only, but that's not too impressive since it's a bomb fest. I did capture the last few spellcards though.

I also have a perfect run of UFO's Extra (Nue part at least), but I was dicking around during the stage portion for points and being somewhat careless.

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Because memorization and luck is pretty much what Touhou is. Skill doesn't really factor except for the complete beginners and scorerunners.

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>Skill doesn't really factor

>> No.4337467

>Skill doesn't really factor except for the complete beginners and scorerunners

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this.

Because your average players aren't going to throw themselves at an Extra stage to perfect it if they can't even 1cc Easy. Luck is a deciding factor but only when you reach a point where you can't make sense of what's being thrown at you. Skill is going to increase that cap and make the stage perfect come that much sooner.

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>Because memorization and luck is pretty much what Touhou is.
Hello secondary fans. Try coming to that conclusion once you manage to 1cc the harder difficulties.


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The better you are, the less a STG is about memorization.

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Newfag here, still haven't been able to 1cc any of the games. Most of the stage 5 bosses are what are blocking me right now.

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IN never seemed easier to me than the rest of the games. I don't know why. Normal 1CC'ed only MoF.

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Memorization is very important in every good shooting game. And there is very little luck, with the exception of a couple randomized cards (sup EOSD!).

Just sayin'.

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In UFO, I can't get past Murasa without bombing a shitload on normal, and then being pummeled by Shou's curving lasers. Only thing stopping me from a 1cc, Byakuren is only more difficult on her first and fifth spellcards than she is on easy (Devil's Recitation is still a bitch though.)

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Mainly it's that, as long as you have 2 bombs in stock, you should never ever lose a life during a spellcard.

Also the bullets are slow, but they're way more dense too, so it depends what you're good at.

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>secondary fans

Oh boy, seems you are one of those faggots. You want a replay or what? Half of the Touhou games can be beaten on Lunatic without any skill. IN? Enjoy your muscle memory cards that are always the same. PCB? Sakuya has homing and 4 bombs per life in a game that gives you like 10 extra lives. MoF? You can bomb every single card, stages are for the most part easy.

No replays nor MoF and onwards games on this computer, but give me some time and I'll give you a PCB Lunatic bombfest or something. If you'll accept Hard, all the better.

That is correct, I'm just saying skill does not make a large difference because on the whole Touhou games are lenient. UFO and SA, especially UFO, seem to be related to fixing that problem.

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>pummeled by Shou's curving lasers.
I always see people complaining about this and it blows my mind. They are really not that hard. Hell, you can pretty much stand still and let them fly by you 90% of the time.

>> No.4337708

I have trouble with that middle part that goes Generic Shooty Attack -> Curvy Lasers -> Rolling Babaa

Devil's Recitation sometimes kills me but it feels like a break after the tension in those 3.

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Touhou newf­ag here

Currently trying to 1cc IN, this fucking card rapes me dead every single time.

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yeah Apollo 13 is pretty hardcore

It's one of the cards you have to "get" to beat, just keep practicing

>> No.4337725

The problem is inconsistency, sometimes I fight her with relative ease (minus her last two cards), but others the lasers kill me.

>> No.4337741

>UFO and SA, especially UFO, seem to be related to fixing that problem.
SA = nearly unlimited bombs, bosses with tricks = memorization

UFO = limited lifes and bombs, catching UFOs = risking lives/bombs to get lifes/bombs (sometimes risk more than you get), stage 4 and 5 = clusterfuck, bullets are shot in all directions without aim, bullets and bullets and powerups overlap = invisible bullets, dieing is punished (= less lifes and power = can't shoot down UFOs/ (enemies before they fill the screen) = even less lifes/bombs)

>> No.4337747

Mountain of Faith... easier than Imperishable Night?


>> No.4337755

So is it ok to set the lives to 5 to 1 cc EoSD?

>> No.4337768


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Not really if you want an official 1cc.

>> No.4337777

ZUN allowed it.

>> No.4337815

>Herf derf, I can only beat the harder difficulties of the easier Touhou games by exploiting the welfare ZUN provided to appease the casual fans.
I couldn't care less about primary or secondary fan (seniority) circlejerks. I just don't like casual fans such as yourself distorting the truth. It is not a game of luck. There are people out there that can 1cc UFO on lunatic on a day to day basis (me not included). Back in 2006 when I first got into Touhou I also argued it was a game of luck. But I've long since matured. At any rate, this thread is an eyesore.

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>My post: Skill does not matter except for the highest echelons (ie: when you're merely trying to 1cc)
>Your post: Skill matters in highest echelons.


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Your post just seemed to say skill doesn't matter.

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7777 get. You lucky bastard.

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I should really be able to 1cc games by now but I utterly suck at bombing. I don\'t want to know how many times Utsuho killed me when I had four \"free\" bombs in stock (since you get a full power up when you loose your last life). And then I am so butthurt about it that I promptly get killed again. I can do SA stages 1-5 without bombing or loosing lifes on good days but I still havent beaten the game, 1cc or otherwise.

Yeah I pretty much suck at this.

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Well, my apologies if it did come off as that. I am >>4337422 and was referring to that post as well.

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When you get to stage 6 and die just keep using the continue option and practice beating it with only two spare lives. Make sure to not just don't continue out of reflex. By the time you can complete the game like that 1ccing it should be a piece of cake since you seem decent on the other stages.

>> No.4337922

>Thread full of pointless bickering and boasting.

You mean I'm not already there?

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Just about luck and memorization? Hell, I can't beat EoSD or PCB on Normal without being in prime mental condition ie. have slept sufficiently the last night and done my homework to reduce stress levels.

>> No.4337953

Many people have the "skill" to 1cc the games efficiently(not more, not less), but can't because of bad use of resources. >>4337890

>I can do SA stages 1-5 without bombing or loosing lifes on good days but I still havent beaten the game
You couldn't possibly lose if you bomb everything after reaching stage 6 without dieing even once (, but you choose not to).

>> No.4337988

I found SA stage 6 easier than anything in 4 or 5, this is on hard though.

Is stage 6 relatively more difficult than the others on normal or lunatic?

>> No.4338010

SA stage 6 is easy in all difficulties, That is because of the low amount of enemies and bullets and the long time between the first wave and the two minibosses.

Imagine the 2 little bosses appearing for only 5 seconds each during the first wave and you've got MoF stage 6 difficulty.

>> No.4338014

I'd say harder. I have a working plan memorized against Orin (MarisaA has a really easy time. Enter stage at 6.00+ power, leave with 3.00 but no lives lost, can probably increase power if I tried since my approach to all of Orin's cards is bombing them 1-3 times in a row. ) but Utsuho is damn hard with Marisa hitbox.

>> No.4338188

I may as well ask. Currently playing EoSD.

What is this Maria B bugged thing I hear about and which game is it on?

>> No.4338199

Mountain of Faith. If you're playing MarisaB and your shot level is 3.00 and above but below 4.00, the laser is super powerful. Give it a try.

>> No.4338218

MoF, mid laser of MarisaB on 3 power is roughly 15,5 times stronger than what it should be. So you are essentially on 17 power. This means enemies die ridiculously fast.

>> No.4338245

Simple question, but what color UFOs should I aim for the most in TH 12?

>> No.4338254


>> No.4338255

Green if you're confident in your bombing reflexes. Red otherwise. Green for Stage 6, because that way you get like 5-6 bombs for free and bomb everything Byakuren has until the final card. Fun.

>> No.4338263

Rainbow. It's the prettiest :)

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I have cleared 1-5 individually without loosing lifes/bombing, but not in a row. I reached 6 once with five lifes but I lost my nerves and still died to Utsuhos last card.

>> No.4338462

Red if you want to make the game trivially easy. I used to think 1cc'ing UFO normal was tough until I found out that by going for red UFOs I could max out lives by the end of stage 4. At that point you could close your eyes and bomb your way to the end*.

*As long as you aren't playing MarisaB.

>> No.4338468

How does bird know what nuclear fusion is?

>> No.4338485

hey guys, i just 1cc'd mushihimesama futari black label maniac!

>> No.4338497

Just do to Utsuho what you normally do to Orin. Smash her face in with dolls. Heck on my first 1cc of SA I got to Utsuho with 9 lives. Kind of sad that replay desyncs on Utsuho now. If you can get to Utsuho with any decent amount of lives dollbombing her shouldn't be that different than dollbombing Orin. Also keep continuing until you unlock Utsuho's stage for practice mode. By the time you can clear her with 2 lives with MarisaA bombing you can 1cc the game easy.

>> No.4338523

Start the replay somewhere other than stage six and don't fast-forward when you get to that stage. That should do the trick.

>> No.4338535

Okay, I'll try that when I get on my regular computer.

>> No.4338548

It still applies. If you were just trying to 1cc (logic, no emotion), you would bomb whenever there's a chance of dying. (you probably don't because you either think you won't die or want to tackle the barrage to improve yourself)

example: http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=2261
I trained so that I could (in theory) clear stages 1-3 using only 1 bomb
>I have cleared 1-5 individually without loosing lifes/bombing, but not in a row.
so this was a bad run and if I hadn't used so many bombs in the early stages, I would never have reached the "hard" parts with the "planned" number of lives.
After that, play it save, 1cc it once (even if you bomb more than you want) and enjoy your 1cc, you can always practice afterwards.

The game provides you with enough bombs, you don't even have to play perfect in the early stages to have enough left to endure the spells you can't consistently clear.

You can max out lifes before Ichirin, and (nearly?) max out bombs before Murasa.

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