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What reading software do you use when reading Doujin's and so forth?

I've forgot the name of the one I used before I installed Windows 7 and I need to find it again.

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I use my eyes, nigga.

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Fuck, thank you!
That was the one I used before the re-format.

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chen sucks

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I use this Chinese app called ComicsViewer.

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Never have to unzip or unrar anything again.

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CDisplay works the same way, I think.

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Manga Meeya is superior.

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You don't with CDisplay either.

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The google picasa viewer for uncompressed, and if they are compressed I uncompress them.

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I can't part away with ACDSee. It's one of the main reasons I can't switch to Debian permanently.

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ACDSee here.

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Which is the best for fap-related purposes?

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i've been trying all sorts of viewers and hamana is like simply the best one out there

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I just use whatever the default windows viewer is.

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Windows Fax and Picture Viewer, baby.

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