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hey guys did you know that in terms of male human and female youkai compatibility wakasagihime

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Gonna fuck the fishe

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Anon got dragged to the lake...
Waggysaggy did not want us to know...

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God i wish that were me

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I don't understand what you mean, but I do't want to have sex with a fish.

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what about oarfish?

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>And there, a little beyond where hips could otherwise have been found, where her smooth, mammallike skin transitioned gradually into the rough, piscine underbelly, an inconspicuous, vertical slit in the raspy hide, was the mermaid’s precious womanhood. With two fingertips on each side, Wakasagihime pressed down, and then slowly spread the entrance of the place where, by some miracle of life, both human and her own species’ babies could be made.

>The mermaid’s labia flowered out: twin, double rows of ruffled, blood-red flesh as glimmering wet as the opening they hedged and as alien as they were tempting to touch. There was no clitoris; in its absence, tiny feelers girdled Wakasagihime’s slot, ready to be snagged, bumped and rubbed upon every mating insertion. The depths of the mermaid’s vagina, Kagerou was intimately aware, contained only more of the things: a soft, wriggly lining of pygmy tentacles which coiled around and pulled after a drunk and horny wolf-woman’s fingers. There was no knowing except experience what they’d do to the vulnerable glans of a human’s penis.

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God damnit now I'm horny for the fishe.

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You WILL fuck the fish, whether you like it or not

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Now? How the hell weren't you before?

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Goddamn she's adorably sexy

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The fish is clearly gay, therefore I refuse to get involved with her.

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mermaids reproduce via paizuri

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Cute mermaid but I have not gone swimming since middle school.

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She's candidly bi and lets Sekibanki's bf knock her up in that short.

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Should you be saying that out loud? Aren't you Bnaki-san's boyfriend?

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Wakasagi’s wakas

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Banki is ok with threesomes

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What is the probability of seeing Waggy as playable character in T19?

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Given the animal motif and the presence of the willow CANAL road in demo screenshots, she's as likely as Banki.

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Lewd fish

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Kaggy's the one giving us a full pantsu shot here.

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God she's so lewd!

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There's nothing lewd about kissing a boy you like. Well, no, OK, it depends on which part of him you're kissing, but Waka hasn't even moved on to his dick yet!

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The fish is clearly gay, therefore she should be exterminated

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Not gay.

>The naughty mermaid tittered wetly around his impeding girth. She slid her lips up to and off his tip to show off a mouthful of lewd, milky foam. This, she then spat in a trailing glob all over his lucky, human cock.

>“My nipple,” she advised him in a thick voice; “play rough with it, please. Twist it, pinch it – like you mean to milk me. I like it when it hurts just a bit. Mermaids are sturdy besides, so no worries.”

>“… Will drat do,” blustered the man, somehow. “A mite easier on the glans yourself, OK? This’s too good to blow early. You’re a catch, princess.”

>Wakasagihime beamed her magnanimity. “Thy wish is our pleasure.”

>And that it pretty well was. The mermaid’s slovenly, oral massage resumed with slow intensity, with now an added ingredient of her throaty moans peppering the action. The gurgling of said throat, which Wakasagihime had indulged earlier at volume, was wound back in deference to the human’s plea; and now, for a change, rather than simulating for him the sex he’d missed out on with her mouth, the princess merely shone and polished his fishing rod with her tongue, lips and the velvety insides of her cheeks. If blowjobs were drinks, and her previous had been a vicious shot of shōchū, then this new one was a glass of smooth, red wine. With many, many lipstick prints on the rim.

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Hey you write quite well

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I once caught a fish THIS big!

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How has such a big fish lived in the Misty Lake for years without anyone noticing?

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She hid in the darkest part of the lake and most humans avoid strange creatures.

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Those who noticed her were not long for this world.

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Careful of standing close to dark water, never know what may grab you from the abyss

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How affectionate is Waggy when she's drunk?

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Not very, she tends to just float on the lake in a daze with her belly and tits up.

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Make sure to always have a big bucket of water for her

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What does she do with all that water anyway?

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I think she needs a bigger bucket

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I wonder how she feel about people who afraid of water

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She thinks they are niggers who deserve drowning and corpse raping

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Do you know that some fish like being petting

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Who the fuck is even afraid of water?