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Jones posted a pic of himself on IRC.


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why is jones so happy?

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Looks like a pedo

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Anonymous Jones, you silly newfag.

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We already know he and his clique of SUPER DUPER /jp/ AWESOMEGUYS are a bunch of faggots, this thread provides no information we do not already possess.

Reported for metathread.

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Sorry if refraining from gobbling the cocks of annoying attention whoring tripfags makes me a newfag.

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Hmm, so not only does Jones act like a sad little geek who needs the Internet to justify his shitty existence, he looks like it too.

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It does!

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i don't know who anonymous jones is either but camwhoring belongs on /b/

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Ok Jones.

On another note tripfaggery has pretty much killed /jp/

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I think he's p. kawaii :3

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Not a bad looking guy. He just needs to shave.

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I feel like I'm left out of the action as far as /jp/ IRC goes, I should pay them a visit.

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enjoy your ban

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>trip faggery has killed /jp/
No, responding to tripfaggery has killed /jp/

Picture very, very related.

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but facial hair is cute~

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Go shave, ponpo-kun.

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Sure is /jp/ getting trolled by /bun/ in here.

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<Radical> Hey, guys
<Radical> Jones posted a picture of himself
<Radical> Who wants to see it?
<JapaneseBird> Me~
<Radical> http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/879/jonesishappy.jpg
<Me> w
<Me> http://cs.anu.edu.au/img/staff/jones_t_large.jpg
<Reki> R, SG
<JapaneseBird> Stupid pasta ;_;
<Me> I teach comp sci at ANUS
<Me> in Australia
<Me> you got me bro

tl;dr IRC faggotry at its finest, that's not me, lol #bun spy, etc.
I bet you posted this, Eksi!

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That diagram is mistaken. The left side is just the OP samefagging as anonymous and pretending people are paying attention to the tripfag.

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This. Such a simple fucking solution that the people of this site fail to follow.

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That's more of an /a/ picture.

Tripfags don't cause much trouble in here, to be fair.

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sup Jones

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Sup Jones.

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Why do you people give tripfags and namefags attention?

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I like how you hid your name. Afraid of stalkers, Jones-sama?

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I have enough of those in #bunbunmaru and #secret-mod-channel already.

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I am the #bunbunmaru spy

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Wait, he looks like a cool guy.
So, it IS the internet what makes one stupid. Good to know.

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Damn this is pathetic.

I wish /jp/ had mods.

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<Me> I teach comp sci at ANUS
I find this somewhat amusing.

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Image Date 2007:05:30 12:04:15

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He doesn't look that Jewish.

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That's nice, dear. You might as well go to #bunbunmaru for even more 'amusement'.

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I wish you /jp/friends would stay here on /jp/ and keep shitting it up.

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Visit #[email protected] for more fun discussions like this!

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He looks like he fucks children.

I'm glad that my preconceived notions of Jones were absolutely right on.

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>He looks like he fucks children.
I thought that was /jp/'s favorite past time

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But you're ugly though. No one cares about you.

With a shave he wouldn't look that bad.

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After years of saying how much I wanted to fuck Jones that picture gave me a boner because I could see myself hitting that. Please let that be the real Jones.

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Looks like Justin Verlander...

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Best thread on /jp/.

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Jones isn't that stupid

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Cool post jones

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All of you are small time compared to Moogy.

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Is this really Anonymous of the Russian Federation? He's cute.

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Perhaps I'm a dissenter, but I've always felt 2D lolis were the only way to go. You're a sick fuck if you add that extra dimension to your agenda.

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OP isn't Jones (just some teacher at some Aussie college), but I believe that really is AoRF.

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7-10 years ago.

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Where can I find a higher-res of AoRF's picture. I want to print it out as a poster and hang it up on my wall.

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Oh boy enjoy being hunted, violated and murdered by AoRF.

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>enjoy having your anus haxed by AoRF

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I posted that via tor.

I think this is the only tor node that isn't banned at the moment.

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>implying tor is going to save your daring ass from AoRF Jackhammer.

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Sorry, I couldn't hold it. His face was just that moe.

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What if he wants to be jackhammered?

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ITT: Russian Federation posts about himself.

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AoRF doesn't give a fuck about anyone. He's that manly.

Also, he always posts in manly russianified English.

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ITT whores of attention

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You should really drop the W. Ren moniker and pick up a Parsee one because you're a very jealous person.

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Jealous tripfriend.

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He is registered on Russian facebook, with plenty of pictures.

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Post your pic, White Ren. We want to see how moe you are.

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He's too insecure to post a picture of himself. He's Arc, case you didn't know that.

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Arc will never post a picture of himself because he obviously isn't a muscled black man, like he says he is.

Remember, he used to pretend to be a real girl before.

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I know /jp/ is bad when a one-line throwaway post invites four people to talk about me. You say you hate tripfags, but then you just can't leave em alone.

God damned tsunderes. G'night.

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*loves tripfags, sucks cock*

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But he already posted a picture of his arm on /jp/ before. Didn't look muscled, but was certainly black.

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u mad?

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>then anyone
Silly Narutards can't spell.

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People should shave... really.

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It makes them feel manly.

Either that, or they're too fucking lazy to use a razor blade.

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But Arc posted a picture of his black arm.

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I hear ponpo would be fuckable if he would shave his horrible beard, is this true?
Photographic evidence requested.

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Without the beard he looks 17

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I think that was done on purpose since "act's" is also spelled wrong.

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Jesus Christ, /jp/. You're a bunch of manwhores.

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I feel lucky myself, I only shave my little mustache once a month, it doesn't grow that much. Oh, and no beard at all.

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>because he obviously isn't a muscled black man
But Arc IS a muscular black Mexican man.

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Is it an optical illusion, or is that skull awkwardly misshapen?

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his head looks so strange

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Mexi Arc has a giant brain.

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He looks more like someone from Costa Rica or something like that.

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>Posts 88
Really, /jp/?


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All hispanics look the same.

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Every thread. No exceptions.

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No way...that can't be him...I've always imagined him as a scrawny pale British boy with glasses.

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That's not really him. But it is another well known tripfriend on /jp/. I'll leave it up to your imagination.

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I for sure look nothing like Arc.

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Arc has glasses

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>He is registered on Russian facebook, with plenty of pictures.
Who is? AoRF?

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>93 posts and 8 image replies omitted

oh come on!

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Post a pic, Kordox!

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Which one of you from #bun created this thread?

>> No.4326425,3 [INTERNAL] 

It was Radical.

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Thread is now complete.

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Who is that?

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full profile

>> No.4326425,9 [INTERNAL] 

bahahaha this guy just messaged me

>> No.4326425,10 [INTERNAL] 

Lol, can't see shit, but I bet it is hilarious.

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I spilled my coffee, seriously.

>> No.4326425,13 [INTERNAL] 

Tell him you love him.

>> No.4326425,14 [INTERNAL] 

Holy shit, he's going Super Saiyan.

>> No.4326425,15 [INTERNAL] 

Someone please upload mexitripfriend and Arc's black arm pictures. I absolutely MUST save every picture and bit of information about every tripfag on /jp/ I find.

>> No.4326425,16 [INTERNAL] 

Don't know if serious.

He must be really old.

>> No.4326425,17 [INTERNAL] 

He isn't actually a tripfag.

>> No.4326425,18 [INTERNAL] 

>He isn't actually a tripfag.
He actually is I believe. Not the tripfriend that was mentioned but a tripfriend nonetheless. I have a theory of who it could be.

>> No.4326425,19 [INTERNAL] 

I find it difficult to swallow that Jones is Australian

>> No.4326425,20 [INTERNAL] 

I talk to him regularly outside of /jp/ so I am very curious about your theory.

>> No.4326425,21 [INTERNAL] 

>I talk to him regularly outside of /jp/
This implies that you know who he is.

>> No.4326425,22 [INTERNAL] 

Normalfriends everywhere!

>> No.4326425,23 [INTERNAL] 

As much as you can know someone you met online.

>> No.4326425,24 [INTERNAL] 

I love that pictures. Jones looks so happy.

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Is someone who is banned diging all this old shit up?

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