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learn how to fucking draw

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Aww the frustration! Incidentally where's Hori-ZUN?

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God I laughed so fucking hard. I'll try to shoop something similar in a resist.com drawing style.

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Somebody is new.

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why don't you go back to gaia or wherever you popped up from

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Yourself, perhaps?

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Secure tripcode (they are for fags) and gimmicky name?

Go back to /a/.

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>Fri Jan 8 22:40:16 2010
Using a tripcode as a way to assert your board longevity only works when you're not actually new in here.

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I recall him hating on idolfrineds and not knowing another irredeemable cunt by name.
>Posting mode: Reply
You are a huge faggot, filtered.

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Fag status: told.

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I never knew there was a postcounter for tripfags.
This doesn't seem like a good thing.

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It's been there since /jp/ started.

It's a great thing, actually. You'd think it would encourage tripfags from spamming, but it actually does the opposite; it discourages people from getting a trip so they don't get labeled as a "new tripfag."

It also prevents idiotic tripfags from making 500 posts in two weeks and acting like they've been here forever (see: idiot in this thread).

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Good lord

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Hmm... apparently I've never used my trip here.
I wish /tg/ had an equivalent.

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I made this just because I love all of you guys.

Of course, that last statement was purely ironical. Cry some more now.

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I'm sure glad I posted with my trip within a few weeks of the board's creation.

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yeah keep backpedaling back to gaia please

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>tripfags bitching about tripfags bitching about tripfags bitching about tripfags bitching about...

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Lol, pwned

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>this thread

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The same thing has been preached by so-called oldfags over /b/ for a lot of time, yet everybody seems to don't give a fuck about it.

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You started posting in January 2010, your opinion is irrelevant.

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You might have very well started posting yesterday and decided to join in this anonymous circlejerk.

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Posting mode: Reply

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Fag status

[x] TOLD
[ ] not told

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at least we know where he spawned from

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/r/ image

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