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What fetishes have you developed as part of your involvement in the Touhou fandom?

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i became gay

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Armpits and bloomers.

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Touhou is my fetish.

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I lost all my fetishes that involve real women.

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I liked futa before Touhou, so.

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Suika, Cirno, Tewi, etc... their marked lack of boobage is amazing.

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But cirnotits is canon

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I guess armpits.

But only Reimu's.

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I dunno. Maybe none. I just think they all are incredibly cute.
But Touhou has changed my interest in persona and especially power. Because of Utsuho, i wish that Stalin was a girl.

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Wings and cute little hats.

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Same here, except the martian seagle being Stalin part (wtf).

Some oddities have developed, tho:
- my reflexes were over twice as fast in our couse than the second fastest (we did some gravitation measurements in physics lab)
- I no longer fancy wide hips or big tits IRL (was noted by friends)
- I want Alice hug pillow so bad it's pathethic

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canon says otherwise.

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I didn't really gain any fetishes, but I was a bisexual before Touhou. Now I feel like I'm gay.

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No fetishes here. But I suppose it's softened me a little, as in giving me a very tentative form of appreciation for cute things. I suppose I can thank the toehoes for not being an utter neandernthal anymore.

I do constantly fear they'll revoke my membership card for the male gender for it, though.

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I feel more manly than ever. Clearing stages in Touhou makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something, versus the feeling of "oh shit I just wasted 4 hours of my life" I get from other games. Playing E:TW MP seems like slo-mo after some MoF and I whip everyones ass in it even if I don't really practice and play rarely. Almost as if danmaku is actually quickening my mind somehow.

I call all my gamer friends "kids" for playing "kids games" and they hate when I point out that the manliest game of all is the one with bunch of cute magic lolis fighting each other.

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being a weeaboo faggot

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I would do any of the Touhou girls, so anything that is part of any design is a fetish of mine.

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fancy dress

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Haha, awesome

That reminds me of that image macro I saw a while back. Could someone post it? It showed "manly games" like Halo, Gears of War, etc all lined up with the caption "Don't be fooled by the manly men: this game is for little girls." Put aside it were the Touhou games with the caption "Don't be fooled by the little girls: this game is for manly men"

You must post it if you have it: Cirno compels you

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-Doggirl maids
-Twindick futa
-Reverse traps with glasses

Feel free to guess the characters.

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thats grate man, imagine if you played some real bullet hell

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-Armpits - Waki miko
-Brainwashing - Satori, Eirin, Yukari?
-Doggirl maids - paddo janai desu
-Twindick futa - Orin, possibly Chen
-Reverse traps with glasses - Rikako? Female Rinnosuke?

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NO its RIGGLE stupid

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>-Reverse traps with glasses - Rikako? Female Rinnosuke?

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How is she reverse trap?

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I've always had a fancy dress fetish, actually that's probably what got me into Touhou.

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Correct, except for brainwashing and reverse traps with glasses.

The brainwashing one wasn't that obvious, since we're talking about psychological brainwashing rather than magical. Answer is Tenshi.

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Same here.

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How would you brainwash Tenshi?

She wants to be hurt.

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She'd be very reverse-trap if she didn't have that zettai ryouki going on.

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Yea, that image is relevant to my interests!

posting little girl disguises as a little girl

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'Raymoo's Armpits
'I already was DFC'd

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Where is that copypasta of Remilia fucking & then murdering/changing self-insert anon?

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Delicious diapered Touhou~