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Does /jp/ still love Remi? Or has her time finally come to pass?

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She's trash, Satoris are better than Vampires

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Not a bad bullying target when you're bored.

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I love my batwife!

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I'm not a paleontologist, old fossils like her never interested me.

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Plague on both your houses, trash secondary SDM and Chireiden chars must finally give way to newer hus as it is in natural order of things

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Remi just doesn't have enough charisma to maintain a thread...
Now her sister on the other hand!

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I always liked the look of her wings, especially when they are drawn more like full span wings.

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I have no choice. I have permanently surrendered my lungs to her rancid feet. I can't even breathe normal air any more.

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Ayup. Much prefer this to the tiny pathetic "wings" people usually draw.

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Gotta be big enough that she can wrap them around herself for dramatic effect.

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She's a chuuni weaboo, I want to see her crying face so bad

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mortals and their pathetic respiratory tract

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This is implying that any of the EoSD cast will lose popularity. You can't have Touhou without frilly lolita dresses and mob caps.

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What is she drawing?

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revenge porn of the magician who ruined her bread analogy

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Her imminent doom

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me on the right

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I love Remilia, she's even nice to hobgoblins!

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How nice!

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But not to me...

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My name is Anonymous Decimus Meridius, commander of the Fairies of the North, General of the Scarlet Legions, loyal husband to the true Mistress, Remilia Scarlet. Father to an unborn son, husband to a loving wife. And I will have my Remi, in this life or the next.

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Oh my, the Mistress needs changing again.

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Diaper Devil Mansion

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Ojou-sama tries to do her ancestor's traditional squat but can't get her feet flat

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I still think this image is hilarious
Look at how scared Marisa is for being caught by a literal orge of a youkai. Yes that is a youkai, his hand alone is at 3-4 feet wide to wrap around her like, he's clearly sitting which means if his legs are around the same length as his body he's at least 12ft tall. He looks fat, yes, but the sheer muscle mass it'd take to heft him around is insane.
He could pop Marisa like a grape just by squeezing his hand if he wanted too and Marisa is keenly aware of that.

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Remilia is very cute!

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SDM yes
Chireiden no not really

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Me on the left

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If the wings can't be used for bitch-slapping then those are not real wings

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If the wings cannot be gently stroked to bring arousal to her, what's the point of having them?

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whos that again?

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What's wrong with Remilia there?

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look at his eyes, Marisa shouldn't have tried to steal from the strongfat ogre

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total child who can't handle coffee

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BIG no-no in the Pichuuns. Really quite huge.

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I want to change her diapers so bad.

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Coffee is too bitter but she spent the last half hour bragging about her knowledge and the tastes of various coffees to a man she likes and now its too late to back out.

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If only remy wasn't so excessively vain and prideful, she might actually be able to attract a half-decent man!

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Coffee is too bitter for me too anyway.

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She realized that Marisa is gazing lustfully at her body and, in her mind, has ravaged her over and over... But the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Manor will never give in, she will never have my heart or mind!

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Sakuya didn't put the blood in it either, so she couldn't handle the coffee.

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Because she didn't beg for it

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I have an idea for a Remilia Doujin (sfw), too bad i don't know how to draw. But it's like this:
One day, at the SDM. Mistress Remilia is busy preparing for the centennial vampire coven party, a social event where vampires from all around the world reunite for a night to exchange stories and do whatever high society snobs do at parties, and now it's time for the SDM to host this century's coven.
There's a problem though, to keep her reputation, Remilia lied about what happened during the scarlet mist incident, making it look like she was the one who won and she is now the ruler of Gensokyo.
She can't back down now, specially since one of the party guest is the insufferable Violet Nosferat and her 50 ft tall Frankenstein monster of a buttler, Francis ("What do you say when you upset the mistress?" "uh... i'm sorry?" "Good... don't make me ask again...").
There's a subplot about Flandre wanting to stay in her basement and not deal with those snob jerks, but part of her wants to get out and have fun, Patchoulli is with her trying to convince her and showing her pretty dresses she could wear.
The rest of the doujin is a snowball of lies that goes bigger and bigger until they go out of hand, it doesn't help that Yukari just appears out of nowhere to play along Remi's lies while making more lies of her own.
It all comes to a boiling point when Violet, who's suspicious of Remi's statements, suggest to go hunting humans to drink blood, Remi went pale after hearing that, being the No. 1 no no in Gensokyo, she tries to make excuses for why they can't but Violet goes "And why shouldn't we? This place is yours after all isn't it? or is it that you want to diss your dear guests that much miss Remi?".
Sakuya tries to calm the situation, but the moment she put her hand at Violet's shoulder, she received a slap from the vampire and she started stomping on Sakuya's head going "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME YOU FILTHY INFERIOR CREATURE! " Which of course makes Remilia go ballistic and attacks Violet, who calls out Remi on her constant lying, humilliating her in front of the other guests, Remi feels sad about it until Flan appears in a beautiful dress and disses everyone, reminding Remilia that she shouldn't listen to the criticisms of people who don't care about her in the first place.
The climax of the story is a fight between Remilia vs Violet and Sakuya Vs Francis,. The scarlet team wins, of course, but Remilia got her reputation destroyed. It doesn't matter though, Flandre suggest to make a party just for themselves, Yukari went ahead and invited everyone in Gensokyo for a huge party at the SDM, happy ending for everyone except Violet, fuck that smug bitch.
So, what do you think?

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Ehhhmmm is this enough material for a full on fanfiction if my imagination just shown the scenes and filled the gaps?

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Well, there are a lot of details i omitted due to the lack of space. For example:
-When the party starts and Remilia greets everyone, she presents Sakuya as her human slave, which shocks Sakuya, Remi quickly takes her to a different room to explain her that usually vampires don't see humans as equals (Which explains Violet's reaction) and that she is of course just lying to save face, but she is still her dear maid, Sakuya undestands, but you can see by the tone of her voice that she is still offended and she acts very passive aggressive towards Remi until the very end when Remilia attacks Violet for hurting Sakuya, they reconcile at the end so it's all ok.
-Francis' introduction is pretty funny, at least for me, After Meiling accidentally insults Violet, she screams "FRAAAAAAAANCIIIIIIIIISSSSS!" which summons the giant, who makes a hole on a wall of the mansion, grabs Meiling and do the "What do you say when you upset the mistress" dialogue. He then let Meiling go, adjusts her hat, pats her on her head, and leaves the mansion using the same hole he made to enter.
-There's a scene of Violet showing Remilia what would happen if she finds out Remi is lying. Francis appears again, in the same way he entered the first time, he makes a life size statue of Remilia, he molds it into a ball and throws it into a garbage can, and after that he leaves the same way he did the first time.
-There's a callback of Francis' first scene when Sakuya defeats him: "So, big guy, what do you say when you upset the mistress?" "Uh, sorry?" "Good, i won't ask again" and then she pushes him into a pit.
-I'm not sure if Reimu should appear for the final fight to kick Violet's bitchy ojou-sama's butt after hitting Remilia on her head with her gohei and scolding her.
Other than that, you can imagine what happens in the "doujin", i don't know how to draw and i'm too lazy to write a full on fanfiction.

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Sounds like you should get writing then.

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The Mistress is a lewd girl!

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Best girl.

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Mating with Remi!

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I want to give myself a paper cut and have remi suck on my fingers

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Hiroshim00t should really increase the file size limit

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Ojou-sama's a bit of an exhibtionist...

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I couldn't love a girl that still wears diapers.

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Indulging Remilia in her desire to be humiliated and degraded in private!

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She can't help it!

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Remi a cute <3

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Remi's puffy Pichuuns are cute!

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You do realize that moot is no longer here, right?

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I love her sister more

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Remi and her sister are both very fragrant.

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we're going to need masks for years at this rate

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Flan cooked an egg for her sister

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burn alive

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getting a stinging, dissolving sensation in my lungs now

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Remilia wears a bra? But what is it holding up..?

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I love Remi so much bros...

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Weak ass likers not lovers.

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Her hopes and dreams.
Mostly just hopes though...

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Pettan, pettan, tsurupettan

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This fuckin doods implying that /jp/ would ever stop loving 2ho characters.

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get stabbed

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IMAGINE having Flan's battery acid tasting feets this close to your face!

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I'd be more interested in the view, but okay.

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at least some boards still love Remi

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remi like garlic

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Remi likes to eat lead

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No remilia! Lead is harmful and leads to lead poisoning!

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I invited Remi out for a date in the garden!

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I love her and her sis

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/jp/ is shit now and full of underage flandrefags

>imagine liking a basement dweller loner with zero personality

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Of course, Miss Hong! I shall gladly do my duty!

>> No.43208210

It's dangerous to go alone, please, take the Mistress with you.

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i am a basement dweller loner with zero personality so would i not like a girl who is just like me?

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Coffee isn't bitter, it's tasty! There's no way Remi couldn't handle it, this thread is slandering her!!

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How did she become so small?

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Stop posting Sakuya and it doesn't count if you pout an entire cup of sugar into the coffee you maid of FAIL

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I didn't know remi browsed /ck/

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This honestly. That being said, Remi is the better girl

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Nonsense, Remi is an chuuni that keeps goatsuckers and other weird things as pets that can't be genuine for the life of her. She'd constantly showboat and brag about inane things while you're forced to smile and nod lest you make her fussy and anger her.

Flan on the other hand is a normal enough girl who would be genuine with you and humble enough. She'd happily want to learn to be your wife instead of having you be her footstool like her sister and look to you as being super cool without you having to larp as a "shadow edge master". Plus she doesn't have Sakuya rabidly guarding her and fighting you for her affections and time like Remi does.

TL;DR: Flan>Remi

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>She'd happily want to learn to be your wife
Nah, she's just kill you and wouldn't even bother to taste a bit of your dirty coomer remains. Flandre has the mentality of a watchdog, the moment you step into her sister's mansion without an invitation, the only thing you will achieve is to be easy prey.

>> No.43217067

Nonsense, Flan is a stinky neet that doesn't like hurting others. She only gets activated when someone walks in with the intent to mess up the place like Reimu or that silly ghost from satori's manga.

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>She'd constantly showboat and brag about inane things
But that's what make her the BEST. She wants your attention and is insecure enough to want to showboat and brag

>> No.43217144

I like those qualities about Remilia.

>> No.43217163

She doesn't like people with malicious intent, and it has already been proven that she can feel such vibes, so why would she put up with a potential molester around her or her sister?
You are just delusional bro.

>> No.43217319

Its simple, just don't go in there with the intent to molest

>> No.43217368

She wants to see onee-sama molested, its just a little prank

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I don't think I'd be impressed with any of this boring stuff she has at the mansion. It shows she has a lot of money, yes, and what else? I can buy a nice painting or whatever too, doesn't make me interesting.

>> No.43217385

I don't think I could take Remy seriously enough to see her as anything but a daughter/younger sister.
The ridiculousness of her requests is too much for me.

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>Flan on the other hand is a normal enough girl who would be genuine with you and humble enough.
IF we were talking about the Flan in the Lost Word singularity the Witch of Scarlet Dreams: Scarlet Tower I would agree with you. That Flan has had at least another 100-200 years to become more normal and the way she acts Is proof of that, with Remilia's state in that timeline she was forced to grow up mentally. Current timeline Flan on the other hand hasn't had enough time to build relationships with characters to be normal yet. This might change after 17.5 though considering there's someone designed to be able to take Flandre's fits and bad habits. It almost feels like ZUN created Yuuma for no other reason than pushing Flandre to a state where Remilia trusts her actions

>> No.43217773

She already has Sakuya, she does not need me as a second caretaker. That is unless she wants a paternal figure in her life or something. What a wacky scene that would be, a vampire who is older than both her caretakers combined, playing at being a child to them.

>> No.43221232

Flan might think It's funny If It was Reimu or Marisa messing with Remi but not a strange man

>> No.43224602

Remi needs to pick up a hobby, like snowboarding.

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She should be in school

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she italian

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Wtf i love remi now

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>> No.43238875

Why angy

>> No.43238883

Mama mia...

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she ran out of garlic and pasta

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Get to the market!

>> No.43242758

Gently pat on head and thank Meiling for the opportunity.

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what is bkub remi planning?

>> No.43248260

To get to the bottom of the mystery of where Koakuma came frome.

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A fairy maid told me that Remi often suffers from leaky little accidents!

>> No.43248487

She's Remilia's illegitimate daughter

>> No.43248581

Uh oh, italians don't like when they run out of pasta

>> No.43248595

To crash gensokyo... with no survivors.

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molto triste

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I love Remi and always have

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Remilia's a spinster... A kissless virgin and expired goods - 500 years and no boyfriend

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I'll make her my gf and then my wife and together we'll reign over all of Gensokyo, in the greatest and most passionate love story ever told

>> No.43250122
File: 180 KB, 898x1280, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_risui_suzu_rks__bbb99ab7406fd820d976ab0e94b41cc6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you have a single fact to back that up? Unlike her stinky neet imouto, Remilia has seen so much of the real world that she decided to travel to Gensokyo in search of new sensations. Who knows if anything ever happened during her long 500 years of life?

>> No.43255427
File: 178 KB, 500x587, remi accident.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remi can't always hold it in!

>> No.43255438
File: 396 KB, 616x551, ee8d899f7b43a66e029b2924bbe7446a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Troppo triste

>> No.43255479
File: 1.63 MB, 800x1121, 1675135651236789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine sleeping on the same bed as Remilia whilst she's in her coffin... You can't cuddle someone who's in a coffin

>> No.43255628

Stop posting your dumb meme reddifag, it wasn't funny the first time

>> No.43258088
File: 593 KB, 1000x1000, 1668898274099217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.43258099

I'm going to sleep in Remilia's coffin.

>> No.43258263

That's lewd Anon...

>> No.43258553

she was out in the sun for too long

>> No.43258559


>> No.43258564

sicillian remi

>> No.43258983
File: 106 KB, 800x557, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've thought about the intricacies of sleeping with Remilia a lot
If she can go out during the day with a parasol, she is probably a very strong vampire that doesn't need a coffin
However, since she is still a vampire, her body shouldn't be able to generate heat naturally since it doesn't circulate blood. She wouldn't need blankets. No warmth to trap. But that changes if I'm there with her. She would spend all day clinging to me since I'm the only source of constant warmth
I couldn't do it nude though. The risk is too great that she would accidentally bite me in her sleep and unconsciously suck me dry. Protective cloth pajamas would be mandatory even if it means she has to wake up spitting out fuzz every once in awhile

>> No.43259022

You forget one small detail anon, she wouldn't be drinking you dry at all, she may fang you yes but she gets full after only a few sips.

>> No.43259033

Yes. It's Flan that you would have to worry about that with. At most Remilia would only drain you to the point where your night was anything but restful but you'll live.

>> No.43259060

With Flan I'd imagine your primary concern would be more in her strength, assuming she dreams having a bad dream could see one of your arms turn to dust with frightening ease. If Flan wanted to sleep with you your best bet would be hoping Patchouli is willing to cast healing/resurrection magic on you.

>> No.43259187
File: 240 KB, 997x780, 1677972461402970.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd be more scared of the wings personally

>> No.43259193

This is why you make sure Flans the little spoon

>> No.43259201

You are right, I don't imagine it would be very comfortable sleeping near Flan unless she has covers she can slip over them or something.

>> No.43261288
File: 450 KB, 572x922, 1673515107051327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and thats a good thing

>> No.43261291

I can't believe Remi was a nigger the whole time...

>> No.43261391

who knows what her appetite is like while asleep and working on pure instinct?

For Remilia at least, if they are like normal bat wings, she can probably just fold them down to be parallel with her back. The joints seem quite flexible. Maybe Flan can do the same

>> No.43261889

Nigga remilia lel

>> No.43262011
File: 3.33 MB, 1500x1500, 1673640530489771.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

be nice to sicily

>> No.43263123
File: 1.46 MB, 3357x3462, 94700485_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.43263296

No, apulia is clearly the superior region

>> No.43263316

I'm backing Tusacany for all them pigs.

>> No.43263333

Tuscany has filthy pigs while we apuliachads have taralli and trulli. Clearly an elegant girl like Remilia would definetely choose apulia

>> No.43263674
File: 1.44 MB, 960x1280, tian (my dear).cc042ed26a71fcb5ba12576f8055c490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She isn't my #1 but she is in my top 10.

>> No.43263691

Quads might be hard to argue with, but boar hunts are the sport of kings, and Remy is a keen hunter!
Plus they taste nice.

>> No.43263741

Eh, i still stand on the side of apulia. Remilia would not stay among all those filth!

>> No.43266542 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 79 KB, 850x512, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_d_koutya__sample-1640ecf2bf2389d30e9d0f3a9ec9f219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.43272311

Remi move out of the way of yourself, I can't see the naked you properly.

>> No.43272337

How does Reimu get out of this?

>> No.43275345

She’s old news. Satori is where it’s at.

>> No.43280838

Taking Remi for a romantic walk in the park! (Remembering to pack a spare pair of Pichuuns in case she drops the big one.)

>> No.43282073

get shot

>> No.43282366

Changing her on a park bench sounds risky, what if a fairy (or worse, Aya) sees her?

>> No.43282744
File: 622 KB, 1152x864, 41583692_p3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That would be pretty embarrassing, she's used to only Sakuya being there! Sakuya often finds it difficult to find discreet places to change the Mistress when they're out and about and Remimi makes boom boom in a public place. Fairies are mostly quite understanding about the whole thing and may offer a spare LilyPoko. Aya on the other hand would put it straight in the headlines.

>> No.43284125

So long as I can marry her sister
-,maid, friend and gatekeeper

>> No.43285217

How do you look at yourself at mirror after writing something like this? Embarrassing.

>> No.43285316
File: 251 KB, 680x680, Bro....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What compels you to write these?

>> No.43285327

He is a nasty fella who may have pooped his own pants.

>> No.43288658

unknown but many diaper fags like remi and flan for some reason